Friday, November 10, 2006


We are only perceived to be more corrupt, that's all. Dollah Badawi has questioned Transparency International's latest corruption index and said here that "we do not need other people to tell us of the situation in our own country".
"We can assume that since the index is based on perception, it therefore differs from reality." - Abdullah Badawi (NST, "PM: Speed up graft trials")
The 2006 index, released early this week, saw Malaysia slipped five big rungs to 44th position. Just World president Dr Chandra Muzaffar has blamed Dollah, who vowed to combat corruption three years ago, for refusing to compel politicians and their families, including his own son whose companies seem to be doing extremely well since he became the PM, to declare their assets.

The PM blamed the poorer index on the slowness of the courts in trying corruption cases and, believe it or not, the "freer" Press. According to the same NST report, Dollah said "it was possible that others perceived corruption had not decreased due to the greater openness in the media which has been actively reporting corruption cases".

Dollah did not seem to have a problem with the country's better position on the UNDP's human development index, though. Click here for the story; here for the index.


  1. Anonymous8:22 pm

    But his sons' contract is bigger than my son, so how can it be that the ranking has dropped? This is not fair, I will demand for an apology and we will burn their flag.

  2. i don't know if we're more corrupt now compared to the past, but i know that the corrupt now knows no shame.
    at least in the past, corruption was under the table.
    now, even when the corrupt have been exposed, they walk around ala 1-eye, alaZak, with their supporters screaming down the protesters telling them cinabalik, with bapa mertua shoving the disciplinary responsibility to someone else, with authorities saying that aca is powerless to nab the priveleged.
    shameless, these new breed.

  3. Anonymous8:34 pm


    Bapa Hypocrite?

    Greater openness in media? Is the same minister who just suspended a newspaper license? Just my luck to be living during the reign of the worst Malaysia Prime Minister. Not too say it is a bad thing if you look back the past PMs but he just terrible. I feel to those who lived during Nixon era. We are far worst off since we cannot force him to resign. i will start to vote in the next election and it definitely won't be showing support to him. Let us all do what American voters did when they us an imbecile running their country.

  4. Bro

    Saya memohon tidak disalahkan PM yg tak percaya CPI utk Malaysia merudum lagi sebab:

    "I am not involved in any way. I don’t know".

    Kalau ada terambik pun, apa salahnya! Sebab...

    "Anak dia (Dr Mahathir) pun dapat juga (kontrak) cuma tak tunjuk saja dan projek yang anak dia dapat lebih besar dari apa yang Scomi dapat".

    Alahai, Rocky, apa salahnya!

    ‘‘Itu (harta) adalah hak ahli keluarga saya, tak payahlah saya umumkan harta yang mereka miliki,’’ katanya kepada pemberita selepas mempengerusikan mesyuarat Majlis Tertinggi Umno.

    Tambahan pula, katanya, tindakan ahli keluarganya untuk memiliki harta bukanlah satu perbuatan yang salah.

    Tapi, ntah la. Saya ni asyik sungguh dok sebut-sebut:


  5. FDI - down. CPI - down.

    *And AAB still don't get it.*

  6. Anonymous1:19 am

    This PM has got his head up in the clouds..and why not?
    His chief critic is in hospital and the Deputy PM is entangled in the Mongolian saga.
    Everything is going for him, just as the self-pronounced ulamak proudly proclaims.
    But is everything as Rosy as it seems?
    For one thing, a few visitors to Sri Perdana have noticed the intimacy between him and a 'lady of the house'.
    Isn'nt the 'ulamak' living in sin?

    Here's one bells are around the corner for the PM. And its not going to be the person predicted by

  7. Anonymous1:34 am

    a little side track here

    Rocky I read the news that Pak Lah and the goverment is considering selling 51 percent stake at proton to VW. Perhaps they are trying to sell proton to outsiders while mahathir is still in hospital.

    Is he serious? What's with the hype that everyone want's proton to be sold out. We dont want another british Car industry here do we?

    Gila Man like this!

  8. Anonymous3:04 am

    Bro Rocky

    What non-sense is the PM talking "We are not more corrupt now!" The Sleeping PM needs not go very far, just look at his own son, who can afford to own 180 ships, his son in law, who is unemployed and able RM200,000-00 on the ECM-Libra deal. How sad!! Kalimulah suddenly can afford to own shares in ECM Libra!!!

    I am sorry Rocky, I have never heard a politician let alone a PM spoke in such a way in the press. Well, what do you expect from a person who loves the position but have no love for responsibilities.

    I really am sorry for the PM because he had to take advise from the the underworld people because Khariy is so powerful!!

  9. Anonymous5:38 am

    The present goververnment is so "open" and "transparent" that corruption is done so openly.

  10. Anonymous6:17 am

    2003: 37
    2004: 39
    2005: 39
    2006: 44

  11. Anonymous8:46 am

    this is what he said...
    "We can assume that since the index is based on perception, it therefore differs from reality." - Abdullah Badawi (NST, "PM: Speed up graft trials")

    this is what I say...
    "We can assume that since what he said was based on his perception, it therefore differs from reality."

    but then again, HE is the Prime Minister of Malaysia and I'm just a Malaysian citizen.

    say, Rocky, why don't you start polls for the worst/most illogical/etc comments given by those in the news.

    after all, it's almost the end of the year and I'm sure there are "deserving" V.I.Ps out there somewhere...wink, wink, wink...nudge, nudge, nudge!

  12. Anonymous9:03 am

    In the story of the emperor's new clothes, only the small boy saw he was naked, but everyone around him said everything was OK.Similarly,except for the man in the street, and some media, NGO's etc, who sees abuse of power and corruption,to all those around the PM everything is OK.Thus, it is no surprise if the PM pervceives and says "Semua nya OK".

  13. Anonymous9:58 am

    Guys, AAB will be in Penang next week for ground breaking of the new Second Link Bridge. Just last week he was in JB doing the same for the mega billion South Johor Development project and some weeks back he was doing another ground breaking for some Billion Ringgit project in Dengkil. Is he trying to become the Malaysia Book of Record title holder for being the PM with the mostest numbers of ground breaking within one month? Or he is telling us that "Semuanya OK" (to plagiarise Selangor MB's famous words) and that we are all going to see another 1990 economic boom? No sir, not if these projects are awarded to your famous son-in-law or your son or your cronies because ultimately, we the rakyat will pay for the millions that will find their ways to the pockets of the well connected and will be stashed away in some Swiss bank accounts to buy another island in the Pacific or another hotel in Central London? Better tighten your belts, guys and gals. My intuition tells me there is harder time ahead.

  14. Anonymous10:16 am

    I don't need a PM who keeps issuing statements/slogans.

  15. Anonymous3:56 pm

    Missing rohanino/ronaldino(sp?) and his spot-on quotes from Shakespeare that we never knew about. :D

    C'mon dude, give us some gems!


  16. Anonymous6:07 pm

    YOu maybe Pak Lah has something there. What he may have wanted to say is that our position and corruption index has not worsened, only other countries corrupt may have improved - hence they leapfrog us. So, the index does not imply that our corruption has worsened.
    If you read between the lines, Pak Lah accepts that level of corruption in our country. he's fine with it.

    Jeez, I tried to keep a serious face when writing the above but can't...HAHAHAHAHA....this old man, he played one, he played nicknack on my bone....

    KEPALA PERLU (Please translate the second word with the one used by the Indonesians).

  17. Anonymous1:26 am

    Rocky bro,

    The Don't Know PM say we are not corrupt. What a big joke. Just look at Kalimulah alone. Kali was just a half past six journalist and when Badowi becam DPM he was trying to do some business and he failed miserably. When Bodowi became PM, he became a great business man, whose small company can buy over a bigger company and at the same timne can give loan to Khariy to buy ECM Libra shares.

    Kalimulah has no background ehatsoever beside he is mamak from Penang. According to the book by Syead Akbar Ali title "To Digess a Little", Syed Albar stated this book in May 2005 Kalimulah is worth about RM350 million. How on earth Kalimulah worth so much!!!!!

    According to Bodowi everything is allright because he has been led by the nose by the Tingkat 4 boys.

    Dear Asleeep PM, please ask your Kalimulah, Khairy and Kamaludin to declare their assets tot he ACA and I am sure that you will wake up immediately upon seeing their declration because three of them are the richest men in Malaysia - who got richest in Malaysia within 3 years of Asleep PM became PM.

    Bodowi, please do not let Kalimulah and Khariy to take you round the bend with sweet words.

  18. Anonymous2:31 am

    Korupsi telah menjadi darah daging Malaysia sejak zaman baru merdeka lagi. Bertambah buruk sejak konsep penswastaan di implimentasikan pada awal 80an. Sejak itu amalan korupsi semakin menjadi-jadi. Yang inginkan kontrak lumayan kerajaan memberi habuan kepada ahli politik yg berkedudukan, kepada kepala2 jabatan yg meluluskan tender2 hingga kepada budak pejabat yg membawa fail.

    Yang membuat projek swasta menberi habuan kpd ahli2 majlis kerajaan tempatan dan pegawai di PBT.

    Yang melakukan jenayah(kecil atau besar) dan yg melanggar undang2 memberi habuan kepada anggota polis atau kastam atau imigrasi.

    Yang di dalam UMNO atau MIC atau MCA memberi habuan kepada perwakilan2 supaya mereka terpilih sebagai pemimpin parti.

    Ini telah berlaku sejak zaman TDM. Jangan kita lupa perkara ini.

    Jangan kita lupa sejak zaman Mahathir Malaysia telah menjadi 'police state'. Jangan kita lupa ramai musuh Mahathir merengkok di Kamunting Resort yg menyebabkan ramai isteri menjadi unofficial janda dan anak2 menjadi unofficial anak yatim.

    Jangan lupa.Tolong jangan lupa.

    Tetapi apa yg Mahathir kritikan mesti kita sokong, walaupun apa yg Mahathir katakan kepada Dollah adalah sebenarnya perlakuan Mahathir yg di teruskan oleh Dollah.

    Kesalahan Dollah ialah kerana meneruskan legasi perlakuan tak senonoh Mahathir terhadap rakyat Malaysia.

    Jangan sekali kali kita MUDAH LUPA!
    Kerana 'mangsa' Mahathir TIDAK AKAN LUPA.
    ( Hanya penjilat Mahathir dan pembenci Dollah sahaja yg lupa).

    Mereka sama-sama zalim kepada rakyat.

    Saya ingin bertanya, sekarang Mahathir masih ada bersama kita, ramai yg bersemangat membelasah Dollah. Andaikata Mahathir sudah tiada nanti, adakah komentar2 seperti sekarang akan di teruskan?

    Atau kita semua menghilangkan diri ke Mongolia?

    mat lela mato tigo

  19. Phew!!!

    Thank You PM for calming my nerves down. I thought the corruption index was... I am relieved it was just someone else perception.

    I can sleep better tonight, especially after hearing your comment.....

  20. Anonymous7:12 am

    Anonymous( 6:07 PM )said...

    Kalimulah has no background ehatsoever beside he is mamak from Penang.


    Kali-ular is not even a Mamak.

    Dia tak ada satu titik pun darah Melayu.

    Dia masih cakap urdu with his mom, bukan cakap Melayu.

    Yang Melayu tu, wife dia.

  21. Anonymous8:21 am

    Very Hitleranian!

    Truth is not what is. Truth is what truth is PERCEIVED to be.


  22. Bro, Salam...

    Saya lihat banyak kecenderungan nak melipat asal-usul dan keturunan seseorang untuk melepaskan geram. Beberapa posting dlm blog ni pun sama ja...

    Saya tak suka la macam tu. Dulu masa saya tak suka TDM, saya tak pernah bantai dia sebab asal-usul dia dan saya langsung tak suka trend lagu tu.

    Saya pastikan yang saya tibai hanya perbuatan dia yang saya tak suka.

    Buat apa saya debik bangsa dan kaum orang sedangkan saya pun tak hebat mana. Lagipun, saya tak tau saya bangsa apa. Pak saya asal-usulnya dari Patani dan banyak kaum itu yang berhijrah ke negara ini dan tinggal di Kedah (macam di Pendang, Baling, Sik) dan Perak (Lenggong, Grik, Batu Kurau, Bukit Gantang...).

    Kecuali Shaari Kopi dan Ramli Ngah Talib, semua Menteri Besar Perak terdiri dari kaum itu.

    Mak saya pula orang Batubara atau Batak yang asal-usulnya dari Sumatera. Jadi apa bangsa saya?

    Apa yang nak megah sangat kalaupun benar kita Melayu dan apa hal pulak nak mengejek-ejek bangsa orang? Tak kira la Mamak ka, Benggali ka, Pustun ka...

    Tuhan menciptakan pelbagai bangsa untuk berkenal-kenalan (li ta'arafu - Bro belajar sekolah agama masa dok di Singapura dulu, tentu tau hal ini).

    Mohon maaf pandangan ini.

  23. Anonymous12:51 pm

    At the rate of things are going, anak aku dan menantu ku akan surpassed all the anak dia (TDM) punya contract within this term. He was a lousy father, after 22 years, he only gave them kacang putihs. Saya beri dia orang kapal.

  24. Anonymous12:56 pm

    It is only perceived but not conceived. So we need not bother about something that bad people forecasted. They should be focusing on the good things that we are doing, like checking the couple in Langkawi for illicit relationship. We are noble people. The methodology were based on the previous adminstration (Nazri's whisper to ABB), if the rankings is under 15, than I would say that it is based on the present ones.ZZZZZ

  25. Kod Etika Perdana Menteri Malaysia yang ke 5 Berubah Demi Anak/Menantu
    Date: Tuesday, November 07 @

    5 April 2004

    Isytihar harta sebelum Jun -- Wakil rakyat, ahli keluarga diarah kemuka laporan setiap dua tahun

    KUALA LUMPUR 4 April - Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi mengarahkan semua wakil rakyat Barisan Nasional (BN) membuat pengisytiharan harta sebelum akhir bulan depan.

    Abdullah berkata, pengisytiharan itu perlu dibuat meliputi harta-harta yang dimiliki oleh wakil rakyat serta ahli keluarga masing-masing.

    ``Pengisytiharan harta ini melibatkan harta-harta yang dimiliki sekarang dan perlu dilakukan dua tahun sekali,'' ujarnya.

    Beliau berkata demikian pada sidang akhbar selepas mempengerusikan Mesyuarat Majlis Tertinggi (MT) UMNO dan Mesyuarat Dewan Tertinggi BN di Menara Dato' Onn, Pusat Dagangan Dunia Putra (PWTC), di sini hari ini.

    Abdullah menegaskan, semua wakil rakyat BN perlu mematuhi kod etika wakil rakyat yang kini pada peringkat draf akhir.

    Katanya, draf akhir kod etika itu akan dibincang untuk diluluskan pada mesyuarat Kabinet, Rabu ini.

    ITU SEBELUM PU 2004.


    ‘Saya tidak pernah salah guna kuasa untuk anak-anak’
    KUALA LUMPUR 2 Nov. – Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi menegaskan, beliau tidak pernah menyalahgunakan kuasanya sebagai Perdana Menteri dengan membuat tindakan yang menguntungkan anak-anaknya.

    ‘‘Saya tidak pernah membuat keputusan yang menyalahi dan menyalahgunakan kuasa saya dalam hal berkaitan dengan anak-anak saya,’’ ujarnya.

    Presiden UMNO itu berkata, tindakan ahli keluarganya, terutama anak-anak dan menantunya memiliki harta bukan merupakan satu kesalahan dan beliau tidak berhasrat mencampuri urusan mereka.

    Menurutnya, ahli keluarganya mempunyai hak sama seperti orang lain, bebas untuk memiliki harta.

    Sehubungan itu, Abdullah menegaskan, beliau tidak bercadang membuat pendedahan tentang harta yang dimiliki oleh anak-anak mahupun menantunya.

    ‘‘Itu (harta) adalah hak ahli keluarga saya, tak payahlah saya umumkan harta yang mereka miliki,’’ katanya kepada pemberita selepas mempengerusikan mesyuarat Majlis Tertinggi UMNO di sini hari ini.

    Tambahan pula, katanya, tindakan ahli keluarganya untuk memiliki harta bukanlah satu perbuatan yang salah.

    Perdana Menteri berkata, begitu juga dengan anak-anak dan menantunya, mereka tidak perlu mengambil tindakan mengisytiharkan harta mereka.

    Saya jatuh kesihan dengan PM kita ini. Boleh jadi, adalah lebih baik dia berehat dan membawa ketenangan diri, sebab, dia sendiri telah hilang pegangan akibat ' tekanan' yang dialaminya.

    Sorry sir, if you can't walk the talk, you might as well stop both talking and walking. Sir, you are making harder and harder for yourself to be what you want to be, and, it is hardest for the rakyat to even look at "which direction" our country is going.

  26. Anonymous10:11 pm

    Guess that our corruption level has seen little or no changes.Dollah had vowed to address the corruption issue when he took helm.I guess he addressed it alright!Just in another way,look at KJ.

  27. Anonymous10:18 pm

    I donno what to think any more, yeah, its that sickening what this whole country is turning to.Looks like the mat rempit leader is our PMs advisor!