Wednesday, December 20, 2006

NST's 2007 line-up

Life after The Plagiarist
Group Editor - Syed Nadzri Haron
Assistant Group Editor - Kamrul Idris
Executive Editor News - K.P. Waran
Chief News Editor - P. Kathirasan
Business Times Executive Editor - Rajen Moses

A sign of things to come for Syed Nadzri, who takes over Brendan P on Jan 1: he was not consulted at all about the line-up. Group Editor-in-Chief Hishamuddin Aun told some people that he had no say either.


  1. Anonymous12:15 am


    nothing against kamrul or whomever in the new line up. for all i know they must be great guys to be selected.

    but i would urge, if it is true, for syed nazri to issue some form of protest. he needs to be able to name his own team, even if it is the same as you reported

    the protest is as a matter of principle

    presumably for hisham not knowing the appointments, it must be the work of deputy chairman/editorial adviser/sunday columnist dato kali

    now, it is not a nice position for syed nazri to be in. it clearly shows despite all their pronouncements these people are bend on undermining him. what a way to start his appointment

    for hisham, from what i gather, it is a rather normal situation for him, he is just an incidental figure who got lucky by being a good yes man. it is perhaps too much to expect him to even raise aa whimper.

    good luck to syed nazri and team, they really need it.

    ps/ to dato kali whom i know must be reading this. pls leave like a gentleman. after all there is even honour among thieves

  2. Anonymous12:59 am

    Mr Rocky,

    Syed Nazri had no say on the line up and Hishamudin Aun also had no say. Then who has a say???????????????????????

    Don't ryt me that it was Kalimualah, who is the man behind ECM Libra, who was trying so hard to help Khairy from going doe=wn the drain!!

    It is a big job!! Please tell me when I can vote becaue I have had enough of all hte non-sense of htis corrupted adminsitratiojn.


  3. Anonymous1:08 am

    Syed Nazri, congratulation to you!! Sorry, I cannot do it yet because January 1st are too many days away. Sorry Syed Nazri!! But I know you, you are not dying to take over the plagiarist job. Syed, you must promise not to be a plagiarist. But you must be "nice" to Khairy, who is the de facto PM. If Khairy say yes, it is game over -ABB will just say "OF COURSE".

    Syed, I know you can do it but you must never "kow Tow" to thecrooks. Kow Tow to Khairyis OK becaue he is hte de facto PM< - so we must respect him lor......


  4. Anonymous1:47 am

    NST better concentrate on their pathatic position. From a leading newspaper, now even loosing to Sun in cirulations and revenue. It seems UMNO is not bothered on yearly looses. Where did they get the millions to bear such looses?? Indirectly, from the public ofcourse. 25 years ago, they were more a serious newspaper, choosing the best candidates to manage each department with no racial discreminations. All the smart Chinese and Indians have retired or resigned under pressure.
    So NST is truly a racialistic newspaper ...just like the Malaysian football more Chinese players. I WONDER WHY. Last but not least, the Doha Asian 2006 games will go down as 95% of the 8 golds are won by Chinese Malaysians!! I hope UMNO will wake up to realities and stop playing race and religion dirty politics.....besides having the bad reputations as very corrupted and hypocritical ministers.

  5. Anonymous1:54 am

    Just as you predicted, bro, the the mercenary, Kalimullah will put Kamrul Idris as Syed Nadzri's deputy.
    He will put a team to undermine Syed Nadzri.
    Quinn the eskimo would not, of course, know Kamrul -- or so, he claimed.
    For his information, Kamrul, by any standard, would never be anywhere near the top, under any decent professional administration. I will not say more. Suffice to say he is ill-qualified to be there. Quinn, if you know any NST journalist or ex-journalist, just ask him or her.
    Let's just say that all those in the line-up are people whom Kalimullah has control over, and will do his bidding without question. It is a predictable line-up (by Kalimullah).
    It is Kalimullah's formula for the sure decline and destruction of the NST.
    More and more, I think Kalimullah is out to destroy the NST.
    But, hey, Tuan Syed Nadzri --- at least we now know who NOT to blame for the NST's shame and sham.

  6. Anonymous1:57 am

    It gets worse and worse under Kalimullah.
    Sorry Syed. Brendan may be out but Kalimullah is there to stay. He may ONLY be the deputy chairman, but he is a very powerful editorial advisor.
    No illusion there. Kalimullah still has a firm hold and grip of the NST. He runs the show. he decides who stays and who does not.
    Woe is the NST.
    Good Luck and Good Night, Syed!

  7. Anonymous2:25 am

    syed, you have your work cut out for you. put simply, you cannot knock out the star. put simply you don't have a knockout punch. put simply, your job is to keep the nst afloat. when i say afloat i mean protect your turf. when i say protect your turf, it means protect your circulation at 140,000. if only you had rocky as your running mate... but then what a pity ... rocky is on the other side of the fence.

  8. Anonymous2:32 am

    Pah Lah....just sue the paper and stop defending yourself.
    What is so difficult to uphold your "Mr.Clean" image we have on you??

  9. Anonymous7:18 am

    No, paper, no cry
    No, paper, no cry;
    No, paper, no cry;
    No, paper, no cry;

    'Cause - 'cause - 'cause NST tells a lie.

    No, paper, no cry
    No, paper, no cry;
    No, paper, no cry;
    No, paper, no cry;

    'Cause - 'cause - 'cause NST gonna

    No, paper, no cry
    No, paper, no cry;
    No, paper, no cry;
    No, paper, no cry;

    'Cause - 'cause - 'cause Kalli's still the guy.

    No, paper, no cry
    No, paper, no cry;
    No, paper, no cry;
    No, paper, no cry;

    'Cause - 'cause - 'cause Hisham's so sly.

    No, paper, no cry
    No, paper, no cry;
    No, paper, no cry;
    No, paper, no cry;

    'Cause - 'cause - 'cause Syed's a fall guy.

  10. Anonymous7:35 am

    Rocky, your name should be in the list after Syed Nazri. Be patient, it will come to you soon enough. As an ex-NST employee, I am familiar with all names on the succession list. I despair for the NST with such people heading it.

  11. Anonymous8:28 am

    hey syed,

    kalimullah meesharul hassan fixed you real good, huh? kamrul idris will not get instructions from you. neither will KP Waran. Nor Kathirasen. Rajan -- no way.
    If you ask me, the only person whose promotion should not be disputed is KP Waran. He is the most experienced and he knows his job. BUT, his work record sucks. of course, other than the fact that he is an arse-licker and an apple polisher... Aaah.... but who really is not, huh? I believe, Kalimulah and Brendan know KP Waran through and through. In their style, he is perfect.... they have him by the balls.
    This is the ideal line-up in Kalimula's and Brendan's book. They DO NOT want a good and strong team. They want a weak one that can serve them well.
    Well, brother Syed... as NSTMAN said --- you have your work cut out for you.... Just go through the motion -- and no one will blame you for anything.

  12. Anonymous10:21 am

    Oh no... I'm so sorry for you Syed...

  13. Anonymous10:37 am

    HAH -- ini lah dia barisan sidang pengarang yang baru NST bawah pengkhianat negara ---

    dua orang melayu -- satu memang sudah dilemahkan. Syed nadzri, seorang wartawan yang cekap, yang berwibawa tapi saya rasa, has given up on the world, on NST. Good guy. but, sudah di ngapsayutkan oleh pengkhianat negara.
    Melayu yang lagi satu, nama saja Melayu tapi.... Kamrul, memang tidak ada credibility. Dia nondescript. rekod kerja di NST memang buruk sekali. Pendiam (good quality?). Mungkin tidak beliau sangka nasib beliau yang amat cerah di bawah pengkhianat negara. Kamrul tu Kaki Ponteng masa zaman 80-an. Tanya saja lah Pak Non,Lim Thow Boon, PC Shivadas dan Munir Majid, Arwah Dr Noordin pun tahu Kamrul sebenar2nya. memang english-speaking (so make him write-lah). Susah susah sangat tanya lah Muharyani Othman ,KP Waran (jugak kaki ponteng tapi, hahaaa, KP boleh lipat Kamrul tu lah. And he knows it). Kamrul tu blur dan politik-zero. Tak kenal sesiapa pun. contact zero -- sebab tak pernah keluar seperti wartawan2/pemberita2 lain. Pokok nya, Kamrul bukan lah wartawan. Penulis sahaja.
    BUT THE PERFECT MAN FOR THE JOB under the traitor. Mudah di kawal. (Bukan macam saudara Rocky). Bahkan, THE PERFECT TEAM under the traitor.
    Tapi, yang si Hishamudin bodoh bangang tu hairan dia tidak di consult tu, apasal, ek?
    Tidak kah dia sedar peranan beliau yang sebenar nya di NST -- what is worse than being a pengkhianat? A MACHAI of the pengkhianat, And machais are not consulted. GET IT, MORON?
    Wassallam, saudara Rocky. Our prayers are with you because we know how evil these people are. And they are desperate. which means they will do just about anything to damage and destroy your credibility. Worse, destroy you.
    We must not let that happen. These people have done terrible things with impunity. Because they can. And Simply because our Prime Minister is so weak. or stupid. Or both. God help us. With the likes of Kalimullah shrouding the PM, we should pray very very hard forour well-being and that of our beloved country.


  14. Anonymous12:12 pm

    Ayo yo...what is happening dah?

    Syed is a man fit for the position. He has come very far from his Johore days. Decent gentleman, takes it is stride. Goes for a drink in the evenings when necessary.Treats juniors well. Not a hypocrite. Wont hurt anyone.

    But wait, you have below him three yes men....or rather 3 Ks - Kamrul, KP, Kathi.

    Of course , who can forget Mr Kamrul. A chequered character - those who know will get what I mean. Also a nice man, wont hurt people.

    Then you have an avid golfer and traveller as an executive news editor. He trots all the golf courses in the country, covers reggattas and Monsoon Cups, when the desk is in dire need of staff. Makes sure he does the roster efficiently for himself to get "off days" during golfing competitions and treasure hunts.

    Moonlights for golfing columns in magazines under different names and psuedonyms.

    And poor Kathi, he got fixed over a missed story in Penang - remember the cruise liner that burnt?

    Kathi had to take the blame. His punishment - Immediate transfer to KL, leaving wife and kids in Penang.

    Poor Kathi suffered, had to travel weekly to see his family. But as a yes man, he persevered.

    Today, he is rewarded. Another nice man, yes man. So now you see the portfolio.

    All yes man and one snake - to ensure that if and when the King Cobra Kalimullah says strike - all three will strike against that one on top.

    So Syed Nadzri...beware the snakes or rather King Kali.


  15. Anonymous1:34 pm

    NST losing in circulations and revenue is no big deal lah. pak lah will just bail it outlah. RM11 billion again? no problemlah. just raise the price of petrollah. if not enoughlah raise the income taxlah.

  16. Anonymous2:09 pm

    Bro Rocky

    Why are you putting Syed Nazri in such a difficult position? January 1st is too many days away by Kalimullah's standard. Anything can happen from now until then. Don't lah try cause problem for Syed Nazri.

    I dare think about it because I fear Kalimullah may change his mind. So Syed Nazri please take note enjoy your X'mas holiday and New Year if there is no retraction of your appointment by 2nd January then you can celebrate and buy us "English tea" at the Press Club. OK! One for Rocky too.

    Rocky, Syed Nazri may appear to be soft but I know he is of sterner stuff. WHen the going gets tough the tough in Syed Nazri will get going!! Keep on Syed, you have many many friends, who are with you in your new undertaking in 2007. Syabas!

  17. Anonymous6:39 pm


    Brother rocky, this came from the editorial floor of NST.

    This morning, MR KP Waran was shouting loud (as usual) that people have been calling him and congratulating him on his promotion that appeared in Rocky's Bru.

    Guess what, Kali walks in. Upon hearing the commotion, Kali passed the comment that he was surprised how the news came out. He suspected somebody from editorial leaked it out to the Bru.

    And Kali then went on condemning Rocky - name calling and everything, including "Rocky is a drunkard etc....good for nothing.

    I dunno if you wanna publish this. I leave it to you.


  18. Anonymous1:41 am


    why is the nstman is so supportive of his boss, Kalimullah? He must be another machai like Brendan teh plagiarist.

    So nstman what have you got to say about Brendan the plagiarist?? WHy don't you also say that plagiarism is OK. At least you will be seen as a loyal supporter of Kalimulah and you will be rewarded!!!

    nstman why don't you start a blog to support your boss, Kalimullah and Brendan the plagiarist and see how many people visit it. I bet you only two person ie. Kalimulah and the plagiarist.

  19. Anonymous2:52 pm

    I like the guts of those who write here. Most of those who comment remain anonymous. The rest write ambiguous pen names. Bro, I think you better follow KadirJasin - anonymous bloggers will not be entertained. Stupid as he is, kadir knows how to stay safe. One of these days, your anonymous fiends will get you into trouble my man. Jaga sikit lah

  20. Mr. Kathiresan is an Old Edwardian in Taiping is my super duper senior...

    Hello Tiger Kathiresan, nice to have you in the loop.

    magni nomnis umbra..

  21. Anonymous4:46 pm

    macam2 boleh,

    typical of KP Waran. And so typical of Kalimulah the coward and traitor.
    do you know, he is a mouse in front of Rocky. Pengecut. Coward. Ok, so he is balding and short. but thats not why he is pengecut. Try calling Rocky a drunkard in front of Rocky. You think Kalimulah dares. No man....they talk and bitch behind Rocky, the MAN-lah.
    Rocky drinks....doesnt get drunk. Ask Kalimulah who the REAL DRUNKARD is --- Ayoh, Kali.... who drove on the wrong side of the road and had to be helped home,daah? Wasn't that YOU? And like stories from the newsroom leaking out....this story about you people all know-lah. You are the biggest gossip/rumour monger around this side of the Suez. You are the equivalent male bitch (if there is such a thing...whoops there must be becos you are one). You go around telling people about who you want in your team and you turn around pretending to wonder who leaked the information. PODAH-lah. the difference between you and Rocky is, ayooh, very very stark. You are evil, sinister, greedy, liar, cowardly, psychophantic, a bitch, a machai, hypocrite, corrupt, short, baldy, ugly........
    well, Rocky just aint any of these....
    besides, there are more people who hate you-lah..
    Hey brother Rocky......i can hear you sniggering.... you know Kali is a coward and a liar.

  22. Anonymous1:44 pm

    lip reader,

    sebenar nya, saudara rocky lah yang patut menerajui NST selepas Ahmad Talib. Bukan Sallehudin. Bukan Hardev Kaur. Bukan Rose Ismail.
    Penjelasan mudah sahaja.Dia lah yang paling layak di antara calon2 yang ada pada masa itu. Beliau telah menerajui akhbar perniagaan, Business Times, dengan penuh kewibawaan and di hormati dan disegani anak2 buah beliau. Beliau berani dan sanggup mempertahankan kewibawaan Business Times dan kemudian Malay Mail.
    Lalu, kalimullah hassan,seorang yang mempunyai nama yang amat buruk dan busuk, ambilalih NST. Sudah tentu seorang wartawan dan pengarang seperti saudara Rocky amat di TAKUTI oleh manusia macam kalimulah.
    Alkisah pemergian saudara Rocky dari kumpulan NST.
    Tapi saya percaya saudara Rocky ucapkan all the best kepada sahabat beliau Syed Nadzri.

  23. Anonymous12:40 am


    why are you and the rest are so confident that Syed will get the job? There are so many days (at least 6 more long days) to go before January 1st. Anything can happen between now and then.

    Please take note that Brendan, the famous plagiarist, is still in nst and calling hte shot behnd the scene - "helping" his boss, Kalimullah.

    If I am Syed, i would just not think about it until Jnauary 2nd in order to aboid disappointment. Rocky, you knew just as much as I do that Kalimullah is cappable of doing anything - withdrawing the letter of appointment is just a small matter for Kalimullah.

    Anyway I shall pray for you but you must kowtow to Brendan, the plagiarist, then you will be safe. Just my humble advice to Syed. Perhaps Syed should promise to have buka puasa with Kalimullah next year!!

  24. Anonymous12:02 am


    So far so good. I didn't read any adverse news in your blog regarding Syed Nadzri. I know only 3 days away from January 1st. There are still 3 days away. By Kalimullah standard 3 dasy are a long time and anything can happen.

    I think that Kalimullah will not withdraw the appointment of Syed Nadzri becasue he had in place all his "machai" including Brendan the plagiarist is still there to destablise Syed. Please mark my words Brenedan the plagiarist will still be there in NST behind the scene to do the dirty job for his boss, kalimullah.

    Never mind Syed let them try to destabilise you. Your professional honesty and sincerity will kill them including that thick skin kling plagiarist. People like Kalimullah and the plagiarist depended on the life line of their political masters but Syed you have your professional integrity to speak for you and that worth more than gold! Unlike the plagiairst and kalimullah both had to walk outside NST with disgrace/with their head down and when their political master fell like the humty dumpty both of them had to be on the run back to their country, Singapore. Provided that LKY thinks they have doen a "good job" for SIngaproe otherwise they will be out in the cold!!

    Syed you are a genuine person so there is no need for you to fear of your own shadow like two of them.