Saturday, December 23, 2006

Help for the flood victims

"Please let yr friends+families+companies know we REALLY need HELP."
Blankets, tikar, biscuits, essential goods [see NST story here]. According to Zuraidah Atan, who is coordinating the relief efforts for banjir victims in Johor, you can send your donations to 3 collection centres:
1. Kontena Nasional office in Petaling Jaya
2. Parliament's dewan serbaguna
3. Puteri Umno headquarters at PWTC
So far, one shipment has left. The most convenient thing to do is to head direct for the Kontena Nasional office as this is the main collection centre. All items will be transported by KN to Batu Pahat, Pontian, Pagoh and Pasir Raja.

The PM has returned! He was in Tangkak a while ago to see the devastating floods for himself. Bernama has the story here. I was told he was planning to go to Perth, Australia, for the Christmas and year-end holidays. Looks like the PM may have changed plans. Good for him if that's the case.


  1. Anonymous3:29 pm

    Pak Lah is a good man made rotten by his association!

    Get rid of this hangers-on and I am willing to forgive him.

  2. Anonymous6:28 pm

    minta maaflah...where's petronas?

    they went to the extend of going to acheh and pakistan for aid. even the wife of the president organised visit.

  3. Anonymous9:35 pm

    what happened to the disaster relief fund that was setup after tsunami purposes?

  4. Anonymous9:36 pm

    oh well, TM has RM1million for some so-call contest.

  5. Yes, bro, got to agree with anonymous... where is Petronas and all those who readily offered and organised disaster reliefs out of this country ?
    Maybe no glamour to help fellow Malaysians as no VIP treatment at sending-off at airport and pictures in the papers !heh...heh... just curious-lah....thats all...

  6. Anonymous10:16 pm

    I am a taxpayer. And I voted for this government. I believed in its promises. It must provide for the people. Why should the YBs and the busybodies be asking from us? We're not the government. It's not our fault if PM, Ministers, MBs and YBs waste taxpayers money on enlarging official residences, overseas holidays and big parties. This is BALAQ my dear Bru. This is the punishment for fooling around with religion! We are paying for the sins of our leaders.

  7. Hi Rocky,

    I am also helping Dato Zurai to help pass info to as many people as possible. Can I just furnish contact numbers here so that your readers can find their way to the centres. Here they are:

    Three immediate collection centres have been set up for you to kindlly donate and contribute items for our FLOOD VICTIMS In Johor and Malacca.

    Collection centres are open all weekend.

    The centres are:


    Parliament (Dewan Serbaguna) - just go to the guards and they'll show you.


    Kontena Nasional's office in PJ - guards will assist.
    Kontena Nasional Berhad
    9th Mile, Old Klang Road
    P.O.Box 6503, Seri Setia
    47307 Petaling Jaya
    Selangor Darul Ehsan
    Telephone No : + 603 - 7876 1933


    PUTERI UMNO Malaysia, HQ at Level 5, Menara Dato' Onn, PWTC, there will be ladies on duty
    Tel: +603- 40413900 (Rohani/Linda)

    Volunteers are needed to help sort out donated items at centres (2) & (3) from early Sunday morning 24th Dec.

    Thank you.

  8. Anonymous10:21 pm

    Forgiving Pak Lah?

    You must be joking pu jang her.

    It's weaklings like you that feed this irresponsible government.

    Your forgive too easily. Pak Lah and his half-past six cronies had done too much damage to be forgiven.

    I am on a warpath. The last battle is at the coming GE.

  9. Anonymous10:45 pm

    I think I have to agree with pu jang her.

  10. Anonymous1:37 am

    that bahalol PM is back????

    do I hear it right???? he must had troubled sleeping elsewhere... then.

    bahalol leader and his team are all the same, no way they can change for better... bandits are bandits ma???

    we need wong fei-hung to clean up bandits; that's reality fact!

  11. Anonymous1:46 am

    msiaman, you agreed with pu jang her for what?

    That Pak Lah should be forgiven if he sacks kalli, 4th floor boys, kj and annnuar zaini?

    In the first place he won't sack these rent seekers and sacred cows. He's beholden to them.

    Secondly how can we forgive him for all the damage he is doing to the country?

    I am not even forgiving Mahathir for making this terrible mistake of choosing this part time Imam.

    This is not about Pak Lah or Mahathir. This is about Malaysia and 24 million Malaysians.

    It's suckers like you who are responsible for electing bad leaders for the country.

    Wake up man, we are sinking, literally that is.

    It's God punishment.

  12. Anonymous11:59 am

    dear all, datuk zuraidah atan's relief team has set out South with a 40-footer, three lorries and several 4-wheelers, laden with basic essentials and necessities for (some of the) flood victims.

    their first stop is pagoh.

    there won't be enough. we need more stuff, please bring them to the 3 collection centres.

    thank U on behalf of relief workers here.

  13. I think he went around in his helicopter but there sad ugly tales making the rounds too. Like help linked to race!!! Looters too come from certain races.
    Petronas. PLUS, Telicoms, Tenaga , Maxis, Astro etc who have been sucking us dry of our RM should come with their millions to help the victims. But will they?

  14. Anonymous3:55 pm

    Why should the rakyat asked be asked to donate for the flood victims! Much as I sympathise with the flood victims, AAB should be ashamed with this request. If He could just out of the blue announce a Rm 600milliom gift for the UMNO Div heads, during the recent UmNO AGM, he can just take it from govt. coffers.Moreover,would not this be another opportunity for the Bumi's Class ??? contractors to make money for themselves in the pretext of helping the poor rakyat!

  15. Hi Folks,
    There will be plenty of time later to critique the government's response to this natural disaster. Now is not the time.

    The needs of 90,000 people who have suddenly lost their supply of food, water, clothing and basic necessities is mind-bloggling. I'm sure the government is trying, effectively or not, and the people need help.

    Folks, this is beyond politics, race , religion or class.

    Whether you drive a shiny Mercedes or an old Kancil, I'm sure we can all spare something.

    So if you can, please load up your car boot and head for the 3 locations listed in Rocky's pots.

    The Malaysian Red Crescent has sent out an SOS for the following items.

    Perishable Food
    Rice, Instant Noodle and Milk - Infant Formula and Adult

    Canned Food
    Chicken/Mutton/Beef, Vegetables, Sardines, Sugar, Coffee/Tea (Dust), Biscuits, Salt, Cooking Oil, Mineral Water

    Non Perishable Items
    Sanitary Pads, Pampers, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Towels, Soap, Detergent, Dettol, Slippers, Rubbish Bag

    School Items
    School Bags, Uniform, Books, Stationaries.

    Merry Christmas to all , Peace be with you.

  16. Anonymous7:37 pm

    I must agree with Hassan a.n. THERE IS NO FORGIVENESS FOR PAK LAH AND THE BUFOONS OF TGKT 4. We are on a warpath. We must take those cancers out ASAP!

    For him to come back from a holiday to address the flood situation, that is part of HIS RESPONSIBILITY AS PM. We the tax payers are paying for his bloody salary for God's sake! That is the least expected from that position.

  17. Anonymous1:38 am

    Persatuan Bulan Sabit Merah is already on the ground offering relieve to the affected areas. Please visit They are accepting donations as stated in their website. Blog of latest activities and related information can also be found in the same site. If you are a Bulan Sabit Member, your service is very much needed. They are now working hard to get RM150,000 to buy food and toiletries to give to the victim once the leave the evacuation centres.

  18. Anonymous5:49 am


    Pak Lah started his 3 day visit to Venezuela on the 17th Dec. It ended on the 19th Dec. Lets say he left Venezuela on the 20th Dec butmost state leaders leave at then of their trip, which means 19th Dec for Pak lah.How long does it take him to get to Msia?

    Wasn't he sending his concern via Najib the second day of the floods? Or was it the 3rd day,21st Dec? From where was he sending his concerns? Cobra Sultan? Air Force Sultan? Floods hit Johor on the 20th Dec, correct?

    why did PakLah only turn up on the 23rd Dec in JB? Did he come from Venezuela or Perth? If Venezuela, why such a long time to get here? if he was holidaying there, hey why holiday there when there are floods in Johor? Or from perth, well we know why he had to cut short his holiday cos the pressure was mounting.

    maybe I'm wrong. But still,left Venezuela 20th Dec and turn up in Johor on 23rd Dec?Yeah you loose a day, 22nd Dec morning he should be here. Afterall gave him the benefit of doubt, that he left on the 20th Dec instead of the 19th Dec when his trip was over.

    What jet was he using,so slow one?Other than that, there is still some unanswered questions about the 3days it took him to get here.

  19. Sure, Pak Lah has done a lot of things we're not proud of. But apparently, even his concern for flood victims is too much for you that you have to pick on him when he's making an effort.

    Warpath is right, since you have obviously nothing better to do than to whine

  20. Anonymous11:48 am

    rocky (not rocky bru), bad maths but your point is clear. where the hell was abdullah badawi on those days? venezuela, perth, turkey?

    rocybru, shouldn't the pm's office let the rakyat know exactly where the pm is even when he is on holidays? isn't that the practice in democratic countries all over the world? wasn't that TDM's practice, to tell everyone exactly where he is because he was prime minister first and an individual second!?

    i think the 4th floor people need to go school.

  21. Anonymous12:00 pm

    yo laden swallow! you said so that the pm has done things we are not proud of. what are you talking about rocky and the others here whining!? we are whining about a pm who has done things we are not proud of. what are you whining about, bloke?!

  22. Anonymous1:52 pm

    'PM conderms looters of the flood'
    just wait and see..the mother of all looters just ain't born yet...working out the biggest plan of robbing these poor folks..

  23. Anonymous10:25 pm

    sultan santa,

    at 4am maths may not be good. anyway PM send his concerns which was published by Bernama on the 21st Dec. So when did he leave Venezuela? If you leave am 20th Dec, you will be in Msia by evening of 21st Dec even with a day loss etc. So why did he turn up on the 23rd Dec 11am in Johor. What happen to the 22nd dec??? Perth?

    as for whinning, well check the BN manifesto and tell us what Pak Lah has delivered from that list???

  24. Anonymous10:42 am

    Where is the military resources in helping the victim?

    Our dear DPM, the defense minister, and our PM should have declare state of emergency to mobilize the military to use the resource(truck, bulldozer, motorboat,etc) to restore order, distribute relief resources.

    USA has no hesitation declaring state of emergency when hurricane Katrina making landfall on few state. It is important as it will allow the USA government to mobilize military resources to help the people.

    For Malaysia, it seems saving face is more than anything.

  25. Anonymous1:32 pm

    Dear Ms Ruby,

    Thanks for the info. I'm viewing this post days after..sorry. I wanna know. Are there collections still being done at the same places? and the volunteering thing still on? I have some clothes and foodstuff to give away.

    To the rest of the commenters, sapa yang free tu...pegi lah tolong. Kutuk pun kutuklah...but when push comes to shove...will you lift a finger to help?

  26. Anonymous3:04 pm

    when million dollars worth of micro-chips were stolen from somewhere in Penang, its like a national disaster - at the way the crime was reported in the media and the mobilising the uniformed personnels to catch these thieves. But at the peak of thr flood, not one leader even mention the word 'national disaster'. A female Minister was seen on tv at this area , only when the PM (back fro his OVERSEAS trip) visited the victims. Well , case of when the cat is away at play else where, the mice will play more..... ?

  27. Anonymous11:09 pm

    Flood has been over for about a week.
    Many thanks to those volunteer personal & organization.

    However, we are now facing another critical situation where all the rubbish pile & animal bodies has start to give problem. We truly have no idea how to handle such amount of rubbish & rotten death animal bodies.
    We have call various party BUT all the answer are same : please wait for a while cause we have other more important matter to handle. In due to their answer, we would like to ask them how are we going to ask the possible outbreak to wait for them.
    Further to that, the rubbish truck will only collect those with proper packing; what should we do with those which we are not able to pack in rubbish bag???
    “shall we get the great David magician to help!!!”

    Note : To those who would like to donate to those needed; please take Nipah & Tsunami Disaster funds as your reference in order not to loose your money on the way…

  28. Anonymous2:12 am

    monsterball equal ball-carrier! Everything ABB did was great. I suppose the purchase of the RM30 million yatch was also great.

    How about the oil for food scandal? Remember?

    Monsterball seemed to be a great defender of Lim Kit Siang and son Sdn Bhd, Son-In-Law and Father-in-law and Kalimullah.

    The moment words like ECM Libra, Lim Kit Siang and Son not taking up issues involving SIN and FIL and the like, monsterball becomes balless - gone into elegant silence!

    mosnterball has been planted to do dmaage control for Lim Kit Siang and Son, SIL and FIL and Kalmullah. SO let better be careful with such mercenaries.