Monday, December 25, 2006

Temasek to get 20% of Synergy Drive?

All three agree. Last Friday evening, Golden Hope's board of directors decided to accept the merger proposal put forward by Synergy Drive Sdn Bhd.
Could they have said no even if they wanted to?
Sime Darby and Kumpulan Guthrie had already given the merge their nod. We have to assume that all the directors of all 3 companies know what they were doing. If this biggest merger in Malaysian corporate history fails, and insider Syed Munir Syed Qadri says it will fail, they must all be made to account for what will probably be the biggest failure in Malaysia's corporate history.

"Under the merger proposal, Permodalan Nasional Berhad will hold 45 percent shares in the merged entity, while 10 per cent will be held by the Employees Provident Fund. The other 25 percent will be the public spread while the remaining 20 per cent will be opened for foreign participation, in the name of globalisation.

So there's every likelihood that Singapore, with the help from some of its "friends" in the Prime Minister's Office, will buy the 20 per cent shares. They will also make an attempt to buy the shares available in the open market."

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  1. [this letter was sent via e-mail by a Syed Munir Syed Qadri at 1.30pm] - rocky

    Will Singapore benefit from the merger of Golden Hope Plantations Berhad, Kumpulan Guthrie Berhad and Sime Darby Berhad?

    Well, the answer is a definite YES, if you look at recent trends. The merger itself is modeled after Singapore 's various mergers and acquisitions.

    We all know that Singaporean companies, including the Government's investment arm, Temasek have been eating into Malaysia. We lost Pantai Holdings. Then they ate into Southern Bank Berhad and a number of other large companies. Even some parts of Bangsar are now owned by Singaporeans. We know they will be a major partner in the development of the South Johor Economic Region (SJER). Soon, Singapore will control Malaysia's economy and with that, we will be politically subservient to the island republic.

    So how will Singapore benefit from the merger of Golden Hope, Sime Darby and Guthrie. Well, it's easy. Lets do the maths.

    Under the merger proposal, Permodalan Nasional Berhad will hold 45 percent shares in the merged entity, while 10 per cent will be held by the Employees Provident Fund. The other 25 percent will be the public spread while the remaining 20 per cent will be opened for foreign participation, in the name of globalisation.

    So there's every likelihood that Singapore, with the help from some of its "friends" in the Prime Minister's Office, will buy the 20 per cent shares. They will also make an attempt to buy the shares available in the open market.

    Imagine if Singapore manages to buy another 20 per cent shares available in the market. It will then hold 30 per cent. Simple logic dictates that when a foreigner buys substantial equity in a company, he would most certainly want a representation in the Board. If that happens, the Board will not be able to make any decision favouring the Bumiputeras as it will be rejected by the foreign Board member. It has to be kept in mind that the PNB was founded to narrow the disparity in equity ownership between the Bumiputeras and non-Bumiputeras.

    If the Government allows foreign participation in the merged entity, then the end-losers will be the Bumiputeras.

    It is more and more evident now that our present Government is a Government of contradictions While it says that it wants to increase Bumiputera equity from the current 18 per cent to 35 per cent as stated in the New Economic Policy, its actions suggest that it is doing the opposite – reduce Bumiputera participating in the country's economy.

    The Government's decision to allow the merger is mind-boggling as all three companies are making profits. These profits are used to pay dividends to Bumiputeras who purchase unit trusts issued by PNB through Amanah Saham Nasional, Amanah Saham Bumiputera etc.

    If these companies are running at a loss, then a merger would seem logical. But they are profits and they pay high dividends to their shareholders including PNB (read Government and Bumiputeras)

    Merging the three companies into a single entity promises nothing. It will be a messy affair. At the moment, these companies, maybe with the exception of Sime Darby, are focused on their core competencies. Golden Hope is a fully integrated plantation company while Guthrie concentrates on plantations and property.

    Merging them into a conglomerate is akin to the age-old saying of putting all the eggs in a single basket. When the basket falls, the eggs will break. You will be left with empty shells.

    The merged entity will be a mess. It will be running all sorts of businesses ranging from hospitals to tyre production to sales of heavy equipment. Perhaps, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi needs to be told that conglomerates are out of fashion. Companies now focus on their core competencies. Large companies like Toyota and Microsoft ventured into other businesses unrelated to their core activities. But they failed. They are successful today because they divested their non-core businesses to focus on what they know best.

    The entire merger proposal of Sime Darby, Golden Hope and Guthrie reeks of a scandal involving the highest officials of the Crown. The Abdullah-led Government, although claiming to be more transparent than the previous Government, has not been transparent at all in this merger proposal.

    So who is behind it. Already there are many speculations linking the merger idea to members of Abdullah's family. Or is it because Synergy Drive Sdn Bhd which is leading the merger exercise is headed by Nazir Abdul Razak, the brother of Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak?

    Is this nepotism of the highest degree? Have we given the proposed merger another thought?

    I wonder why the DAP, PAS and Keadilan are simply quiet about this whole issue. This is a national issue which has to be addressed. They must put on record their opposition to this move. Then at least when the move proves to be a disaster in a few years, they can turn around and say "I told you so"!

  2. Anonymous3:13 pm

    Nothing about Singpore buying into Synergy Drive has surfaced yet and we already have this kind of anti-foreign, particularly anti-Singapore jingoism appearing on the net. Sickens me, this sort of unsubstantiated speculation, which only serves to stir public emotions, maybe for the benefit of a self-serving few. Reading on the net that Singapore should be neighbourly, be obliged to extend a helping hand to help flood victims as though Singapore owes us a free lunch, also sickens me. Why not finger Indonesia, whose workers based in Malaysia not only send home billions but some of whom have got Malaysian I/Cs and are given favourable affirmative action treatment like the local Malays. Foreign investors now favour Indonesia over Malaysia, thanks in part to anti-foreign affirmative action policies and this sort of anti-foreign jingoism will only serve to justify foreign shunning of Malaysia. I really hope the Malaysian government will come clean and transparent, make public its real objective(s) on this Synergy Drive thing. Otherwise, people, perhaps with their private agendas, will continue to stir the pot, throwing in racist remarks in the mix.

  3. Replying to Syed Munir Syed Qadir's concluding paragraph:-

    29th November 2006
    Media Statement by Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim
    (Treasurer, People’s Justice Party (KeADILan);
    Former CEO of PNB and Kumpulan Guthrie)

    The announcement relating to the proposal to merge Sime Darby, Guthrie and Golden Hope raises corporate governance issues

    Mergers and takeovers are part and parcel of the capital market, the focus should be on increasing efficiency. At the same time, the rights of minority shareholders must be taken into consideration and they be given a chance to make choices.

    While the final documents have not been provided to shareholders, there are various statements by CIMB, government leaders and the substantial shareholders regarding the proposal by a Special Purpose Vehicle – Synergy Drive Sdn. Bhd. to take over and merge Sime Darby Bhd., Kumpulan Guthrie Bhd. and Golden Hope Plantations Bhd. are cause for concern.

    First, the proposal was initiated not by one of the three companies or its substantial shareholder – Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) but rather by an investment bank.

    PNB’s statement indicating they has no idea about the proposal and will have to study it first is very frightening. PNB is the major shareholder in two of the companies and have a substantial holding in the other. This calls into question PNB’s ability to manage and control its assets. Surely the statement came as a shock to the more than 8 million investors in various PNB’s trust funds.

    It does not make sense PNB did not know of the proposal beforehand for they not only have board representation in all three companies, but the Chairman of PNB is also Chairman of two of the companies involved.

    Second, in order to undertake the studies needed to come up with this proposal, Synergy Drive must have needed information from the companies involved. If the information used were not restricted to public documents, than the issue of insider trading comes to fore.

    The Board of Directors of all the three companies involved should make a public announcement that this matter was never discussed at the Board meetings and the management has assured the Board that no information was passed to outside parties.

    From PNB’s statement it can be deduced that PNB and the three companies are not involved in the preparation of the proposal by Synergy Drive. In order to evaluate the offer by Synergy Drive, the Board of Directors of the three companies must make sure Synergy Drive gives an undertaking that all professional advisory expenses especially the merchant bankers (investment bankers) advising independent directors of the respective companies and secretarial expenses are borne by Synergy Drive.

    Thirdly, the Deputy Prime Minister and later the Prime Minister publicly commented on the proposal and state that it is a good thing whereas PNB was still in the dark about it. How this could have happened when the Prime Minister and his deputy are both trustees of Yayasan Pelaburan Bumiputra, the parent entity of PNB.

    The Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange, Securities Commission and the minority shareholders watchdog must take all steps necessary to ensure the interest of minority shareholders are not compromised in this process.

    To evaluate the proposal on its needs and benefits, clearly the possibility of increasing efficiency in the plantation sector is very minimal. The synergy for common research centre and information management is not there.

    In fact, if research facilities are developed separately by the three companies, it will allow competitiveness and thus will bring more benefit to the country.

    It is now time to gather all interested shareholders to a town hall meeting in order to understand the intricacies of the proposal and put forward new ideas and make informed decisions. (end)

  4. Mydeen thinks PAS, DAP and Keadilan are keeping silent about it because they're only scoring political brownie points and lack the intellectual capital needed to analyze the economic and corporate ramifications of such a merger properly.

    Expect xenophobic statements from the opposition on "selling out to the Singaporeans" and "Eroding Bumiputera rights" anytime soon.

  5. Anonymous4:32 pm

    It's a CHEAP SALE. The three companies are worth a lot more than what was valued by CIMB.

    Bru, being a former BT editor you should check and give us fresh perspective. I sense something is amiss.

    This deal may not be forced on PNB, but I fear that PNB may be short changed.

    Can you please look at the valuation again. I think Temasik stands to make a bomb by way of capital gain.

    I dare you.

  6. Anonymous5:05 pm

    another ENRON Malaysia type in the making.
    One or two person will be made instant billionaire like maggee mee with this merger.

  7. Anonymous7:45 pm

    Looks like funds and or assets under GLC such as Khazanah, PNB are systematically "raped" for the interest of few vultures in association with "friends" in the current administration.

    The obvious beneficiaries are the Singaporeans who are taking full advantange of the weakness here. We can't blame the Singaporeans just like we can't blame Soros for our own weakness.

    For those vultures who sole interest are in the quick commission or brokerage money for the deal they married. They can compromise even to sell not only their country but their mothers or fathers if there are money to be made. Who care for the assets and the funds of these GLCs, so long they made their loots.

    Anyone know what happen to the Pantai deal which has been featured in detail in this blog? According to the General Offer document, there is hospital management contract to be entered with the Singaporean. Surely this would be the mechanism to reap the financial benefits from Malaysia? Do you need to guess who will be the loser in this arrangement?

    For the sake of the nation, can these people at helm of the GLCs be remorseful for a moment to be human. Can they create value for the country?

    Do they enjoy seeing the kampung fellow and the low-income group continue to suffer whilst they cruising in their Mercs and BMWs, building castles locally or overseas, adding trophy mistresses, showing off their baskets of 6 figures watches.

  8. Anonymous8:09 pm

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  9. Anonymous9:44 pm

    I do think we have our deductions all mixed up. Instead of corruption, we should eradicate incompetence since INCOMPETENCE breeds CORRUPTION and it is easier to identify a person is incompetent rather than corrupted.

    We can start with Kali ... his track records show he is the priest of Incompetence who easily manipulated another incompetent (KJ) who collectively, manipulated UNOHU.

    The question is who are the biggest INCOMPETENTS of them all ... sadly , my friends, the answer is the PUBLIC... we are screwed every angles.

  10. Anonymous10:04 pm


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    Seorang ahli bedah Spanyol dikabarkan telah bergegas ke Cuba guna merawat Fidel Castro.

    Menurut koran berhaluan kiri Spanyol, dokter bedah tersebut ahli dalam perawatan gangguan usus, dan dibawa dengan pesawat carteran Cuba ke ibukota Havana pekan lalu.

    Fidel Castro, 80 tahun, Juli lalu menjalani bedah usus dan sejak itu tidak pernah tampil di depan umum, namun menurut pihak berwenang Cuba, ia masih hidup.

    Jabatannya kini dipangku adiknya, Raul Castro, yang dilaporkan mulai melakukan semacam glasnos alias keterbukaan dan menganjurkan kepada media Cuba agar lebih jujur.

  11. Anonymous10:10 pm

    i agree totally with monsterball. right now, half of britain is controlled by foreigners. but does that comprise the independence of britain. no. in fact britain is arguably the second most powerful country in the world. it is the destination of choice for investors. it attracts the most audiences in football. you know why britain is so great. let me tell you. it's because the people are not myophic. they see the geater picture. they think out of the box. they realise we are living in a globalised world. just look at them. they realise half of their country is in foreign hands, but they are as powerful as ever. just go to britain and you can see the cosmopolitan culture of this great country. as for bumis, they seem to live in a world of their own. they seem to be scared of their own shadows, they seem to be scared of Singaporeans, they seem to be scared of everything. eh, bumis, grow up, times have changed.

  12. 20 percent?? why so little mah ? Only mistake now, they didnt appoint our brader rocky. Just imagine, if he is there in powerful post.. everything will be ok ma??? ada betui ke locky bru ?? brutal???

  13. er, i dont quite understand syed munir's non sequitur argument. im just a puppy. :-(

  14. dear outsider, my view on the floods in malaysia:

    But how come Malaysia's immediate neighbours -- Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia -- have not come to the aid of Malaysia during this disaster? When do neighbours decide to help without being accused of interfering? What is the diplomatic protocol? Wait for the number of casualties to rise?

    There are no hard and fast rules. One thing is clear: Malaysia, or any stricken country, is unlikely to reject any humanitarian assistance that comes without any strings attached.

  15. This plantation merger is driven by CIMB through Synergy Drive to milk it for political funds and line the pockets of certain individuals.

    If the merger proposal came from any of the three principal entities, it would have made sense even though the deal might still not materialise. But at least, it would have been industry driven.

    As it is, the initial reactions from SDB, GB and GHPB plus PNB indicated that they were kept in the dark. Heck, even NTR lied when he announced the merger proposal came from PNB (remember bandit's comment) and yet he sits on the PNB board. His younger brother had to 'clarify' later that Synergy Drive was set up as a SPV to take over the three companies.

    The CEOs of SDB, GB and GHPB are political appointees, hence, their opinion holds no bearing if AAB and NTR have given their approval.

    Temasek, with the help of KJ and the 4th floor goons, will definitely be interested to become an integral part for several reasons:-

    a)the merged entity is undervalued.

    b)the FB yield factor here is lower than the plantations in Indonesia. There will be a gradual closure of plantations in the peninsular in favour of opening new ones in Kalimantan (over 1 million acres).

    c)the closures here will create an extremely valuable side-effect i.e. new landbanks for future development.

    That's why I call it a 'Siphon Dry'

  16. Anonymous11:54 pm

    AAB has put politic in the same place as commodities that must be "sold".To this end, all the techniques of advertising are skillfully deployed, including numerous techniques of psychological manipulation. His acquisition of trust is very much a matter of promotion, publicity and most of the times, money, fear and intimidation. Reducing politic to the level of advertising has its risk. Viewers now have remote-control and they can switch channels or muting.

    Monsterball & Outsider,

    Blaming TDM does not make AAB a better choice! Stop using this childish technique!

    Hantu Gigi Jarang

  17. SATU LAGI PROJEK KERAJAAN BARISAN NASIONAL - Untuk Periuk Nasi Menantu, anak2 & kerabat...

    Malaysia Mangsa Pertama Ancaman Globalisasi Kapitalisme.
    Bangga betul aku......

  18. Anonymous1:25 am

    let us be frank about ourselves...

    we are a bunch of dumb crowd that have chosen MULE instead of human as our leaders, be it the PM and/or DPM...

    we are to be blamed, don't you think so.

    those 3 companies have been managed well thus far, but our elected MULE leadership thinks otherwise.

    so long as GOD does not change the MULE to human, we as dumb crowd should just remain silent and keep-one-eye-close like nothing happen.

    either way, we are already losers for we appointed humans with 'animal' character to run our nation.

    don't GOD give us all brains to think, ponder and make good effective decision...?

    happy new year and may we all not turned MULE by GOD the Almighty!

  19. on all account, the contention of such a merger doesn't seem to be favourable to some owing to the implications that the disbenefit outweights the benefit from such a synergy.

    It is true that it is questionable as to why a large conglomerate/merger ought to be created for three of these companies which are profitable.

    Aside from the nationalistic arguement that the Singaporean based Temasek Holdings or any other foreigners that may hold onto the piece of the merged-entity, the question is whether Temasek itself has offered the best value to take up the stake.

    Meaning, other than Temasek which may potentially have a stake in it, are there are other players that may introduce greater value to this synergy ?

    What does Temasek has that other potential players to the play do not ?

    That should be the central issue. Other than capital, why should the stake be sold to Temasek since the entities themselves previously were already profitable on its own ?

    If it is to be sold to Temasek, well and fine just like what monsterball has noted.

    But, other than money, what does Temasek provides for ?

    The expertise to market the product/by-product to any markets that were previosly unaccessible to these three global players ???

  20. Aside from the nationalistic pride of Malaysian GLC companies should not be owned by foreginers, the central questions surrounding sale of Proton should also raise similar eye-brow of the nations' subject.

    If Proton can no longer command the market share and sale owing to lack of innovation and stiffling of competition owing to the fact that the automobile sector is really an illusive picture of profit due to lack of economies of scale, the subsequent sale to foreign partners whom can bring about the needed boost to the corporate need maybe justifiable based on economic argument. In this case, selling of an unprofitable venture to an outsider amounts to withdrawal or reduction of the role of the investors in a business that is proved to be losing the money for whatever reason is understandable.

    But what about this purported sale ?

    Is it for the needed capital boost that the merged entity needed to compete globally where traditional means of raising capital through share issues are no longer justifiable ?

    Further, my only worry is that these state-owned businesses which used to generate a fair amount of gain for the EPF / investment arms would now have to account less to its beneficiaries since the amount of dividend payable would be in accordance to the amount of share-holding.

  21. Anonymous4:35 am

    The merger will STRIP THE MERGED ENTITY of its non-core (non-plantation) assets, enriching _________ (pls fill in the blank), and rip the rakyat (PNB+EPF) of the lucrative profits (dividends) from these profitable non-core assets (

    The merger is undervalued as it is based on a plantation valuation, not a development land-bank valuation.
    (The Star -

    Among other anomalies....

  22. Anonymous9:13 am

    Whenever something gone wrong, it's always a bashing for the local Chinese or Singaporean (Chinese majority country).
    In this case, the obvious culprit is Umnoputras, Synergy Drive (Najib's brother) whose intension is to "rob" Malay's asset in the Sime Darby&Guthrie&Golden Hope.
    Stop blaming the Chinese for the for the downfall of these Companies.
    The Malays can always refuse to sell it to the Chinese/Singaporean just like what KJ did when he sell his EBM-Libra shares, RIGHT??? They want a quick buck by selling it to the Singaporean or any foreigner. Or is it OK if sell it to Arabs?
    So, go after the real culprit i.e our government!!

  23. Anonymous12:39 pm

    this is an open message to all bumis. if you don't want your assets, or part of them, to fall into foreign hands, very simple - close down the stock market. you just cannot decide who you want to dispose of your shares. we are living in a globalised world, bumis, so please stop whining and groaning. remember you win some you lose some. and for goodness sake, stop using the singapore bogeyman as a scapegoat for your failings. singapore investors have made their forays into so many foreign markets but do you see them controlling the foreign economies?

  24. Anonymous12:55 pm

    Dear rocky and co,

    To anonymous 913am,

    Thank you. U hit the nail right on the head.The ones who are selling out the malays are the malays themselves or rather certain quaters within Umno

    And this i what i think syed Munir was refering to..he was not blaming Singapore or other chinese when he speculated on the possbility of them buying shares in the newly merged entity- he was blaming the malays behind AAB.

    After all if Singapore was offered the share its not their fault if they buy it and to do with it as they deem fit regardless of whether it coincides with our national interest or otherwise.

    So thats the crux of the matter and the reason why we cant really talk about it in an open manner. Umno has been hijacked by malays who do not have Malay interest at heart or who serve other masters.

    N they can only do this because they have the tacit support of the President of UMNO.

    whether that a good thing or not is a differant matter all together

  25. Anonymous1:40 pm

    Much as I don't like this merger, it was something that was always waiting to happen. All three companies are said to be "well run, profitable" but in actual fact they all stink. They are all underperforming. They were not creating maximum value or wealth for their shareholders. They were not maximimising returns. They were sluggish and really boring. Their share prices are nothing to shout about. Their management conservative and out of touch.

    Take Sime Darby. It's a conglomerate without focus. Sure it makes money. In fact it has pile of cash (RM 1 - 2 billion) lying idle earning pittance. Its ultra conservative. In western economies, there would have been a hostile bid long, long time ago but in Bodohland they were always seen as 'darlings' of the economy.

    Well they have been woken up at last.

    Sheriff Singh

  26. Anonymous2:27 pm

    aren't you sick of monsterball's diatribe? jeez. anyway, can someone calculate the actually number of acreage Singapore will own once they take over PPB? and if they participate in the GH etc merger, how much will that add to? Legally the land in PPB's hands after it moves its hq to Singapore, is it considered sovereign Malaysian land or are considered foreign-controlled land or assets which the Malaysian government and people have no recourse to take back in the future? of course unless the Malaysians fork out an obscene sum of money to buy back the land from the Singaporeans - haha funny lah...Malaysia having to pay another country to buy back land that is theirs.


  27. Anonymous2:51 pm

    Correct me if I'm wrong...the Indians, Bangladeshis and Pakistanis do not control or own strategic assets in Britain... likewise in Malaysia we do not restrict foreign owned companies from setting up shop here. For that matter foreigners are finding it easier to buy property in Malaysia too with the relaxation on rules. This merger will pull together a huge chunk of land. Whoever controls equity will have absolute control over the land and the power to decide what happens to that land. During the 1997-98 financial crisis, palm oil was the saviour. When the chips were down, palm oil prices went skyrocketing and exports earned the country valuable income. That is what having control over strategic industry is all about. Not to mention the various refineries and R&D facilities owned by the three companies outside Malaysia. All these are strategic assets. Don't make a mistake thinking we should not be paranoid over a small equity and that we should be buddies with Singapore. We should be paranoid. We should be extra careful dealing with Singapore. Singapore was never a buddy when Malaysia faced the financial crisis neither has our "friendship" with Singapore given us any advantage. And by the way... the relaxation over property ownership by foreigners is by design likely to be to Singaporean advantage ie SJER...

  28. Anonymous3:34 pm

    Syed Munir Syed Qadir's story is as biased as any other ultra i've seen. Have you seen the way he post his comments? nothing about malaysian as a whole...but more on only bumiputeras agenda. This is what sickens me to the max with attitude such as this one sided fellow...who gives a hoot if itgoes to least they bring in the capital, the expertise, the know how, the goodness...and NOT SIT around and wait for a bloody "Durian Runtuh"...
    shame on u!

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    "Hai, banyak kau lelong harta (aku) boleh rugi ...????", Pak Lah hairan. "Pengsan aku ... bankruppppp!!!!!"

    Scene di atas hanyalah sebuah fiction yang diciplak dari Filem P Ramlee, Tiga Abdul. Nama-nama yang disebut adalah orang betul ... hehehe


    We initially thought AAB was tricked by SIL but now he has come to enjoyed doing the rip off itself.

  30. Anonymous8:12 pm


    Nak tau kenapa Temasek pun boleh dapat 20% atau lebih dalam synergy drive ?

    1. Kalau bro buat research mengenai industri Biotech di spore, investmentnya berbillion SGDollar. check balik article dlm local newspaper English a few weeks ago. Berapa ramai scientist muda Malaysia yang sudah kena pinch oleh spore dengan gaji yang lumayan. Apa yg spore spend setakat ini baru a friction dari budget yg sebenar.

    Berapakah negara ASEAn yang serious atau mampu menjalankan Biotech apatah lagi Nano Biotech. Malaysia, Thailand pun baru nak mula. Yang lain masih jauh lagi.

    So Spore nampak akan potential ni dengan tanah dan hasil yang banyak dinegara jirannya. Tapi target utamanya adalah minyak sawit.
    Ynag lain tu boleh follow up kemudian atau bagi junior scientist buat kerja.
    Nak tau kenapa kelapa sawit ? baca di bawah ni.

    2. Baru ni Robert Kuok melalui Wilmar Internationl volunteer beli saham PBB oil palm dan memindahkan penyeneraian/ operasi perladangannya di Malaysia & Indon ke Spore, RM15.5 billion ???
    Businessman don't simply tukar pusat operasinya kalau tak ada sebab long term yang menguntungkan bro. Dia mestilah ada inside information dan juga sudah di convince untuk mengambil decision ini.

    Check siapa dibelakang Wilmar dan tujuan sebenar takeover tu bro.
    Ingat Kereta Arwah Tun Ghafar ? Baca lagi dibawah ni.

    3. US dari dulu amat takut dengan minyak sawit. Tentulah alasan nak protect local farmer di US boleh diterima, tetapi dari segi saintifik ialah terbukti lebih berkhasiat dari minyak soya.

    Tetapi sebab utamanya adalah potensinya sebagai minyak campuran dengan petrol atau diesel.

    20 tahun dulu kereta Arwah Tun Ghafar pernah di test guna minyak sawit tetapi usaha itu senyap saja, kerana mungkin tidak viable waktu itu, tetapi potensinya tetap ada. dan ada orang sentiasa memerhati & KIV perkembangan potensi minyak sawit itu.

    4. Spore memang tak da tanah nak tanam kelapa sawit dan kalau nak invest di Indon mungkin risky dari segi red tape, makan masa dan tak ada expertise. So cara paling senang adalah guna Si Kitol tu untuk gabungkan ketiga tiga company dan Temasek boleh apply dan jual hasil research biotechnya ( end product )yang canggih itu pada harga yang mahal tanpa perlu susah nak jaga ladang tengah panas dan hujan atau kena kejar dek gajah.

    Bro, trust me, biotech industri dispore sudah 10 tahun lebih advance dengan support dari US dan Israel.

    Ada sorang mahluk Allah, seorang doktor di local U yang expert dalam bidang ini di approach oleh company Israel melalui email untuk mendapatkan hasil research nya. Spore pula offer gaji bukan double atau triple tapi fourple dari gajinya sekarang, tapi nasib baik lah dia ni ingat lagi Tanah Melayu katanya.

    Last sekali Bro, setiap cadangan Si Kitol tu mesti datang dari dan untuk kepentingan Spore dan dirinya ( jadi PM masa umur 40 tahun )

    Sikitol tu punya idea apalah sangat selain dari Mat Rempit dan My Team. Cakap saja berapi tapi idea lemah .
    Bro notice siapa sponsor UPB My Team? Tentu lah Scomi.

    Setakat ni sajalah Bro. Buatlah research seperti yang saya mention tu dan jangan sampai potensi biotech yang sebenar tu diketahui, Temasek dah control production palmoil 99% macam kita kena buli oleh US dulu dalam hasil getah.


  31. RedDotCom will always remain the bogeyman because it is in it's nature to leech off it's neighbours.

    RDC is a predator nation with no qualms in bending the rules of trade globalisation to suit it's national agenda in accordance to it's founding father's(sic) oligarchy.

    We cannot ignore this fact nor deny it's existence.

    On the other hand, is our Malaysian economy in good hands with AAB's administration? I think not and herein lies the danger for our collective future. AAB, for the past three years, has practically 'dumbed down' the business environment and confidence here that it is now 'ripe' to be plucked.

    AAB does not have a clue as to who he is dealing with in the case of RDC or perhaps worse, is in covert collusion to cash out Malaysia's national assets (remember Pantai - when he declared on TV that no strategic malaysian company has fallen into foreign hands).

    Has AAB made overtures to Brunei for FDI? If not, why not?


    I mentioned in another post about gremlins creeping around here. I was referring to 'monsterball'. His m.o. is to post a comment with something irrelevant or provocative to the article, then use another 'nick' to support or lambast his earlier comment thereby creating the impression to other readers that a hot debate is ongoing. He has done this at RPK's so much so RPK wrote about 'the flower and the monkey'.
    I believe Hantu Gigi Jarang and Msiaman are familiar with monsterball's antics.

    Anon(2.27pm) was cucuparit which apparently is not obvious to monsterball. Duhhh! Need I say more?

  32. Anonymous2:48 am

    You are absolutely right on Monsterball. He is just a "budak upahan" kalimullah and SIL.

    You will also see that he is defending the Sleeping Beauty and Lim Kit SIang all the time.

    He was asking for proof that ECM Libra was a scandal, Khairy buying over ECM Libra shares was a scandal and the Sleeping Beauty's yatch costing RM30 million was a scandal.

    He even suggested in his earlier posting that members of public should not blame Kit Siang for not taking up those issues in Parliament. Then what issues should Kit Siang be bringing up??? Issues to divert attention from the nonsense of Kalimullah, Khairy and Sleeping Beauty.

    Lim Kit Siang is just a fraud. He will never touch on issue involving Kalimullah, SIL and Sleeping Beauty.

    so let not waste time on peole like Monsterball who will use another name to create a debate on what he had said. Creating self importance. Lets forget about him. He can join the Kickdafella. Well, he may have already joined the Kickdafella. Good luck to him. Klaimullah and the Tingkat 4 boys love you. So Mosnterball will also receive a full page interview in the NST soon like Lim Kit Siang.

  33. Anonymous5:30 pm

    "If that happens, the Board will not be able to make any decision favouring the Bumiputeras as it will be rejected by the foreign Board member. It has to be kept in mind that the PNB was founded to narrow the disparity in equity ownership between the Bumiputeras and non-Bumiputeras.If the Government allows foreign participation in the merged entity, then the end-losers will be the Bumiputeras."

    Then perhaps it is time for the Bumiputera to buck up and work harder just like everyone else. Not all non-Bumiputera are rich. What about poor non-Bumis? Don't they need help? Just because Robert Kuok the billionaire is Chinese, we assume Ah Chong the vegetable farmer who lives in a hut does not need help. And just because Ahmad is a poor fisherman who lives in a hut, we assume Syed Mokhtar Bukhari needs help. What kind of logic is that? Hasn't it dawned on anyone that if the government must provide crutches, it must give the crutches to the truly weak and those in need of the crutches to learn how to walk properly, regardless of whether the lame man is Ah Chong, Ahmad or Muthu? Giving aid to people like Syed Mokhtar Bukhari or Robert Kuok does not make sense.

  34. Anonymous7:25 pm

    Hope it's not too late to wish you....HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY...Wishing you a blessed life, many happy returns and a blessed 2007...Happy new year... ;)


  35. Merging the 3 plantatation companies makes sense.Being fervently nationalistic and protectionist about the whole issue is pointless and totally against the spirit of economic globalization that Malaysia must embrace.Let us not forget that Malaysian companies do go out into the world and sometimes we gobble up weaker companies that are to our advantage.That is the law of the $ jungle - gobble or be gobbled.

    The economic situation in Malaysia is in doldrums right now.Domestic demand is not strong enough to create the liquidity necessary. We need FDI to stimulate the economy. An isolationist policy is not good no matter what your sentiments. I am proud to be Malaysian and a Bumiputera but I think we need to have a bit of entrepreneurial confidence in ourselves - at the national level.

    The PNB has done a good job of grooming the 3 companies into solid companies - by Malaysian standards. But they are puny when compared to the heavyweights. There are not enough available shares in the market for large institutional funds to even take a look at these 3 companies.

    My take is that this merger is a good idea as long as PNB is fully aware and prepared for the long haul.Watch your back!!!

    The SJER though is a cop out. Pak Lah, you cannot develop a piece of economic property and allow our neighbors unfettered access all in the name of economic progress.You are exposing our backside down in Johor to a city state modelled after Israel. When conflict happens and happen it will one day, the SJER will be the 1st site secured by a strong Singaporean military.Classic pincer movement.Ask any military man and he will tell you this is a silly silly move!!

  36. "The honourable Prime Minister of Malaysia does not have any order for the construction of a cruiser through our company".
    So was it someone called Khairy making the order on the PM's behalf. Or was it Anandhan or Patrick Lim or Kamaludin?
    Abdullah's name may not be on the Purchase Order but it could be one of the above.

  37. Anonymous5:42 pm

    syed munir, be glocal a bit lah. lompat out from under that tempurung.