Friday, December 22, 2006

Of Holidays and The Floods

It's by far the worst floods Malaysia has ever seen: six states ravaged, says the NST, scores of thousands more will lose their homes and the death toll is expected to be higher than the five reported in Johor so far.
The PM, Abdullah Badawi, who is holidaying abroad, has conveyed his sadness, according to Bernama.


  1. Anonymous12:00 pm

    Cucuparit sent this a while ago under "NST-UM merger is OFF". -- Rocky

    You know Singapore was so gung ho in partaking Johore's multi-billion ringgit projects. But when the state is in serious trouble with the floods, did any of the big guns (Parkway etc) come out of their way to help the Johore folks? Don't think so. So much for the bloody Singaporeans wanting to help Johoreans. So I say to my fellow Johoreans, lets stick it to the Singaporeans and tell them to go to Hell.

  2. cucuparit

    I heard spore affected also.

    Anyway, is the PM kesal of the flood.

  3. Anonymous1:12 pm

    I cannot believe you can make such a stupid comment.

  4. Anonymous1:26 pm

    Kenapala Pak Lah taknak balik tgk rakyatnya yg tgh menderita. Tanahair yg penuh dgn air. Setakat nie 6 rakyat Pak Lah telah terkorban. 60,000 rakyat dipindahkan.

  5. Why talk about singaporean help when we cant even get our own emergency services to help? You think they owe you or what? It would be embarassing to have them come and help us when all our brothers are up in their helicopters and million dollar yachts surveying the damage!

  6. Why do we need crutches from Singapore? Can we not do it ourselves? They do not owe us and neither do we need them but looking at the situation now it appears that we might need their help now looking at how our emergency services are actually coping with the situation.

  7. Anonymous2:24 pm

    Don't you see the coincidence Bru? When Tsunami hit the country and hundreds died, Pak Lah continued his holiday in Spain, being vined and dined by Francis Yeoh.

    Now big floods displaced thousands and killed scores. Again Pak lah is away on holiday. He is being vined and dined by Ananda Krishman.

    He does not bother to rush home. This man has no sense of priority, propriety and humanity! Some say even his humility had gone.

    What has happened to Mr Nice, Mr Caring? Was that all a facade? I am beginning to think it is.

    It's time for change. I've had enough of hypocricy and kemunafikan.

  8. I am going back to my home town Johor Bahru tomorrow for my friend's wedding reception. I am monitoring the flood situation there hourly. Anyone has up to date information, please update me. Thanks.

  9. Anonymous2:49 pm

    New State of Johor.Free Access Zone.

    Thousands of johorean have been trapped in massive flood.
    The folks of low land southern tip of johor have been denied to enter the Exclusive Zone limited only to 'foreigner'.They need special passport to enter their motherland after the opening of the new zone which any foreigner can go in without any document.Some of them are left swimming to other high land or highrise building for their own survival.

    This scenario will happen in the future...

  10. Anonymous2:57 pm

    FYI Spore also kena ravaged by the flash flood. Now all the Sporeans are asking their government, "how come Spore also can flood??".

    So much for 1st world country...

  11. Anonymous3:03 pm

    Pak Lah and his family holidays are priority mah.Who cares about the flood victims. Cemerlang, gemilang, Terbilang mah!! And Temberang.

    Wonder where the msian taxpayers jet is taking him and his family...Turkey sudah pergi...Perth?

    Enjoy your holidays Pak Lah. If possible don't come back.

  12. Anonymous3:15 pm

    Oooo... Our beloved PM still in his Venezuela or what ho???

    Convey sadness??? ooo...

    60K ppl evacuated not worth a single direction from PM... so good...

  13. So much headache running a country with so many problems. Pak Lah deserve his holiday. Heck, he should continue with the holiday. And stay there.

    Don't come back, please.

  14. Anonymous4:00 pm

    Convey sadness only eh? PM of the rakyat indeed....ptuiiii....

  15. Rocky,

    Really cannot understand why PM is not cutting short his holidays to return to Malaysia to coordinate rescue and relief efforts and mobilising the entire government machinery. Why is he not sensitive to the sufferings of the rakyat?

  16. Anonymous5:19 pm

    what is in pak lah's head right now?

    "should i go back, but "i don't know", i'm in control, i'm the pm", but KJ...errr Najib is handling the situation well. maybe kamaluddin can donate, but "he has enough, he is rich". ah..damn it, too much thinking make me sleepy.zzzzzzzzz

  17. Anonymous5:30 pm

    The PM should turun padang.

  18. Anonymous5:36 pm

    an uncanny coincidence...or an omen?

    where was the I'm-in-control-PM when the tsunami hit Malaysia?

    and, what did he do?

    this guy really likes to travel on taxpayers money, doesn't he?

    somebody should keep track of his trips abroad...especially "holidays" using the Malaysian government jets!

    maybe dear God is telling us something about our I'm-in-control-PM?

  19. Anonymous5:38 pm

    err.. just wondering lah.. where is Pak Lah?

    Here we are promoting Malaysia as a tourist destination and our #1 man chooses to holiday overseas?


  20. While we have the floods in the southern states, 'blubberhead' must be floating on water somewhere else in the world.

    Where is he anyway? Is he scouting for a 'retirement' home with a built-in marina? Perhaps, AAB will call it the 'Cobra's Nest'.

  21. Q : Where is Pak LAh?
    A : He is sleeping..

  22. Anonymous7:50 pm

    pak Lah tak turun padang sebab sekarang bukan musim Pilihanraya.......

  23. Anonymous8:23 pm

    the grand imam hadhari will be visiting (God's willing) the flood vistims in johore tomorrow... all the way from Down Under.

  24. Anonymous9:37 pm

    Yeah... it really saddens me to hear that he is still holidaying out there while the rakyat is suffering. Seeing all those belongings floating away ... what little they have... unlike our UMNO brethens ... untouchables by flood.......

    What Badawi can say... I am sad. Really shows our PM has no heart at all.... all the richness, the money has gone beyond him. All he can think is his HOLIDAY!!!!!

  25. Anonymous10:35 pm


    that Pak Lah fella tak balik tengok rakyat nya dalam air macam dugong-dugong?????

    kepala otak punya orang.

    oh forgotten... dugong where got value like share market ma...


  26. Anonymous11:15 pm

    With $30million we can get at least 100 save and rescue boat for the affected people who suffer from the floods.
    With $30million we can yachting and sail to carribean and meditraenean sea from Acapulco to Costa Del so and fishing Marlin at the straits of Bhosphorus.
    Then sailing straight to Johor with the yacht by the help of champion Peter Gilmour or Peter Holmberg to monitor floods situation.With the expert they can use the yacht sailing on the flood road of North-south highway..

  27. Anonymous12:44 am

    I believe Paklah is now out there somewhere, fishing. This PM must be a real admirer of Bush..

  28. Anonymous1:05 am

    what can pak lah do even if he is in Msia? Do bomoh stunts or take pics with victims and hand out cheapo inflated priced goodies? Najib is already doing that in Johor now so what? Has things gotten better? This wouldnt hv happened if the local authorities didnt neglect their daily duties in maintaining a proper city. But of cos you can find lots of govt servants playing "snake" on a daily basis. Go hang around the snooker ctrs and you can find lots of them there during working hours.

  29. Anonymous1:35 am

    Sad to note that a lot didn't get my meaning. I'm not asking for Singapore's help. There isn't any. And don't belittle the help that is being executed by many parties - red cross et al..they are doing the best the can. You guys sound as if we don't need help from outside? Please be real. When a disaster happens, we need help from all parties...including Singapore. Especially when they make such a big hoohah about participating in our SJER and making profits from us in the near future. Suuuuree they got hit by floods too....but compared to Johore?
    Didn't we try to help solve the haze problem by offering assistance to Indonesia? We did didn't we? even though we have so much problems on our own hands? Either you guys who dissed me are pro-Singaporeans or you guys just hate Malaysians and Johoreans.
    For those thousands of volunteers in Johore and other affected areas - I salute you. My own hometown is affected and my friends and I are helping the best we can. And the authorities are working round the clock to ease the pain and the trauma Johoreans are experiencing. Do your bit to help them. Soon Malacca, Negeri, Selangor, Pahang and Terengganu and Kelantan will be at the mercy of the weather too.


  30. Anonymous1:38 am

    As for our dear Pak Lah, why bother? You guys know him well. In fact, I'm sure the Turkish yacht would come in handy for such floods.

    Our destiny is in our hands. We choose the people who we want to lead us. We have to help ourselves first.

    Anyway, a friend of mine said that the flood is a sign from the Almighty that we shouldn't ignore the titah of the Johore Sultan who wanted the bridge demolished and a new one built. Since our Government derhaka and publicly belittle the Sultan's titah...this is our punishment. Hard to believe.


  31. Anonymous3:43 am

    Peace, Brother!

    Sorry, and Not to interrupt on a good party. I know you guys are having hard days; and a hu-ha is just the tonic zikr.

    Just wondering - more important - of the flood situation and
    on Karim. How are things?

    By the way did you notice that there will be a Najib-bashing about to begin. That's just a punch and judy thing and heading in the right direction; but what do you think.

  32. haa..umNO/bn johor sudah hilang 6 pengundi..tapi tak pa mereka masih ada pengundi hantu...

  33. Anonymous10:25 am


    Don't blame Singapore for not lending a helping hand. Look in Star report today, Najid said malaysia do not need help. He is so arrogant to think we can settle this ourself. What is wrong to practice humility and ask for help. God knows the suffering those folks are going through. Pride is not as important as life.

  34. Anonymous11:13 am

    paklah is coming! on a yatch. go right into the flooded towns. stylo mylo!

    opps..the yatch is not yet ready. promise he will come the next time round. just don't be a 100yr rain..make it 2yr..k?

  35. Anonymous12:31 pm

    Let the PM has his rest overseas. If he comes back, he doesn't know what to do except express his kesal. Moreover he is there to buy a big yatch in preparing for banjir. Of course not for rakyat, why must he care?

    On Singaporean, we don't need their help at all. Why we debate?

  36. Anonymous12:40 pm

    we rape the forests, abuse the rivers, dirty the environment. the end result - floods. so malaysians, stop pointing fingers, blame yourself for the calamity. as long as people continue to show disregard for the environment, disasters will happen. one last word, malaysians deserve the floods. please correct me if am wrong.

  37. [sent in by anon much earlier. had to change f to d, as usual. thanks - rocky]

    people are drowning back home and some motherduckers have gone fishing.

  38. Anonymous2:00 pm

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    Pemimpin memimpin negara menjadi besar.

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  39. i agree with cucuparit. it would have been good PR on singapore's part to offer help to the flood victims. op words are "offer" and "good PR".
    on the same note, it would have been nice if we, too, had offered them help. kinda gel with najib's "reciprocity" statement a while back.

  40. i agree with cucuparit. it would have been good PR on singapore's part to offer help to the flood victims. op words are "offer" and "good PR".
    on the same note, it would have been nice if we, too, had offered them help. kinda gel with najib's "reciprocity" statement a while back.

  41. Anonymous3:51 pm

    thanks for the that I know to use 'd'instead of 'f'.this is my first time writing. you are doing a great job, rocky and once I get the hang of it Iam definitely going to write more. TQ

  42. Anonymous10:59 pm

    Nstman, do you know that once upon a time the whole klang valley was a sea floor and so was Ipoh and other places too?

    Yes, we do change our environment, but environment too has the chance to change us.

  43. Anonymous11:55 pm

    Saudara Rocky, Pemimpim Umno tak kan berubah kalau rakyat yang tak mahu merubahnya.Saya kesian pada yang tak berupaya dipapah dipimpin ditolak dengan kereta sorong untuk mengundi BN,Selepas tu dibiarkan sehingga 5 tahun kemudian dan diperlakukan seperti semula.Tidak kah itu zalim nama nya dan tak malukah pemimpin besar Umno memperlakukan demikian rupa kepada orang yg yang kurang upaya.

  44. Hmmm..biasala blog tempat melepaskan marah...

    lain cerita banjir lain yang dimarah, banjir johor sesuatu yg luarbiasa, air pasang mengagalkan air keluar ke laut dan awan besar menyelubungi johor sepanjang hari hari banjir..luarbiasa memang luarbiasa.

    Sesuatu yang besar akan berlaku di Johor, tunggu lah!!!

    Kerajaan memang layak dimarah rakyat, memberi terlalu sedikit tetapi mengambil terlalu tamak.

    Rasuah walau dilindung oleh pemerintah telah menjadi ikutan rakyat. Kejadian askar penyelamat meminta wang RM300 kepada mangsa banjir jika mahu diselamatkan memang menyedihkan. Moga-moga wang tu menjadi bala besar untuk sesiapa yang menerimanya.

    Dan kejadian mangsa banjir dibiar lebih dua hari di atas bumbung rumah lebih menbingungkan.

    Apa sudah jadi Ghani Othman. Ko memang tak bersedia menghadapi apa-apa bencana pun. Ko tau makan rasuah saja. Tapi banjir kali ni seolah-olah sedang membersihkan bumi Johor...untuk apa ye??? hmmm

  45. Anonymous9:50 pm

    if monsterball speaks for the majority...then I'm in the minority because I do not subscribe to his mentality.

    monsterball said, "Thanks PM for cancelling your trip to Austrralia. This shows you care for the people."

    and I ask, "why should I be thankful to the I'm-in-control-PM for doing something that is expected of him?"

    besides, isn't it obvious that leaders must always be there to lead the people?

    delegating is one thing but if you were a father and your children were taken ill...would you delegate your presence to the doctor?

    it's a responsibility that comes with the job!

    most people talk about responsibility, but frankly, most of them don't even know what it is even if it were to kick them in their grand behinds!

    also, canceling his holiday doesn't necessarily mean that he cared for the people...if he really did care then he wouldn't go off holidaying at every opportunity!

    as a comparison, how many times did TDM took holidays during his first term in office?

  46. Anonymous11:19 pm


    The first 3years DrM was in power he launch, UIA, Bank Islam, Takaful Islam and Protan.He also masterminded with khalid Ibrahim the taking over of Sime darby or was it Guthrie. Though today u can question whether they are a succes or not, and i would say as a policy initiative it was brilliant, he did acheieve those concrete things even his first term. He could have consilidated his position by removing Tengku Li from the cabinet when TR lost to Musa but he didnt.If He was so power hungry he could have clipped Musa's wing then also but he didnt. If in 87 both of them could pose a viable threat to his position its because he didnt do all that he could have to make sure they were renderd harmless to him previously.N the same about anwar- he is powerful because Mahathir made him so...from an unemployed youth to deputy minister.. in 1 executive order. The issue why we are skeptical about Singapore is because of the history between the two countries which ranges from insulting the founding fathers of this country even after those guys are dead to operating the Central Limit Order Book during the financial crisis of 97-98 even though they knew that would be exescerbating the problems of Malaysia the country and Malaysians the people. Honestly monsterball, your opinions are so silly no one should bother to answer them, but right now i've got nothing better to do. Nxt time i suggest u do a bit of lite reading before u make your inane comments.


    N with regards to Pak lah well that guys an emberassment.