Monday, December 25, 2006

Blogger down?

Kickdefella turned over, bought, reformed? On Dec 19, I wrote about blogger kickdefella who was feared missing in action. That posting [click here] drew several comments, one of them supposedly from the blogger himself.
On Dec 24, kickdefella supposedly left a final posting on his old blog here and announced the arrival of his new blog,
In that final posting, the blogger promises to discontinue his "below-the-belt" criticisms against the Prime Minister and his son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin:
"Saya berjanji, tidak akan ada lagi tumbukan 'below the belt' buat menantu Perdana Menteri sekarang dan juga terhadap Perdana Menteri Malaysia yang amat prihatin membela bangsanya. Insya Allah. let bygone be bygone. Ikhlas, Sheih"
The transformation of this blog and blogger borders on the sinister, one must admit. In the new blog, kickdefella has decided to blow his cover, writes in English, and manages to confuse himself about his own age (born 1970, age 40). Gone are those notoriously witty movie-based posters you found here.


  1. Anonymous11:55 pm


    Why are people so cheap these days? Maruah pun boleh jual!!!

    It was very stupid of the Kickdefella and SIL to come out with such vow. The vow let the cat out of hte bag!! Anyway SIl was not that smart at all.

    When I read the vow I knew Kickdafella was bought over. He should stop blogging for there is no credibility left. Only SIL will visit his blog.

    Rocfky, thnaks for the expose!! We must be vigilant otherwise SIL will do all kind of things to pull wool over our eyes.

  2. I don't know which direction '' is going to take but will definitely miss his artistic talent on the 'reloaded' movie posters.

    If one of us decide to give it a shot (making movie poster parodies lah), will you post it, Rocky?

  3. Anonymous1:30 am


    I don't think we can tell for sure that Kickdefella had sold his soul. Rocky did not say he did. How do we know it's the real Kickdefella guy who is running the new blog (wordpress)? How can we tell?

    One of his friends should lodge police report on missing person. Don't wait!!!

    Compare the two blogs. My personal opinion is they are not the same fella.

  4. Anonymous1:32 am

    Guys, kickdefella must had tough time before coming up with his decision.

    Let us all respect his call.

    This incident proves one thing right, there is actually people who think they are Mr Incredible and mightier than GOD.

    Don't we all pity such person(s) mindset and thinking.


  5. Ini kebiasaan perjuangan ... tetapi satu jatuh tidak harus melemahkan semangat.

    Saya menawarkan diri untuk berjuang dengan jenaka sinisnya.

    Lawati blog saya:

  6. ah, knew i forgot something in my posting. i forgot to note that the new kickdefella had also included "machai-net" on its blogroll until VOICE reminded him that that blogsite did not belong there! kickdefella dutifully dropped the blogsite (believed to have been sponsored by Kalimullah, Vincent and the 4th floor boyz) from the blogroll.

    the old kickdefella (blogspot) did not have machai-net on his blogroll.

  7. Anonymous2:04 am


    Why did kickdafella make a u-turn, a roundabout turn, with particular mention of the SIL & Pak Lah?

    Very sinisiter indeed, I must say.

    He has been writing in Bahasa Malaysia in his old blog, why does he blog in English in his new blog?

    He said (writing in a third person abt himself, which is kinda strange) he was born in 1970, which puts his age at 36. Why did he later say he is 40 yrs old. Why the inconsistency.

    We are not even sure if that blog is his. Could it have been hijacked by you-know-who? Hmmmm...just wondering.

    The sequence of event is rather mystifying.

  8. Anonymous3:44 am

    itz friggin' creepy.
    looks like Abang Besar (Big Brother) got to him.
    his new blog stinks of the Ministry of Information - boring, dull, etc
    "let bygones be bygones?"
    he sounds like he was threatened into submission.

  9. Anonymous5:49 am

    Rocky & his readers,

    I went through the new Kickdafella blog at wordpress. Below is my initial take...

    - It's not easy to take a good man out. [He may be made to wear a skirt, but short of cutting off his balls, would he be less a man? Don't think so!]

    - He who fights and runs away lives to fight another day. [One may not win all battles to finally win the war. And THIS IS war most sinister, waged in between the sleeping head(of state) and the equally sleeping mass. In other words any WiraBangsa now has a fight on 3 fronts: the Man, the strawMan and the snoozing Men-in-the-Street. So manoeuvres have to be strategic.]

    - There's more than one way to skin a cat (or a black baboon). [Some of us don't have the skills or the smarts or the wherewithal (or are just plain squeamish) for such an undertaking but can surely appreciate those who do have, regardless of the method they find expedient.]

    - To those who are judging Sheih's "moves" too hastily, I suggest rereading his new blog entries and doing a "cari gambar-gambar tersembunyi" i.e. "baca antara garisan."

  10. Anonymous10:14 am

    kickdafella said...

    "Saya berjanji, tidak akan ada lagi tumbukan 'below the belt' buat menantu Perdana Menteri sekarang dan juga terhadap Perdana Menteri Malaysia yang amat prihatin membela bangsanya. Insya Allah. let bygone be bygone. Ikhlas, Sheih"


    Has kickdafella been blackmailed? Turned over? Bought over?

    After a month of disappearance he now resurfaces & has come with a new different and so tame.

    Is it really kickdafella's blog as someone here asked? Or could that no-good-son-out-law have paid someone else to run the blod under the guise of kickdafella?

    Yup, so many unanswered questions...& so the mystery deepens.

  11. Rocky!

    Lets not deviate from your goal as a blogger! The fight must go on right?! So lets not get into a diatribe about a blogger is killed or tortured or simply disappeared! In war there is always casualty! Unless you are talkng about "Malay war" where there must also be a 30% equity on casualty! Your kind of war there is no rules! So lets not confused your posters about what to write! So this Kickawhatever blogger? Forget about him or his ego, another thing my friend, in war ego has no place, so Rocky my friend please get on track and stop entertaining egoestical posters and fight injustice and anomalies in our lives!

  12. Anonymous12:23 pm


    Of course, Rockybru is not getting popular. It is just popular. Even the Sleeping Beauty and the budak Tingkat Empat are reading Rockybru and responded.

    Well, Kalimullah must have regretted in getting rid of Rocky. Now Rocky is a real pain in the a... for Kalimullah. Thank God we still have Rocky around to speak for us.

    Well, I am glad that the Lim Kit Siang and son's blind supporter is also following this blog dutifully. Good for you and you will soon see all the frauds of Lim Kit Siang and son.

  13. Anonymous1:23 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    I will not believe this sheih has been turned, till there's some more news. Something definitely is not right here. We can all be gung ho about freedom and civil liberties, but the political reality in Malaysia is not rosy enough for these virtues to flourish.

    Yes fellow readers, we can malign sheih for "selling his soul" etc etc... but what was his reality. The man has a family. If he had a sinister midnight visit from you-know-who, then i'm sure he has to re-evaluate his priorities.

    Which brings us to the pertinent question, Will all of you at this site, including Rocky himself, be willing to take up his cause, if he was victimised in some way and he spooke about it? I would...but then i'm a singleton, and I have nothing much left to lose.

    If the only ones who are gonna make noise are Reporters Sans Frontiers, don't you think sheih is sticking his neck out for nothing here? We in Malaysia have seen numerous examples of friends turnin their backs to us when we are in trouble..Screw good time friends!!!

    Maybe he has been turned, maybe he is told to shut up and have someone else write the new blog...yes i read some of the comments here..but the most important question the guy really ok? Can someone get in touch with him to see if he is.

    We can't just speculate. It isn't fair. From what i've read on his site, he isn't stupid, so his actions must have some reasons best known to him. Find that out. You're a journo Rocky...i'm sure u have not forgotten how to dig.

    That said, I thank you for helping us view news and current affairs with a more critical eye. It is helping Malaysians come of age, thinking-wise.

    Meery Christmas, Selamat Hari Raya Haji and Happy New Year to all Rockybru denizens....yeah u too pasquale.

  14. Rocky,
    finally this pasquale fellow made a little sense,phewwww!
    Yes we should not bother to pamper this kickdebugger's ego if he so wants to be kissing someone else's ass. We have to be on the track.
    Somehow my gut feeling smells a rat in this whole "missing" episode !
    and Happy New Year, bro!

  15. Anonymous2:21 pm

    I doubt they're the same person. But even if they are, we shouldn't worry. there are people who actually read and enjoy but for the sane ones, we have other heroes and warriors who fight the brave fight and climb the hard climb. stick together and we can make a difference. lets welcome 2007 with eyes wide open and steely hearts.


  16. pak sheikh say something in his new blog! hope you can encode the mesage here!

  17. Rocky

    I was being spontaneous. Good thing you notice. LEts just see for a while. He has not "puji" King Jenglot yet.

  18. Hi Rocky,
    From reading Kickdefella's new blog, it looks like he's been "turned". He's pretty indirect talking about it. But I can imagine he's been subject to some kind of heavy pressure to change his views, gentle or rough, we will never know. Is it SB, ISA or some hired thugs..This is real scary - I had believed we are still a nation governed by law even if we disagree with specific official actions.

    So Rocky, if one fine morning we see a final post from you like "I'm sorry to have caused all this misunderstanding, the sleepy guy and SIL are really super guys who serve the nation with the highest integrity" - we'll know what has happened.

    Be careful out there, folks...

  19. Anonymous8:45 pm

    like good old joceline, one by one they toe the line.

  20. Anonymous1:44 am

    Lets wish Kickdefella well for whatever he is doing and pursuing.

    Is that really Kickdefella blogging at the new site, or he is blogging with C4 strapped to his body by shameless people? Sounded weird to me. The latest article is about Philippines' tsunami!

    These people are hitting even lower than "below-the-belt" Kickdefella hit. Shame on you!

  21. Anonymous1:48 am

    Bro Rocky

    Lets not talk about kickdafella anymore as he has been kicked and sold his soul. That is his right!!! And the right of Tingkat Empat boys to buy all the bloggers. But not you, Rocky. We know that. Anyway no one will visit his blog now except Kalimullah, SIL and the Tingkat 4 boys and it will die a living death!

    If you can be bought over today you will still be in NST drawing handsome salary like Brendan , the plagiarist. Then you had to say YES to Kalimullah all the times.

    But saying "yes" at all costs will not be you. Rocky you may be a "drunkard" but you a decent human beings where you don't screw up your friends. Unlike Kalimullah he has no qualm with killing all his good friends for his egoes!

    Rocky, please close this subject on Kickdafella and let his blog rest in peace. Please delete this subject from your blog now>

  22. Anonymous3:07 am

    Hi galadriel! Good post. I'm with you.

    It's so easy and relatively safe for us armchair commentators to speculate and get some vicarious satisfaction through the acts of courageous and creative bloggers like Sheih, Rocky and others. Wira Nusa, all of them.

    Until we dare step into their shods, I think we have no business bemoaning about how they've been "turned" or "possessed". Heck, speaking for myself, I cannot even make YOUR brave promise to pick up their fight if they were in any way ambushed or victimized for daring to speak up. In fact, like most here I don't even have the guts to post non-anon. So who am I, or others like me, to question any apparent moves these brave souls do to meet the contigencies they encouter.

    The least we can do is let them know through their blogs how much we appreciate what they are doing and the risk they are taking to keep us informed and our critical faculties functioning. And to encourage those still standing to keep training their torches on the murky acts of our police state.

    It is also probably a tad less risky for more well-known names like Rocky, AJK, Ruhanie Ahmad etc than it is for a younger, less known persons like Sheih. I'm going on the premise that the more famous you are, the less likely you are to be "visited" here. Even then one can't help noticing how measured the words of those like Rocky, AJK, Ruhanie et al are. Even the incorrigible RPK plays it crafty, methinks. Then let us also not forget, unlike us plebs not as gifted, these folks are skilled word-crafters.

    In that vein, it is hard not to appreciate what I see as Kickdefella's ingenuity under circumstances that one can only speculate. Contrary to what some people are saying about his new blog being less him, I think it is vintage Sheih, telling a lot without saying much. Being a visual kind of guy, this new approach probably does not come as easy as those hilarious movie-posters. So kudos to young Wira Nusa Sheih, keep up the good fight!

  23. Anonymous3:11 am


    It was not surprising that kickdafella include machai net in his blog. He is now part of the Tingkat Empat and Kalimullah set up.

    Let me end with "Perjuangan kau telah selesai - UndurLAH bersama dengan LAH!" Kerana blog engkau akan dibaca oleh Kalimullah dna SIL sahaja!

  24. Anonymous6:04 am

    Rocky, according to blogger Patah Balek, PAS's has killed a story -- a statement from the party President!

    I wonder who's the more powerful person than the PAS President???


  25. rocky:

    tks for "news break" BUT is your analysis (incl the coment @1.46am that JeffOoi linked) on the right path. I read one of kickdafella's posts at his nu'e abode, seems a "SATIRE" or parody attack with one rep by "Satan"...

    So I would observe the "reborn" KDF for some time before making a "judgment".

    Meanwhile, please clarify for this ignoramus who is this "vincent" you referred to "...believed to have been sponsored by Kalimullah, Vincent and the 4th floor boyz) ... so that we don't go on a wrong wild goose chase... Or izzit "wild Iblis chase"?
    TQ YOU -- Time's pick as Person of the Year!
    Happy Nu'e Year!:)

  26. Anonymous12:35 pm

    My take: let kickdefella retreat to come back with a vengeance! Happy New Year, and Happy New Ear, amigos!

  27. Anonymous5:27 pm

    rocky's bru siad...

    ...Gone are those notoriously witty movie-based posters you found here.


    Yo bro,

    the old site/blog is REALLY GONE. Nada. Ilek!

  28. Anonymous1:56 am


    Jocelien Tan - what a big joke? Another fraud. She was trying to paint Khairy to be a great man - so was the father in law.

    Nowadays Joceline Tan's artcile is unreadable becasue she had sold her soul to Kalimullah and Khairy. At least Chun Wai (opp! Datuk OK!), avoiding writing political story so he would not appear to be ball carr... like Joceline Tan, becoming a real fraud lately!

    Well, as long as she drew big fat salary at the end of the month, she is happy to be a mercenary and pretend to be smiling all the way. She has been putting a mask all these while!