Thursday, November 16, 2006


Blogger A. Kadir Jasin by A. Kadir Jasin
The Khairy Chronicles by Raja Petra Kamarudin

These books would have sold like water in a desert if they had been allowed anywhere near the on-going Umno General Assembly at the PWTC. But these no-holds-barred sketches of Malaysia's political landscape under Dollah Badawi's premiership have been barred from reaching the Umno delegates.

The closest to the PWTC that RPK's book got was the National Press Club at Jalan Tangsi. You may, if you are lucky, still find a few copies left. AKJ will have to rely on his magazine vendors to distribute the books for him.

Here's to greater freedom!


  1. Anonymous9:54 pm

    Rocky, where can I find these books? Easier to read than on the net. Maybe we can have a special forum discussing the books at NPC? What say you?

    Anyway were you any where near PWTC during the Umno GA? You must have noticed the big Ninth Malaysia Plan exhibition organised by the PM's Office. I am wondering whether this is in line with RMK-9 - to give more projects to Umno Ketua Bahagians (or perhaps the select few) via EPU. Otherwise who are the target market for the exhibition?

    Anyway my point is I never thought a major government exhibition can be organised ALONGSIDE an annual general meeting of a political party. Kinda blurring the lines a bit don't you think?

  2. Anonymous10:24 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    That is freedom to ABB. Do you think ABB gave the instructions, I doubt it because he never read anything. He just say OK. Most probably it was Khairy or Kalimulah that gave the instructions to stop the book from getting near PWTC.

    It will soon be banned if Khairy and Kalimullah had his way. I am sure that quite a proportion of the two books will be dedicated to these two famous K - Khairy and Kalimullah and may be another one Kamaludin.

    Please tell where to get them two books before the Freedom Loving PM bans them.

    It is sad isn't it that a Freedom Loving PM is resorting to preventing the rakyat from reading themn. Dato Kadir and Raja Petra the Freedom Loving PM have help both of you to promote the books. I am sure that many people like me who are dying to read them.

    Mr Freedom Loving PM, why are you getting so agitated and do all these things to the Rakyat, who are paying your salary and perks, and pay their taxes so that Khairy and Kalimulah can abused it.

    My sincere advise to oru Freedom Loving PM is to allow Dato Kadir and Raja Petra to publish them and allow the Rakyat to read them.

    Please remeber the phrase: "Published and be damned." If Dato Kadir, a very expereinced editor in chief of many years standing and Raja Petra have published lies, like Kalimullah did in the famous article on June 11, about the PM,Khairy,Kalaimullah and Kamaludin then sue them in court. Oh ya! Kalimullah has sued Mathias Chang - good for Kalimullah but I am waiting to see how he is going to withstand teh scrutiny on his character and back ground. We all know about Kalimulah what big business he had done before ABB became DPM and PM. ORcky you also know.

    By the way the book "TO DIGRESS A LITTLE" stated in no uncertain term that Kalimullah is worth about RM400 million at about the time of publication (i.e. April 2005). WHY KALIMULLAH DIDN'T SUE ON THIS STATEMENT AND OTHER CRITICAL STATEMENTS ON HIM ?????

    PM, Kalimullah and Khairy the Rakyat are waiting patiently for you all to sue Dato Kadir Jasin and Raja Petra so that we all know the REAL TRUTH when the cases are ventilated in the court.


  3. Anonymous10:31 pm

    Dear Mata Pena

    Please give chance to Our Freedom Loving PM to divert attention sikitlah, bro!!! We know is all about bull sh t! He hads been talking about the RMK for so long and yet nothing is happening beside calling our non-muslim brothers and sisters as KAFIR.

    So you can not blame the Freedom Lovign PM for doing all the non-sense, which is going to be bad for the BN at the end of the day.

    I am sure that a big proportion of hte KAFIR will do what they can to ensure he will be out in the coming General Elections.

    Bro, please tell us where to get the 2 books. I wnat ot buy them before they are banned by the Freedom Loving PM.

  4. Anonymous11:05 pm

    Salam to all.

    The second pillar of PL speech( renamed "Cakap tak serupa bikin") among other mentioned that the media now has greater freedom.

    By barring books which highlights his weaknesses thats greater freedom for us.
    You are free to write and publish.But you are not distribute or sell to UMNO delegates.

    Memang cakap tak serupa bikin.

    To Mr clarke gable: Monsoon Cup is around the corner. Kau dah jumpa Ketua JKKK untuk sewa gerai jual Coke ke? tahun ini boleh jual coke RM 5/= per can. Air Nira RM 5/= per glass and kepok lekor please don't undercut other sellers.

    Ayub Tulakang

  5. Anonymous11:06 pm

    Pop princess wins over politics-weary crowd at Malaysia's ruling party congress

    The Associated PressPublished: November 16, 2006

    KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: Malaysia's political elite proved no match for a pop sweetheart.

    Siti Nurhaliza, Malaysia's top female singer, stole the show at the United Malays National Organization ruling party's annual congress Thursday, making a special appearance to help promote the government's economic development programs.

    Hundreds of star-struck people stopped watching the assembly debate and flooded a separate hall, where Siti chatted with fans and belted out an impromptu, a cappella performance of one of her famous ballads.

    Siti's hour-long, gossip-heavy session was music to many people's ears, after they had spent four days listening to top politicians expound on serious subjects like the protection of Islam's status as Malaysia's official religion.

    Spectators begged the newly married Siti to reveal when she plans to have a child. Siti, 27, smiled demurely and replied, "Anytime. If I am blessed with a child sooner, I would accept this with a happy heart."

    Siti, a Malay-language star with massive followings in Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei, occasionally conceded the limelight to her political surroundings.

    Asked about the secret to her success, she said she believed in something Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi mentioned in his keynote speech Wednesday. "He talked about sincerity, which I believe is the important thing," Siti said.

    Siti also praised the government's recently unveiled Ninth Malaysia Plan infrastructure development blueprint, voicing confidence that it would boost the ethnic Malay majority's economic standing over the next five years.

    Civil servant Kamariah Daud said the government should use Siti and other popular figures to make the public more attentive to topics such as politics and the economy.

    "When politicians open their mouth, not everybody listens. When Siti speaks, everybody climbs over each other to hear her," Kamariah said.

  6. And Mawi's ex-fiance's bookstand is allowed?

    Ahh...I forgot.

    No heavy reading must be done by the delegates. It will tend to make them be able to think and analyse what's right or wrong which is anathema to UMNO philosophy.

    Ahh..dang! I forgot again. Delegates are here not to think but to collect the rm3 million project allocation per division.

    Sums up the UMNO GA agenda, don't you think.

  7. Anonymous1:15 am

    I bought Damned that thots in Kinokuniya KLCC and am looking forward to Datuk A Kadir Jasin's latest one. Now seriously I am not that much of a fan when it comes to novel but I tell you the khairy chronicles is as interesting as Prison Break lah. Again looking forward for these two books when Im coming back to KL.

    Anyone knows where I can get these two books?

  8. Anonymous10:02 am

    Thank you for your interest and concern for the book `BLOGGER A.KADIR JASIN`' published by BERITA PUBLISHING SDN BHD.

    This publication which is a compilation of selected postings and comments in A.Kadir Jasin's blog entries since its inception in Feb 2006 is now available in bookstores.

    Alternatively, readers can obtain the book by coming personally to the Berita Publishing Book Centre located at 10, Jln 4/109E, Taman Desa, off Jln Klang Lama, 58100 Kuala Lumpur. (Tel:03-76208111 ext 108/109). The book is priced RM15 a copy.

    Secondly; the publisher has undertaken to set aside a portion of whatever profits generated from the sale of BLOGGER A.KADIR JASIN to be donated to charity.


  9. Anonymous10:34 am

    Where I can buy these books? Can I order them from you??

  10. Anonymous11:15 am

    Terima kasih Saudara Rocky,

    Tetapi demi ketepatan fakta, ingin saya maklumkan bahawa beberapa penulis lain juga menderita "tapisan" oleh pihak-pihak yang berkuasa ke atas PWTC.

    Menurut pengedar dan penjual buku, mereka termasuklah Saudara Syed Hussein al-Atas (al-nujum), Saudara Yahaya Ismail (bekas pensyarah USM dan schoolmate PM di Bukit Mertajam High) dan Saudara Sayuti (akhbar Siasah).

    Tetapi ini nampaknya tidak menghalang Pak Syed daripada membuka "kedai buku" segera di Restoran Riverside.

    You can't control free enterprise and freedom of thought can you? Not particularly when the PM himself talks about the freedom of the Press and about the private sector being the engine of growth.

    Turut "tidak digalakkan" dibaca oleh perwakilan adalah beberapa buah akhbar alternartif yang dianggap tidak bersimpati dengan para pembesar Umno.

    Saya "melawat" PWTC semalam dan berjumpa kawan-kawan kita di kamar media walaupun saya tidak diakraditkan sebagai wakil media tahun ini. Perwakilan dan pemerhati pun banyak yang mundar-mandir di luar dewan dan membeli belah kerana lelong mula awal tahun ini. Perniagaan kurang laris kot!

    Terima Kasih.

  11. Anonymous12:09 pm

    Bro Bru,

    Muhammad Muhammad Taib @ Mike Tyson appointed a Senator. Could a cabinet post awaits him? Hmmm... Zam could bid farewell to Angkasapuri.

  12. Anonymous1:30 pm

    Dato Kadir and Raja Petra

    Watch out the Freedom Loving PM and Son-in-Law will take actions against both of you because you have defamed them. Don't worry the Rakyat know that you are telling the truth.

    Dato Kadir and Raja Petra please write more articles on them to keep the Rakyat informed. Please take note that many Rakyat like me have stopped reading the NST. As a matter of time, Star will face the same fate as NST unless editor like Dato Wong Chun Wai stays clear from Kalimullah, the liar of June 11 article.

    Dato Kadir, Raja Petra and other bloggers keep up the good work. We the Rakyat do appreciate your contributions to the nation by keeping us informed of the ral siatution. We do not read the NST anymore - soon the Star.