Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hope for Karim Sulaiman

VIP visitors. Malaysian Press Institute chairman Azman Ujang told some people that his predecessor Ahmad A. Talib, turned chauffeur yesterday and drove the Deputy Health Minister to Karim Sulaiman's home in Sri Gombak to visit the bedridden Berita Harian journalist. The Pahit Manis blogger wanted to make sure that the deputy minister did not lose his way.
Azman was one of Karim's visitors yesterday morning. The media were there. RTM featured Karim's predicament in the news over dinner. And The Malay Mail, still The Paper That Cares, has the story, here.
Karim has an appointment with an expert from the ministry later this week.


  1. Anonymous3:11 pm

    rocky, I just couldnt find words to describe how I felt when I first saw his picture. Syabas to you and dt. Ahmad Talib for bringing his plight to the attention of the public and ultimately the people who can help him. We will remember him in our doa's.

  2. Anonymous4:16 pm

    Rocky, u posted this story and it has snowballed positively. Kudos...will be at NPC tonight to wish you a happy birthday. ZORRO.

  3. Anonymous4:37 pm

    Thank-you A.A.and also to YB.Dr.Latif (SDARA) for spending some time and for your initiative. Hopefully there is "Hope for Karim Sulaiman"

  4. Anonymous5:02 pm

    Hang in there, Karim
    and hope springs eternal
    sembuhnya kembali
    bersyukurlah kepada Illahi Rabbi


  5. Anonymous5:09 pm

    Whenever something like this happens, then we realise not to take things for granted. No point having a large estate or a multi million dollar company when a single stroke of unwanted fate could turn things upside down. It happened to Mr Karim Sulaiman..it could also happen to anyone of us.
    Let's hope for the best for Karim and family.

  6. Anonymous5:24 pm

    I am so sad to see his condition. We were working in the same building for so many years and had bumped into each other many times. Though we hardly talked to each other, but I will always remember his smiles.

    Bro Karim, I pray that you will find the cure soonest possible.

  7. Anonymous6:04 pm

    Karim, semoga kau cepat sembuh. Aku memohon maaf sebab aku mempunyai satu prasangka terhadap kau semasa aku bertugas di BH dulu. Tak salah kau. Memang langsung tak salah kau. Cuma aku saja yang berprasangka kononnya kau tak mahu menegur reporter baru macam aku. Maafkan aku. Semoga kau sembuh seperti sedia kala. Seikhlas ikhlasnya dari aku. ~ A

  8. Anonymous8:31 am

    Saudara Rocky,

    I believe efforts by En Mat and yourself has opened their eyes and thus assistance from MOH. Karim deserves more and he is finally getting it. I hope the MOH specialist can find out what this disease is.

    I remembered going to BH third floor a few months back, sitting in a chair on the editorial floor, only to find it belonged to this very thin man who doesn't look at all like the award-winning journalist I that he is. I simply couldn't say anything when I realised it was Karim.

    Now that something finally is being done, let's pray for the best.

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  10. Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi roji'un. I hope and pray for saudara Karim and his family to endure this 'hardship' with lots of patience.

    Kesabaran dikala di timpa musibah akan menaikkan darjat insan dan insyaALLAH penghapusan kesalahan2 kita dan penambahan saham akhirat.

  11. Anonymous5:42 pm


    it took a posting in your blog to get things going for saudara karim sulaiman.

    we pray for him and his family.

    PS, bro -- HAPPY 45th BIRTHDAY!! God Bless You.

  12. Anonymous3:40 am

    Very sad to read such news and bravo to Rocky putting it out. Yes we should not only get political news but also such misfortunes to remind ourselves how lucky we are. A famous british comedian, Nigel Hawthorne who made the famous classic "Yes Minister" mini series....made millions and was even knighted....suddenly developed a skin disease similar to Karin's.
    What stood out was he made a speech saying he was prepared to die as God's will with a positive attitude....months before he passed away. He was smiling and happy. I hope Karim can read this and accepts the truths without any fear. Life is a circle and he should hope for the very best up to date medical techonology that there is a cure right now....like Christopher Steves of 'Superman" fame.He was always positive in his attitudes.
    The movie "Lorenzo's oil" is a true story. Karim should see it and get inspired....as very near death......a cure was found for the sufferers.Hundreds are alive and well.
    God bless Karin Sulaiman.