Friday, November 03, 2006


"Our position is very clear; it is not (plagiarism). The other (Mitch Albom's) piece did not revolve around the Prime Minister of Malaysia or former Prime Minister. Our content was original." - Syed Faisal Albar, CEO of NSTP, on Brendan P's plagiarism scandal.
In major editorial crises like this one, you'd expect Kalimullah Hassan as the NSTP Editorial Adviser or Hishamuddin Aun as the Group Editor-in-Chief to stand up for the profession. Instead, they have left it to Syed Faisal to come out with a most pathetic defence.

Syed Faisal's defence of Brendan P was also left very late in this NST on-line article about a threat by the NSTP to sue the BBC if it does not retract the news story its correspondent in KL had sent out yesterday on the plagiarism issue and Brendan P's resignation.

The CEO said Brendan P's resignation had been announced at a regional correspondent meeting on 18 August this year. Some of these correspondents will no doubt contest this claim. I remember Kalimullah announcing Brendan P's resignation on two earlier occasions; one of them was right after he had made the announcement about the appointment of the Singapore-trained Brendan P as the new Group Editor of the NSTP!

Meanwhile, the world is reading about NST and Malaysia, here and here.


  1. Anonymous3:29 am

    This anei(Brandy) the friend of 'out of the cage' will return to Singapore and promoted to the post as GEIC of Straits Times.His clandestine operation in Malaysian own press is consider good in the eye of his Master.Mission accomplished.But never forget that they still have 2 creatures in NST.One of them is freelance which his writing lately show a bit islamic.We have to kick both of them in the cage(Singapore) and never let them loose free after what they have done to NST and nation.

  2. Anonymous3:57 am

    Mr Pereira isn't your standard little caged kera.
    He's the troop leader with great spinning power.
    He was blessed by the big man of Putrajaya.
    Who told him to stay put at Balai Berita.
    Together with the monkey god His Holeliness Mr Kalli.
    They spin and spin to make the big man happy.
    The big man he loves to sleep and to talk.
    He doesn't know if the country's going to the dog.
    He loves to say, I've a big mandate you bloody ape!
    You support me or Khairy'll chop off your head.
    So the kera with power spins and spews.
    Sparing nobody but the fortunate few.
    The big man of Putrajaya was very very happy.
    So he rawards the powerful kera and monkey god Kalli.
    They say say old man Mahathir was a mad chimpanzee.
    Out to destroy the originator of Islam Hadhari.
    So they hunted him down like mangy dogs.
    With their venom and their loose talks.
    They spin and spin till they get dizzy.
    Other people's work they started to copy.
    To make the old man vile and ugly.
    They stole other people's line and story.
    Lo and behold, the curse of the big ape finally comes.
    They were exposed and made to look like scums.
    Soon the kera with power will be gone.
    Leaving the NST tattered and torn.
    The monkey god is nowhere to be seen.
    Could be working hard to produce another spin.
    These are people who have no honour.
    Their survival's all that matter.
    The NST can die for all they care.
    As long as they prosper, everything is fair.
    So dear fellow bloggers, don't you all be too sure.
    The beruk and kera may still prosper.
    'Cause they're blessed by Putrajaya.
    Syed Nazri? Well his task I won't envy.
    Putting back the tattered NST won't be easy.
    The kera and beruk made mess of things.
    Mere mention of the NST sets a lot of people cringing.

  3. Anonymous4:45 am

    okay, brendan is history. okay, now i invite the loyal followers of jeff ooi, otherwise known as the malaysian special one, also known as the saviour of malaysia, also known as the no 1 would-be journalist of the country, to take aim at the new target - syed nadzri. go ahead. syed told me he is ready and armed ahead of the scud missiles. in fact syed says he is taking ginseng to protect himself from the missiles that are expected to rain on him come december 1.

  4. Anonymous7:18 am

    Rocky said...

    "Our position is very clear; it is not (plagiarism). The other (Mitch Albom's) piece did not revolve around the Prime Minister of Malaysia or former Prime Minister. Our content was original." - Syed Faisal Albar, CEO of NSTP, on Brendan P's plagiarism scandal.


    Then NST should have the guts to print the two articles for comparison. Let the readers be the judge.

    Now that it is publicly known that Breneden is a plagiarist, NST still wants to spin & lie.

    Ayo S. Faisal. Still want to deny.

    Why Malaysiakini has in its footnote when referring to the reader's letter on this issue that it is "alleged plagiarism"?

    Takut kena sue by NST ke?

  5. Anonymous9:18 am


    What a terrible start to a new job. Now we have and editor who cannot tell a plagiarist work when it is in front of him. So I can predict seeing him denying his future work as original because the content are different. Well at least we know who he works for, just like his master the forever in the state of denial.

  6. Anonymous9:33 am

    ..said the NSTP executive, "His resignation has nothing to do with the allegations (of plagiarism). He wanted to go months ago because he did not want to become fodder for Mahathir to use against Abdullah" - Sun 3/11/06

    Dear Rocky,
    The spinners spin again. Horray...Breandan is a hero! They make it look like he is sacrificing his position for the sake of Pak Lah. Someone should suggested Datukship for his noble act. He can they join the goons of NSTP, Syed Faisal, Hisahmuddin, Manja...awarded for their "funtastic" spinning writing.

    BH carry the same story..."Beliau adalah Pengarang kumpulan yang terbaik yang pernah kami ada". They even dare to put him above the others like, Datuk Kadir Jasin, Shivadass, Datuk Munir Majid, Adibah Amin and the late Dr. Nordin Sophie.

    He is not even qualified to be at par with Tok Mat, Pak Non (Zainun Ahmad), Datin Rose, Datuk Ahmad Sebi and Hardev.

    Wonder whether Manja reads the porsee proof before its gets printed. Anyway what do you expect from this Yes man..busy making sure his photos is in the paper proof that he is in the socialising elite group.

    As far as Datuk4x Hishamuddin is concern, i am yet to see him proving his position. Must be very happy to have Syed Faisal in the team, always willing and eager to give comments. One wonders who runs the editorial, and who runs the company.

    Hishamuddin Aun must hidding somewhere or busy "making hay while it shines" (his favourite cliche)together with his wife. Better hurry up and stack the hay up high Datuk, it looks like the raining season is already on its rains every evening now.

    God saves us all.

  7. Anonymous9:53 am

    Bro rocky

    the sun quoted Syed Faisal as saying,

    "...the company did not agree that Pereira had plagiarised the work of author Mitch Albom when he (Pereira) used a sentence in his article which appeared in the NST on October 30, 2006".

    Goodness. What a stupid statement in defense of Brendan.

    Can he read? Did he read Brendan's article?

    Why are you trying to menegakkan benang basah, Tuan Syed?

    Tell you, NST really sucks!

  8. Anonymous10:02 am


    Does anyone know where is Kali?

    Dont you think he is the one who should be defending Brendan?

    Is he in hiding?

    And Brendan? Don't you think he owes his NST readers an explanation?

  9. Anonymous10:07 am

    i'm the kind of person whom u would never engaged with if you want to talk something intellectual.
    but please, what kind of defence was that? very embarassing.

    and i do think "don't these adults think before they talk?"

  10. Rocky!
    When Kali came he took with him his coven starting with his handler Varghese Mathews (former S'pore third secretary then proceeded to become S'pore to Cambodia), Rajan Moses (CIA controlled asset)Michael Vatiokatis(CIA man himself), Brendan (of course), Joan Lau (she disapeared to S'pore to take special training) Wan Hamidi (he was taken in by Brendan, and there are mamny more little withches that were brought in by Kali. His mission to portray Malays, especially as blithering idiots so twenty or thirty years from now the world will be de-synthesised with the fact that Malays are like that of the Hotentots of South Africa so they can be killed like wild rabbits with out any feeling of remorse. Kali and gang has succeeded, but unfortunately Umno members are so moronic not to see all these!

  11. Anonymous11:03 am

    Anonymous said:

    [BH carry the same story..."Beliau adalah Pengarang kumpulan yang terbaik yang pernah kami ada". They even dare to put him above the others like, Datuk Kadir Jasin, Shivadass, Datuk Munir Majid, Adibah Amin and the late Dr. Nordin Sophie.

    He is not even qualified to be at par with Tok Mat, Pak Non (Zainun Ahmad), Datin Rose, Datuk Ahmad Sebi and Hardev.]

    And I say, that may be correct. They are not comparing Pereira or Kalli and Hishamuddin Aun for that matter with the above former NST/BH editors.

    They have never recognized the contribution of these people anyway. To the Kalli-Brendan-Hisham Trioka, the NST/BH history begun only when they came in.

    The past yardstick as set by the above editors and giants like Samad Ismail and Lee Siew Yee was immaterial bacause these three Abdullah Badawi's blessed operatives had from the word go been dumbing down the NST and BH into scandal sheets.

    It is a blessing that they had not tried to ride on these papers' great past otherwise the whole history of the NST and BH would be stained and dirtied by these pretenders and plagiarists.

  12. Anonymous11:34 am

    Why won't BP just admit that he's wrong and be done with it?

    Why is it so hard to say "I'm sorry" in this country?

    Now with NST refusing to admit, this issue is now going to blow wide open

  13. Anonymous11:38 am


    'Hindu God & Muslim Priest'

    ............Now, we got another to label NST....

    'Hindu God & Muslim Priest and Christian Rabbi'

    ..............NST going glocal.

  14. Anonymous12:07 pm

    The new Brendan Pereira motto:


  15. Anonymous12:09 pm


    Why is everybody dead silent about this study done in 1997....

    Over to you Rocky

  17. Anonymous12:18 pm


    Gua sulah lama tatak masuk lu punya blog ooo...sebab gua pegi tongsan. Bila gua balik, gua lengar Belenden Pelela Albom sulah kena belenti kelija, gua lasa tatak syok kalu tatak campur tangan. Kalu boleh gua punya kaki pun mahu campur sekali...Gua mahu tanya sikit ha...apa itu NST mahu tunggu Belenlen tilu bulat-bulat balu mahu panggil palagiat ka? Mana ada olang itu macam punya. Tatak olang mahu tilu itu macam stupid punya kelija. Syed Faizal lu mana universiti akauntan mali punya? Hishamulin sama apa kelulusan ambil.. lan (dan) mana universiti mali punya...nanti gua mahu check dan tunjuk lu dua olang punya backglound elukasyen dalam Lockyblu punya blog. Kalu ala lu luan olang punya tesis punya tajuk pun gua nanti kasi tau...itu macam balu olang boleh picaya sama ala lu olang tau lu cakap apa punya atau tembelang kosong lagi....Saya lasa lu banyak susah mahu lefen itu lencana (rencana) sebab...lia punya flemwork atau sluktur, macam sama punya...pelkataan lia guna pun banyak sama punya...Nanti ha..itu lawyer tanya sama awak...itu betul punya palagiat apa macam tatak boleh jawab punya oo...kalau lu tatak tau apa itu palagiat, apa macam lu boleh kata itu bukan palagiat...boloh punya CEO. Dalam stoly pun ha...satu palagelaf pun lu tatak kasi kledit sama siapa olang yang cakap punya, lu sulah boleh dianggap palagiat..tau ka? Itu pasai ha..macam Dr Muzi kata, dalam tesis ha...kena kasi lefelen mana-mana penulis asal punya...Gua lasa, NST tatak perlu kasi tegak itu benang basah..kalau lu olang tatak tau apa itu makna palagiat...tau ka. Dalam muzik pun, sikit-sikit punya bunyi sama pun,,sulah dianggap tau ka? Itu pasai dalam muzik...lain-lain melodi lebih menonjol atau plominen untuk elak palagiat. Tapi, dalam isu Belenlen-Albom, lia punya tilu, nampak lebih plominen....lamai olang setuju lengan saya ooo..

  18. Anonymous12:25 pm

    a Hollywood movie called Magneto is in production for 2007 showing ...

    check this out .... see the storyline

    I wonder who is playing young Mahathir?

  19. Me signing In with a wide grin:

    Dear Rocky,
    Congratualtion to you and the likes of Ooi(is he 007 superior?),DAKJ who highlighted the issue of pliagarism.The mean certainly justify the end in Brendan case .I remember Al Capone was pinned down not because of the killings he ordered but by his default on personal income tax.Al Capone went to jail,Brendan,back to S'pore solved.

    To me this victory must be at par to your earlier expose'of Pantai Holdings and subsequent Khazanah track covering act.Me keeping a tally here in your(and all of fellow bloggers)fight against unaccountability of present mangerial team(namely BN) of our country.

    Celebrate if we must, be dont GLOAT. We are done with Brendan and our next focus should be Kalli and RM100 billion dollars goverment going to splash out in RMK9.

    A true leader,in this case, you Rocky,would show his magnanimity in the hours of victory and would restrain his soldiers by his deeds.

    Our fight is not with NST,which i believe a person of your integrity would be wise enough to realise ,shouldnt paint with the same brushstroke come whomever will to the editoriol post of NST like what we did to Brendan.He is history and let see how Syed does the job.Give Pak Syed a chance to prove his worthiness before we latch on him.

    We (blogger)just won a minor skirmish not even a battle,the war is against unaccountability not NST.The skirmish was not planned,it came on our lap when Brendan placed his head on the chopping board!!

    Stay focus and relevant and lets move on to the next issue.

    Congratulation Rocky

  20. Anonymous12:34 pm

    well. the NST has outdone itself, yet again. and yet again, Syed Faisal was used by Kalimulah to say the most asinine thing.
    Go on, NST, sue the BBC.
    Frankly, I dont think NST will sue the BBC. I'll bet NST lawyers will advise Kalimullah against it, because they know that NST does not have a case.
    It is a just a threat by Kalimullah who continues to expose his lack of professionalism.
    We all know why brendan P resigned (finally). it is certainly not because his term was up or pressure from umno.
    he resigned amid allegations of that he plagiarised the work of an american writer. let me be specific. he resigned because of the allegations.

  21. Anonymous1:11 pm

    Why won't BP just admit that he's wrong and be done with it?

    Why is it so hard to say "I'm sorry" in this country?


    "Sorry is the hardest word."

    That, by the way, is a lyric from a song just in case am accused of being a plagiarist.

  22. As a journalist Syed Faisal should know better that plagiarism isn't just about subject/content, but can also be with regards to style. The fact that the two articles were almost identical in form and presentation, to me is plagairism - primarily because Brendan nowhere attributed the presentation style to Mitch Albom, or mentioned Albom's article as an inspiration.

    Even I, who don't write professionally, but maintain a blog, know that plagiarism is a no-no when it comes to writing. Any sources I use, be it text or graphics (unless composited enough making the original(s) beyond recognition), are duly identified, acknowledged, and attributed - or at least I try.

    Based on Syed Faisal's 2-bits, it looks like same 'ol, same 'ol from NST - same snake, same venom, just a different head.

  23. Anonymous1:56 pm

    The stone sub...I agree with you. When they claimed "Beliau adalah pengarang kumpulan terbaik yang kami pernah ada" they must be comparing among themselves...

    Of course, Brendan is a better spinner than them, he gets the world attention....

  24. Anonymous4:26 pm

    syed faisal does not even believe what he saying.
    truth is, syed faisal --(he is not THAT stupid..just weak) knows what plagiarism is.

    brendan P should have read Krishnamoorthy's and Shivadas' handbook on journalism.

    Someone told me that brendan rubbished the book. he and KP waran were berating krishnamoorthy (though they did not mention shivadas' name) when a news article came out sbout the book.

    i think KP waran was laughing out loud, sniggering and said something to the effect that krishnamoorthy should be learning about journalism first before writing the book.

    yeah, right, KP,... and dont we know about your little exploits with certain female reporters under you.. we can name names. and all your little manouverings to go for gold tourneys, sailing and yachting, little favours to people in return for favours for you, your family and your girlfriends.

    how you were put there, i think people know. the reason you have been getting away is because brendan has been turning a blind eye because he knows he can use you,as long as he lets you get away with "little things".

    cannot give you power-lah KP.. you abuse it like crazy.

  25. Anonymous4:55 pm

    When the whole cabinet is spinning,how come it becomes an issue when the paper owned by the majority in the cabinet spins!A paper owned by a political party has few options but to keep on spinning. NST has been doing just that for the past 20 odd years with different spin doctors!

  26. Anonymous5:29 pm

    I didn't know Syed Faisal was a journalist? Isn't he an accountant by training?

    I think a few people on this blog are mixing up Syed Faisal Albar, the CEO (who is quoted in the paper), for Syed Nadzri Syed Harun, who is set to be the new Group Editor - and is a REAL journalist.

  27. Anonymous5:31 pm

    You know, all this venom people who hate NST spew is very entertaining, right up to the point where you open yourselves up to the possibility of defamation suits.
    Everyone who's been in the publication business will tell you that defending a defamation suit is nerve wrecking; where bravado is replaced quickly with meekness.
    But hey, if your think coming across so bravely and so wrecklessly with allegations of plagiarism without fully understanding the law as stands is good fun and worth the millions you may have to pay in damages should you get sued and lose, go right on ahead.
    Just remember, the limitation period for the tort of defamation is a few good years. Brendan Pereira may not act immediately, but he may act eventually.
    And looking at the law as it stands, Pereira may get the last laugh, and all the way to the bank.

  28. Anonymous5:32 pm


    Syed Feisal is not a journalist. He is MD of NSTP Berhad.

  29. Anonymous6:05 pm


    First, I'm familiar with that definition of plagiarism, and it's true that the definition is very common, but it's too broad. It only lays out the GENERAL principles.

    Some questions:
    1, What does it mean 'using'? what if I imitate?

    2, What does it mean 'ideas and words'? Does that include styles and approaches?

    3, What does it mean 'without clearly acknowledging'? If I say, "Don't ask what your newspapers can do for you but what you can do for your newspapers," do I have to say (Note, an adaptation of John F. Kennedy's Second(?) Inaugural Speech...)??

    4, if a piece of writing and style (like MA's and JFK's quote above) is already quite well known, do you still need to 'acknowledge' it?

    - My point is, the concept cannot be applied indiscriminately. It must be fine-tuned and applied carefully.

    Secondly, note that the Indiana definition is for ACADEMIC plagiarism. Most commentators don't seem to notice the difference. My question (to which, honestly, I still don't have a clear cut answer; just asking questions here...) is whether we should apply the SAME STANDARD for CREATIVE writings??? If so, would it not dampen creativity?

    For academic research, I fully agree that originality is a must and credit must be given for others' scholarly efforts. Scholars guard the fruits of their efforts jealously.

    But the ethos/culture seems to be quite different in the literary/creative writing world. Writers CRAVE influence, glad to see their styles adopted and imitated. (I'm not a 'literary' or 'cultured' person, so I stand to be corrected here...) If this impression is true, then their attitude towards 'plagiarism' or 'copying' would be diametrically OPPOSITE.

    That piece of writing by BP is NOT a 'ournalistic' piece of reporting, it's a commentary. If you steal someone else's NEWS REPORTING without attributing the source, that's wrong. But commentary? Literary style? Just because it was published in a newspapers doesn't mean we should apply the same standard...

    All that I'm asking for is a more nuanced, considered attitude when we apply the P word. In both Screenshot's and Rocky's posts about this allegation, they have NOT shown that they have considered this distinction. That's what I'm against.

    If they show that after considering the P standard applicable to literary, creative writing, BP is still a thief, so be it. I'm not going to weep for BP. I just don't want Malaysian readers to be misled, and these bloggers have a social responsibility to educate the Malaysian public BEFORE they apply that term.

    And if my argument (that a different, more relaxed standard is applicable for creative writing) is CORRECT, then these bloggers would have been guilty of making a lot of stupid noise which only shows how ignorant they are, making themselves - and their parroting commentators - into laughing stock.

    I hope they are right, and I'm wrong, because (as shown by my repeated participation here) deep down, I really have a lot of respect for what they are doing.

    [Rocky's comment: this piece originally sent in at 12.54pm. a couple of paras have been omitted, including one by the Half Blind inviting bloggers here to go to his/her blog. as you see, i haven't started offering ad space on this blog yet.]

  30. Anonymous6:12 pm

    Good for you, Rocky - don't allow cheapskates to hantam you, and at the same time got the cheek to use your blog as advertising space.

    By the way what ever happened to my earlier post?


  31. Anonymous6:56 pm

    blind loyalty, harry. did you even read half blind's comment?

    just a note of caution, be careful you lot. i just read someone's comment here that you may be liable for defamation. not a very fun situation to be in. not trying to spoil your war victory or anything, but generally i wouldn't like to see anyone open themselves to that sort of possibilities.

  32. Anonymous8:03 pm

    Nak tau juga apa kelulusan Kalimullah dan Hishanuddin Aun. .Mereka dulu belajar di universiti mana dulu. Sapa yang tahu boleh tolong post kan dalan blog rockybru. Libutmali tentu boleh tolong kut.

  33. Anonymous8:51 pm

    This is extremely embarassing. When I have to register my name at assignments after this, what will NST stand for? 'Newspaper Suka Tiru'.....we're the laughing stock of profession, if we aren't already...

  34. Anonymous9:11 pm

    Adalah amat memalukan apabila Syed Faizal mengatakan yang Brendan Pereira Albom is the best editor NST ever had. Mangkok Ayon mana yang suruh dia cakap macam tu. Inilah CEO paling baik yang pernah ada di NST....wekkkkk.takkan lah tak tau nak menilai sikit pun. Akauntan selalu tengok angka. Jualan NST bawah Brebdan bagus ke. Kalau kau kata Brendan tu bagus, tak tau lah bagaimana awak menilai Hishmuddin
    Agaknya kau terpegun baca tulisan dia. Kalau nak tau ada menteri yg komen kata apa yang dia tulis ni. Untuk rakyat kalau nak majukan ,NST'Kali dan Syed mesti letak jawatan dsm seperti Kali dan Hisham.

  35. Anonymous9:13 pm

    "...According to Pereira the date of his departure was decided two weeks before the article's publication." Editors' weblog.

    But what Brendan failed to add is that the article actually hastend his departure.

    Piraah & poodah, Brendan!

  36. Anonymous11:25 pm


    don't you worry about any potential defamation suits. those guys warning you about the lawsuits for branding brendan P a P....ignore them.
    any lawyer will tell you that there is a STRONG case of plagiarism there.

    we shall overcome....

  37. Anonymous11:27 pm

    if that (brendan P's column) is not plagiarism, I don't know what is.

  38. Anonymous11:47 pm

    i am sure, when we sit down and think about lawsuits...we can think of several we can take against kalimullah and brendan.
    and it wont be brendan laughing all the way to the bank...neither will it be kalimullah.
    try us!

    ingin jadi pujangga

  39. Anonymous12:03 am

    bacardiguys said: "Any lawyer will tell you that there is a STRONG case of plagiarism there."
    Sorry dude. I'm a lawyer, and I'm telling you, think again.

  40. Anonymous12:42 am

    sorry, anonymous. brendan P commited plagiarism.
    just have to prove he did not. and that will be hard. i know. i am a lawyer (too)

  41. Anonymous12:53 am

    To anonymous lawyer,

    You are presuming you're the only lawyer following this blog.

    Please compare the two articles again. Neither BrendanP nor NSTP have a leg to stand on.

    It's they who should be worrying - about Albom and DFP who thus far have kept mum.

    Both are probably still weighing whether or not it's worth their while to pursue this shameless "lifting" issue. Threaten an entity like the BBC for reporting it, let's see if their hands won't be forced to react overtly.

    Know what, I hope BP/NSTP take on the Beeps. Please BP/NSTP, please do take on BBC! I have a feeling it'll really make our [read disgusted Malaysians] day.

    NST will take a long time to live this down. It has become a MatRempit paper. Actually, the whole Malaysia has gone to the MatRempits!

  42. Anonymous1:17 am

    Anonymous: "sorry, anonymous. brendan P commited plagiarism.
    just have to prove he did not. and that will be hard. i know. i am a lawyer (too)."
    Well brother/sister lawyer, it is for no small reason that we are refered to as "crows" in English literature. And no two crows will agree on all parts of the law.
    And this is exactly my basis for saying, "think again."
    Law of remedies will tell you that while Brandon Pereira may get sued for plagiarism, that is not a reason that would prevent him from suing others.
    You want to be sued by Brendan Pereira because you are brave and rich enough to delve into something no two lawyers may agree on?
    Be my guess.
    I just thought someone should give all the non-lawyers in this forum a reality check.
    At the very least, it debunks the statement: "Any lawyer will tell you that there is a STRONG case of plagiarism there." For, this lawyer says the case is pathetically weak.

  43. minyak angin - You are correct, and Walski stands corrected (i.e. Syed Faisal is NOT a journalist). As one anonymous commenter correctly pointed out, I must've confused the two Syeds. Regardless, as CEO of NSTP, journalist or no journalist, he should know that plagiarism is the cardinal sin of writing - which if he didn't before, he sure as hell does now. NSTP's official position, therefore, is indefensible; worse it's sloppy - and the world outside see's that.

  44. Anonymous1:28 pm

    Datuk Syed Faizal, eloklah kau clearkan bilik kau tu..tak lama lagi, dengan- awak-awak tu akan jalan. Ada ke kau kata si Brendan Pereira Albom tu kau kata the best editor. Pak Samad (Tan Sri A Samad Ismail) tu pun orang belum angkat dia sebagai the best editor kau tau tak? Biasanya orang yang boleh gelarkan dia the best editor tentulah orang di atas dia...jadi GEIC, si Datok HIshamuddin itulah orang yang bertanggungjawab menggelar si Brendan Albom the best editor. Secara langsung Dato' Hishamuddin nak beritatahu seluruh Malaysia yang dialah yang beri gelaran itu pada Brendan Albom. Jadi, secara tak langsung Dato' Hishamuddin nak bagi tahu yang dia lah lebih bagus dari Brendan. Podah....

  45. Anonymous3:18 pm

    Latuk Syed Faizal, lu siapa mahu kasi itu Blenden Pelela Albom the best elitor in NST. Apa lu punya basis, tolong celita?. Lu lengar Latuk Hishamulin punya cakap apa had (pasal) ...lia bagus sangat ke?. Kalau lia bagus, lia sulah kasi Slait (Straits) Times nombor satu. Lia apa tau? Kaki bolek (bodek) untuk plojek pelabot.
    Lu tau ke, lamai olang bagus-bagus punya di NST sulah belenti, kena belenti, dialah (diarah) belenti...apa pasai lu telima semua. Kalau Lu baik punya CEO, lu tanya ini lua olang - Kalimullah lengan Hishamulin, apa pasai mau kasi belenti lamai staff..Lu patut tanya Latuk Kali dengan latuk Hishamulin suluh meleka belenti pun lagi baik punya. Ini lua olang guna lia olang punya stlategi mahu kontrol itu Stlait (Straits) Times... lu pula maca lembu sulah kena cucuk hilung (hidung)...telima semua..itu pasai lah ini dua olang boleh bermahalajalela. Sekalang lu ada lamai olang tatak boleh pakai punya.nombor satu Kalumullah lengan Hishamulin..apa itu Mahathir cakap..Half Past Six punya olang saja. LU tau ka, masa depan itu sulat khabar sulah hancur...tulus telang punya tolong buka lu punya mata....tengoklah siapa ada lagi di Stlait Times lan (dan) Belita Halian. Bagus punya olang, lu tatak boleh telain (train) lua, tiga tahun...kulang-kulang 10 tahun. Sekalang, lu pegi pack lu punya letak depan pelegi cali kelija tempat lain...kalu sulah tulus angkat itu beg...belah.

  46. Anonymous10:22 am

    Ha Ha Ha...(kali 1000 kali). betul juga kata si Libutmali tu. Takkan Syed Faizal yang pandai-pandai nak gelarkan si Brendan Pereira Albom tu the best editor. Kalau tak si Kalimullah, tentulah Dato' Hishamuddin yang beri gelaran tu. Syed Faizal tu Pak Turut je, melainkan lah dia pun nak title the best Chief Excecutive NST ever had. These are sick people in NST today. We hope they will leave the company volunteerly immediately, let the rest of us run it. Nampak Dato' Hishamuddin di open house Puteri Umno tapi macam out of place je. Ingatlah, ramai staff yang menyumpah dengan tingkah laku kau orang semua, menganiaya orang, mempertahankan orang-orang yang tidak sepatutnya..ingatlah kalau hampir semua staff dan orang kat luar sana menyumpah kau orang, lama-lama permintaan mereka dimakbulkan...eloklah bertaubat dan buat kerja tu baik-baik sikit.

    Anak Lima

  47. Anonymous6:51 pm

    Syed Faizal, you should look for a new job. Your days are numbered too. All staffs are watching at you. Remember there were twice VSS. Under you. I would like to propose that the Business Times's the best CEO award be given to you. Mirror yourself lah haprak. in case you cannot get a suitable new job for you then you should ask yourself. What is your quality?.Same thing to :Hishamuddin the GEIC, I know no body wants to employ them except Kalimullah. Silap gaya Kali pun tendang these two jokers.

  48. Anonymous7:00 pm

    Gua sulah tau Hishamulin sana Kalimullah punya elukasyen backgloundm Gua tanya sama Encik Wahab punya oficer, dia selupa maui demam mau kasi. Gua lapat dali kawan2 lia. /ua terkejut oo sebab ini lua olang pegang busak punya jawatan oo. Gua tatak mau kasi malu ini lua olang lah. Gua sudah tau. Tapi kalau lu olang mahu tau lu cali sendili lah.

  49. Anonymous11:32 am

    Libutmali, saya ingat saya tahu dia punya kelulusan. Saya rasa dia orang ni tak pernah dapat gelaran mahasiswa, sebab tu bila dapat datuk, berlagak sangat2. Hishamuddin tu nak collect tittle sekarang, sebab dia tak ada titile masa belajar dulu. Mungkin dlm tahun ni boleh masuk Guiness Records, for the most Datukship received. Bila nak address mesti sebut Datuk 4X. To him, what is important, is who is he photographed with, what car he drives, where he stays and who is his neighbours. As though people care, if what is in the zero.....Ha...ha...ha..

  50. Anonymous10:27 am

    I want to know just what Rocky thinks with that?

    Warmest regards,