Thursday, November 09, 2006


Got word that the former PM suffered a "mild" heart attack last night and has been warded for observation. Do pray for his recovery.

A happy update at 9pm, 10/11/2006: Dr M has been discharged from the Coronary Care Unit. He is now under observation in a "normal" ward.


  1. He will have my prayers.

  2. Anonymous12:01 pm

    I agree, we must pray hard for his recovery. Considering the state of lawlessness of this country, I hope nothing stupid will be done to him.

  3. Anonymous12:12 pm

    Dear all,

    Let's pray for his speedy recovery, health and long life !

    May God protects and preserves him.

  4. Anonymous12:12 pm

    Semoga Allah SWT memberkati doa kita semua agar TDM cepat sembuh, kembali sihat wal'afit dan dipanjangkan umur.

  5. Ya Allah Tuhanku,

    sembuhkah Yang Amat Berbahagia Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad secepat mungkin dan panjangkan lah umur beliau...


  6. I sincerely pray that he will recover speedly and trust Allah will preserve his health until the Malaysia comdemns the corrupted politicians.

    He will have my prayers too.

  7. Anonymous12:33 pm

    Oh Nooo !!

    I pray for his swift recovery too. Dr M had made such a larger than life figure that it is easy to forget he is an 80+ man with a cardiac history.

    As a citizen who's formative years had been under his rule, I must say I can't imagine malaysia without him.

    To Dr M and his family i'd like to wish a speedy recovery. The prayers of us Malaysians are with you.

    May God bless and protect you.

  8. Anonymous12:33 pm

    He'll be stronger than ever.

  9. Anonymous12:33 pm

    Saudara Rocky,

    Kita berdoa. Saudara dan saya serta banyak rakan-rakan kita wartawan bebas berjumpa beliau semalam di majlis rumah terbuka anak-anaknya.

    Datuk Seri Zam pun turut hazir. Aktivis Umno kawasan Datuk Seri Zam (Merbok)pun turut hazir. Apa yang mereka kata mengenai Datuk Seri Zam kepada saya tidak elok saya ulangi di sini. This is not the occasion.

    Datuk Seri Zam bukan macam kita lagi. Dalam bahasa mesra orang Kedah, kita ini dipanggil pemberita cabuk. Tapi Datuk Seri Zam sudah lama meninggalkan dunia pemberita cabuk untuk menjadi pembesar politik negara.

    Mengenai Tun, saya rasa dia perlu rehat. Slow down and take it easy. Sejak Sabtu lalu hingga semalam dia ke Saudi Arabia dan kemudian ke New Zealand.

    Tetapi di dalam apapun kejadian ada hikmahnya. Tun kini dirawat di IJN yang berupa simbol mutakhir pengiktirafan beliau kepada kehebatan doktor-doktor anak watan yang melakukan pembedahan jantung ke atas beliau lebih 15 tahun lalu.

    Tun begitu yakin dan kagum dengan kemampuan doktor-doktor anak watan ini sehingga beliau menganugerahkan mereka dan rakyat negara ini sebuah hospital khas untuk rawatan jantung iaitu IJN.

    Bagi Tun, setiap butir permata ilmu dan setiap detik pengalaman wajib dimanfaatkan.

    Kita berdoa.

    Terima kasih.

  10. Anonymous1:01 pm

    Praying for a speedy recovery. He's very much needed now.

  11. Anonymous1:01 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    Praying for Tun especially at this time goes wihtout saying. Of course, majority of Malaysian will pray for Tun as the country needs Tun more than ever as "Hakkamui" said "considering the lawlessness of this country".

    Tun we all will pray for your speedy recovering so that you can save this country from the abused of the PM and his relatives and aides like Khairy, Kalimulah and Kamaludin.

    Get well soon. Tun. Majority of Malaysians are with you.

  12. Anonymous1:15 pm

    I'm praying for you, too, Tun. I don't know whether you would make a better Malaysia (but maybe better than now), but you do add a certain check-and-balance right now, and for that, at least, we need you.

    And as a fellow insan, I pray for your health, too.

  13. Anonymous1:27 pm

    i pray for his wellbeing. God Almighty, i pray, will take care of him and his health.
    May Allah alwsys bless and protect him. May Allah give him strength, sustenance and will.
    We love Malaysia. We love Tun.

  14. I truly, truly hope that Dr M will recover soon. He is my HERO! My family and I are forever indebted to him for all the good things he had done to the country (which means us, ordinary Malaysian folks.)

    Yup, I'm definitely not one of the "mudah lupa" Malays!

  15. Anonymous1:42 pm

    My prayers to TDM. May he take this opportunity to have a good rest eventhough i would not think he will stop thinking about his beloved country.

    In coincedence with the upcoming UMNO Assembly, may the delegates would also take some time during the break to visit him and close ranks.

  16. Anonymous1:44 pm

    We pray Dr Mahathir will have a speedy recovery. I pray he have a good rest at IJN. I pray he will come back healthier than ever.

    Sesungguhnya perjuangan Dr Mahathir belum selesai....

  17. Anonymous1:45 pm

    We pray Dr Mahathir will have a speedy recovery. We pray he have a good rest at IJN. We pray he will come back healthier than ever.

    Sesungguhnya perjuangan Dr Mahathir belum selesai....

  18. Anonymous1:55 pm


  19. Anonymous1:58 pm

    My family prayers are with you Dr.M. you a great man regardless of what others say about you.Maybe they will shower you with praises only after you death.They are not bloody jantan.But most msian will want the best for you sir.

    Get well Dr.M , we still need you.

  20. Anonymous1:58 pm

    Long live Tun Mahathir. A man of great wisdom and character. You dont find such people in Malaysia anymore.

    A great PM. Still as great as ever. Recover fast Tun. You have all our prayers. We need you to put Malaysia on the right track.

    The present corrupt leaders have done a lot of damage to all your hard work.

    Long live Tun Mahathir!

  21. Anonymous2:01 pm

    As we pray, remember that Allah knows best. Ours is but to pray, as prayers create hope, and hope creates srtength.

  22. Anonymous2:01 pm

    I hope the doctors will limit the amount of visitors he can have. He needs to rest - he's been shaking too many hands these last few weeks.

  23. Anonymous2:07 pm

    get well Tun, we still need you. Allah, lindungilah Tun M kami, semoga dia akan cepat sembuh.

    kami sekeluarga mendoakan semoga Tun cepat sembuh dan dapat kami berjumpa di Perhimpunan minggu depan,Tun Hasmah, be strong as always, our thoughts are for you.

  24. I and many Malaysian who hope TUN DR M to continue struggles for th enation, pick up th emess brought about by Abdullah Badawi and the rest may be selfish for depending on an 82 years old gentleman with history of triple cardiac bypass.

    But he is indeed the catalyst.

    He is a "permata" that still glowing brightly wherever he goes to.

    may Allah bless you with many mnay more years of good health, great mind and sharp thinking.

  25. Anonymous2:27 pm

    Malaysia is very much indeed of Tun's wisdom.

    Get well soon, Tun! We're praying for you.

  26. Prayers and hopes with Tun and family.

    Be strong.

    Insya'Allah things will turn out well.

  27. Saya memohon kepada Allah SWT yang Maha Pengasih serta Maha Penyayang dan yang menentukan akan segala2 nya agar Tun Dr Mahathir yang amat saya hormati cepat sembuh dan kembali sihat dan dipanjangkan umur.

  28. Anonymous2:31 pm

    Get well soon Dr M.Hoping that you'll be on your feet again as soon as possible.

  29. Anonymous2:49 pm

    Adding my prayers for his speedy recovery and continued health.

    Take it easy, dear Tun. Thank you for fighting for us. We love and support you always.


  30. Anonymous3:10 pm

    Tun Sir,

    May you recover in time to present yourself at the UMNO do to face them and look at them straight in the eye like the Jantan you are. Let us see who is going to sheepishly look away.

    While you are in IJN, please shoo away that Nazi, I mean Nazri kid and the Fat Lady if they are going to do a publicity stunt by visiting you Sir.

    Get well soon Sir.

  31. Anonymous3:11 pm

    Got words from Sufi that Tun is okay and resting now.

  32. Anonymous3:12 pm

    get well soon Tun M. My prayers for you.

    ~ i love Tun M long taim.

  33. Dear Tun,

    Get well soon,semoga Allah Bless You.

  34. Anonymous3:35 pm


    saya mohon kehadrat Allah SWT dengan mendoakan agar Tun segera sembuh seperti sedia kala.

    Saya kagum dengan semangat Tun yang berkobar-kobar untuk negara demi menjamin masa depan anak cucu kami nanti.

    Terima kasih kepada bro Bru untuk maklumat ini.


  35. Riong Biru said...
    Got words from Sufi that Tun is okay and resting now.


  36. Dear Tun,

    Together with all our many peace-loving and generally cheerful & honest Malaysians, we pray for your speedy recovery and better health, and, with the grace of God almighty, may you enjoy a happy & healthy long life.

    Your steadfastness and firm commitment towards Malaysia's continued growth and development commands our respect.

    We stand by you, dear Tun, and fully support your calls for reform in the prevailing administration.

    With best wishes & cheers,

  37. semoga ALLAH SWT merahmati & memberkati pemimpin terULUNG Malaysia ini..Semoga Tun cepat sembuh..Amin

  38. Anonymous4:32 pm

    Dearest Tun,
    We are praying hard for your speedy recovery. Take it easy and relax.

    Long live Tun Mahathir!

    Orang Sungai

  39. Anonymous4:50 pm

    Dear Tun Dr M

    May you continue to be our light
    Teach us how to struggle & fight

    For truth, justice and humanity
    Never for material gain and money

    I was too young to understand my elders
    And, too proud to follow their orders

    Please forgive me.

  40. "Other people have struggled against greater odds. What is there for me? If I have to struggle I will struggle by whatever means possible" - Tun Dr M

    Izinkan saya memetik kata-kata Naib Presiden PAS, Datuk Husam Musa:

    "Semoga Allah menyegerakan kesembuhan Tun dan beliau dapat meneruskan peranannya yang sangat berkesan hari ini dalam memperjuangkan kepentingan agama, bangsa dan negara".

    Dan, kata-kata Mahfuz Omar:

    "Ketika negara diancam oleh kelemahan kepimpinan yang ada kini, negarawan dihormati sepeti Tun sangat diperlukan untuk memperbetulkan keadaaan".


  41. Anonymous5:15 pm

    Pray to Allah that Tun recovers and is back to his old self. My thoughts to Tun and Tun Dr Siti Hasmah (what a marvellous wife and supporter she's been to Tun), and to Tun's family. Please take care of yourself Tun. We desperately need you now; only you have the clout, guts and authority to get Malaysia back on track.

    Tun, I remember what our standard of living was like before you came and "revolutionised" us. Your detractors can mock and scorn you, but they haven't the brains, self-confidence, self-conviction and ability to do what you managed in your 22 years of looking after us. They can deride Proton, but that was the first car my family could afford. You brought prosperity to us. My late father was a middle-level civil servant. No studies abroad, big houses, fancy cars etc for us. But we got jobs, saved money, managed to travel abroad for holidays, bought our own houses etc. All this because of your economic plans.

    I still remember the fear during the Asian financial crisis and I admit, I was doubtful of the capital controls and ringgit peg. I remember how you believed in yourself and how you fought ALONE for Malaysia -- the abuse, condemnation, ridicule and predictions of economic suicide that was hurled at you both from local critics and those abroad. We know the end result.

    It's because of what happened during the crisis that I now know deep in my heart that whatever you do, it is for the good of us Malaysians. Like any caring father, you just want to fight to ensure your "children's" well-being.

    And I agree with Wiseone. Get someone to stand guard outside Tun's room with a broom to halau away all the hypocrites who will come with crocodile tears and fake concern. Maybe Marina, she's fierce enough!

    And please, don't let Zam in. Maybe it was the "shock" of seeing him last night that brought on the attack.

  42. Anonymous5:16 pm

    amin..! - cw4324

  43. Get well soon, Sir.

    In recent months, you've re-ignited the fire within all decent and sincere Malaysians to strive for a better nation to live in.

    It is a heavy burden you carry, seemingly effortless on your part, but please rest assured that some of us will continue to address the tasks at hand.

    Your efforts has not been in vain and it is only fitting that this be part of your legacy.

    May Allah SWT grant you a speedy recovery.

  44. Saya mencadangkan semua masjid di negara kita mengadakan sembahyang hajat selepas sembahyang Jumaat esok supaya YABhg Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad akan segera sembuh.

    Saya harap Jabatan Perdana Menteri akan menzahirkan cadangan saya ini.

  45. Anonymous5:46 pm

    Salam to DrM,

    Walaupun sejak 1994 saya amat tidak suka pada DrM kerana beberapa kenyataan beliau terhadap agama dan hukum agama, tetapi saya menghormati DrM sebagai pemimpin yg di pilih majoriti dan sebagai negarawan yang berjiwa kental.

    Saya doakan DrM sembuh seperti sediakala. Saya berharap DrM ambil peluang di IJN untuk berehat sepenuhnya dan bermuhasabbah diri. semoga DrM di beri keampunan dan hidayah setiap masa.

    Semoga mangkuk2 hayun UMNo juga akan muhasabbah diri akan sikap mereka (terkini) terhadap DrM.

    Semoga saya juga muhasabbah diri agar boleh memaafkan DrM di atas kenyataan beliau terhadap Islam di masa lalu.

    Segera sembuh DrM kerana perjuangan(membersihkan UMNO dan BN dari korupsi dan salahguna kuasa) belum selesai....

  46. Anonymous6:07 pm

    I'm shocked as i was just there last night at his house, like you Rocky!
    Tun M, my prayers for your speedy recovery.

    PS: nice meeting you Rocky :D

    AA (ahem)

  47. Hi,

    In Europe it is considered a criminal offense by doctors if the heart attack victim isn't given:

    • huge doses of CoQ10 (this declines as you get older but your hear needs it), and
    • Omega-3 fish oil (the Pristin and Pharmanex brands comes to mind).

    This practice is neglected in the US which is ruled by the pro-pharmaceutical company FDA.

    The MMA is very pro-FDA. We should pray that DrM's doc follows the European method.

  48. Anonymous6:11 pm

    We pray for Tun and we pray for ourselves; we pray for our children and for our future and most importantly for Malaysia before she becomes an alienated land, scorned by all. Please get well soon, Tun!

  49. even though lulu has her grieviances against this old man, it is not time for him to go now. he wants to set the record straight. to undo the wrongs currently happening.
    here's to seeing another day, drM!

  50. Hi again,

    Let's remember the following...

    Dr M insisted on having his triple by-pass in Malaysia.

    DozeLah recently had his "minor" surgery, in Australia.

    Speaks volumes on the differences in attitudes of each leader!

  51. Tun, we still need you! Have a speedy recovery. I know you're a fighter, you can do it. Semoga Allah memanjangkan usia Tun.

  52. [Rocky's Bru: Marina Mahathir sent me an SMS this afternoon]

    Hi Rocky,

    Can you please thank all the wellwishers on your blog on behalf of me and my family? We appreciate very much the many prayers and good wishes.



  53. Anonymous7:40 pm

    Tun M, we love you and we need you. dont leave us... we want to see you smile again. get well soon.

  54. Anonymous7:40 pm

    On behalf of Dato' Mukhriz Mahathir and the rest of Tun Dr Mahathir's family, they would like to express their utmost sincere and deepest heartfelt for ALL the kind wishes, thoughts, doas and prayers during YABhg Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's ill health being interned at IJN.

    May God Al Mighty provide Tun Dr Mahathir speedy recovery.

  55. Anonymous7:46 pm


    Get well soon and we wish you a long and healthy life.

    You make me proud to be a Malaysian and we need you to be around for a long long time to make a difference.

    We pray for your speedy recovery.


  56. Anonymous7:52 pm

    Tun M,
    we love, we still need you.
    We want to see you smile again. Get well soon.

  57. Rocky!

    I am a sceptic! After a mild heart attack you have to rest for at least two week before a rigorous activity. Tun M won't be attending the Umno Assembly for sure, although it was reported he will be at the front seat of the assembly, just a good old medieval diplomacy! In this way everyone can save face! What a lulu, eh!(sorry to still the phrase I kinds like it, what a lulu!)

  58. Anonymous8:03 pm

    Dear all,

    My prayers for Tun's recovery!

    When I got the news, it felt like our country's life just flashed by me. Suddenly, you felt a kind of emptiness should his health turn for the worst.

    To me, he will always be Chairman of the Board and his advice and direction are priceless.

    So, please let's take a moment to ponder what Malaysia would be like without him. I shudder to think of the repercussions of his demise. Therefore, being selfish as I am and I am sure for the rest of us, our prayers for his speedy recovery.

    May Allah bless and protect him!

  59. He could use my heart, but I don't think it's in good shape either.

    Get well soon, Doctor.

  60. Anonymous9:29 pm

    I hope that Dr M will recover soon. He is our HERO! Our country is forever indebted to him for all the good things (Proton), (Steel - Perwaja) he had done to the country. Hope he will attend the UMNO congress next week so that AAB can learn a thing or two from him. I am sure Rafidah is craying a lot now.

    Yup, I'm definitely not one of the "mudah lupa" Malays!

  61. Anonymous11:19 pm


    As'alullaahal-'Adheema Rabbal-'Arshil'Adheemi 'an yashfiyaka.

    I ask Almighty Allah, Lord of the Magnificent Throne, to make you well. InsyaAllah.

  62. Anonymous11:35 pm

    I hope he will get well soon.
    but i have a feeling he will, just to make his stand at the assembly now that he has an invite.
    a man whose heart is broken and no news in the mainstream media about him who spent 22 years building the country to what it is now.
    Tun, get well soon. your people need you more than ever.

  63. Anonymous11:42 pm

    Like so many other Malaysians, I pray Tun get back to normal ASAP.

    I hope Tun does not attend the General Assembly. We all need you for the long haul, Tun.

  64. Anonymous11:46 pm

    saya berasa malu mendengar keadaan Tun. Tun yang berusia masih memberi keutamaan kepada kepentingan rakyat dan negara atas dirinya. Bagi yang berkuasa perlulah bekerja baik-baik demi rakyat jelata, bukan demi kesenangan diri sendiri. Sebagai rakyat biasa, tidak banyak yang boleh saya buat. Saya berdoa Tun akan sembuh cepat dan rehat secukup-cukupnya. Tiba masanya, saya harap dapat dengar "tembakan" Tun lagi.

  65. Anonymous12:17 am

    prayers from the uk.

  66. May Almighty God shower him with blessings and have him back stronger than ever.

    Having only met him personally once, I can't describe in words, what it is like to meet him in person.

    Get well soon sir!

  67. Anonymous1:33 am


    With so many people praying for Tun, how can Tun not recovered! I know that when Tun recovered Tun will be even stronger with even higher spirit to stand for the nation against those rouges like Khairy, Kalaimullah, Kamaludin and a few others.

    I fully agree with "Atilla" who has said that someone station outside Tun's room with abroom to sweep away those actors and come with crocodile tears.

    Thank God Tun was "asleep" when the sleeping PM came to "visit" him otherwise Tun may get another unnecessary heart attack. I do agree that it may be due to the visit by Zam that casued the mild attack this morning.

    Tun, we know you are strong. We know that God is with you even though you did not use term like Islam Hadhari and etc. God is with you, Tun, because you are a genuine person and you love this country.

    Tun, the nation needed you most and we pray that you recover with great speed to deal with those rouges that are bleeding the coutnry economy like parasites. May God bless you Tun.

  68. Anonymous1:43 am


    Malaysians know that you had suffered for the nation becasue you love thsi country too much and you do not want to see Malaysia to be destroyed by the nation's enemies like Khairy, Kalimullah aned Kamaludin, who have been protected by the KNOW NOTHING PM.

    We know that you had to suffer for us like a father who loves his children and will do anything for them even if he had to suffer in pain.

    God bless you Tun. We pray that you will be on your feet very very soon.

    Please do not entertain those THIEVES from the half past six cabinet minister - ask someone to give them a standard answer "TUN IS ASLEEP, PLEASE COME NEXT MONTH!!.

  69. Anonymous2:16 am

    i am 36 years old. i was too young to appreciate what tun razak and tun hussein onn did for us. from my formative years, dr m was the only PM i know. 'bersih, cekap, amanah' is the slogan my friends and i remember until today. some of us still remember the lyrics of 'setia' too.

    when i was in school, i remember taking the sri jaya bus no 50 to TTDI to go for tuition. my tuition teacher's house was in the 'boondocks' of TTDI's burhanuddin helmi area then. it would never have occurred to me then that highways would and could be built from the boondocks to jalan kuching, ampang, batu caves.

    like attila, my father was a middle-level civil servant who, while able to put sufficient food on the table for his family, could not afford to send me abroad to study. it was sheer hard work, my mother's nagging and most crucially, the economic plans in place then that earned me a scholarship to study abroad. this is something i am eternally grateful for, for it has helped shape the person i have become today.

    as anonymous (8.03pm) said - "it felt like our country's life just flashed by me" when he first got the news. i felt the same way.

    tun - your tenacity, masterful intelligence, wit and dry humour have encouraged, inspired, amused and made me damn proud to be a malaysian. u are an inspiration to us all and u are the only true PM i know.

    take care and keep well. your journey has not ended. my thoughts and prayers are with u.

  70. Anonymous2:31 am

    Hello Bro Rocky,

    Me and a few Malaysian friends from MANHATTAN, New York mendoakan semoga Tun cepat sembuh dan sentiasa dilindungi Allah. Kita juga mendoakan agar Allah sentiasa melindungi Tun M and Tun Hasmah selalu.

    Doa kami sentiasa mengiringi kesejateraan Tun M and Tun Hasmah

    Achi Combi New York

  71. Anonymous3:31 am

    Myself and my other mates wish the Doctor all the best. We all have confidence in Malaysian doctors, and would never go abroad for treatment (unlike some people who go for simple sinus surgery in Aust.).

    3 cheers for THE DOCTOR, and the IJN doctors!

    United Kingdom

  72. Anonymous6:24 am

    Anonymous (1.33am) "With so many people praying for Tun Dr M, how can Tun Dr M not recovered!"

    - Not if a lot of people are also praying very hard that he doesn't recover!

    So, my friends, let us all ramai-ramai pray extra hard and double and triple our prayer count, so that, if God is weighing our prayers, He/She will makbulkan the prayers that ask for Tun Dr M to get better!

  73. Doa buat YABhg Tun Dr Mahathir and the mother of the nation Tun Dr Siti Hasmah.

  74. Anonymous9:49 am

    Semoga Allah SWT memanjangkan usia Tun Dr Mahathir satu-satunya pemimpin yang telah banyak berjasa & berbakti untuk agama, bangsa dan negara.


  75. Kami semua mendoakan agar Tun cepat sembuh. Amin

  76. Anonymous10:08 am

    Terima kasih. Hanya Tuhan sahaja-lah yang dapat membalas jasa Tun. Kami anak2 kedah & SAHOCA mendoakan agar Tun sehat hendak-nya.

    Banyak-kan beristirahat bersama keluarga. Dah lama sangat Tun bekerja keras.

    Salam kaseh dr rakyatmu.

  77. Anonymous10:10 am

    semoga Tun cepat sembuh. rakyat (silent majority) amat sayangkan Tun Dr. Mahathir, hanya pembesar haprak yang bencikan Tun.

  78. Anonymous10:41 am

    Our prayers are with you Sir. And your family.

    hask & family

  79. Anonymous10:43 am

    Our payers are with you, Sir. And your family.

    hask & family

  80. Anonymous11:02 am

    Thank God. I think he's ok now.

  81. Anonymous11:53 am

    About a decade ago, her proud daughter once described TUN M as BRUTALLY HONEST. His recent comments about the way the country is managed (or rather mismanaged)are indeed brutal but honest. Just so that MALAYSIA continues to be a success story in the eyes of the world.

  82. Anonymous1:23 pm

    Though TDM is iron-man but his heart is soft. That's caused him warded in IJN.
    ..water drop;
    ..water drop;
    the above two lines are merely not wordings at all but my TEAR DROPS!
    Hope he soon be well.
    GOD bless HIM!

    Truly M'sian

  83. Anonymous1:32 pm

    I still remembered, how the world respected Malaysia, and how proud I was when I was abroad and say I am Malaysian. The foreigners will say, "Oh Malaysia, Mahathir, very tough, very good!", and they really mean it. Without him, Malaysia is still "the country above Singapore". He may be the only PM I know, but he definitely is the one that give us pride to be Malaysians. I do not feel the same under AAB anymore. Power corrupts, yes, and I do believe it applies to Mahathir as well, but at least the country comes first. It's the other way round now. I'm really ashamed about the state affairs now...sigh..

  84. Anonymous2:31 pm

    Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera kepada semua yang mengasihi dan menghormati Tun.InsyaAllah doa kita semua akan dikabul Allah Yang Maha Mengasihi,Maha Pemurah,Maha Penyayang.Semuga Tun cepat sembuh dan pulang untuk bersama keluarga yang juga banyak berkorban untuk nya dan kita rakyat Malaysia.AMIN.

  85. Anonymous3:21 pm

    This is the article which appears in LA Times where Marina insightfully describes her father as brutally honest

    Blunt Malaysian Leader Has an Answer For Everything

    Politics: With his economy ailing and some wanting him dead, it's been
    a rocky year for Mahathir, but he refuses to back down.

    By DAVID LAMB, Times Staff Writer

    KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia--He wouldn't put it quite this way, but the
    past year has been a bit mystifying to Prime Minister Mahathir
    Mohamad, who has towered over Malaysian politics as none before him
    and whose legacy, until an economic crisis, had seemed assured.

    Why would Malaysians call for one of Asia's longest-serving leaders to
    resign after all he's done for them? Why would his most trusted ally,
    a man he created politically, turn on him? Why would the West vilify
    him after he used free markets to build one of the world's
    fastest-growing economies? Why would journalists brand him a dictator
    and anti-Semite when his record is nothing of the sort? Why would
    radical Muslims call for his assassination when he is a faithful

    Mahathir, 73, who is as blunt as he is combative, has never ducked a
    fight or hidden behind a "no comment," and in a recent interview, he
    had explanations on each count. They reflected his anger and sense of
    betrayal: He created the very model of the capitalistic nation that
    the West encourages in Southeast Asia, only to see 40 years of
    economic progress undone, he says, by Malaysia's enemies in the West.

    On foreign journalists: "Yes, I think they deliberately lie.They don't
    like the way I talk back to them when they are wrong. They live on the
    misery of others. They live on creating misery for others. They live
    on telling lies about others."

    On the West: "The West is constantly running us down, saying we as
    Asians can't set up a good government, that we must be corrupt and all
    that. I would like to point out the West is no less corrupt, and maybe
    more corrupt. So don't be racist and make out as if Asians are corrupt
    [and] Europeans are not."

    On anti-Mahathir demonstrations in the streets: "If you look carefully
    at that picture [on a recent magazine cover] you will find that these
    so-called reformists are people who wear torn clothing, you know, the
    kind of hippie people who are beer drinkers, with Budweiser on their
    shirts. I don't know if it's true, but these people claim they

    were paid to demonstrate."

    On former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, the erstwhile ally who
    was ultimately sacked, arrested, beaten in jail by the police chief
    and, finally, convicted on corruption charges: "He tried to overthrow
    me. He's the one who turned the issue into a political problem. The
    fact is he couldn't accept that he's not the first minister to be
    removed. Others have been removed and found guilty by the courts, even
    of murder."

    On tapes that Islamic fundamentalists have secretly circulated calling
    for the assassination of Malaysian leaders: "They are trying to stir
    up the worst kind of feelings among Muslims. We have never had these
    things happen before. But some crazy chap might just do something
    crazy like assassinating people. We take the threat seriously."

    All vintage Mahathir. Strong-willed, stubborn and very much a
    visionary, Mahathir may be, after 18 years in power, the last of a
    breed. As societies in the region become more open and democratic, the
    day of leaders staying at the helm for a generation or more and
    single-handedly shaping the destiny of their countries--Ho Chi Minh of

    Vietnam, Suharto of Indonesia, Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore, Mahathir of
    Malaysia--may well be nearing an end.

    Mahathir still punches a time clock when he comes to work every
    morning. He endlessly scribbles notes to himself in 2-by-3-inch spiral
    notebooks on ways to uplift Malaysia. ("Improve the infrastructure of
    water sewerage," says the most recent entry.) He drives himself
    through this capital on Sundays, making notes on potholes and parks
    that need sprucing up. He's even been known to stop by the new airport
    to check the cleanliness of public bathrooms.

    'Picture of Him . . . Is Often Inaccurate'

    A physician before entering politics, Mahathir--or Dr. M, as many call
    him--most admires President Nelson Mandela of South Africa among
    today's leaders, enjoys the novels of Wilbur Smith and Robert Ludlum,
    finds time for few hobbies other than horseback riding, is
    uncomfortable with small talk and appears not to have enriched himself
    during 35 years in politics, Western diplomats said.

    "He's acerbic, crotchety and self-righteous," said one European envoy.
    "That said, I'd agree the picture the West gets of him is one-sided
    and often inaccurate. He's done a lot of great things for Malaysia,
    and on some controversial issues he's right. But he never dodges a
    question, he takes risks and that gets him in trouble."

    Mahathir, for instance, stirred up a hornets' nest last year when he
    blamed Malaysia's economic crisis on hedge-fund traders such as George
    Soros and on Jews. "I'm not saying every Jew is bad," he said, "but
    the fact remains Soros is a Jew and he attacked us. Just because I
    said that doesn't mean I'm anti-Jew."

    Though branded by some as an anti-Semite because of the comment,
    Mahathir is the one who overcame opposition from Parliament and
    Islamic groups to bring an Israeli cricket team to Malaysia two years
    ago. He also sponsors Israeli students on two-week study tours to
    Malaysia "because we believe there should be understanding between
    Muslims and Jews." Mahathir's fight for women's rights led in 1997,
    after a

    seven-year battle in Parliament, to Malaysia becoming the only
    Southeast Asian

    country with a law against domestic violence. And when a radical
    mullah recently said, "It would be better to wallow in mud with pigs
    than shake the hand of a woman," there wasn't a word of protest, even
    from groups supporting women's and human rights. Only Mahathir lashed
    out publicly against the comment.

    While most remain silent, he stands up to fundamentalists who want to
    turn Malaysia into a sectarian Islamic state. He also, Western
    political analysts say, is the primary force that created racial
    harmony and a large middle class in a society populated by Malays,
    Indians and Chinese--a contribution Mahathir considers his proudest

    In 1969, race riots in Malaysia claimed 300 lives. "I think the reason
    he irritates so many people is because he doesn't fit the Hollywood
    stereotype of an Asian," said his daughter, Marina Mahathir, a
    41-year-old activist against AIDS and for women's

    rights. "Asian leaders are meant to be 'yes-sir, no-sir.' They are
    polite. They avoid controversy and conflict. Dad doesn't cater to
    that. He likes to fight. He's brutally honest. That's the problem. But
    it's not his problem. It's other peoples' problem."

    Trying to Erase Inferiority Complex

    In the span of a generation, Mahathir took Malaysians from the rice
    paddies to the semiconductor plants. He is obsessed with making
    Malaysia an industrialized country by 2020 (which is the license plate
    number of his locally produced Perdona sedan), and he is still shaped,
    he admits, by the experience of growing up under British colonial rule
    and being told Malays were inferior, uneducated and not capable of

    accomplishing much worthwhile.

    "We grew up with an inferiority complex, being told we were aborigines
    from the jungle," said Sen. Zainuddin Maidin. "Now, foreigners come
    here and look up at the tallest building in the world, at the newest
    airport in the region, and they say, 'Wow, look at all Malaysia has
    done.' "That gives us psychological esteem. That's Mahathir's great
    strength. He's given us confidence. His weakness is his stubbornness
    and the fact that he will sacrifice friends to achieve what he
    believes in."

    When Malaysia became independent in 1957, per capita income was $350 a
    year. By the beginning of 1997 it was nearly $5,000, and Malaysia had
    been transformed into one of Asia's economic "tigers." It was the
    trendy place for hedge-fund managers to park their funds and billions
    of dollars poured into Malaysian stocks and projects, often without
    much research. On June 17, 1997, the International Monetary Fund
    praised Malaysia's economic fundamentals and said Mahathir's policies

    the confidence investors had shown. Two weeks later, the currency in
    neighboring Thailand collapsed, heralding a crisis that eventually
    damaged economies across Asia and around the globe. Hedge-fund
    managers pulled their money out of Malaysia

    as quickly as they had put it in. "The economic tigers," Mahathir
    said, "have now become whimpering kittens."

    Economic Woes Increase Calls to Step Down The Malaysian currency, the
    ringgit, lost 60% of its value, per capita income by late 1997 had
    fallen to about $1,500, and $100 billion was wiped out of the local
    stock market. Mahathir says the meltdown

    has cost Malaysia $140 billion.

    "Of course, I'm angry that 40 long years of toil and sweat have been
    destroyed in a very short period of time," Mahathir said. "On top of
    that we're being blamed for destroying our economy when we know we
    weren't the cause. To re-create this wealth will take a long time, a
    decade or more. It's the waste that angers me. So much wasted effort,
    so many lost dreams."

    There are still many Malaysians who support Mahathir. Many others
    appreciate his achievements but think it's time for him to step aside.
    He said he had intended to retire last year--a plan that was derailed
    by the economic crisis and the Anwar affair. But he said he won't quit
    now because it would appear he was running from tough times. He plans
    to stand again in the next general election--Malaysia's elections are

    legitimate, hard-fought and do not provide the prime minister with a
    free ride--which will be held by April 2000.

    And how would Mahathir, who had heart bypass surgery in 1989, like to
    be remembered by history? He chuckled softly, which is about as
    demonstrative as he ever gets. "Oh, I really don't care," he said. "In
    40 years I'm not going to be around, and when you are dead, people
    will say nasty things about you. . . . It doesn't make a difference to
    me. I just want to do what I can for my country while I'm alive."

    Copyright 1999 Los Angeles Times. All Rights Reserved


    Visionary, who nurtured an Asian ‘tiger’

    Not too many people alive in the 21st century can be called the “father of a nation”— in the literal sense.

    But Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is one of them. In the 22 years, he was Prime Minister of Malaysia and over 60 years he has been in politics, Mahathir converted his country from a sleepy colonial backwater into one of the tiger economies of Asia. It was one reason that when he stepped down in 2003, he was granted the Malay honorific “tun” and the self-explanatory title Bapa Pemodenan, “father of modernisation.”

    Mahathir helped create a prosperous and politically-stable Malaysia. At the heart of this accomplishment was a period of economic dynamism during which the economy grew over 10 per cent a year for nine straight years.

    A Malay, who came of age, when Mahathir first came to power saw his living standards roughly double each year of Mahathir’s reign.

    The real genius of the Malaysian leader, however, was his remarkable aptitude for merging economic reforms with populist politics in a manner that did not let the latter derail the former.

    He inherited a nation whose dominant ethnic group, the Malays, were dogged by poverty. So he introduced a “discriminatory” quota system in education and jobs for them, but ensured it did not disturb the underlying economy. More remarkable was that as the Malays prospered, he actually reduced quota levels in schools.

    Similarly, he tackled the small pockets of Islamic fundamentalism in his country by a combination of political co-option and electoral marginalisation. Mahathir has been among the harshest international critics of the US and Israeli policy to the Arab world — to the point where he has been accused of anti-Semitism. However, the US remains Malaysia’s largest foreign investor and Washington praises Kuala Lumpur for its tough stand against terror.

    Even while he rejected the prescriptions of the IMF during the 1998 Asian financial crisis, Mahathir was sending so many of Malay’s best and the brightest brains to study overseas that other than India and China, no other third world country has so many citizens with Western degrees and diplomas.

    A similar understanding that nationalism requires symbols, but not ones that come at the expense of economic substance, led him to build on a grand scale. The result: the Petronas Towers, the Proton car and the state-of-the-art Multimedia Corridor. Some observers argue that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s politics reflect the patience and prescriptive skills he learnt as a trained physician.

    What no one doubts is that if world power today is finding its centre in Asia, one reason is the amazing transformation of one country wrought by Mahathir — the man who first coined the phrase, “Look East policy.” Which is why it is appropriate that he is a guest at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2006.

    - Pramitpal Chaudhuri

  87. Anonymous5:03 pm

    En Rocky

    Kita semua doakan Tun supaya cepat sembuh dan mendapat kekuatan yg berlipat kali ganda.

    - Namun, NST hari ini di page 4, ada menyiarkan satu berita "Worries about missing Shah Rukh Show". Bagi saya, Tun bergurau. Siapa tidak kenal Tun. Apa kata En Rocky? Apa yg NST maksudkan?

  88. "...His weakness is his stubbornness
    and the fact that he will sacrifice friends to achieve what he
    believes in."
    - Quote by Datuk Zam in the article written by David Lamb as posted by Anonymous.

    I don't agree with Zam on this. I think it is Tun's strength to be able to sacrifice something he holds dear for a greater good. It takes a lot of courage to do something like that. Wonder has Zam ever sacrificed anything for a greater good?

  89. Anonymous6:05 pm

    Oh, I really don't care," he said. "In
    40 years I'm not going to be around, and when you are dead, people
    will say nasty things about you. . . . It doesn't make a difference to
    me. I just want to do what I can for my country while I'm alive."

    Copyright 1999 Los Angeles Times. All Rights Reserved


    Dear Dear Tun

    That is why we love you & need you.

    That is why you will always be my hero!

    God bless.



    Financial giant: Need to fine-tune NEP

    Malaysia is “quickly dropping from the radar screens of global investors” and it must employ various measures to address this crisis, including the eventual dismantling of the New Economic Policy (NEP).

    This dire warning is contained in a report published by Citigroup, a leading financial services company, which also described the Malaysian economy today as “a pale shadow of itself compared to 10 years ago.”

    “Malaysia is quickly dropping off the radar screens of global investors. Whether measured in terms of FDI (foreign direct investment) draw, stock market capitalisation or trading volumes, Malaysia is slipping down the ladder,” read the report, released two weeks ago.

  91. Anonymous7:14 pm

    Our Father, which art in heaven,
    Hallowed be thy Name.
    Thy kingdom come.
    Thy will be done,
    in earth as it is in heaven.
    Give us this day our daily bread.
    And forgive us our trespasses,
    As we forgive them that trespass against us.
    And lead us not into temptation;
    But deliver us from evil:
    [For thine is the kingdom, The power, and the glory,
    For ever and ever.] Amen.

  92. Anonymous7:22 pm

    Hey twolooks,

    President Kim of North Korea is looking for someone who can write like you, willing to pay high salalry. Interested please call 0215-68234424

  93. Anonymous8:20 pm

    Anonymous said... (7.22PM)

    Hey twolooks,

    President Kim of North Korea is looking for someone who can write like you, willing to pay high salalry. Interested please call 0215-68234424


    Hey Anonymous (7.22PM)

    Read again-lah, u silly cow!

    Ayoh! U wanna be sacrcastic, huh?

    twolooks didnt write the article on Tun Dr Mahathir.

    Pramitpal Chaudhuri (of hindustantimes) did.

  94. i read nst today....
    the paper highlighted TUN worrying about not being able to attend Shah Rukh Khan concert... still spinning i guess

    To Dr M and his family i'd like to wish a speedy recovery.

  95. Anonymous11:09 pm

    Isn't it not clear still to you that they need to make a fool of themselves to make them feel good.

  96. TDM/IJN - 1. AAB/AUS - 0.

  97. Anonymous1:02 am

    To the doctors in IJN that are treating Tun. May Allah give you the wisdom and strength to help get Tun back on his feet.

    Rasa sedih sangat as to what's happening to Malaysia. It's like a sick joke. I wish it was all a dream.....

    Malaysian in Perth ;-)

  98. Anonymous2:42 am

    Get weel soon, Tun. The country needs you.. We needs you.. You are the last pahlawan we have now..

  99. Anonymous8:51 pm

    I have been been told that among Pak Lah's supporters they are speculating that Tun is faking the heart attack because he's afraid to attend the forthcoming general assembly.

    How preposterous and downright silly can that be?!

    Get well soon, Tun. We need someone like you especially to thwart the ridiculous FAZ... the most stupid idea that has come out thus far...

  100. Anonymous8:05 am

    This is for Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad
    yang amat dikasihi & disayangi.

  101. Anonymous10:34 am

    That's a fitting tribute to Tun Dr Mahathir.

    I became so weepy watching the video clips and listening to the songs.

    Tun is indeed a warrior!


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