Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Abdullah on clever cheats and rogues

"I'm happy with my achievement."
"Well, taking into consideration the time factor, also the problems that I have faced and the deficit that I had to reduce, what I have achieved today in the third year as prime minister, I have reason to be happy."
But Abdullah said in his interview with Bangkok Post here he wants to focus on the so-called National Mission that will take the country to Vision 2020. We are talking at least three terms here, I think.

The one they didn't coach him to say.
"There are many people who are clever people but who are cheats. Who are rogues. Who abuse power. Who are corrupt. I don't want that. If you are clever, you must be a good man."
I have a feeling he is talking about someone close to him. One of his advisers, perhaps?

... on Southern Thailand.

Abdullah Badawi expressed confidence that Surayud will succeed in achieving peace in Southern Thailand. On Dr Mahathir's role as mediator? The question was probably not asked. The PM won't answer questions on an Aljazeera and analyst reports that the Southern Thai insurgents will change tactics and attack tourist destinations.
[Read the Bangkok Post's piece here]


  1. Anonymous12:54 pm

    Yeah, Ahmad Zaki who cheated in the Putrajaya Umno Youth election.

    He was found guilty of money politics.

    His boss sacked Tan Sri Isa Samad and others for the same offence, but kept him on.

    He was even made director of MRCB.
    Everybody on 4th floor are company ditectors.

    It was not like that when Mahathir was PM.

    So you're welcomed to be cheats in Pak Lah's office.

  2. Anonymous2:02 pm


    When I read what he said, the first thing that comes to mine are the cronies. It bears the best resemblence. Then again it fits the bill of most of our govenrment official, Pak Hypocrite could be talking bout the almost whole Cabinet.

    Anyway, it is a gloom thing to see Pak lah being happy in what he has achieve this past 3 years. I can't believe he is actually happy with what he has achieve. This a worrying thing as his 3 year reign is nothing to be proud of.

  3. kita kawinkan saje lah pak lah, solve all problems.
    it's indeed tough to be lonely... i guess the water bill has been in arrears for long enough....

  4. Anonymous3:07 pm

    Bru, U missed this: PakBlah also told bangkok post that khairy is now in debts after selling off his Ecm-libra shares. He also unstatesmanly used the expression: "what the hell are they talking about?" Paklelah lost his cool. Worse, I think he's losing the plot, blinded by the light. Paklah does not think his family members are capable of being cheats and rogues. See Malaysiakini, quoting Bangkok Post. Pak Lah has made a fool of himself and his people.

  5. Anonymous3:22 pm

    Wah! Menantu dia hutang keliling pinggang konon! Anak dia pulak, kaya-raya!

    My one question: What the hell is he talking about?!

  6. Anonymous3:43 pm

    Heard from the radio news at noon today about AAB's comment when asked about the launch of MEASAT 3. He said "he was very proud of the launch which goes to show that Malaysia is marching towards the echelon of Satellite Technological Advancement...." How much Malaysian technological participation or involvement in this launch is debatable. To claim that just by having a launch (much like our astronauts hitching a ride and going on teh tarik, congkak experiments on board a Russian spaceship) using others' technology, we have achieved technological advancement is self gratification. This is akin to taking a ride in the bullet train (sinkansen) and claimed that we have achieved the technology of the bullet train?

  7. A great and visionary leader will only be happy when he/she is targeting and working towards the next achievement.

    What is done is history. When nothing much is done, you get 'his story'.

    Well, folks. Looks like AAB is still basking from his hugh mandate of 2004. And don't be surprised if he gives himself a hefty payrise to reflect his 'successes'. After all, a cabinet reshuffle is in the making. Duh!

    On clever cheats and rogues, AAB had ZMD as his guide for his recent umrah. Tells you a lot about his choice of companions for a trip to the holy land.

  8. Pak Lah Meludah ke langit...

  9. Anonymous5:33 pm

    "There are many people who are clever people but who are cheats. Who are rogues. Who abuse power. Who are corrupt. I don't want that. If you are clever, you must be a good man."

    = Khairy?
    - Oxford grad in PPE
    - tried to scam rakyat jelata (think of makcik n pakcik kat kampung yang menjual buah utk cari makan) via ECM Libra-Avenue deal
    - no respect for democratic principles (although not only him), became UMNO Youth Dep Chief via appointment (like the raja-raja pada zaman Parameswara)
    - Monsoon Cup with his friend Patrick - another scam of Tganu's rakyat - how does this improve the quality of life of ppl in the state?

    will Pak Lah be following up his talk with some ACTION? Or ini another case of 'cakap tak serupa bikin'?

  10. Anonymous6:00 pm

    To Shar101,

    I agree.

    "If what you did yesterday seems big, you haven't done anything today"...

  11. Anonymous1:43 am

    "There are so many gaps..." Why not shut your gap!

  12. Pak Bole Blah happy because in this 3 years, his son and SIL made so much money.....

  13. Anonymous12:19 pm

    pak lah is a 'benggap' leader chosen by the people in last election...

    the people chosen a 'benggap' leader and with that should be grateful the 'benggap' leader remain as 'benggap'...

    if people look at mirror, the people who are actually 'benggap' for maintaining such 'benggap' leader...

    the halp pass sick is not new in gomen, he has been there long... proven 'benggap' and yet people agreed that he be the leader!

    Pak Lah is the best leader for the country at this fast moving decade...

    Pak Lah should continue his leadership as long as he want to, anyway, the people wants him.

    if Pak Lah is dumb, surely he will not be our leader... ma????

    common sense what...

  14. Anonymous5:41 pm

    kuang kuang kuang kuang

    Pak Lah must surely be referring to his menantu for the clever cheater being a rogue, and the one whom is abusing and corrupting power must be referring to Pak Lah HIS PERSONAL SELF loh! (ONLY THE TWO OF THEM QUALIFIES to a tee)

    Bloody corrupted family..the whole lot of them.

    AAB and SIL should just SHUT THEIR BIG STUPID MOUTHs coz nothing came out except SH*Ts yg teramat memalukan rakyat Malaysia and the whole nation especially UMNO and BN members! It is already bad they opened their mouth in Malaysia, it is disgusting to open their mouths on the international forum. What real jokers these 2 pak mentua and anak menantu are!