Thursday, November 09, 2006


Those "invited" to Dr M's house for another Hari Raya open house last night were delighted to see Zainudin Maidin, the Information Minister, there. At one point, the former prime minister and Zam were seated at the same table.

Widely considered a Mahathir man, Zam raised eyebrows recently when he joined most of his Cabinet colleagues in condemning Dr M for criticizing Dollah Badawi.


  1. Came late to miss the prime time drama. But I saw some Najib/KJ people also.

    Just to proof that what you say is not what you really are saying in the world of Malay politics.

    What seemed harsh does not really mean that it could be taken as harsh?

    Well ... maybe by next generation politics is about real issues and not realpolitik and wayang kulit ... hehehe

    P/S By the way, I think yesterday is Mukhriz's open house. He is the one waiting at the front

  2. Anonymous10:58 am

    The Sunday STAR carried an interview with ZAM regarding the present 'attack' on DrM.
    He claimed he still had high respect for DrM but he is holding to the principles that DrM taught him:- The party comes first. No individual is bigger than the party(UMNO).

    Had ZAM forgotten when he said DrM is not as brilliant as LKY?

    But Malay politicians( and most politician for that matter) are very good at 'bermuka-muka'with their 'friends and foes'.
    Anyway this is still Syawal, and most probably ZAM and Najib's and KJ's circle were there to sambut hari raya with DrM. Or MAYBE to tell him not to make any noise next week at PWTC.

    Zam zam alakazam!!!

    Ayub Tulakang

  3. Actually Rocky, I think you need correct the perception that Zam is Dr M's man. He has never been one.

    Zam has always been Pak Lah's man through and through, I understand through his being part of Pak Lah's family's religious school network in Kedah/Penang.

    Zam may not have been directly antagonistic of Dr M in the past, but within UMNO and whilst in the Press, he has always been antagonistic of Dr M's men, especially in Kedah.

    This has resulted in Zam's influence being curbed in Kedah even till now, despite even Pak Lah's best efforts, with his 5th place showing as delegate at the recent Merbok Division elections being indicative as it is such a poor showing for a sitting government Minister.

    His previous writtings and words in support of Dr M, some laced with sarcasm to the critical eye, hence have to be catergorised as 'sophisticated mengampu', whilst his more vicious stance of late, reflects his true feelings towards Dr M, in defence of the child of his real mentors.

  4. Btw, Dr M's 2nd Open House was also the Open House of his children, especially Mokhzani and Mukhriz in the UMNO context.

    One then has to wonder whether Zam and all these Najib/KJ supporters really came for Dr M, or to court his sons.

    Zam for instance would be keen to cultivate the more popular Mokhzani, at least as a non-enemy if not an ally, at Merbok Division.

  5. Apa nak heran dia join the filthy chorus, cari makan, bib...

    Heran juga apa hal orang tergila-gilakan sangat bodek wal ampu ni, gua walaupun setakat ni belum lagi buat gitu (setakat ni la, tak berani cakap besaq), dok gemok elok ni. Makan kenyang, 97 kg lagi!

    Orang ada rumah nak duduk, gua pun tak tinggal bawah jambatan. Orang ada kereta nak gerak sana-sini, gua pun tak la pulak jalan kaki dari Gombak ni kalau nak pi KL ka, nak balik Taiping ka. Kereta murah pun, asal boleh gerak, jadi la.

    Ampu sana, ampu sini; apa kena, apa nak jadi!


  6. Anonymous12:27 pm

    As they say, there's no permanent friends or foes in politics. Zam is playing both sides of the fence, just in case the wind changes direction. Lalang jugak!


    Three Malaysian Canornouts(short for can or not) finalist(as oppose to cosmonauts ,astronauts and taikonauts) were interviewd by Malaysian PM for singlebooster mission to the moon.Somehow or rather it came to Indian,Malay and Chinese as usual.

    Each was interviewed separately ,in order to be fair, by PM himself ,Zam the Minister for Canornotoly Ministry(he was promoted for good deeds) was doing the resume check on all candidates.

    Scene :PM Office as the first candidate walked in
    Background Music:Fly Me To The Moon..F.Sinatra
    Lighting: DIMMED ..PM and Zam prefer to work under low light

    U have been succesfully completed the endurance test Mr Muthusamy,now tell me your price and the reason why.

    (In Indian accent if you can) One million US dollar and one BMW 320 .

    Wow that expensive ,but whats the reason

    This is dangerous mission Sir,I might not come back ,if anything were to happen ,at least my family is taken care of and my wife can drive BMW..

    Well ,that reasonable ,let Zam and Me consider .

    ZAM!!!!(he had listening problem)called for the next one pl

    (running to serve which is his strong point) YESSS SIRE..

    So you represent Malay huh?proud of you,but all the same ,i ve to remain impartial and asked how much you need to be rewarded as all of you passed the endurance test with flying me your price.

    Thank you Sir,am being modest Sir,just USD2 million and one SUV.
    PM: Wow !!your asking price is too much,one million more than Mr Muthusammy ,with the same qualification ,I must add,but whats your reason?
    Zulhisham: Thanks you Sir,being UMNO member,it is very important for me..

    Please cut the story short.

    You see Sir,I got four wives and 10 childrens,even if anything were to happen to me their welfare is taken care of,should a pingat or datukship be awarded i hope the financial renumeration is a package deal.As UMNO member....

    Thank You Zulhisham..oh,on your way Out please ask ZAM to call for next candidate.

    Zheng Xi Peng!!!(murmuring to himself) this doesnot sound like local chinese name...ZHENG XI PENG!!!

    The Last Scene:
    A small Chinese man with uneasy gait sit infront of PM

    Yes Mr ZXP ,am surprised that you have gone through the endurance test with flying colors,100 metre dash in 9.87 sec and can hold your breath underwater for 20 minutes ,a world record....

    Thank you Sir ,i am just a loyal citizen who humbly accept the challenge.

    All the same tell me the price.

    (taking out his abascus) to cut the story short ,without any car ,...USD3 million Sir.

    Thats ridiculous!! you are single,no girlfriend and an orphan and you are asking for USD3 million??? are you mad??
    The reasonable price is 1 or 2 million USD

    May approach and whisper to you my reason for the stated price Sir?


    (whispering)one million for you ,one for me and one million for Mr Muthusammy

    But why Muthu?

    He is the one going.

    OK....ZAM!! please pay ZXP USD3 million and let him organise the trip

    ZAM: But Sir there going to be big protest in UMNO assembly for this so un UMNO decision by our UMNO members.

    I can handle this,i have been impartial and show no favouritism to any particular race.ZAM please extend my Hari Raya greeting to TDM when you go for his hari raya visit.Here is RM500 for your effort.

    Thank you Sir for your generousity and astute decision making ,your leadership and visionary views is much appreciated and valued by me

    But that the same thing you said to TDM and PL

    Yours ,dear Sir is of higher level

    MORAL OF THE STORY: ZAM IS HONORABLE MAN !! thats what Mark Anthony said of Brutus.

  8. Anonymous1:33 pm


    you can read Zam's presence at the open house at Tun's residence to mean several things. but, please be mindful that it was Tun's children's open house.

    my take on this: Zam went there for Mukhriz and Mokhzani. It is after all aidilfitri, so why not, see the old man as well. and also for future investment.... politicians know that you never know wht tomorrow brings. just in case. you know what i mean.

    I wouldnt be to quick to "forgive" zam.

  9. Anonymous1:27 am

    the chap is not a quality materials but potentially damaging factor to malaysian racial unity.

    get well soon dr. mahathir.

  10. Anonymous10:26 am

    Basically, Zam is a typical example of an Umno and politician. Today you lick Tun M, tomorrow when he is out or down, you switch camp and lick the present PM....where are your morals?

    Where are the principles and ethics of journalism that Zam learnt in Utusan(if there were any even then.

    We will see such double faced characters who dont care a damn about maruah as long as it serves them to cling on to the thin string of political survival.

  11. Anonymous12:39 pm

    Don't waste time discussing about Zam. Ask Mazlan Nordin, who is Zam?. Dia akan jawab opportunies no 1. Ask Pak Samad about Zam?. Dia jawab, kau refer buku yang dia tulis pasal Tun Razak, banyak tak betul...dia hentam je.
    Anda pula dah baca buku Zam tulis pasal Mahathir tak?. Nampak bagus semua...tapi lain pulak apa yang dia kata sekarang ya....Ramai hairanlah apamacam ini macam orqng pun ada.

  12. Anonymous2:39 pm

    Dulu dia lawan Kalimullah???? Apa dah jadi?. Kecut perut kau. Hari ini pun hang tak berani lawan Kalimullah lah...siapa lebih power.