Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Before his plagiarism was discovered, Brendan Pereira received an e-mail from a reader who must have puked after reading the plagiarist's piece. The Datin wrote:

Dear Mr Pereira
I refer to your column of 30 October 2006.
It's amazing how you and your colleagues in NST are launching a concerted campaign against Tun Mahathir under the guise of love for the country and deep nostalgia for things past. It's staggering how much voice is vested in journalists like you who, like many unthinking politicians, use their privileged positions to sway the unsettled emotions of the people.
When it is your duty and mandate to present information fairly and as objectively as you possibly can, newspaper people like you prefer to be prejudiced and biased. When you can bring about positive change in attitudes and morals among Malaysians, you are in fact exacerbating what we do not like about ourselves, namely our pettiness and backbiting and hitting below the belt. Instead of trying to abate rising political temperatures, you are adding fuel to fire! When you should present reasoned argumentation you are resorting to melodramatic interpretation!
Malaysians, young and old, must be allowed to think for themselves and assess their leaders without instigation and incitement. We know what we see and hear, do not doubt that! Do not patronise us by filling the newspapers we pay for with emotional hype!

Executive Editor Kamrul Idris responded to say that the NST was not going to publish her letter because she was emotional, judging by the number of exclamation marks she used in her mail. He suggested that she, instead, writes to the Times of London (which carries an NST-like editorial against Dr M today):

Dear Datin:
It would be helpful if you were a bit more specific about your substantive objections to Brendan's column, instead of appearing emotional yourself (which I detect from the number of exclamation marks in your e-mail). If we were to publish letters to the editor about how newspapers should be run or what columnists should write about, we would have to be prepared for 25 million different responses. I agree that we have to approach the Mahathir insurrection with cooler heads, so here is the Times' Oct 30 editorial about him:
http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,542-2427977,00.html. Perhaps you might care to drop them a note, too.


  1. Anonymous8:48 pm

    Dear Rocky
    Is the Datin Noraini Shariff?

  2. Anonymous9:28 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Some claim your writings are pro to a certain party while others claims you're just a sore loser.
    However, based on this posting of yours, you have proven you're still a balanced journalist, one who carries both sides of the story and let us decide who to chose or believe.

    I've learnt a lot. This is how journalism is suppose to be.

  3. Anonymous9:47 pm

    If you ask me, nevermind Datin's letter, the Times, or whether you are Tun's man or Pak Lah's man.. is Mr. P going to answer to his Plagiarising or not??

    If we persistent and make sure that that domino falls, and I think the rest - with regards to using papers as political mouthpieces - will follow.

  4. Anonymous11:03 pm

    anonymous (8:48 PM)

    U got anything against Noraini shariff? Is she the ONLY Datin around?

    Good, if the Datin was her (not that I know her).

    Actually, I believe the Datin, whoever she is, wrote on behalf of many of us here and that we share her sentiments.

  5. Anonymous11:18 pm


    pujangga, don't drag brendan pereira's family into this.

  6. Somebody help me out, alright!

    What's that song with the chorus...


    P.S. Anymore SHAME songs.

    P.P.S. We should award BP with an OBE. (Other Buggers' Effort).

    P.P.P.S. Is BP a Milli Vanilli fan?

    P.P.P.P.S. BP's latest pickup line - Wanna see my peepee?

    *OK, I'm done with the Ps....*

  7. Anonymous12:49 am


    What is going to happen to this Brenden guy?

    Is he going to get the boot?

    Is he going to apologise to the NST readers and admit he is a CHEAT?

    Wonder if he will be able to walk with his head high when he enters the NST editorial room knowing that his reporters will be whispering abt him now that he has been exposed?

    Is the NST going to pretend nothing has happened...that all this fuss will eventually disappear just like Pak Lah, who has yet to answer TDM's 4 questions & hope that the rakyat will forget abt them?

  8. Anonymous12:56 am

    rockybru said...

    Executive Editor Kamrul Idris responded to say that the NST was not going to publish her letter because she was emotional, judging by the number of exclamation marks she used in her mail. He suggested that she, instead, writes to the Times of London (which carries an NST-like editorial against Dr M today):


    All I can say is this Kamrul sound so arrogant...so typical of the new NST top editorial people.

    Bodoh sombong!!

  9. Anonymous1:59 am

    I agree with Anna. There's no need to involve the man's family, or even to get personal.

    BP has committed a serious breach of professional trust, and must face the professional reprecussions.

    Shame? Yes, but the ultimate shame would be in denying or trying to cover up what happened.

    Or worse, pretend that it didn't happen. At time of writing, all the papers (except one letter printed in Malaysiakini) seem to be silent on this matter. How liddat?!?

  10. Salam Bro

    Kalau setakat hanya tahu menjadi kucing peniru untuk menayangkan kpd orang bahawa dia pandai menulis dgn gaya penulisan yang kununnya crafty (artful la kununnya), bangang sungguh la org yg kutip si peniru itu untuk diletakkan di tempat teratas.

    Tetapi fikir-fikir, apa nak diherankan kalau banyak berbaris-baris yang tongong dan yang bangang. Tak silap orang Cina selalu kata, ikan busuk dari kepala.

    Dah yang di atas sekali bingai of the highest kind, takkan yg di bawah boleh ada akai! Di atas bingai, di bawah tak dak akai!

    Hanya nak ucap takziah kpd mereka yang masih membeli akhbar-akhbar yang dihasilkan oleh samdol-samdol biul tu.

    Tak payah beli la.. Sedekah kat masjid lagi bagus.

  11. Anonymous5:43 am

    dear anonymous,

    i can tell you this -- datin noraini sharif does NOT write like that.
    i am very very sure, it is not her.

    bekas siswi UITM

  12. Anonymous5:53 am

    to the man who sold the world,

    i am so surprised that at this point you have to be convinced about the raison d'etre of Rocky's Bru.
    surely you could see that he is not a sore loser because Kali got to finally kick him out of the NST, to get him OUT of his way. it was NOT easy, i can tell you, for kali to get Rocky out. anyway, they had to pay him big bucks to leave. second, he sure aint gonna stay as editor to take charge of the NEW teen tabloid that has retained the brand The Malay Mail.

    if he has any leanings, it is to people who were or are being done in by the likes of Kalimullah and the 4th floor boys or those selling off the country.

    anyway, mr the man of the world...i know what you are thinking. ...rocky does not need me to defend him.

    anyway, if anyone thinks he is anything --- i think rocky bro is professional enough to take any criticisms.


  13. Anonymous5:54 am

    i think -- ROCKY IS NOBODY'S MAN.

  14. Anonymous6:01 am

    indeed NST has with much effort over the months (they really put a lot of thought into the crap they publish. really!) brought itself down to toilet paper material. include Malay Mail in that category too. no wait, the new Malay Mail isn't even worthy of being toilet paper material.

    it is still quite hilarious however that many comment-posters are emotionally obsessed with the idea of a heroic, mr. best prime minister ever, speaker for the malaysian grassroot, takkan melayu hilang didunia, mahathir mohamad.

    these are obviously fanatics who have forgotten about ops lalang, the akta universiti & kolej universiti and the extensive use of the ISA by mahathir to secure his 22 years of power.

    indeed pak lah is an incompetent joke. perhaps that is why mahathir is still standing and yabbing. if pak lah was anyway potent like mahathir, he would do exactly what mahathir did to tengku razali, musa hitam and anwar ibrahim. kick 'em to the curb.

  15. Anonymous6:13 am

    what a crap of a response (from Kamrul) to the Datin.
    of course, there was a lot of emotion and intensity in her letter. but that doesnt mean she was not making any sense. kamrul was insinuating that she was not thinking properly when she wrote that letter, rendering her incoherent, maybe.
    Kamrul, how specific do you want her to be. She was commenting on Brendan's column. That ONE column. She was specific enough.
    Kamrul... we know where you are coming from. We know, you had to reply to her because brendan had no guts to do so. or perhaps, it was really YOUR job to do it. although you are executive editor of news/life & times, you are actually still doing your old work -- the letters page.
    In replying to the Datin, you had unwittingly demonstrated your amateruishness, your lack of experience as an editor.
    you know, of course, why kalimullah/brendan put you there. but, we wont put you through hell because you are actually a nice guy...harmless, and an innocent bystander.
    but we see you being used and abused by brendan, the Plagiarist.
    kamrul, it was stupid of you to draw attention to the Times article demonising Dr mahathir. Because that article resembles so much like an NST (post Kali) styled piece...with a major part of it written by brendan and the 4th floor boys. In fact, it does look like it was a contribution by the machais. very misleading, a lot of untruths.
    it's hard not to see it. -- the foreign press has always demonised dr mahathir. it is as though his work/contributions to bring progress to malaysia do not count. they keep emphasising on his dictatorship-style. and they are doing it because dr mahathir was a strong leader who (among other things) was not afraid of the West. he was the Prime Minister of Malaysia and his cabinet ministers benefited from a very progressive nation.
    and the foreign press are praising abdullah ahmad badawi sky-high....makes one wonder.

  16. Anonymous6:13 am


    jangan lah drag in mrs pereira. dia tidak bersalah.

    laila majnun

  17. Anonymous6:19 am

    rocky a sore loser?????

    you must be joking. he is anything but SOre and a LOSER.
    I believe he happens to believe that kalimullah is a pengkhianat -- the biggest pengkhianat of the country.
    anyway --- i think rocky has been proven right about about kalimullah and his sinister goal.. JUST LOOK AT THE NST AND THE MALAY MAIL.
    look what kalimulah has done to the these two papers...
    look what kalimulah has done to the Prime Minister.

    orang Putrajaya

  18. Anonymous6:33 am

    saudara the man who sold the world,

    my friend. let me tell you about rocky. i am not a close friend of his, BUT i have had on several occasions, been in his company over LATTE, not beer. i must confess, that i have got to know the guy over the years since the time he was a Business Times journalist, (and the NST London correspondent where, I must tell you he broke many many hearts...bloody six-footer Malaysian with a lot of hair on his head ... when he went home), back as Businss Times editor and the Malay Mail editor.
    Don't let his cool, calm, sometimes laid-back demeanour disarm you. He thinks fast, he sizes situations fast and he can give you brilliant proposals with the snap of his fingers.
    he has detractors, of course. they are usually those who find him intimidating or simply jealous of him. but let's not talk about them.
    why am is saying all this?
    because NST lost a real professional. so rocky is no loser here. it is the NST. The Malay Mail. His successor M Zul is no no no no match for him.
    I remember Rocky telling his Malay Mail boys (about the new Malay Mail) --"brother, i give you XXX months... but if you make sure the hard news elements are there, then you may be lucky. otherwise, it will be just a surat khabar budak2". and he wished them luck. and i thought they sure needed a lot of luck.

    tomorrow, if dr mahathir screws up the country or sells the country, i think rocky would be the first to whack the old man. but i am sure he will do it in style.

  19. Anonymous7:50 am

    i am not surprised the NST refused to publish the letter. and you all shouldnt be, either. come on, do you actually believe the letter would see the light of day in the NST?
    i am not a journalist but the NST people have told me that kalimullah does not like criticisms. brendan is a bit okay with criticisms as long as they are not about him or his writing.
    therefore, again. no no no...the letter would not see print.
    as for brendan's hatchet boy (every hatchetman has a hatchet man/boy) Kamrul Idris, my friends at the NST told me that he was just doing what he was asked to do. His response exposes his rawness in his job. that boy does not deserve to sit anywhere at the frontline of the NST. but what to do -- 1. most of the senior capable qualified people have left, 2. even if the senior capable professional people were still at the NST, Kalimullah would not promote them because he FEARS their professionalism so he would probably leave them where they are.
    So, Kamrul, his lack of experience, his lack of track record and BAD track record when he was in the NST in the 80s has made him beholden to Kali/brendan, plus he is a sweet quiet "will never fight one", boy. all this makes him an obedient peon for them.
    Kalimullah is a very very insecure person at the NST. without the line to Putrajaya, anyone at Balai Berita can literally pijak kepala dia. can duck him off. So i was told. it is not hatred. It is contempt. if you have met this man, i was told, you would want to @#$#@#$ him.
    I hope to meet him and find out for myself.

  20. Anonymous8:12 am

    Sdr Rocky,

    Beg to digress. But before that, if you want to know more about this Mr Nice Guy Kamarul, ask Akj, Pak Non and Lim Thow Boon. They were his keepers and minders for a long time.

    Is this guy still dressed as shabbily as before and could not wake up in the morning?

    BTW have you read the transcript of the Pak Lah-Dr M meeting?

    What the Mubarak people told me was staggering. Instead of answering Dr M, Pak Lah ended up asking questions to his former boss.

    Either he was playing stupid to put Dr M off the track or he was really uninformed. I think the latter is the case.

    I'll try to get you a copy of that document and I hope you can publish it. If LKY can distribute his letter to our PM to the Press, why can't you publish transcript of that meeting.

    Keep it up.

  21. Anonymous8:16 am

    dear penarik beca,

    we should offer "takziah" to the men and women/girls and boys of the NST.
    A NST journalist told me (while having capuccino at Starbucks in Bangsar Village just yesterday) that he is so ashamed. so very very ashamed of being a journalist with the NST.
    He is not so young. Perhaps mid-level. Joined when Kadir Jasin was about to get the boot but he had very professional editors to whom he had looked up and for whom he had deep respect. (no, kali, hishamudin and brendan do not count. also there are several names he mentioned but they are irrelevant)
    sadly, he told me..many have left (before the VSS and with the VSS).
    "How to go for assignment now-lah? Malu. Group editor like that." that is just one of his problems. i think it is more than that.
    So you see. Brendan Pereira has done a terrible injustice to the NST and its team of journalists.
    It is one thing to spin to your heart's desire. Your reporters can defend themselves and can stay detached from your awful spinning. People know that the spinning is the work of Kali and Brendan. But, to now know that you are working for a group editor who blatantly cheats makes you lose your own confidence and self-esteem. NST as a newspaper may have lost much credibility, but its boys and girls are still a decent lot. Now, they have to take instructions from a plagiarist.

  22. Anonymous8:29 am

    to "we wre once together in nstp":

    no need to ask AKJ, Zainon or Boon about kamrul. we all asked senior reporters who were around when he was at the NST in the 80s. BTW, Boon wont say much-lah because now Kamrul is (one of the) BOSSes. And, with the way Kalimulah/brendan promote useless people, he can go higher.
    back to his background -- he was kaki punting. goes MIA all the time. zainon saved his butt many many many times. elsewhere, sure as hell would have been sacked. but, NST (then) was a charity case-lah. unless you have been convicted in court/been to jail, then they'd sack you. otherwise, NST always kesian one. in a way, good-lah. his english par excellence. thats about it. news reporting, they say... well he writes for himself. bigwords. bombastic. you wouldnt want to send him out reporting. you'd need a translator to translate his stories.
    quiet guy. kept to himself (then in the 80s).
    his appointment -- shocking. becasue he had done nothing to deserve that appointment. he did not earn it. any decent newspaper wouldnt put him there. but well, his rezeki.
    kali would probably say "they never gave him a chance, so we are giving him a chance". yeah, right. like how he justified his appointment of salehudin othman as group editor.
    also, they say..kamrul has a malay name and looks malay. he is Malay-born. but.....

  23. Anonymous8:39 am

    ingin tahu,

    i think right now at the NST, THEY are all talking about this. the place is abuzzz.. at the mamak shop across Balai Berita, that corner, this corner, murmurings...gossip gossip gossip. hey, it is the newsroom. reporters gossip, you know.
    BUT, if you are asking whether NST as the company and newspaper, will be doing anything? act against brendan etc? I can tell you, no. because kalimullah says no.
    is he going to react to claims by a blog? and Rocky's Bru? Rocky, the guy he so hates for exposing his scumness, his sinister work, his links to Singapore, the blast from the past that has remained his present? the ***man that Kalimulah really is? Rocky, the guy who has stripped him down to his underwear for all and the world to see and judge?
    No, man. As far as the NST (Kali) is concerned, Rocky's Bru does not exist and whatever comes out of the blog is a figment of everyone's imagination.


  24. Anonymous8:42 am

    merican said...

    Don't let his cool, calm, sometimes laid-back demeanour disarm you. He thinks fast, he sizes situations fast and he can give you brilliant proposals with the snap of his fingers.

    I agree with you.

    A true journalist...very sharp and one of the many reasons Kali wanted him desperately put of the NST.

  25. Anonymous8:56 am

    Is Datin Noraini Shariff the wife of Rejal Arbee? If it is, it explains a lot.

  26. Anonymous9:58 am

    we would have to be prepared for 25 million different responses

    lol. What's the circulation numbers for NST again?

  27. Datin Noraini Sharif and the Datin Anonymous, who wrote the letter that Brendan P would not publish, are NOT the same person. thank you.

  28. Anonymous10:26 am


    kamrul, kamrul, kamrul.

    how can you sound so arrogantly stupid or stupidly arrogant?
    25 million responses? My ass!
    like, you are lucky to get 40,000 readers, kamrul.
    kamrul. you are not to be blamed for all this. you have to understand. but please, don't sound stupid. you may not be. so, try not to sound so.

    lady tolkien

  29. Anonymous10:34 am

    25 million, kamrul? 25 million?



  30. Anonymous10:37 am

    Kamrul, Kamrul. I remember Kamrul as the scrawny misfit who could find solace only at the stairwell of the 4th floor at Balai Berita.

    Yes, this was during the 80s, about the same time Kalimullah tried his luck at NsT and discovered he wasn't such a hot shot journalist after all. At the Star, being one of the few non-Chinese (I won't call him a Malay because he does not wish to be known as one as he does not think much of the Malays!), he stood out despite his vertically-challenged physique! At the NST, however, he could not compete even with the junior reporters like me. NST, after all, was the Numero Uno then. I always believed that the NST's decline started the day they accepted Kalimullah as a reporter in 1987; it's the bad karma! Look at what happened to Chen Lip Keong, Sanusi Junid, the late Tun Ghaffar, Mbf, Cambodia Times, Echo, and now NSTP and ABdullah Badawi! He is bad luck for many things and many people.

    Back to Kamrul, I hope he finds time and go back to that stairwell and reflect on his surroundings and the things he is doing. The answers had always been there at the stairwell, dear Kamrul, even back then in the 80s. Only then, you were blinded in the swirl of tobacco smoke and the influence of that stronger stuff you were using.

    Go back there, perhaps you will find those answers and then do the right thing.

  31. Anonymous10:44 am

    anonymous at 12.49pm who is surprised that we think that Kali and his machais are walking and talking the anti-Malaysia, anti-Melayu line..

    either you do not know Kalimullah or you are someone so beholden to him.
    we know him. the NST was once a paper with integrity, authority, dignity.
    propaganda was part and parcel of newspaperism in the early days of Malaysia. in the early days of any nation's nationhood. today, newspapers belong to individuals, conglomerates, poltiical parties...they belong to someone or something. even in the liberal West. so, spinning or promoting the interest of the financial/political masters is being practiced. it is how you do it. at what cost. at what expense.
    NST, under Kalimullah, (if you cannot see it still) has done and is doing so much damage because it is serving the interest of kalimullah, KJ, and their friends through the Prime Minister at the expense of many other things including fair comment. you can be biased and still give a fair comment. you can praise your master but still be fair to others.

    ingin jadi pujangga

  32. Anonymous10:55 am

    writer from space,

    you must not ask kamrul to return to that stairwell and use that stronger stuff.. no no.
    after all these years, he has pulled himself together and returned to the NST (after several other jobs)to "cari makan halal".
    he is A-OK now. got himself a girlfriend and living life as an editor. Now, did he think that he could ever be what he is today? No Sir.
    Right now, if he were to be asked this question :" What do you think of Kalimulah? Of Brendan?"
    You know what he would say and you must not blame him for it: "They are the best thing to ever happen to the NST!"
    The boy is ever so grateful to these two asses. They have given him a new lease of life.

  33. Anonymous10:59 am

    I agree with the NST response. She needs to specify which part of the NST article was 'prejudiced and biased'. I personally didn't see any.

    All those who are defending Mahathir cannot deny that Mahathir was the closest thing Malaysia had to a dictator, and his regime was the most corrupt. People are welcome to accuse Abdullah's administration as being incompetent and dull etc (which I agree), but please also don't forget that Mahathir deserves to be the first to go to hell.

  34. Anonymous11:03 am

    writer in space,
    what would be the right thing for kamrul idris to do?
    from your little description of him, i am shocked that the NST has given him a very important position.
    but then, from the comments in Rocky's Bru (by NST people, I gather), i can see why Kalimullah appointed him.
    I feel really sorry for the NST. But remember, a very wise man told me that sometimes some things HAVE to happen in order to put right some wrong.
    do you see now how kalimullah's evil, sinister ways have been exposed? .
    this vertically-challenged man's cover is blown.

  35. Anonymous11:07 am


    Judging from your relentless, continuous attack on the NST clowns over the months (some makes a lot of sense but mostly just trivial and petty), I can only conclude that you have something personal against the NST clowns.

    While I think it's fine to attack those clowns, please detach yourself and be aware that you might have crossed the line to the boundary of getting too personal, too biased, to the absurd extent of 'any enemy of my enemy is my friend'.

    Go after NST if that's your ultimate personal agenda but don't inadvertently do the Devil's (Mahathir's) bidding. That's very sad.

  36. Anonymous11:11 am

    The Man Who Sold The World,

    "you have proven you're still a balanced journalist, one who carries both sides of the story and let us decide who to chose or believe."

    How is the very suggestive title of this Post (which shows grave disapproval towards ""THE PLAGIARIST") 'balanced'??

    And you went on to say, "This is how journalism is suppose to be." ARE YOU SURE??? Do you mind telling me what kind of 'journalism' school you went to?

    Rocky, I think you've lost it, no longer 'balanced', if you ask me.

  37. Anonymous11:16 am

    sorry half-blind..
    i dont agree with the NST response. Brendan's piece was prejudiced and biased. as plain as that.
    for 22 years, malaysia was ruled by a dictator! some dictator he was... people whacking him left right and center. the press whacked him too. did you know that? of course, there are some things he did that cannot be defended. and those things cannot be repeated. but he didnt have his son-in-law calling CEOs and MBs up to tell them what to do. like some commentors said -- if there were things that were wrong (under Dr M), they are still wrong now.
    corrupt government then? same government now.

  38. Anonymous11:41 am

    this is what i like about your blog, bro.

    you let comments whacking you through. some say you are not balanced, that you have lost it. that's his/her view.
    you exposing brendan's copycat/plagiarised work in your blog makes you "not balanced", not professional. ok. whatever.
    see, they know you. but you do not know them. so they can say whatever they like about you and you have no idea in hell who they are.
    and you attacking the NST clowns? they're clowns ruining NST. why shouldnt you attack them! Sheeezzz.
    are you being too personal? maybe, huh? maybe not.
    but that is for you to answer.

  39. Anonymous11:46 am

    Hey Half Blind,

    You must be really half blind!

  40. Anonymous11:47 am


    "people whacking him left right and center. the press whacked him too. did you know that?"

    Sorry, you mean, the MALAYSIAN press? DURING those 22 years?

    Ever heard of Ops Lalang, etc? Maybe you just came back from Mars recently. Welcome back.

    "of course, there are some things he did that cannot be defended. and those things cannot be repeated."

    I think you just admitted that the 'Datin' was wrong to criticise the NST, and that the NST was right in their article.

    "but he didnt have his son-in-law calling CEOs and MBs up to tell them what to do."

    Yeah, that's WRONG and CORRUPT, but our Emperor Mahathir did MUCH WORSE AND MORE CRUEL things than that - not only he TOLD people what to do, but after telling them, if they REFUSE to obey, he would SACK them by INVENTING FALSE accusations (Salleh Abas, Anwar Ibrahim, to name but a few) and turn Malaysia into the rule of ONE man.

    "corrupt government then? same government now."

    Sure, but the difference between Abdullah (so far) and Mahathir is not just a difference of degree, it's a TOTAL difference in KIND/CATEGORY. If you can't see that, I suggest you get your moral compass fixed.

  41. Anonymous11:56 am

    half blind,

    who could blame you for your opinion... by being half-sighted will of course blur your vision.
    Go get a white cane and find your way to heaven.

  42. Anonymous11:57 am


    actually, NST reserves the right to publish any letter it receives.
    there is really no big deal about the NST not wanting to publish the Datin's letter, even though SHE HAS A POINT.
    kamrul was just doing his job. whether he sounded arrogant or stupid, that's ok. his response was not published either. it was a response to the Datin.
    Hers is not the only letter the NST has refused to publish.

    have a nice day!

  43. Anonymous12:11 pm

    Anonymous (11:11 AM) said...
    How is the very suggestive title of this Post (which shows grave disapproval towards ""THE PLAGIARIST") 'balanced'??

    And you went on to say, "This is how journalism is suppose to be." ARE YOU SURE??? Do you mind telling me what kind of 'journalism' school you went to?

    Hey Anonymous (11:11 AM),

    Maybe you should get a copy of "The YOU in Journalism" a handbook for journalist written by former NST Editor-in-chief P.C. Shivadas & Ex NST journalist Krishnamoorthy.

    Jeff ooi from: http://www.jeffooi.com said there is an appendix on Ethics of Journalism on Page 163, with the lone-soul title: DON'T.

    Among other things, it says DONT:

    • Lie in print or on the air.
    • Suppress or omit opinion with
    which one disagrees.
    • Show favouritism or personal
    bias in one's reporting or
    • Plagiarise someone else's words
    or ideas (journalists can use
    the words with attribution.)
    • Use one's position for personal
    gain. (e.g. accepting gifts from
    sourses etc.)
    • Do anything that may be
    construed as a "conflict of
    interest" (i.e. write political
    speeches for the candidate they
    are covering in an election etc.)

    I think bro rocky has been taught all that and has put them into practice.

    Cant say much abt Kalimullah or Brenden.


  44. Anonymous12:31 pm

    Half blind,

    I was better off with Dr Mahathir as a dictator, if he was! I'm not a deviated religious extremist, ultra-racist or overzealous politician taik kucing. I'm just an ordinary Malaysian, benefitted by his positive dictatorship, of which I'm fully indebted.

    So what?

    Show me why he should be in hell, not heaven! Show me also why you, yourself should not be in hell.

    Hantu Gigi Jarang

  45. Anonymous12:34 pm

    i dont know about you guys, but i grew up with NST. My grandpa was a freelancer with NST way back when. i watched the world change thru the eyes of these past and present reporters. it saddens me to see NST goes to waste like this.

    you know what, when Tom Cruise first got to Katie, they launched the "Free Katie" campaign. Perhaps a similar campaign should be launched to reclaim NST and liberate it from them Kali, Brendan and the macais.

    it was a beautiful institution. it's time we reclaim it.

  46. Anonymous12:41 pm

    hey, you try building and devoting yourself to a newspaper and then see them clowns kill it with so much thought, then you come back and tell rocky or other journalists who have left that they are being personal and they should stop.

    NST is personal to many of us and being against the people who are dismantling its glory one page by one page is their rights and my pleasure.

    this fight is personal and being personal is the only way you can win a fight. otherwise nothing is not worth fighting for.

  47. Anonymous12:51 pm

    I have known Kamrul Idris for a long time (even tho I haven't seen him for a while too) and I believe everyone deserves a second chance in life. But it's very convenient to make someone so beholdened to you your fall-guy, get him to write silly responses to intelligent readers and not take the flak that comes back.
    The Datin who wrote the letter deserves more respect, as does all readers regardless of their views. This is not the way to show it. No wonder people don't want to read the NST anymore.

  48. Anonymous1:05 pm

    Just to note, in my earlier posting I pointed out "SOME claim you're a sore loser". That some does not include me, otherwise I wouldn't be here in the first place.
    Secondly, to the earlier posting by anonymous, I know whom my mentors were and I still stand to believe this posting is balanced, ie both sides of the story were published, unlike our newspapers whom either have half past six reporters or good reporters who get their stories heavily edited making them look like fools.

    p/s: If you don't like what you're reading, just leave the blog. Basic common sense.

  49. Anonymous1:11 pm

    half-blind, if the many adament fanatics here had half the sight you have, they'd see the point you're trying to make.

  50. Anonymous1:17 pm

    I must admit Datin's letter did sound a bit pro TDM but hey, everybody is entitled to his/her own view... that's what press freedom is all about. But for NST to deny her the chance to express her view, that, for me was 25 million nails into the coffin for press freedom.

  51. Anonymous1:17 pm

    Tuan Rocky,

    Mohon izin menyimpang dari tajuk posting Tuan. Saya mohon ruang untuk membuat rayuan terbuka kepada Ybhg Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

    Saya mohon merayu kepada Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Saya mohon maaf kepada rakyat Malaysia, khasnya orang Melayu. Apa yang saya akan katakan boleh jadi tidak sedap didengar.

    Siapa saya? Saya orang Melayu. Dilahirkan di kampung pada tahun 1940an. Dari sebuah keluarga tani yang besar. Belajar sekolah Melayu dan sekolah agama sebelum Merdeka. Belajar sekolah Inggeris selepas merdeka.

    Tidak diterima masuk Universiti Malaya [waktu itu hanya UM bertaraf universiti] kerana keputusan HSC tidak cukup baik dan tiada sokongan biasiswa. Dasar Ekonomi Baru dan kuota Bumiputera belum ada. Syukur Alhamdulillah saya mendapat kerja yang agak baik dan dianugerahkan biasiswa oleh sebuah negara asing.

    Maka dapatlah budak kampung yang dulu berkudis, berkurap dan berpanau, yang perutnya penuh cacing melihat salji di negeri Orang Putih.

    Rayuan saya: Tun berhentilah mengkirik Umno dan Kerajaan. Umno dan Kerajaan hari ini bukan Umno dan Kerajaan zaman Tun. Tun juga yang meletakkan batu asas yang membolehkan pewaris Tun dalam Umno dan Kerajaan bongkak dan angkuh. Saya ahli Umno. Umno yang saya dampingi sejak 1960an sudah lama mati. Tun tahu sejarahnya. Umno yang dihidupkan semula hambar dan kosong.

    Rayuan saya: Berhentilah mempertahankan projek-projek dan dasar-dasar zaman Tun. Pewaris Tun dalam Umno dan Kerajaan tidak faham dan tidak mampu meneruskannya. Mereka takut mengambil risiko. Dasar mereka mirip IMF dan prioriti memeka adalah balanced budget dan market economy. Kebajikan rakyat dan pengguna bukan keutamaan lagi.

    (Saya baru pulang dari India. Di sana mereka bercakap tentang Tun seolah-olah Tun Tuhan. Projek mega Tun seperti Lebuh raya Utara-Selatan, KLIA dan Putrajaya memberikan syarikat-syarikat kejuruteraan kita head start di India, Timur Tengah, Asia Tengah dan Indonesia. Di negara-negara ini, lapangan terbang mereka masih macam Old Subang Airport. Mereka kagum dengan KLIA dan mereka beri kontrak kepada Malaysia Airport Berhad untuk memperbesar dan menguruskan lapangan terbang mereka].

    Rayuan saya: Tun berhentilah mempertahankan Malaysia. Malaysia hari ini bukan lagi Malaysia yang Tun wariskan kepada pengganti Tun. Malaysia hari ini tunduk kepada Singapura, kepada IMF, kepada western-educated liberals, kepada G.W. Bush dan kepada International bankers.

    Rayuan saya: “Berhijrahlah” dari negara ini. Tumpukan masa dan minda Tun yang luar biasa itu kepada dunia luar yang menghargai dan memerlukan expertise Tun. Persetan mereka yang jumud dan kecil mindanya yang dewasa ini berpura-pura memimpin.

    Kepakaran dan pengalaman Tun diperlukan dan dihargai di Negeri China, India, Indonesia, Negeri Thai, Asia Tengah, Asia Tengah dan Afrika. Selamatkan umat Islam yang tertekan dan tertindas. Insya-Allah keberkatan bersama Tun.

    (Saya sendiri tidak lagi cergas dalam Umno. Saya pun tidak lagi cergas dalam negara kerana kalau tidak rapat dengan kelompok kuasa, susah mendapat kontrak. Kontrak yang ada pula dibatalkan. Malah kemudahan bank yang saya ada sejak 10 tahun lalu dituntut agar dirundingkan semula. Sistem perbankan kini bimbang ekonomi akan terus merosot dan NPL semakin meningkat. Mereka mahu personal guarantee. Macam mana orang Melayu hendak berniaga kalau sistem perbankan terus mengenakan syarat yang bukan-bukan.)

    Rayuan saya: Cukuplah Tun memerah otak cuba memperkasa agama, bangsa dan negara jika titik peluh Tun tidak dihargai, malah dicerca dan dicaci. Masanya pasti akan tiba apabila Umno dan Kerajaan akan kembali siuman dan jasa-jasa Tun, jasa Tunku Abdul Rahman, jasa Tun Razak dan jasa Tun Hussein akan kembali harum dan semerbak.

    Semua ini adalah takdir. Saya perturunkan petikan berikut dari Tunku dalam interview dengan Rosnah Majid (sekarang Dato’) dalam Utusan Malaysia pada tahun 1980. Kata Tunku:

    “Itulah yang saya katakan tadi, semuanya berlaku kerana takdir Ilahi. Selepas saya berhenti dari jadi Perdana Menteri, boleh dikatakan orang sudah tidak kenal saya lagi. Surat khabar pun tidak memuatkan lagi berita saya, malah mereka tidak lagi beri perhatian kepada saya (they play me down). Berita-berita yang saya hantar dari negara Arab, mereka tidak siarkan. Jadi saya tahulah ada arahan tidak beri nama saya dimuatkan di akhbar-akhbar. Ada gerakan yang ingin mengenepikan saya, iaitu dari orang-orang seperti Abdullah Ahmad. Selepas beberapa hari saya balik dari Jeddah, setelah perkhidmatan saya di Sekretariat Islam tamat, Datuk Lim Boon Siew minta saya mengambil alih akhbar The Star kerana katanya jika tidak orang-orang Abdullah Ahmad akan mengambilnya. Kerana desakan ini saya bersetuju menjadi pengerusi. Saya dibayar RM3,000 sebulan, tetapi saya tidak diberi apa-apa kerja. Jadi saya malulah. Saya katakan kepada mereka saya tidak pernah buat kerja macam ini. Maka saya pun mula menulis seminggu sekali bagi ruangan ‘Looking Back’ dan ‘As I See It’. Kemudian saya dapati sambutan baik, walaupun pada mulanya seronok-seronok sahaja. Jadi saya teruslah menulis hingga ke hari ini.”

    Apa yang berlaku antara Tunku dan Tun, sejarah sudah merakamkannya. Alhamdulillah, Tun menjadi orang Islam dan orang Melayu unggul apabila, sebagai Perdana Menteri, Tun pergi menemui Tunku, mencium tangannya dan memohon maaf. Saya tahu Tun tidak sekali-kali mengharap orang melakukan seperti itu kepada Tun. Tetapi demi menjaga akhlak dan budi pekerti anak cucu kita orang Melayu, teladan yang baik wajib ditunjukkan.

    Akhir kalam, saya doakan keselamatan dan kesihatan Tun demi manusia sejagat.

    Anak Melayu Global

  52. Anonymous5:49 pm

    Now I know why Syed Faizal, the CEO and Mr Kalimullah are so scared of you. No wonder they firewalling your blog for NSTP's staffs. Kata terbuka, kata borderless world, kata fair. Apa pasai takut pada Rockybru. You all ni mesti ada benda yang nak hide. Pada Rockybru, kasi dedah sama depa. Jangan bagi can mali can sama depa. Tapi itu GEIC you jangan usik lah sebab dia tak tau apa-apa pun. Dia buat bisnes sama bini pun kecik-kecik saja. Bini call ofis arah reporter cover functions dia pun, tak ada apa-apa masalah pada kita orang, kecil punya hal.

  53. Anonymous7:14 pm

    Hey Pujangga, you must be joking' man. Kamarul has a woman? Wau, this' interestin'. Thought this dude don't even bathe. Time must be changin' and some gals must be very desperate man. Or lord Kalli must be blowin' luv.
    Shockin'. Kamarul has a gal? Chill it out man. Must be losin' my touch. Gal fallin' in luv with Kamarul. Are we jivin' about the same dude? Sorry for the expression. He's no dude. Is this Kamarul the leader writer who would not wake up mornin'?
    Lord, this' interestin'. Kamarul has an old lady. Right on dude. Let se him do some ridin'.

  54. Anonymous7:36 pm


    Malaysia is not a police state. People don't just disappear. They are being arrested and beaten up. Some died in police lock-up. That does not make Malaysia a police state.

    But what about SB being told to listen and check out what people say in the coffeeshops about the PM, his son and son-in-law?

    What about the SB being asked to "advise" people not not proceed with plan to hold meetings for Tun Mahathir?

    PM may not know. I am convinced by now that there are many things he does not know. People are doing bad things behind his back using his name.

    So, in a way, this is a police state when the police is used to intimidate people in the persuit of their democratic rights, like Anwar did to his accusers. Anwar was not even in charge of the police. Pak Lah is.

  55. Dear Half Blind,

    I have decided against posting the three latest comments you left for this blog because they provide no new perspective compared with the three that you had sent earlier, which I have already published.

    From all six comments that you sent me, you have made it very clear that, no matter what and how, you do not - will not - consider Brendan P's act as plagiarism.

    And since you have made this very clear, I see no need to allow you to come out in defence of your position (and Brendan P's sin) each time a poster responds to your comments and tries to make you understand why Brendan did commit plagiarism.

    If I allow you to do that, there'll be no end to it.

    I hope you will not accuse me of censoring you, like the NST censored the Datin Anonymous, but I do need to maintain a certain minimum standard for this blog.

    Thank you for taking part.

  56. Anonymous10:02 pm

    Petikan dari Bernama.
    Dr Mahathir Akur Jika Digantung Keanggotaan Umno/penasihat Agensi

    LANGKAWI, 1 Nov (Bernama) -- Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad berkata beliau menerima apa sahaja keputusan kerajaan berhubung kedudukan beliau sebagai penasihat beberapa agensi kerajaan dan anggota Umno.

    Katanya beliau akan akur sekiranya kerajaan mahu menamatkan perkhidmatannya sebagai penasihat beberapa agensi seperti Proton dan Lembaga Pembangunan Langkawi (Lada).

    "Saya juga akan akur sekiranya Majlis Tertinggi Umno mahu menggantung keahlian saya," katanya kepada pemberita selepas melakukan lawatan ke beberapa projek pembangunan di Langkawi hari Rabu.

    Bekas perdana menteri itu berkata beliau ada mendengar cadangan Menteri Besar Kedah Datuk Seri Mahdzir Khalid supaya beliau ditamatkan perkhidmatan sebagai penasihat serta cadangan Pemuda Umno Kedah supaya keanggotaan beliau dalam parti digantung.

    "Saya tidak akan membantah, saya akur kerana itu semua adalah hak mereka selaku kerajaan dan parti," katanya.

    Ditanya adakah cadangan tindakan itu adalah usaha untuk meminggirkan beliau, Dr Mahathir sekadar mengulangi "itu hak mereka".

    Katanya beliau sedar dirinya semakin tidak popular sebab itu beliau boleh diperlakukan apa sahaja.

    "Hari ini sepatutnya saya menghadiri satu majlis anjuran Perkida di Johor, sementara pada 3 Nov ini menghadiri majlis anjuran pertubuhan bukan kerajaan di Baling. Tetapi kedua-dua majlis itu telah dibatalkan dan itu menunjukkan saya semakin tidak popular," katanya yang ditemani isterinya Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Mohamed Ali sepanjang lawatan berkenaan.

    Dr Mahathir juga sekadar menjawab "sedang berfikir" terhadap soalan sama ada beliau akan menghadiri perhimpunan agung Umno di Kuala Lumpur pertengahan bulan ini.

    Beliau juga berkata "sedang mempertimbangkan dengan mendalam" mengenai cadangan Umno Bahagian Kubang Pasu supaya beliau tidak terlalu kritikal terhadap kerajaan dan kepimpinan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Dr Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

    -- BERNAMA

  57. Anonymous12:39 am


    Among Abdullah's famous quotes provided by his handlers was "you pay peanuts you get monkeys."

    He made the comment to defend government's decision to reward GLC managers handsomely.

    But that is assuming that you know enough about monkeys. If you don't, you may pay bananas, apples and grapes but still get monkeys.

    That appears to be the case with his appointments of some GLC managers and newspaper editors like the man that is the subject of this column.

    So, I don't blame the monkeys. I blame Abdullah for wasting good babanas, apples and grapes on them.

    Monkeys will always be monkeys. Monkeys see, monkeys do. Monkeys love to copy, steal other monkeys' ideas.

    Some monkeys may be thinking out of the box or out of the gage. But monkeys will always be monkeys. Mischief is their natural trait. And when you give face to monkey, they become what we from the kampung, including Bertam from where Abdullah came from, call "kera kena belacan."

  58. Anonymous2:04 am

    yoz bros n sister
    check out malaysia kini...
    apparently bumi equity dah tercapai 10 years ago...

  59. Kawan-kawan, salam..

    Saya tengok ada satu kecenderungan untuk mempersoalkan apa niat orang itu dan orang ini bila depa cakap apa yang depa nak cakap.

    Beberapa komen dalam blog ini juga menunjukkan kecenderungan yang sama.

    Bagi saya, apa niat orang itu, itu hak dia. I dont want to play god to scrutinise apa orang punya niat.

    Apa niat Tun Det dok bantai Pak Lah tak habis-habis, apa niat Rocky dok jadi Pak Tunjuk yg dekat hari2 dok tunjuk salah bos-bos yang bertakhta di NST/NSTP (bunch of goons?! orang la kata, bukan saya...), itu depa punya fasal.

    Saya lebih berminat kepada roti benggali dari benggali roti!

    Apa niat Tun Det, Rocky, sapa2 pun, itu urusan Tuhan.

    Yang penting bagi saya ialah apa yg depa kata tu betui atau tidak?

    Bila Rocky terjerit2 bagi tau, "woi! budak ni meniru ni! tak malunya...," yang penting bagi saya ialah mana buktinya? Dah dia tunjuk bukti, dgn akai yg Tuhan bagi saya kena la nilai, meniru yang lagu mana?

    Ada orang meniru untuk kebaikan, misalnya meniru kebaikan Nabi. Tiru macam tu bagi saya terpuji.

    Tapi kalau saya rasa orang tu meniru sebab nak tunjuk lagak dan bagak, misalnya nak tayang-tayang dia punya English kununnya hebat sangat, padahal bukan datang dari kreativiti dia memanipulasikan kekayaan bahasa Inggeris untuk nak tulis cantik2, itu haprak punya peniru.

    Ada dak orang putih kata, once a haprak always a haprak?! Penat-penat meniru pun, tetap nampak haprak!

  60. Anonymous8:53 am

    Dear Rocky,

    I'm very disappointed by your censoring of my comments, but it's too obvious to complain that a petty mind is petty.

    But I can understand it if you do not want to make yourself into a laughing stock. It's that thing called 'ego'.

    rockybru said:

    "I have decided against posting the three latest comments you left for this blog because they provide no new perspective compared with the three that you had sent earlier, which I have already published."

    Yet, you don't apply the same standard to those who are SUPPORTING YOUR position, who do not even offer ANY 'perspective' at all, just parroting your views.Why the double standard?

    "From all six comments that you sent me, you have made it very clear that, no matter what and how, you do not - will not - consider Brendan P's act as plagiarism."

    That's not true. I've given my REASONS in those comments. If the reasons do not make sense, just let your readers rebut, or YOU YOURSELF rebut. And if your readers can show I was wrong, I'll apologise. But would YOU do the same?? As a 'journalist'??

    In one of my comments I said that one of your commentators should show how the word 'plagiarism' should apply to this article, and that YOU, if you cannot come out with a convincing demonstration, should have the COURAGE and INTEGRITY of a journalist to apologise - just like what you have accused the NST of NOT DOING.

    Another, I tried to show how this Posting of yours is not balanced - talking about YOU here, NOT about the NST article, CORRECT??

    How is all that not 'new', or is that 'mere repetition', compared to what those supporters who supported you said so far???!!!

    I suggest you let the READERS judge - why should YOU, 'the journalist' - decide what to let your readers read and what not?? Tell me how is this different from what you accuse the NST of doing to the Datin's letter????? Enlighten me!!! You HYPOCRITE.

    "And since you have made this very clear, I see no need to allow you to come out in defence of your position (and Brendan P's sin) each time a poster responds to your comments and tries to make you understand why Brendan did commit plagiarism."

    For the record, I DON'T KNOW who this chap BP is, but judging from what he wrote I definitely is NOT A FAN of his. He can be put into jail for whatever crime you accuse him of committing and I won't give a toss. All I want is to show:

    1, How you have not applied the P concept correctly, hence guilty of MISLEADING your readers; and

    2, How you, in refusing to own up to your mistakes, is also a HYPOCRITE like the NST clowns. So, it's okay for YOUR supporter "to come out in defence of your position (and accuse Brendan P of sin) each time a poster parrots your post and tries to repeat why Brendan did commit plagiarism" but it's NOT OKAY for me to show how they are WRONG???

    Why this double standard?

    "If I allow you to do that, there'll be no end to it."

    Tell that to Datin Anonymous - why not?

    And why is it okay for 10 of your readers to reply to 1 of my comments, but not for me to reply to their comments via ONE post???

    "I hope you will not accuse me of censoring you, like the NST censored the Datin Anonymous, but I do need to maintain a certain minimum standard for this blog."

    So, NST cannot maintain "a certain minimum standard" for its published letters, to weed out RANTS?

    "Thank you for taking part."

    Thank YOU for admitting that you are a hypocrite, by this conduct which you accused others of doing.

    What a load of bollocks. You need to answer to God - you will, both for accusing others of being hypocrites and yet pratise hypocrisy yourself.

    And, sad to say, judging from how YOU and Jeff Ooi have been blogging, perhaps Malaysians are just too petty and immature to handle free speech.

  61. Anonymous9:27 am

    Saudara Rocky,

    Saya menyertai rakan-rakan yang lain mengucapkan tahniah kepada Sdr Syed Nazri kerana dilantik Group Editor New Straits Times Sdn Bhd.

    After a string of unfortunate events and questionable choices, I hope and pray Syed will do the paper proud.

    Personally, I consider myself lucky for being able to work with him for many years, as I had with you and many others.

    As I have commented in my blog in response to Pujangga, running the NST is not an easy job. But I am sure Syed can live up to our expectation.

    Selamat maju jaya Sdr Syed Nazri.

    And congratulations to you, Jeff Ooi and other bloggers and your "posters" for making this change possible.

    Had you not highlighted the act of plagiarism by the former GE, this positive change would not have taken place so suddenly.

    Tahniah dan terima kasih kepada semua yang terlibat.

  62. Anonymous11:21 am

    Dear half Blind,

    Please go and get yourself your own blog and feel free to leave postings and comments by yourself.

    This blog is not the place for your immature rants and no we do not give a rats tush on your justification.

    Get a life and know when you are not wanted.

    Sheeesssh...........some people are so thick skinned and pathetic.

  63. Anonymous12:10 pm

    In its front page today, the STAR reported that a Malay Muslim is appointed as Yala Head and the Thais are in full praise of the Thai Intelligence Chief and Dr Mahathir for helping the talks a success.

    As usual, can't find the news mentioning Dr M's role in the issue in the NST!

    Hantu Gigi Jarang

  64. Anonymous12:43 pm

    Re the posting by Anak Melayu Global, I agree with everything you say. But what was that about this government 'tunduk kepada Western-educated liberals'? As far as I can see, this government mostly tunduk to kampung-educated bigots. Oh you mean KJ? That's a Western-educated opportunistic racist.

  65. Anonymous1:48 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    This is me - the real Noraini Shariff. Just I want to make it clear that I am not "Datin Anonymous" who wrote the much-discussed letter. I would have put down my name if I had indeed written it. That said, I agree with her totally. I have the greatest admiration for Tun Dr Mahathir and am sad at the way things have turned out for him. And I am glad that Pereira guy is out of NST, although I think nothing will change in NST for as long as Kalimullah is there. The two of them have brought journalism to a new low standard and I am totally disgusted with them. As for Hishamuddin, he is a disappointment, and I know he knows what we think of him. The NST I knew had different standards, and although we had our differences, we never stooped to such levels as Kalimullah and Pereira have - both in the newspaper and outside. I firmly believe that the two of them as well as many of the people who run NST now are just angry with the fact that they were not accepted by the fraternity before and now are showing their true colours by running ex-NST people down. Get a life! We have moved on and you are still bitching! How disgusting can you get.
    As for Kamarul, shame on you for not printing the Datin's letter! (and I am using an exclamation mark!)
    As for the comment by Lipreader that me being Rejal Arbee's wife explains a lot - please know that it does not explain anything. Both Rejal and I have our own opinions about many things, but we stand together in admiring Mahathir - and for the record, we did not gain monetarily from his administration.Thank you and good bye. Now please keep me out of this.
    Noraini Shariff

  66. Anonymous2:56 pm

    That Joan Lau was so rude. My girl friend called her the other day for a small favour and came her answer "I AM NOT IN CHARGE."

    And she put down the phone.

  67. Anonymous5:30 pm

    It is interesting to read the comments particularly those related to journalism and to get insight of the working of a newspaper. I did not realise that the rot in NST is so pervasive involving from the top and going through the midlevel personnel and certainly under the situation goes down to the bottom. The rot, at least from the comments of those inside, started from the time when Kalimullah was brought in to the paper. We know who was responsible in putting him there. Will this rot becomes cancerous and affect the country? Are we condoning this rot or should we do something to save the situation? I am with you, Datin.
    HalfBlind, Please take a little effort to understand the underlying reasons why Tun Dr. Mahathir during his premiership had to take the courageous role of detaining those under Ops Lalang. If not for this act, there would be a bloodbath in the country.

  68. Having Syed Nadzri as new Chief Editor maybe good news, but hey ... its tough going for him.

    NSTP better start showing the money or it won't sustain. I would be very sad to see NSTP close up.

    Present NST as a common consumer of news see is a reduced sized version of the NST and Business times --- two fine paper reduced to insignificant under Kalimullah.

    NST is trailing behind The Star in circulations by 1 million a day.

    Look at Malay Mail. With the hope of turnign towards the teenage market, it was truend from a paper that cares with human stiry into a sports and entertainment page. By the look of malay mail, who wants to buy malay mail as an entertainment paper. You think youngsters willing to pay just to read entertainment everyday?

  69. please read



  70. Anonymous8:52 am

    Hashimoto said,
    "HalfBlind, Please take a little effort to understand the underlying reasons why Tun Dr. Mahathir during his premiership had to take the courageous role of detaining those under Ops Lalang. If not for this act, there would be a bloodbath in the country."

    Ok, so you want to play moral relativism, situational ethics now? In case you didn't realise it (I think you didn't), the moment you go down that road, you cannot fault NST for not publishing that below standard letter by Datin A - NST have their REASONS too, although you might not agree with.

    So, why should you accept Dr M's 'reasons' but not NST's? Both have 'their jobs to do', right?

    By the way, your answer does not answer all the other allegations against Dr M. Suggest you read these:
    Open reply to Dr M’s ‘Why I criticise the PM’
    Norman Fernandez
    Dr M, here are 17 more
    Norman Fernandez