Tuesday, December 12, 2006

"Old Man" smashed my son-in-law's pot of rice

Who's he fooling? In this segment of the interview with the Bangkok Post, the PM said something queer:
"I did mention that the old man practically smashed Khairy's pot of rice. That's something I am very sad about. He has sold his interest in ECM Libra. Sold it at a loss. Now he has some debts to settle."
I take it that the old man here is Dr M, who questioned Khairy's position in Pak Lah's office and his eligibility for a stake in an investment bank owned by a friend of the PM's.
But KJ has debts? Does that mean he's suffering, like he's missing his meals and losing his sleep?
And then Kamaluddin Abdullah is going around telling people: "I'm rich"!

[Read the Bernama's take here. Make sure you have a strong stomach, people].


  1. Anonymous4:26 pm

    Hopefully with being the team manager of UPB-MyTeam, our young 'hero' will make some money to pay off his debts. He did however stress during the press conferance that he's not making a single dime from the new team. Hmmm..and my mind begins to wonder.

  2. Anonymous4:44 pm

    lulu also almost fainted when she read this on malaysiakini. it sounded so unbelievably dumb, so lulu checked out the original posted on the bangkok post.
    man......... bapa mertua not sounding intelligent at all - which is probably true of his character.

  3. Anonymous5:19 pm

    let't set up a fund to help poor khairy.

  4. Anonymous5:35 pm

    "Old Man" smashed my son-in-law's pot of rice

    But Khairy don't eat rice to isi his perut...

    dia makan
    1. caviar
    2. sashimi
    3. rib-eye steak
    4. cheese?

    so if the pot of rice is smashed, it's still OK!!!!!!!!

  5. Rocky,

    That Bernama article should be read from behind a two inch thick lead shield. Thereafter, please throw some holy water on your monitor to cleanse it.

    Hang on! Let's put AAB into a cryogenic chamber, set the clock for 500 years and place a warning on the outside - "Beware. Neanderthal Inside".

  6. Anonymous8:04 pm

    How pathetic can one be. It scares the hell out of me to hear this old man talk.

    To see or read the pm of malaysia (or any country for that matter) talk in such a manner is so so depressing...

    The problem with this country is it is rich with resources (at least for a few more years), and exports like palm oil are churning gold for govt coffers via taxes and levys. So no matter how lavish the govt is, it will take a long time before the effect could be seen, or may be not at all.

    How can you go on denying wrongdoings that are so clear for everyone to see. And now hint that he may not catch the culprits as evidence are difficult to come by. So those who are supposed to go after them will take the cue - the pm will understand if no arrest is made...oh dear...

    And whatever happened to 'war on drugs - the no.1 enemy' launched not so long ago - now we read report of so many hundred new addicts a day - may be should concentrate on that rather than spend 200 million just to see some mat salleh race sail boats...ayo yo

  7. Anonymous8:46 pm

    'Now he has some debts to settle.'

    Don't we all?

  8. Anonymous9:40 pm


    this is either a classic case of misinformation, and for that you have to give credit for the PM brilliance, or just plain stupidity.

    though neither is desirable, let us hope it is the former since it suggests something up there is still working.

    the real story of why people are talking about SIL purchase of avenue is not because we are jealous, ok, perhaps a tad bit, of him getting a some juicy business deal - why not me!?

    people are talking because of the jaw-dropping impunity in which the laws of the land - such as the Securities Industry Act, governing insider trading, etc - are being dimissed as mere inconveniences, as well as the blatant display of arroganve I-can-do-whatever-i-want-since-my-fil-is-pm.

    now that is the main reason why people, not just dr m. let us, pm, and everyone else not forget that. sil might have broken the law!

    the disinformation/spin part is when the pm start blaming other people for that, and conveniently ignored the real issue. it is a strategy no doubt, if repeated often enough, could net him some results.

    how on earth could the pm not see the conflict of interest, and how on earth could the authorities not be alerted by such blatant transgression.

    if pm really does not know, then you know, we should all be very concern to the qualities of the leadership, and the galling bootlicking around the emperor who said how good he looked when really he had no clothes on.

    regardless, i bet my last shrinking ringgit that sil disposal of his stake in ecm is largely to fix the problem retroactively, a behind the scene deal with the authorities, so that they can close the book on the matter and declare any investigation will now be moot since sil no longer have the ecm stake.

    as for sil berhutang, mr pm, all i can say is that i have an magical ring that will make people believe in everything you say. i let u have it on the cheap.

    now, mr pm, if you believe me, then i will believe that sil is hurting financially.

    most of us were not born yesterday, though. sheesh.

    ps/ credit where it is due. at least pm was telling the truth when he said kamaludin is rich.

    ps2/ i think we should think about suing bangkok post for making our pm looked rather silly. it is probably a thai plot to get their mind of thaksin's low down ways.

    quinn the eskimo says everybody jumps for joy!

  9. Anonymous10:37 pm

    Maybe I am reading to much into this but in today's The Star, The PM is only a minor page 6 story while the TPM is all over the place.
    And TPM also launching a football team, Felda United. Proxy war against KJ's Myteam maybe.

  10. Anonymous10:38 pm

    If PM really make this kind of statement (subject to the usual "I have been misquoted by the media"), we are doomed.

    Real silly.

  11. Anonymous10:54 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    Don't you feel sorry and pity for Khairy? Khairy had sacrifice so much by divesting his shares in ECM Libra!!! For a start, Khairy got a loan from ECM Libra management, most probably PM's good friend, Kalimullah, to buy ECM Libra shares. What a good arrangements!!! Rocky, why you didn't get the same loan like Khairy to buy ECmLiobra shares???

    Rocky, can you please set up a fund raising event through your blog to assit Khairy, whose bowl of rice has been smashed by the "Old Man", according to Mr I Do Not Know. Please help Khairy before he gets on his knee before the legs on!!

  12. Anonymous10:59 pm

    Reading the Bangkok Post article, one thing immediately came to my mind...how insulated the PM is from reality by the surrounding 4th Floor people. I'm sure he doesn't read blogs...much less being very computer literate. Whatever info he needs is spoonfed by these people.
    Can't really blame him for saying what he said..
    So can you not doubt his sincerity? Of course not! The man really believes what he is saying, thanks to the kitchen cabinet and the 4th Floor.

  13. Anonymous11:03 pm

    Damn it. Rocky, i underestimated the gravity of your warning. I thought my stomach was up for it but i was wrong and the floor's a mess. Uh oh, i feel another one coming...

  14. Anonymous11:23 pm

    I feel so sorry and sympathize with Khairy over his debts. Hopefully, he don't have to resort to drinking Clorox or swallowing rat-poison and slashing his wrists to solve his financial problems. I would like to start the ball-rolling by contributing RM2 to help him out in his predicament. I'm sure it 's not difficult for every UMNO member to contribute RM2 each for this poor young man who has a bright future ahead of him. Mr Michael Chong, please help out too.

    P/s My RM2 "investment" now may be worth RM2 millions if he becomes a PM one day. Don't play play hor!

  15. Anonymous11:26 pm

    azmi said...

    I thought my stomach was up for it but i was wrong and the floor's a mess. Uh oh, i feel another one coming...


    ... and mine, mixed with blood some more ....

  16. Anonymous11:52 pm

    How can someone so stupid and ungrateful holding the highest office in the country?

    God help this Bolehland.

  17. Anonymous12:35 am

    ...as the Chinese would say..."Mana Ala Untung munye"...

  18. Anonymous1:12 am

    When people hear or read this pm, they will think that he is an oxford businees school graduate gone mad. He sprinkles his speech with jargon like thinking out of the box, assigns kpi's, talks about human capital...

    He was once an islamic scholar who was looking for imam ghazali. He didnt want money, just to serve god with all humility...

    His capitalist gene went to his son, who, by his own admission to the world is rich. (His son-in-law is not rich but still could cough out - or did somebody lend him? - 9 million to buy some shares. Now he'll have to deduct his salary monthly to pay back).

    He says the stock market rise is orderly, unaware (if he's aware then he'll have to take some action, see?) of the widespread insider trading and syndicates having a field day helped by the star and analysts fuelling it to dizzy heights. Memories are short, of course...

    His deputy says times are bad, we have to change our lifestyle in the face of spiralling cost of living. He knows that people of the east coast are eating ikan budu and ikang masin while the monsoon cup is going on...

    But then the pm goes to the govt departments and says spend now, spend now, a few hundred million here, a few billion there - what's the problem, we are surrounded by oil what...

    Brb, excuse me while i throw out...WUUUEK...WWWWUUUUUEK

  19. Anonymous1:58 am

    What puerile, infantile, juvenile crap. That was the imediate reaction I had when I read about the periok nasi being broken. Further down the article,our Hadari PM loses his cool and starts swearing. A few days ago his pally -pally hand on the naked shoulder of some simpering damsel-and hers on his- made me squirm.PM material indeed!

    Our leaders think that running the country is an all-in-the-family kind of thing. They meet at glittering galas where the so called creme of society meet, enjoying each others company, fawning and bowing at each other as though they're the equivalent of high society in Paris, London or New York. A good honest look in the mirror will show them for what they really are made of. They'll see empty vessels,sitting on top of the dung heap enjoying all the trappings and privileges that their positions provide without giving a thought to the responsibility and burden that such positions entail. And all at the people's expense. How sad.

    Show me one, single thing these people have achieved with honest blood, sweat and tears - lying, cheating, and wheeling and dealing also involve blood, sweat and fake tears but these do not count - that would justify their positions as leaders,that would give reason for Malaysians to be proud and I would excuse them their extravagant lifestyles.

    The country seems to be going on a downward spiral, our competitors are leaving us in the dust, corruption is a way of life, nepotism and cronyism are the order of the day, our universities produce unemployable graduates, our education system is a shambles, crime is so rampant victims don't bother to make police reports anymore, our oversized cabinet is a joke peopled by incompetent and childish ministers, and yet they are so sanguine and smug about it all. Good leaders feel for their people, institute measures and policies that bring benefits and progress to their people, not sing and dance and fatten themselves at the rakyat's expense.

    Let us pray that God Almighty will continue the blessings He has bestowed on this country. Especially that He will open the eyes of ALL Malaysians to all the deception and trickery by our so called leaders and by showing up all these crooks and clowns for what they really are. So that when the time is right, they will be given a hefty boot straight into the deepest dungeons.

  20. Anonymous6:42 am

    Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is the Malaysian version of George W Bush.

  21. Anonymous7:40 am

    Picked tis up from:



    Wednesday, December 13, 2006

    AAB & SIL's pot of rice

    OK, all good things must come to an end, and so does my defence of AAB, though I still maintain my stand for him in the matter of the Monsoon Cup.

    Poor (or pathetic?) AAB - he’s at it again, defending his (in)famous in-law. In an interview with the Bangkok Post he tetchily defended his SIL, alas, to the power of n, by accusing Dr Mahathir of smashing Khairy's ‘pot of rice’.

    Hmmm, shouldn't the expression be 'bowl of rice' or ‘rice bowl’? Does the reference to a 'pot' indicate a frightening philosophy of 'think bigger'?

    Obviously AAB was responding to the Thai newspaper’s query on the stoush between his family and Dr Mahathir’s. Oh, BTW, the latest score is "Khairy up in UMNO Youth - Mukhriz humiliated" with Hishamuddin Tun Hussein as the referee.

    Now, this is the part where I think AAB lives in ga-ga-land because he told the Bangkok Post: “That's something about which I am very sad. He [meaning Khairy] has sold his interest in ECM Libra. Sold it at a loss. Now he has some debts to settle.”

    Just a quick recap - SIL had borrowed RM9.2 million to purchase a stake in ECM Libra. But when Dr Mahathir raised the issue of nepotism and corruption in AAB’s family, young Khairy offloaded both his shares and his diversionary but vicious bile at the damn sneaky Chinese community - for agama dan bangsa of course where no apology for racist insult would ever be necessary.

    Other than SIL's loss and his broken 'pot of rice', AAB doesn’t even seem concerned that his SIL, just 31-years old and without any visible collateral, was able to borrow a humongous sum in the millions to buy the ECM Libra shares. Which ordinary Malay in Malaysia could have secured such a uniquely generous loan?

    And then, even more dodgy, less than a month after SIL’s direct stake in ECM Libra with the help of inexplicable loans from some heaven-sent-come generous businessmen, the AAB government approved a merger between the company and government-owned financial services company Avenue Capital Resources Berhad, where we were then 'blessed' with a new entity known as ECM Libra Avenue.

    Has AAB been completely oblivious to SIL’s strange loan and the government approval of the merger between a company where SIL had a stake (through that loan) with a government owned financial service? Don't forget, AAB is afterall the finance minister who oversees government-linked companies, including Avenue Capital Resources Berhad.

    Hasn’t he heard of the issue of conflict of interest? Or, has his world famous 'elegant silence' been an outcome of his inelegant blindness and deafness?

    Then, as if that wasn't bad enough, he indulged his SIL in the most questionable venture, the proposed ‘cemerlang-isation’ of the Mat Rempits, a band of lawless social misfits, basically thugs, that Putera UMNO has been attempting to recruit as its scary praetorian guards.

    We have the PM of Malaysia, the highest political office of the nation, agreeing to ‘descend down’ to the gutter-level of the hoodlums to honour them!

    Now, tell me, if that hasn’t been a stark example of AAB’s blind indulgence of his SIL, what then is?

  22. Anonymous7:53 am

    This PM is suck to the bone!

  23. Anonymous7:54 am

    Can someone stop Pak Lah from giving any more interviews?

    He doesnt have to confirm he doesnt have much up there.

    We oredy know it!


  24. Anonymous9:45 am

    To quote aisehman:

    "Pak Lah shouldn't worry too much about KJ's debts. As Prime Minister of this country, the thing that should most concern him is the debt he owes us."

  25. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  26. Anonymous10:31 am

    On Kamaludin, the PM said "He does not build the company, he goes for mergers and acquisitions"

    Mr PM, to be in a position to merge or acquire others business or company, first you must have capital. So where did your son get such a hugh capital in the first place.

    I am also a graduate like your son, can I also merge Sime Darby or Genting just like what you said.

  27. ever heard of 'GIGO' - gabagge in gabbage out... if you earn from illegal source, the resault will turn out as rubbish too.
    God pays you cash now days...,

  28. Anonymous11:01 am


    Allow me to add to the pot...


  29. Anonymous11:51 am

    Ding-dong, you hit the nail on the head. That guy in Putrajaya is insulated from the real world. Sitting in his own ivory tower and fed bits and pieces of information by the kiddos around him. I don't think he even reads the newspapers, the way he talks. And he actually used the phrase, "what the hell are you talking about," in the interview. So shocking especially all that crap we have been fed about him being religious and well brought up.

  30. Anonymous11:53 am

    Rocky Bru

    I thought you were joking yesterday. Now that it has been published in the papers of what ABB said. I cannot believe what I have read. That is ABB. So lets not be surprised.

    In view of the revealation by ABB about his famous Son-In-Law, Khairy, I think Malaysians are duty bound to start a fund to help him so that it will ease the pressure on ABB. Tehreafter, ABB can do better for hte country.

    May be we should also start another fund to help Kalimullah, who must have also suffered as a result of Tun expose about ECM Libra.

    Can we name the fund as "SAVE KHAIRY & KALIMULLAH FUNF"?

    Rocky, please help them. I really do not wnat to see the famous SIL of the PM to suffer to such an extend - periok nasi telah pecah!!! THIS IS THE BIGGEST JOKE IN MALAYSIA. SOON IT IWLL ENTER INTO THE GUINESS BOOK OF RECORD.

  31. Anonymous12:20 pm

    i have a question.

    if KJ is in debt, is it wise for umno youth to have him as a deputy? people with no job, debts, and political positions are ripe mixture for corruption.

    umno youth has a deputy who is unemployed. What the the signal umno youth movement is sending to Malay youths? Does Umno pay salary for KJ? How is KJ feeding his family?

    I am shocked that an Oxford graduate, who can't find a job, or feed his wife, is holding such a high position in Umno. Which father wants a son-in-law who talks a lot but dont want to work?

    KJ, to build up Malay equity ratio in corporate Malaysia, we need young, healthy, educated people to join the workforce-lah, brother.

  32. Anonymous12:38 pm

    here we have a story about a DUMB becomes DUMBER insulting the best leader the country could have, Tun Dr Mahathir, to prove to the people that he is the smarter and not 'dumber' to run the nation.

    don't we all know that the PM is enough DUMBER than DUMB.

    if George Soros don't bother to meet PM, instead looking for Tun DM, then it is obviously Soros don't have time dealing with DUMB people which mean to confirm that the present leader of our country is nothing more than DUMB, if not DUMBER.

    and it is very sad that the people, agreed to be led by a DUMBER, if not DUMB leader.

    something we all could ponder for the rest of our lives...

  33. Anonymous1:02 pm

    I think the PM should stop talking because whenever he opens his mouth he proves the "allegations and accusations" to be true.

    Now, I don't need to be politically well-connected or whatever to come to this conclusion...all I need is an internet connection.

    For example, this Bernama report is very revealing, "He does not build the company, he goes for mergers and acquisitions. That's his style of business. Although many people have come and asked him to go into joint ventures with government-linked companies, he says 'No, I have enough money, I am rich'," said Abdullah."

    Ask yourself the number of mergers and acquisitions that has taken (and in the pipeline) place in the country lately.

    Remember, humans are creatures of habit and a PM that knows zilch about mergers/acquisitions would not suddenly go on a "merger spree" involving GLCs.

    So, at the very least, accusations and allegations of nepotism is proved true by the PM's own words.

    After all, mergers and acquisitions are his son's style of doing business...as confirmed by the proud father.

    Well, I leave it to all the politically well-connected and the little birds out there in cyberspace to dig into the financial aspects of these mergers/acquisitions.

    As far as I'm concerned, family interference/influence is very much in evidence and the I'm-in-control-PM is not really in control, is he?

    It really makes me feel sad for Malaysia.

  34. Anonymous1:44 pm

    "No I have enough money, I am rich" ?!

    How absolutely shameless!!!

  35. Anonymous3:34 pm

    A Malaysian of Chinese origin usually eat his rice with a small bowl. Malaysian of Indian origin usually have theirs on a banana leaf. But this Khairy fella from you know lah, the "Superior Race" eats from a huge electric pot!

    Tsk! Tsk! So now the periuk nasi already pecah I bet he is now looking for a dodol wok!!!

  36. Anonymous6:31 pm

    Hey, maybe that's why Khairy went to Zakaria Mat Deros recent Hari Raya do, to get a free lunch now that he's is such a bad way. I am truly bowled over by his broken rice bowl (pot). A bigger hit than Patrick Badawi's Monsoon cup!

  37. Anonymous10:41 pm

    Dear Rocky

    We, Malaysians, are very concerned with welfare of the PM's famous son-in-law, more so when his "periok nasi" already broken. We are glad that the "I am in control" PM did nto bother to help his SIL. Of course, I am in control PM does not believe in nepotism. According to the TV3 interview, PM also siad that he didn't help his son either.

    What a great PM we have, who refused to help his own son, and yet his son within 3 years of him in offcie was able to accummulate 180 ships!!! What a genuiis!!! We have not taken into accoutn the Scomi non-sense yet.

    Any ROcky, are you going to start a save Khairy Fund to help Khairy fromt eh doldrum???

  38. Anonymous12:00 am

    thank you, mr bojangles, anonymous 1.12, and all.

    i wanted to write something but have been overwhelmed by sadness; i think we're heading into comatose land.

  39. Anonymous12:45 am

    Chortled away reading the Bangkok Post interview. Did you note the NST version left out the "old man" and "what the hell" references?

    Day by day, we see the true face of our saintly Hadharist being revealed. (And Tun hasn't even uttered a peep yet!). Haven't gotten over reeling from the picture of him "meraba-raba-ing" Michelle Yeoh when
    the "what the hell" comment floored me. As my late aunt -- a stickler for good manners and clean talk -- would have said, "LANGWIDGE!!!!" Whatever next?

    As for the broken rice pot, and how "sad" he was, sigh. We're sad too, sad that we have you as a "sad excuse" for a primme minister.

    Malaysia has become a laughing stock of the Third World. My friends from the Mideast and Africa keeping asking what's happened to Malaysia? We have no voice on anything now. The Hadharist is busy sucking up to the US and Australia. Much good it does the country. He claims to speak up on behalf of all races, but couldn't even speak up -- when he met Bush -- for our 2 Malaysians (Muslim Malay some more!) being held at Gitmo! And we all know how Muslim inmates are being tortured there. So much for his promises.

    I always thought he was a decent, nice man, but now, I have nothing but contempt for him; for how he's refusing to accept and admit that he's screwed up the economy and country, his blindness over his family's avaricious ways, and how he cannot fathom the rakyat's suffering.

    Can't wait for the general election.

  40. Anonymous1:59 am

    Why do we tolerate with our leaders like that, probably as rakyat we have no voice. I guess the only thing to do is to vote the opposition. I do not care what development install for us the next year, I'm voting for the opposition. I'm not going to be suckered into their politics agenda.

    What happen to our ministers nowadays as compared to the last administration, every word they uttered does not make sense or make matters worst.

  41. Anonymous5:01 am

    This Hadherus always said I make this, I make that,I think this, I think that,This is my Idea,In 3 years of leadershit I plan this, I plan that.It's trully my idea not from 1/2 or 1/4 mind of minister cabinet and not even from my adviser including SIL.They know nothing, I know everything cause I'm PM. My son is rich very rich. My SIL is very clever,the cleverest.

    * The point is no previous our 4 PM use the word 'I' when make a national policy instead they use the word 'we'.Because they work as a team and for the nation and not to boast their achievement.

  42. Anonymous8:24 am

    Well ... just to capture all things & events that has transpired over the so called "3 good years" ... sad, depressing and most alarming worrying (our nation's future is indeed worrying!) Bloggers and people in "real" street out there already know, hinted & discussed (in silence ...)in great length about our PM, his cabinet & kitchen cabinet (for that matter)for not being "that bright" ... lo and behold ... Mr PM himself appeared front page to confirm all these. Sad & worrying ... Malaysia is approaching 50 years in age but seemed that we are just sitting down watching life goes by in front of our eyes. People ... be scared ... be real scared of what & where we're heading.

  43. Anonymous10:02 am

    No, I have enough money. I am rich. Can I touch and rub your wife shoulder.

  44. Anonymous12:14 pm

    Actually there's an easy way to solve this problem of periuk nasi pecah, etc. Haven't you all heard? Just write a letter and send it out to as many people as possible. AOL and Microsoft will track it. And for every email forwarded by the receipient, Bill Gates and the AOL fellow will each give USD10 million to poor, destitute SIL.

  45. Anonymous4:32 pm

    I just saw that "shoulder feel" pix via link in Malaysia Today. Eeeeeeuw! Geli Gelemam!

    First that, then uttering "What the hell..." in the Bangkok Post interview.

    Even that Philippine movie star prez (remember him?) never behaved like that in public.

    PM kita ni bukan saja bodoh tak boleh diajar serta tak sedar diri, tapi juga koman. Takde kelas langsung.

    Kesian Malaysia!

  46. Anonymous3:45 am

    “orang tua itu” telah menjejaskan periuk nasi menantunya itu dan ini membuatkan beliau amat kecewa.'

    Betapa begitu tepat nya peribahasa 'beruk mendapat bunga'.
    Malangnya manusia yang menuduh 'orang tua' itu, sama sekali tidak sedar bahawasenya , beliau juga sudah tua.Ini lah akibat nya apabila 'orang tua 'mahu menjadi 'muda'.
    Orang tua yang mengajak kita rakyat untuk bekerja dengan beliau rupa rupa nya keluar dari mulut orang tua yang suka makan tebu, aduhai manis nya. Nyatalah sekarang ini kita rakyat sebenar nya 'bekerja' untuk beliau dan manantu nya serta konco koncho nya. Betapa dunia berubah. Malaysia akan aman, makmur dan berjaya jika beliau bersama sama menantu, anak, pinak beliau, kabinet, menteri menteri terutama nya Najib dan MT UMNO am nya , benar benar bekerja untuk Rakyat dan negara.

  47. Anonymous12:42 am

    pak lah, please resign....!!