Thursday, November 02, 2006


Long chat with The Plagiarist. Hishamuddin Aun and Syed Faisal Albar had a long chat with disgraced NST group editor Brendan Pereira at the Balai Berita yesterday.

This morning, what they discussed appeared in the news here: "New Group Editor for NST".

Will this be a turning point for NST? Dream on. For as long as the other Singapore-trained operative Kalimullah Hassan who planted Brendan at the NST, who is responsible for the NST's current state and who is the author of the June 11 lies, remains as the Editorial Adviser and Deputy Chairman of the NSTP, and continues to rule men like Hisham and Syed Faisal, the decline continues.


  1. Anonymous10:38 am

    Just read about Brendan Plagiarist being replaced as Group Editor of NST wef 1 Jan 2007. Not sure if this is another Spin Tale by the oh-so-immature boys of NST who managed to put Malaysia through such shame, the report merely said Syed Nadzri will replace him as Group Editor. So is he getting the boot or is he being promoted/reassign to spin more tales for the likes of KJ or AAB or the anti-TDM crooks? I am not holding my breath to find out, just so you know!

    Brother Rocky, I have the nasty misgiving that HALF BLIND, judging by the way he is defending the Plagiarist, IS ACTUALLY THE PLAGIARIST HIMSELF! Otherwise, I could not see how anyone could be as half blind (pun intended) as him! Do we still have any hope left?

    (originally) 9:32 AM

  2. Anonymous10:39 am

    Saudara Rocky,

    Saya menyertai rakan-rakan yang lain mengucapkan tahniah kepada Sdr Syed Nazri kerana dilantik Group Editor New Straits Times Sdn Bhd.

    After a string of unfortunate events and questionable choices, I hope and pray Syed will do the paper proud.

    Personally, I consider myself lucky for being able to work with him for many years, as I had with you and many others.

    As I have commented in my blog in response to Pujangga, running the NST is not an easy job. But I am sure Syed can live up to our expectation.

    Selamat maju jaya Sdr Syed Nazri.

    And congratulations to you, Jeff Ooi and other bloggers and your "posters" for making this change possible.

    Had you not highlighted the act of plagiarism by the former GE, this positive change would not have taken place so suddenly.

    Tahniah dan terima kasih kepada semua yang terlibat.

    (originally left at 9.27am under earlier posting)

  3. Anonymous10:41 am

    Bro Rocky

    Thank you for exposing this bum!!


    ---Ha ha ha This is the greatest joke of the year!!

  4. Anonymous10:57 am

    Attaboy Rocky/Jeff! The NST, just like UM, WAS Malaysia's premier newspaper. The slide must be arrested before it goes the way of the Malay Mail.

    But given his "indispensability" to Kali, I have a sneaky suspicion he will be contributing as a guest columnist, continuing to write his spin but with more venom since he is freelance.

  5. Anonymous10:59 am

    Hold your celebration guys. I'd wait until Brendan the plagiarist is confirmed to be tucked safely back to Singapore where he truly belong.

  6. Anonymous11:01 am


    Another spin?

  7. Anonymous11:07 am

    Dear Rocky,

    Who would ever think that web log, which is supposedly a personal diary by anak-anak muda and the so called anak-anak muda as a means to express themselves freely and chatting with other internet users, will one day become so important?

    And who would also think that bloggers together with his/her commentators can be so powerful?

    Indeed Rocky's Bru blog had proven it!

    Sama ada Ketua Pengarang Brendan, Ketua Pengarang Kumpulan Hishamuddin dan Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Syed Faisal tertekan akibat posting Sdr Rocky dan kritikan bertubi-tubi daripada ahli forum sehingga mendesak mereka membuat perubahan di dalam hieraki pentadbiran Jabatan Pengarang NST itu betul atau tidak, yang penting keputusan perletakan jawatan Brendan dan pelantikan Syed Nazri berlaku selepas posting Sdr Rocky!

    Dan yang lebih pasti tentulah keputusan itu dimaklumkan kepada Perdana Menteri kerana beliau bertanggungjawab merestui sebarang pelantikan jawatan Ketua Pengarang di NSTP.

    Syabas Rocky. Syabas ahli forum. Syabas Jeff Ooi. Syabas Raja Petra. Syabas mendiang Pillai. Syabas Datuk Kadir kerana berjaya mengangkat taraf blog ke tahap yang disegani dan digeruni dengan perspektif ulasan yang lebih fokus, mendalam dan terperinci. Syabas kepada semua yang berjuang demi agama, bangsa dan negara kerana luahan hati anda semakin mendapat perhatian...

  8. Anonymous11:18 am

    Brendan Pereira should have been sacked! He is a disgrace to the NST and to journalism! I can't stomach that the NST is actually thanking him for his - "tireless efforts in turning around the editorial operations and improving the performance and position of the New Straits Times"??? what kind of crap is that? it makes me feel so so so stupid for even reading the NST!

  9. Anonymous11:24 am


    I agree with you that as long as the Singapore-trained agent Kali-MULLAH is still in control of The NST, it makes no difference as to who replaces Brendan P.

    But at least we have one thorn taken out of the NST. We’ve got a lot to thank you, bro, Jeffooi and other bloggers for successfully exposing Brendan for what he is...a plagiarist.

    And the response from contributors is proof that - and thank goodness - many among us do not tolerate such a despicable act from a person practising a profession that is supposed to uphold TRUTH!

    Yeah! Power to the bloggers!!

  10. Anonymous11:30 am

    Congratulations & jubilations, I want the world to know I am happy as can be!!!

    Ok. This aint plagiarism. I believe this is part of Sir Cliff Richard's "Congratulations" - my mom's favourite singer of the 60s.


  11. Anonymous11:36 am

    Tabik spring to:

    Rocky’s bru


    Raja Petra Kamaruddin &

    All contributors to these blogs

    Bloggers Unite!!

  12. Rocky,
    A big 'tabik spring' to you bro. Ever since your expose, i am very sure that u have become THE most ' influential blogger' in Malaysia now, unlike the other purported one. Keep it up!!!!

  13. Anonymous11:53 am


    Wonder if Kali has briefed Pak Lah (who was responsible for putting him in the NST) as to why Brendan (who was appointed by Kali) has to leave the group.

    It tells a lot about Kali isn’t it?

    Remember that Salleh (World) fella? Kali appointed this Salleh as Editor-in-chief & then was forced to sack him for sexual harassment?

    And now Brendan has got to go because he has been found to have been a cheat?

    Tells a lot about Pak Lah too...about the people he put in position of trust.

  14. Anonymous12:11 pm


    Congratulations on winning this 'personal' battle of yours, beheading your personal foe. And thank you for publishing my critical comments in your previous post, though you have censored all my previous comments and only published my latest comment after you think you have won the plagiarism argument.

    As far as the plagiarism point is concerned, I personally still do not think that it counts as such, and in any event, the concept is not that well defined.

    Nevertheless, judging from the resignation of BP, it seems that the NST top level considered that you and Jeff Ooi were right (Though NST's reason was not specified, I think the writing is on the wall). Fine, and IF you take NST's action as the yardstick of measuring whether you have achieved 'victory', then I'll admit that I've lost the argument, according to NST's action yesterday.

    So, congrats. But I also hope that as a responsible journalist as you like to boast, you should contribute your efforts by fine-tuning the concept/charge so that writers are not punished for borrowing others' literary STYLES.

    Here's an example of contrary view for you and your readers to bear in mind:

    Creative Copying, or in Defense of Mimicry
    By Rebecca Dierking

    "I think it is important that these young writers understand that writers have always drawn on the work of other writers. Shakespeare himself stole plots from mythology, history, and even his contemporaries. No one seems offended by these borrowings. Rather, we are awed by his ability to transform the mundane into the sublime."

    That BP guy might not be very original, but to call him a plagiarist is exaggerated. Nonetheless, I hope your 'victory' today will not retard Malaysians' creativity as a result.

    However, let's not forget that my main disagreement was with your criticism of NST, blind support for Dr M, the bigger issues of free speech, censorship and intolerence of dissent. Here, you have shown your true colours in censoring my comments which raised these issues, and therefore proved my point that many Malaysians are hypocritical and apply double standard when it comes to the concept of free speech.

    The respect for free speech means you should let the readers judge, respect THEIR intelligence.

    But I guess the prerequisite for the respect for free speech is the readiness to ADMIT MISTAKES, to accept defeat, when it has been shown that you are wrong. I doubt you have that, yet.

    Wiel Maja said,
    "Brother Rocky, I have the nasty misgiving that HALF BLIND, judging by the way he is defending the Plagiarist, IS ACTUALLY THE PLAGIARIST HIMSELF! Otherwise, I could not see how anyone could be as half blind (pun intended) as him! Do we still have any hope left?"

    Brother - very mature.

  15. Anonymous12:37 pm

    org lama said...

    Tells a lot about Pak Lah too...about the people he put in position of trust.


    Actually, Pak Lah has so much trust in Kali, the ular and & Brendan, the plagiarist, to spin and help him look good and TDM looks bad.

    Unfortunatly, they bungled good time and screwed things up.

    The harder they try to build up Pak Lah's image, the more pathetic the PM looks. And the more desperate they become.

    Dont they know any kind of excesses is counterproductive?

    But what do you expect from someone like kali & koncu2nya, rite?

  16. Clark Gable of Pulau Duyong signing in with Samurai ceromonial cloth:

    Dear Brendan 'Albom'Pareira,

    I had a meeting with Mr Shogun himself yesterday..your Albomic approach to the last sunday editorial was the final nail in your coffin.We didnt expect much from a Singapore's PR editor,but the very least we still practise thing called respect of our elders.

    Shogun priapic expectation of your harakiri is expected considering shame that you had cause the institution.

    Todays headline was not a surprise jolt considering that everyone had expected it for a long time.

    Let me quote Malcom X (not related to Albom by blood or colour):

    " You cant expect Brendan chicken to produce a duck's egg"

    and for your departure Malcom X has a quote too:
    "The Brendan chicken had come home to roost"

    FYI thats not call pliagarism as Malcom X was quoted and noted and i dont take credit for that.

    As the matter of harakiri,lets us all be more forgiving for Brendan as he is just a chicken .Go back to roost in Singapore and at the very least you wouldnt cause any more harm to Malaysian.Go and practice your stenching trade (pliagarism and spinnism) elsewhere.
    The talent like this much needed in America and Israel.

    Go Brendan go ...before i trust the sword myself....this is not a death threat but bobbitism threat.


  17. Anonymous12:40 pm

    Congratulations Rocky !

  18. Anonymous1:14 pm

    Brendan must be the worst ever GE the NST ever had. He and Kali turned the revered paper into a low rate rag.

    the front and back page layouts and graphics resemble comics. and the over dramatised copies of especially political and human interest stories are not only a bore, but a joke.

    brendan was responsible for all these. he will always be remembered as a disgrace, plagiarist and worthless GE.

    Kali told me sometime ago that brendan was perhaps the best journalist in the country. Now, he has to eat his words.

    When he called me yesterday to discuss brendan's case, he mentioned that he was obliged to take care of brendan, now that this fella wont be accepted in the media industry here.

    actually, i dont think anyone will accept him, i replied.

    kali said he would sponsor brendan to do his Masters and then perhaps find him a place in ECM Libra.

    Kali also mentioned that he felt sad for brendan, who is now according to his words: :" a pariah in the media industry."

    I personally feel that brendan, for his blatant plagiarism, should be sacked and the message sent out that plagiarism is a mortal sin in our profession.

    good luck syed nadzri and let's hope nst under you would be able to give my paper, the Star, a good fight.

  19. Anonymous1:23 pm

    Why wait till next month? No immediate suspension/sacking?

  20. Anonymous1:34 pm

    One down another to go..........

  21. Anonymous1:38 pm

    i wonder how many of you have actually met brendan? from what i know, he has defended many people from Kali-Gula, who, apart from lacking a brain, is missing the "rational" and "upright" genes. brendan is tarred by association. also, why kick a person when he's down? everyone did it to kadir jasin when he left the NST. everyone's doing it to Tun Dr Mahathir, which is absolutely sick. no-one did it to dollah cock lanas becos they were too afraid of his vindictiveness. now it's brendan. we just want blood. we don't give a damn whose it is. nice.

  22. Anonymous1:45 pm

    Rocky's Bru. I share in the jubilation with the promotion of Syed Nadzri as Group Editor of NST with the stepping down of Brendan Pereira. I was disgusted with the NST with the spin stories under Brendan that I have refused to read it since the spin stories started appearing, although I was a loyal subsciber to the paper for many years. I am also disappointed that the ethics of journalism have fallen so low and sincerely hope that things will improve withe appointment of the new GE.
    To bloggers like you, Jeff Ooi, Kadir Yasin, Raja Petra Kamarudin, Bakri Musa, my heartfelt thanks for providing the alternative platforms to discuss the various issues plagueing our beloved nation. Hope this will lead to a change in the political leadership of the country for better things for all of us. Warm regards to everyone. Hashimoto

  23. Well done, bru.

    Blogs - 1. Mainstream - 0.

    Bet you're grinning as wide as the Cheshire cat!

    A word of caution, though. You will be spotlighted by the powers that be and there will be attempts to discredit you in weeks to come.

    Meanwhile, congratulations. I'm glad some of us were able to witness history being made, first hand.

  24. Anonymous2:04 pm

    Kalau dulu saya was-was akan keberkesanan blog dan bloggers, kini saya semakin percaya dan mempunyai harapan yang blog berupaya memainkan peranan untuk membentuk pemikiran rakyat.

    Syabas saudara Rocky, Jeff Ooi, Datuk Kadir dan lain-lain. Semoga semangat kalian tidak akan pudar - malah makin berkobar-kobar lagi untuk membongkar segala jenis kejahatan, dan menuntut serta menegakkan keadilan.

  25. Anonymous2:21 pm

    Bravo Rocky, you're the man. Also to Jeff, AKJ, RPK and all the bloggers.

    U all make us proud. Now take out the bigger snake, Kali.

    Kali, you're days are numbered.

  26. Anonymous2:23 pm

    Rearrange the letters of


    and you get:


  27. Anonymous2:35 pm

    brendan shouldn't be there in the first place.

    till the announcement turn into reality, i wouldn't buy it. it could just be another spin of the year.
    afterall it is NST (Never Say Truth).
    for all you know, he could be promoted to head a new spinning department.

  28. Anonymous2:35 pm

    Could today's announcement just a ploy to appease Umno delegates to the GE assembly?

    Nevertheless, he wont be spinning anymore. Bye-bye Brendan, hope u burn in hell (with LKY).

  29. Anonymous2:59 pm

    Rocky, I've been following your blog religiously because of several things. NST means a lot to me although I can't claim to know many people there anymore. During my visits home, I used to look forward to the visits to the NST office and meeting old friends. And it is sad to see the way it is going. I have congratulated Syed Nadzri and I trust he will do a good job. I have known him since those days in Light Street, Penang office, when he had more hair on his head. Tahniah Syed. KT

  30. Anonymous3:02 pm


    I see many of those NST spin-writers, writing againts Dr Mahathir everyday without fail, are from one particular race. Betul ke ni?

    NST tempat dia orang bersarang ke?

    Hantu Gigi Jarang.

  31. Anonymous3:34 pm

    just read this:

  32. Anonymous3:56 pm

    Damn! It is! IT'S A WRITTEN MESS. What an eerie anagram. Scarier than my favourite: MOTHER-IN-LAW. Rearrange it and it becomes: WOMAN HITLER. Haha!

  33. Anonymous4:10 pm

    Half Blind wrote about Rocky Bru:

    "But I guess the prerequisite for the respect for free speech is the readiness to ADMIT MISTAKES, to accept defeat, when it has been shown that you are wrong. I doubt you have that, yet."

    Was Half Blind trying to teach Grandfather (Rocky Bru) to suck eggs??? Or was he reflecting on himself on how IMMATURE HE REALLY REALLY REALLY IS ?

    Grow up Half Blind and stop polluting this blog with your insanity and immaturity!

  34. Anonymous4:14 pm


    Do you realise that it is about time that NST moved out of Jalan Riong?
    I happen to know the perfect place for the paper to relocate to - Jalan Gasing, PJ.
    BH, TV3 also can also move there and spin to glory.
    Btw the way, BP's ideal goodbye message to NST staff should be: "It was a plagiar working with you!"

    (kepala pusing)

  35. Anonymous4:16 pm

    Hi rockybru

    You and your fellow bloggers deserve praise and a pat on the back.

    You are now my heroes!

  36. Anonymous4:41 pm

    Mr Rocky,

    The rot that the NST suffers in the last three years is symptomatic of the Government/PM that put these people in the NST in the first place.
    It's unfair to blame Kallimullah and Brendan Pereira without implicating the Government/PM that entrusted them with the task that they're ill-equipped to handle.
    This is symptomatic of the Government/PM that is clueless about media operation, the Government/PM who thinks anybody can become editor for as long as that person is his friend.
    The Government of Kamal, Khairy, Kalli and Annuar Zaini .... a Government of family and friends.
    I will hold the celebration. Syed Nazri is a good man. But a good man lorded over by a bad person cannot be the good man that we hope for.
    The NST must have the courage to remove Kalli as well. He created the mess, first the grope editor and now the pragiarist group editor.
    Simply put, they're not prepared for thr men's job. They are overgrown boys with big dangerous toys given to them by the Government and the PM.

  37. Anonymous4:50 pm

    As long as NST is a nothing more than a political mouthpiece, it will continue its decline. You guys must be dreaming if you thought NST was any better in the past.

  38. Anonymous4:51 pm

    A Kadir Jasin: "Saya menyertai rakan-rakan yang lain mengucapkan tahniah kepada Sdr Syed Nazri kerana dilantik Group Editor New Straits Times Sdn Bhd."

    Hmm.... I wonder what reactions we will see if a non-Malay was to replace Brendan.

  39. Anonymous4:55 pm


    I suspect the new deputy GE is going to be Wan Hamidi Wan Hamid! Another Singapore ST alumni and a good friend of Brendan Plagiarist, and Wan Hamidi is another concept that pthe eople have the right to know!

  40. Anonymous5:04 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    Saya tidak mahu mengucapkan tahniah sekarang kepada sdra kerana jatuhnya BP. Perjuangan belum selesai. Tahniah juga kepada Syed Nazri tapi saya belum lagi mahu baca NST. Tunggu 1 Januari tahun depanlah.(NST pls print extra one copy for me on Jan 1, 2007) Saya harap Syed Nazri mampu mengamalkan professionalisme kewartawanan yang tulen dalam NST walaupun terpaksa berhadapan dengan cabaran besar. Banyak cerdikpandai mengatakan kewartawanan dan penulisan bukan satu pekerjaan tetapi satu "calling" kerana prinsip kewartawanan adalah untuk mengatakan kebenaran.

  41. half blind,

    I was attracted to what 'bibliobibuli' asked in an earlier comment on whether "lifting the framework of a piece is as serious as lifting substance".

    Your quoted reference to Shakespeare being able to "transform the mundane into the sublime" provide the answer inasfar as BP is concerned.

    Reading both articles in context, MA's to humanity and BP's to NST (only) readers, BP has reversed the sublime into the mundane. For any writer, the ultimate judge of their literary talent will be the readers. Rocky bru presented BOTH articles in his blog for this purpose.

    Apparently, or rather belatedly, NST too seems to value their readership, hence, the impending depature of BP.

    If you still feel that BP is not guilty of plagiarism, there's the matter of 'substance abuse'. You wouldn't want to continue reading lowly journalistic stuff from this guy which will inevitably retard your ability to see things clearly.

    Nuff said!

  42. Anonymous5:10 pm


    BP the Singaporean 'Albom' had finnally succummed to webbloggers pressure.

    A big congatulation and tabik toing-toing to rocky , dato' kadir, raja petra and jeff ooi for their untiring effort to expose the damage done by Kali with BP 'Albom'.

    Keep up the good work guys. Next to go is Kali before his masters in tingkat 4 and the huge mandate man.

    Once again, Alhamdulillah.

    Ayub Tulakang

  43. Anonymous5:11 pm

    okay, now every motherducker and every mother's son is very happy now that brendan is gone. okay, now who is the next target or venom of hate. syed? now you tell me. hey, by the way how about going over wong chun wai for once. thanks

    (originally posted 1.16pm - rocky)

  44. Anonymous5:15 pm

    Syed Nazri is Mr Nice Guy. Is he tough enough to head the NST editorial team? He strikes me as a follower, not a leader. I fear still for the NST and will hold the champagne if I were you. I have seen a host of GEs/GEICs come and go --- from Lee Siew Yee and Nordin Sopiee to Sallehudin and Kalimullah. If I were to put a finger to when the rot started, I would place it on none other than Kadir Jasin. To put it mildly, he was the first GEIC who ran the paper to serve himself. His successors Rahim Maidin and the rest down to Kalimullah did the same but were not so clever at hiding it. These GEICs grew fat on the spoils of the job. If ever you occupy the hot seat Rocky, model yourself on Lee Siew Yee and Nordin Sopiee. Here's to good days ahead. God bless you, bro.

  45. Anonymous5:30 pm

    Check out this anagram:

    President Clinton of the USA: To Copulate he finds interns.

    Haha! Just go to to see a lot more.


  46. Anonymous5:39 pm

    SOme insiders tell me Brendan wanted to leave some time ago already.
    Its also the same with Kalimullah.
    What apparently held them back this far is the PM, who insisted they stay on. God knows whatever for...

  47. Anonymous5:45 pm

    Half Blind wrote to me through my blog asking me to "show him POINT BY POINT where he went wrong". I visited his blog and noted that he again goes about ranting what is and what isn't plagiarism.

    He said "If applied too broadly, it would suffocate the creativity of writers - one manifestation of which is to creatively mimic or imitate the style and spirit of another's writing, perhaps because the imitator wishes to borrow the same frame of mind/ethos generated by the imitated writing. That might not be very 'original', but it's a way to be creative, nonetheless.

    I am puzzled. How can mimicing someone's writing be considered as CREATIVE? I have nothing against Half Blind or anybody else. But I, just like the rest of the bloggers, cannot pretend to be "half blind" to let injustice pass and the guilty ones go unpunished. If I offended you, Half Blind brother, I am sorry. But aren't we all are at this sorry state of affair we are all in?

  48. Anonymous8:10 pm

    syabas saudara syed nedzri.
    long overdue i have to say.

    the hitman

  49. Anonymous11:35 pm


    You must be very busy celebrating since there's no new posting until now! Anyway, you deserved it, Bru! We all deserved it!

    Should I start buying thr NST tomorrow? Or should I wait until Jan 2007?

    There's a vacancy in 'machai". Maybe he can try his luck as an editor there. They badly need one!

    Hantu Gigi Jarang

  50. Anonymous11:36 pm

    Bro Rocky,
    This is a fantastic news for many weeks. One ular, the plagiarist, down but there is another ular-mulah, the liar, is still running loose in the NST. All Malaysians must step up the pressures by boycotting the nst until the ular-mullah, the liar and the singapore operative, is removed from nst.

    Please don't worry for Brendan, the plagiarist, he can always run to his singaproe master for help. I am also sure that ular-mullah will be able to slot him into ECM Libra or KJ can also slot him into the ministry of finance.

    I do agree that nst was in such a sorry state with circulation dropping by the day was all due to the incapable leadership of ABB, the PM. Nst was never in such a sorry state until ABB appointed ular-mullah to run it. I am also certain that other UMNO or government controlled organisations are facing the same problems as NST. So NST don't you are not alone.

    Syabas bro Syed Nadzri. I have spoken my mind that bro Syed must not fall into the trap of Brendan, the plagiarist and ular-mullah, the cheat, by resigning from NST. Bro Syed I am with you all the way. Please don't kowtow to ular-mullah and company, just be a professional journalsit like what you have been all these years.

    Bro Syed, we are proud of you and we know that you will definitely do a good job.

    Congratulations to Bro Rocky, Jeff ooi, AKJ and other bloggers. You all have done a good jobs in exposing people like Brendan the plagiarist, ular-mullah and his master, the PM.

  51. Anonymous12:06 am

    Sdr Rocky,

    the good news that Malaysians have been deprieved for a long time. What are you going to do about the other Singapore opertaive in NST, Kalimulah.

    Please do somtething to help the nation. Malaysians can do without dishonest people like Brendan and Kalimulah. There are Singapore opertatives anyway, so let get them out from Malaysia and sent them to their singaproe master.

  52. Anonymous12:12 am

    while i welcome syed nazri's promotion, i feel that a lot of ppl commenting here and other blogs are too quick to draw blood. one even call for BP and LKY to burn in hell? 10 yrs old lagi ke?

    from what i heard as well, BP had long wanted to leave but was asked to extend for another year. and yes, have you met BP in the flesh? he is rather amiable and one of the few ppl in nst who keep up with new trends esp IT-related.

    for many reasons i don't see it as plagiarism. but what does my opinion matter, right since he is the devil by association and not a lot of people here and other blogs seem to be interested in reading and understanding more about plagiarism and mimicry in the literature world. if that be the case, can we ban jk rowling as well?

    compassion la people. BP has a master. even the blogger jeffooi has a master now. if u are smart enough to not believe everything you read on nst, then you should be smart enough to not believe everything you read on alternative media. be fair.

  53. Anonymous2:25 am

    dear rocky bru, wiel maja and other rb blog commentators, check out BBC's report of the story:

    Last Updated: Thursday, 2 November 2006, 06:23 GMT

    Malaysia editor in plagiarism row
    By Jonathan Kent
    BBC News, Kuala Lumpur

    The editor of Malaysia's newspaper, the New Straits Times, is to step down amidst allegations that he plagiarised the work of an American journalist.

    Brendan Pereira's recent column has quickly become the target of internet commentators who urged him to quit.

    Local websites have placed his column alongside another by the award-winning Mitch Albom of the Detroit Free Press.

    The similarities were striking. Whole paragraphs in Mr Pereira's work mirrored Mr Albom's earlier piece.

    'Major scalp'

    It has been a clash between the old and new media about the basic standards of the profession.

    On Monday, Mr Pereira published the column under the title "How Dearly We Miss June the Sixth" - a comment on the on-going row between Malaysia's prime minister and his predecessor that began in earnest on 7 June.

    On Tuesday, local websites placed the column alongside another by Mr Albom.

    His column, "Remembering the Day before the Day, was published on 10 September and mourned the changes wrought by the 11 September attacks.

    On Wednesday night, the New Straits Times announced that Mr Pereira was to step down as editor.

    However, he will officially remain in his post until the end of the year. No reason was given.

    Mr Pereira told the BBC that his departure had been agreed with the paper two weeks before the publication of the controversial article.

    The New Straits Times is owned by the political party of the prime minister.

    Malaysia's broadcasters and newspapers are closely controlled by the government and no mention of the scandal has appeared in print.

    However, the government has promised not to censor the internet and it appears that Malaysia's online watchdogs have claimed their first major scalp.


  54. Anonymous8:42 am

    shar101 said,
    "Reading both articles in context, MA's to humanity and BP's to NST (only) readers, BP has reversed the sublime into the mundane."

    Brother, I happen to agree with you that BP's article SUCKS, but that's NOT THE SAME as plagiarism/stealinig. Call him unoriginal, not creative enough, or even not up to standard. But THIEF?? Just like you won't call a thief a MURDERER, a molestor a RAPIST, allegations need to be proportionate.

    I'm just worried that all future writers would be punished. It's just impractical to give credits to all those who have influenced your writings - I guess even Albom himself would have a hard time crediting all his inspirations.

    Put aside your anger towards BP or NST, and think practical for a moment, bro. It would be a scary day when ALL criminals are called murderers.

    wielmaja said,
    "I am puzzled. How can mimicing someone's writing be considered as CREATIVE?"

    Creativity is a question of degree, brother. Albom was 90% original, BP might be 15% - not THAT creative, but creative nonetheless.

    ps: If you want to demonise somebody, you don't have to paint him as 100% bad. We all have good and bad, let's not let our prejudice cloud our mind altogether. I just want to see some maturity, that's all (and that applies to Rocky too).

  55. Anonymous12:04 pm

    Half Blind writes:
    "I just want to see some maturity, that's all (and that applies to Rocky too)"
    Brother, by the tone of your voice, you are implying that all the bloggers including Rocky Bru who EXPOSED the Plagiarist are IMMATURE. defines Maturity as:
    "Maturity is the ability to make a decision and stand by it. The immature spend their lives exploring endless possibilities". Sounds right for me, don't you agree, brother Half Blind?

  56. fellow bloggers,

    I find the thin line between commenting and imposing one's view rather fine. . .don't you?
    Half Blind is trying to be impartial, he is trying to direct each and everyones attention to the word 'Plagiarism' and that alone. However, it needs to be noted that the definition alone is again contsrued differently by different people! Ah..the wonderful world of speech. .

    Bloggers will always want to exert their own points and when someone else who does not share that view, is mostly singled out, and then some unwanted remarks.

    I have over the past week chose this blog site as one of the few which I must visit in my free time, as I find it rather amusing and thrapeutic. But please keep this site healthy, and discuss the issue. Not each other and the names. .

    If we can debate healthily, then we can truly say we are matured . .
    so half blind your views though sometimes biased should be that only, and let's not attack our host who continues to devote his time to bloggers like us all . .

    And this BP guy, it does not matter really if he stays or go, he has certainly done himself no favours, by writing that article.
    Whether we are right or wrong about his works, some choose to see it creative copies, some outright plagiarism, perhaps some even articulated copies of Malaysia's original content, but one thing is for sure, he (BP) will surely miss October 30...

  57. Anonymous1:18 pm

    One must be blind not to see that it was a clear case of plagiarism.

    As for harold, he is in a state of denial, for reasons only known to him. We can read and judge for ourselves, without taking what Jeff or Rocky write for granted.

    What is wrong is wrong, regardless of who the person is

  58. Anonymous4:16 pm

    wielmaja, gerubuk and all you mature commentators,

    what say we leave half-blind to her/his own devise?
    he/she accuses others of going overboard, merciless in their attacks of AAB, of being immature, of not knowing the difference between a thief and a murderer.

    to me,half-blind sounds like someone who is really really blind. even deaf. writes ok but bigoted.

    hey... you have your views, and i have mine, dear half-blind with a blinkered view.

    wasn't it you who wished dr mahathir to hell?

    so, listen up, people....jangan layan half-blind. dia buta.

    and rocky bro --- sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.

  59. Anonymous9:30 am

    Tahniah Syed Nazri dari staff Berita Harian. We know you are much better than Manja Merapu (bila bercakap)and HishamuddiAun .Merapu (bila menulis). Jadi you tak payah ikut arahan mereka lah$ ikut arahan dari orang yang lebih cerdek bukan dari orang lebih teruk. Wassalam

  60. Anonymous12:25 am

    gerubuk and alliedmartster,

    i think most of us here has no problem with halfblind's difference of opinion, balanced or otherwise, regarding what is plagiarism. or if brendan pereira was being shameless or creative in his filching.

    i think the problem is he comes across as patronizing. halfblind needs to get over himself. then perhaps rockly bru's visitors will be more receptive to reflecting on what he has to say.

  61. Anonymous2:48 am

    I have not been reading NST for sometime becuz I don't want to dirty myself with Khairi and Kali the Indian muslim.

    I was therefore surprised that Brendan Prereira works for NST. He was the guy who applauded Malaysia economic problems in 1997 when he was writing for the Kwai Loh's Far Eastern something or other.

    The Malaysian government was fighting the negative reports from Brendan Preriera and suddenly this Indian is writing for NST belonging to UMNO?

    What goes? And now he is using NST to write about UMNO politics...

    How blind are the
    Umno members?