Sunday, December 24, 2006

So this is Christmas!

Merry Xmas to All.
Wish the rain would go away, give us back those sunny days.


  1. Anonymous1:44 am

    once a while, a banjir would be good thing; people of all races get united and help each other.

    with such banjir, people will learn appreciate true leader and fake jokers, sleepy PM will never last long.

    Najib is the best fit person to take up the sleepy ones, at this current political climate.

    Najib just know how to be good leader... he may look slob, but no way half past six.

    dont you agree, Mr Rocky....

    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year & Have Wonderful Holiday and Good Rest to You, Mr Rocky and all bloggers etc!

  2. Anonymous2:27 am

    Thank you bang. May the day and weather take you to better heights.

  3. Anonymous2:27 am

    Thank you bang. May the day and weather take you to better heights.

  4. Anonymous9:03 am


  5. Anonymous9:11 am

    Lets wish our Christian friends a merry xmas and to everybody, season's greetings!
    To me, Christmas is a more than a religious holiday...its also a festive holiday meant to be celebrated by all and sundry!

  6. Anonymous9:57 am


    Not such a merry Xmas and happy new year for us at Bernama.

    Two outsiders who are friends of the Hadhari PM are coming. None of our senior staff are being considered for Editor-in-chief and GM posts.

    One candidate proposed by Zam and supposedly agreeable to PM and DPM had turned down the GM job.

    Zam first recommended that Syed Jamil's term be extended but was shot down by PM on the advice of Annuar Zaini the Bernama chairman from his hospital bed at UMMC.

    Annuar had a stroke. A bad one, I was told. PM visited him there.

    Annuar Zaini did not like Syed because Syed did not kowtow to him. Annuar was very angry with him for recommending Kadir Jasin as a member of Bernama Advisory Panel.

    The candidate who rejected the GM job is believed to be Datuk Johan Jaafar former Utusan Melayu Group Editor-in-Chief and now Chairman of Dewan Bahasa. I think Bernama GM job is a demotion for him.

    The candidate for EIC job replacing Azman Ujang is said to be older than Azman but has writen many books about PM, his family and other Umno politicians. He is not known to have produced anything in English. He is reported to be attached to a TV station.

    We are very sad because this is the first time that EIC and GM will be filled by outsiders in one shot. We are also sad if it is true that the EIC candidate does not write English.

    Past Bernama Editors-in-chief were all bilingual. That's Bernama's original policy.

    Then again, after witnessing what had happened at the NSTP and the recent failed attempt to merge the NSTP and Utusan, I think this PM will do anything as long as his friends benefit.

    This is cronism at its worst.

  7. Anonymous10:04 am

    merry christmas, bro and a happy happy new year, have a great holiday. but don't stop bru-ing.

    This goes to all your fellow bloggers!

  8. Rocky!

    Agree with anonymous that Najib is best fit for being a leader anytime any day. Did you know that he is a chairman of over 30 committees and I think someone want him dead from exhaustion! Rest assured he will survive and his masak lemak chili api lauk, with less santan of course, will keep him fit! Thank God for his Minangkabau other half, I feel safe actually! One thing though he is not a slob not by any longshot, and indeed a never a half past six fellow, he is cool take my word for it!

    May God Bless us Everyone and a Very Happy and Merry X'mas from my family to you and your family!

    Christmas is fun eh!

  9. All I want for christmas are:

    1. for the government to clean itself of corruption because we can no longer afford to support the off-balance sheet lifestyles of the crooks in there.
    2. for the NST to increase its circulation for the sake of its minority shareholders; no sophisticated business plan is needed as it can be achieved merely through plain honest, ethical and truthful journalism instead of lies, distortions and propaganda.
    3. for the government to stop oppressing the lower and middle income public instead of telling us to be grateful that they make fuel, toll, teh tarik and roti canai affordable.
    4. for leaders to be endowed with wisdom, finesse and oratory skills to stop them from always blurting out the first stupid thing that comes to their feeble mind.
    5. for blogs like this to flourish to allow more of the rakyat to voice out their honest opinions to let the PM and his spineless cabinet know that we are not oblivious to the fact that they are ruining the country and that we see through their deceit.

    Merry Christmas everyone. (And don’t hold your breath till next xmas for the first four. I can already hear Santa laughing his belly off).

  10. Anonymous6:50 pm

    Expecting you to take a rest at my cave on 27th night....Zorro.

  11. Anonymous9:52 pm

    dissapointed bernama staff...

    biasak la... kadang kadang pening gak ngan politician nih... kalau au tak perform dia nak digantikan ok la gak... rasanya AU lepas amek post dari dato jeff, ok jek aku tengok. datuk zack nangis ah... n paling kesian macai-macai kat bawah... zul, mokhtar, ali mamat, izham, isk ramai la lagi, sian diorang kan....
    bila takde naik jawatan di atas, di bawah lagi la....
    bernama sebenarnya mempunyai ramai wartawan yang hebat, tapi dah dibunuh oleh sistem perjawatan ssb, ssm dan corporate scheme dulu.
    aku rasa tak puas hati untuk diorang walaupun aku bukan penah keje bernama pun...

    tengok dari jauh jek.....

  12. Anonymous7:21 am

    happee belated bday?


  13. Anonymous7:50 am

    Dear Rocky,

    You have many readers here, and I hope it is ok if I updated a little re flood victims, just in case there are people here who are able to help. Thank you.


    In Pagoh alone 15 000 people (3000 families) were displaced and evacuated. There is acute shortage of clean water. Need water urgently. Please send to Kontena National office in PJ. Address and numbers as above. (sms from Dato Zuraidah Atan).

    Kontena Nasional's office in PJ - guards will assist.
    Kontena Nasional Berhad
    9th Mile, Old Klang Road
    P.O.Box 6503, Seri Setia
    47307 Petaling Jaya
    Selangor Darul Ehsan
    Telephone No : + 603 - 7876 1933

    From Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir's blog:

    You can also send stuff to the Red Crescent. They have a Bilik Gerakan/ Flood Relief Centre at the Puteri Pacific Hotel, JB. Enquiries and donation Hotlines: 07-219-9995, 07-219-9996.

    They need foodstuff, foam mattresses, blankets, disposable nappies, women's underwear, sanitary pads, also cheques and NEW clothes.

    Here's also wishing

    Have a Meaningful Merry Christmas.

  14. Rocky!

    The future says this country will just be Muslim in name and will be ruled by a strong coalition of Chinese, Muslim and Indian. The Malay-Mulsims will be so weak that they will allow the Chinese coalitions under Singapore supervision to rule at their mercy. Notice I said Muslim and not Malay. Well! this is an accepted formula set by the European Union when allowing so-called Muslim territories in Europe such as Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo where Muslim is a majority, to exist. In these instances the territories will be "allowed" to keep their identities as a Mulsim entities in name only, but will be ruled by a non-Muslim coalition of Christian! So Muslim in name only! The carnage in these Balkan territories stopped when such formula were forced to be acepted by "muslim" leaders such as the late Izetbegovich of Bosnia, did you also know that there is no such entity as a Muslim Bosina-Herzegovina or Kosovo or Albania because the Muslims are not allowed to flourish as a government or religion? Back to Malaysia, the future will see the Chinese in controlled in view of the inability of the "muslim" to rule due to factional frictions. Umno will loose a majority and it realises that it cannot embark on the military ways anymore since neighbours like Singapore will see to it that such action will be clipped with international help, namely the USA! Forget about Muslm Malays idea of using the army and the police to stay in power for we will be internationally condemned, like the former Yugoslavia.
    So,let us cut to the chase, Muslim-Malays in this country better come to term with the possible fact that in a not too distance future the power of this country will be in the hand of others namely the coalition of DAP, MCA, Gerakan, PPP, MIC and others. Umno will be so irrelevant and the Malays as usual will always cry over spilt milk! As usual they will still keep the phrase "kalau lah kita tahu!" as a matter of their pathetic and moronic mental conciousness!
    By then I will be long gone and my people will see their return to being dominated and be slaves again as we were under the colonialist rules! This time around under Singapore supervision Masjid Negara will be the Headquarters of the DAP and the minaret will be painted the red rocket of the party! Melayu tidak akan hilang di dunia tetapi mereka akan menjadi irrelevant!

    Merry Christmas!

  15. Anonymous11:09 am

    Is it true that Bank Negara is issuing commemorative coins with Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s face on it? Read this from one of the regular columnists in Malaysia Today, that: “this is the first time Bank Negara is minting coins with the montage of a living Prime Minister. Bank Negara Governor Zeti Aziz has carried the word 'bodek' to comical heights. There are no commemorative coins being minted to mark 50 years of the nation’s Independence.”
    Waaah! Bukan main yaa….. How much more extravagance can this nation afford for this “exalted” PM?

  16. Anonymous12:36 pm

    RPK of Malaysia-Today most of the time likes to create such untruthful news to continue his agenda of belittling present government. I guess he is being sponsored by TDM. It is getting quite boring and low class to do so.

  17. Anonymous12:45 pm


    By Tan Mae Lynn
    December 25, 2006

    TO gain a further saving of just over $1, these Singapore petrol-pinchers are willing to put themselves at risk.

    They are not content to just pump a tank of 'cheaper' petrol in Johor Baru before returning to Singapore.

    No, they want their tank 100 per cent full, filling up all remaining space, which serves as a safety feature.
    Click to see larger image
    # Danger? Who cares:: A man watching an attendant fills his Singapore car with petrol at a Johor Bahru station after tilting it with a wooden ramp.--Pictures: Johnathan Choo

    To do this, they would go as far as to tilt their car sideways, by propping up the rear tyre with a brick or using a jack to raise the car.

    In doing so, drivers would be able to pump in an extra litre of petrol (see graphics on Page 7).

    However, motoring experts warn that these drivers are putting themselves in danger because there is a reason that fuel tanks are not meant to be filled completely.

    The extra space is meant as a safety feature when the fuel expands. If the tank is totally full, the inflammable vapour could seep out, posing a fire risk. (See report on next page.)

    If the tank's cap is not properly secured, excess petrol will also gush out when the car is level.

    Experts also warn that over-filling can ruin the engine as well as release harmful vapour into the atmosphere.

    The total savings for pulling such a dangerous stunt? Just about a dollar for that extra litre of petrol.

    Pump attendants across the Causeway said it's not unusual for 'kiasu' motorists to try to maximise their petrol top-up before returning to Singapore.

    And it must be getting common - one petrol station even provides ramps to 'tilt' the cars.

    In Singapore, pump prices range from $1.58 to $1.83 a litre. In Malaysia, prices are almost halved, from 70 cents (RM1.60) to 83 cents (RM1.91) a litre.

    Just two months ago, it would have cost close to $90 to fill up a 60-litre tank here. Now, it's about $70 with oil prices having dipped from about US$80 ($123) a barrel.

    With the three-quarter tank rule, visitors on short trips to Johor Baru (JB) would usually save about $10 to $20 by filling up before returning to Singapore.

    But some are not content with such savings. Pump attendants have noticed more Singaporeans stepping out of their cars armed with jacks.

    An attendant at a petrol station near the Sentosa area in JB said: 'This middle-aged man, a regular here, would jack up his old Mercedes on one side.'

    But these are the more extreme cases.

    'Mostly, they will just push and shake the car because they think this can get rid of air bubbles so they can pump more in,' he said.
    Click to see larger image
    # Cheap tactic: This wooden ramp at a Johor Bahru petrol station weighs about 10 kg and is placed behind the rear wheels.

    Singapore manager Derrick Tan, 40, said he was shocked to see what these drivers were doing when he was in JB recently.

    Initially, he thought a fellow Singaporean had a tyre puncture because he was jacking up his car.

    'But when I realised he was doing it to pump more petrol, I was speechless. When he saw me staring, he gave me a smug look, probably thinking he was very smart.'

    During The New Paper on Sunday's check earlier this week, at least one petrol station about 5km from the Causeway provides customers with a ramp to help them tilt the car.

    At each pump, a wooden ramp is available for customers' use. It is about half a metre long and 15cm high.

    The ramps are solid wood, and weighs about 10kg each.

    A ramp is placed behind one of the rear wheels, and the driver reverses up it and parks the car so it's tilted to one side.

    Only Singapore-registered cars appeared to use this ramp. When we approached the drivers, none wanted to be identified.

    A couple in a Singapore-registered Proton did not want to speak to us and tried to stop us from taking pictures of their car.

    The only driver who agreed to be interviewed claimed he could get $20 worth of extra petrol in the tank using this method.

    An employee at this Caltex station, Miss Siti Zubaidah, 24, said about 70 per cent of its Singaporean customers will use this tactic. 'Some customers have told me that they can get 80km more from the extra (petrol) they put in,' she said.

    But most pump attendants said that, at best, car owners can save about $1.30 to $2.20 on average for small to medium cars, while larger cars such as MPVs can save about $4.

    The Caltex station operator said he offers the service because it's what his customers want. 'To me, the customers come first,' he said.

    The operator, who did not want to be named, took over the station's operations about a month ago.

    'The previous operator offered this, so I just continued offering it,' he claimed.

    And yes, the tango tilt is unique to owners of Singapore-registered cars.

    Miss Siti said: 'Only Singapore cars do it. I've not seen any Malaysian cars use the wooden ramp. Maybe Singaporeans want extra petrol, and it's cheaper here.'

    However, Mr Gerard Ee, former president of the Automobile Association of Singapore, questioned if the minimal savings is worth the effort.

    'In theory, you could get a little more petrol in, but how much air space can you fill?

    'If it's an older car and the tank cap doesn't fit well, fuel can leak out and that can be dangerous. Fuel against the bodywork of a car erodes the paint as well.'

    Mr Mark Alexander, 34, a car owner, thinks it is ridiculous. 'How much can you save? If you can afford to buy a car, why can't you afford to cover petrol?'

    There are certainly other ways to save money on petrol: Make sure the tyres are inflated correctly, the engine is serviced regularly, there is no unnecessary heavy load in the boot, and cut down on using the highest octane level fuel.

    Most cars can run efficiently on 92 octane fuel.

    And for an even better way to save money on fuel, take the bus.

  18. Anonymous12:57 pm

    you have to respect the singaporeans. they are kiasu, yes. but they use their brains to squeeze others - like us - dry.
    malaysians also have brains - tajudin ramli, azman mokhtar, khairy jamaluddin, abdullah badawi, patrick lim - but they squeeze their own people dry.
    malaysians who don't have much brains - like kalimullah masheerul hassan - also squueeze our people dry.

  19. Anonymous12:58 pm

    disappointed bernama staff: are you talking about CHAMIL WARIYA? sounded like him. my apologies if i get your meaning wrong.
    - mat terbit

  20. Anonymous1:14 pm

    Political Doctor versus Medical Doctor.
    What cholera outbreak doc? mSTAR Online has the story:

    Wakil rakyat Segamat nafi laporan kes taun
    25-12-2006 11:00:26 AM

    PETALING JAYA: Anggota Parlimen Segamat Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam menafikan khabar angin terdapat tiga kes taun di Segamat, Johor.

    Katanya, penduduk di daerah itu tidak terdedah kepada risiko penyakit berkenaan seperti yang dilaporkan sebelum ini.

    Beliau berkata walaupun bekalan air paip terputus, ia hanya bersifat sementara.

    "Bekalan air dan sistem sanitasi di sini adalah baik. Orang ramai tidak perlu panik," katanya.

    Jabatan Kesihatan daerah itu sebelum ini dilaporkan berada dalam keadaan berjaga-jaga bagi kemungkinan merebaknya wabak penyakit bawaan air itu.

    Pegawai kanan kesihatan Segamat, Dr Zaharah Mohd Salleh dilaporkan sebagai berkata tiga kes taun dikesan di daerah itu dalam tempoh lima hari lepas dan jabatan itu bersiap sedia menghadapi merebaknya wabak tersebut.

    Beliau di petik sebagai berkata tiga kes taun dikesan di Sekolah Menengah Tinggi Segamat, yang kini digunakan sebagai pusat pemindahan banjir.

    Dr Zaharah berkata selepas menemubual mangsa taun itu, jabatan tersebut mendapati bahawa mereka dijangkiti penyakit tersebut selepas minum air yang tidak dirawat.

    "Kita juga menguji sampel darah daripada mangsa banjir itu di pusat pemindahan bagi memastikan mereka bebas daripada sebarang penyakit.

  21. Anonymous1:41 pm


    Is it true that PM came home for less than half a day to make media appearance at the Johor banjir and then off again, this time to Perth, to celebrate Xmas and new years?

    Bru and anybody, please confirm!

  22. Rocky!

    Some morons said London is owned by Arabs so by the same token we should not be afraid of Singaporeans taking over or buying over own corporate or corporate asset! Well it is not the same and not that simple, Takhsin Shinawatra was overthrown by the army for selling the country's strategic asset to Singtel, reads Singapore! Arabs may own properties and stuff in England but yet Al Fayed will never be granted a British citizen, but Singapore has grand design for this country, it wants physically to take over since this little red dot on the map is really getting very little and it needs expansion, can't go to the sea but will be forced to go inland across the causeway! Not it is not like Arabs in LOndon, they are totally being controlled and monitored by a good nationalistic and patriotic governance! In this country the Malays are indolence and their leaders are morons for allowing all these to happen! We must stop the rot now please for the sake of the future! Dollah Badawi who is in Perth now on holiday I hope you have a conscience or stop taking that drug prescribed to you!

  23. Anonymous9:07 pm


    Yes! Dollah Badaw is in Perth!

  24. Anonymous11:50 pm


    Thank God that no idiot give instructions to Muslims that they can not wish their fellow Malaysians A Merry Christmas!!!

  25. Anonymous11:47 am

    The controversy about wishing non-Muslims for their festivities: download and read the translated fatwa. It's seditious.

  26. " hi "pasquale" writer. YOU GOT THE FACTS WRONG ON TAKSIN OF THAILAND. I WAS THERE!! He angered the King by not able to solve the religious conflicts between Muslims and Buddhists and chosed to attend the world conference in New York. Naturally...the plan to oust him took months to execute peacefully.
    In Thailand...The King is loved by all sincerely and when he is not pleased....people will act."

    This is for monsterball, either you are a Malay therefore a moron, or an indolent or you are Kalimulah or Brendan, or may be Rajan Moses! Takhsin was ousted for trying to belittle the king and kingdom of Siam yes! by selling the country's security asset, FYI Takhsin is Thai of Chinese descent, and very big in the hierachy of Overseas Chinese, along side Ling Liong Sik, Robert Kuok, Lee Kuan Yew, and Lim Kit Siang. The Chinese Overseas Club raison de'tre (look it up in the dictionary of you dont know what it means)is how to destroy and to take over "native administration" such as the phrase they coined. These administrations include the Malay dominated governance, the Thai kingdom as examples! So monsterball while you WERE there, let me tell you this: I was IN there through thick and thin! had Takhsin succeeded the region wold have been controlled by Singapore! FYI! The Kingdom of Siam has agreed with Malaysia to initiate the talk to built the canal at the narrowest Ithmus of Kra, and this is to teach Singapore if you play with fire, we will use Santau! (monsterball look this word up)

    I am so really tired Rockybry!

    For the ex Thailand PM Taksin...he has a track record to make money and helped the poor. That is why he is still very popular and I will not be surprise he will go back to be PM again.
    There you again focus on something to do with S'pore as the reason. YOU ARE VERY WRONG!!!

    6:35 AM

  27. Anonymous1:12 pm


    There are many reasons why Thaksin angerd the King Bhumibol.One was what you said. The other was what Psquale said and there are other reasons also related to him rubbing feathers the wrong way with regards to certain religious customs and personalities in Thailand( cant be botherd to find thier names right now),. all this and more made the king tacitly support his ouster.

  28. Anonymous1:20 pm

    Btw thaksin is popular but more popular than King Bhumibol?..highly doubtful, monsterball, highly doubtful.One is just a politician, albeit a very canny politician, but the the one is Bhumibol, the living embodiment of the Thai religion and customs..And if the Thai king opposes ur candidacy, well stranger things have happen, but realisticly speaking its sayonara thaksin.

    Actually their are lots of muslims also who regards Bhumibol in the highest regards, especially at the metaphysical your not dealing with an ordinary mortal here.Put that into your equation next time u suggest thaksin's possible comeback

  29. Anonymous3:00 am

    Bro Rocky

    Lets leave Monsterball alone. He has his agenda to please Kalimullah, Lim Kit Siang and Khairy. He should start his own blog to give full support for these three great people.

    He may have started for all we know but not getting anywhere. He may be the machai of Kalimullah, Lim Kit SIang and Khairy to distract attention from all their wrong doing and hoping to be repaid with an interview in the NST like what Lim Kit Siang has been rewarded with a full page interview with a big colour photo.

    So we cannot blame Mosnterball and Lim Kit Siang ofr behaving themselves so well! That's why Lim Kit Siang was keeping quiet on the sleeping beauty all the times.

  30. Sheesh.... what's the world coming to. I find myself actually agreeing with some of the stuff pasquale said!! (You just have to not let the insults cloud the facts!)