Wednesday, November 15, 2006


p.s. Had late lunch at a "halal" Chinese noodles restaurant in Telawi, met two ex-journos, one of them now a free-lance PR consultant, who said she was "so shocked" to hear the PM use the word "kafir" not once, not twice but thrice in his address to the Umno delegates.

"Extremely insensitive," she said. Not nice coming from someone who claims to be nice. Not what a non-Muslim (as against kafir) like her had expected from the Prime Minister.

Kafir is an Arabic word that means non-Muslim. In the Malaysian context, however, the word conjures such negative, unpleasant and even offensive connotations that it is hardly ever used as a substitute for "bukan Islam", which is Malay for "non Muslim".


  1. Anonymous4:15 pm

    Aiisehman....he has to live up to the foul language Khairy used in his UMNO youth address. Takkan son-law more impressive in asssembly and dad in law sober.

    Biadab betul Khairy, Kurang ajar. How dare he talk like that to his elders. Oxford trained....??? More like Pariahuniversitas trained!!!

    Anyway, AAB still looked sober.

    Look at front page of NST today. Hishamuddin looks like he is gonna stab somebody from the back with his famous Umno keris.

    NST played up the devil in the Umno Youth chief while Star played a very neutral story.

    Whats up man, brother Rocky.

    You advise us, why like that one in journalism. Any political motive aaah??

  2. Anonymous4:47 pm

    The PM is now talking the language of those zealots so as not to lose their votes.

    Does Islam Hadhari encourage labelling of this kind?

  3. Anonymous7:01 pm

    Bro Rocky

    You knew very well that the "Don't know PM" is only here to stay - according to him. He never asked the rakyat for permission when he had already over-stayed.

    You also knew that most probably the "Don't Know PM" didn't prepare the speech himself as he was always in the state of slumber and the speech was prepared by Khairy, the famous SIL and/or the Tingkat 4 boys. The "Don't Know PM" is just a facilitator only!

    The classxic example was when the "Don't know PM" had mistakenly announced in April 2005 that MPs and others government leaders and their next of kins had to declare their respective assets. Some two weeks ago there were talks about the PM's famous SIL and son, Kamaludin should declare their respect assets. The "Don't Know PM" immediate respond was "there was no need for them to declare their assets because they are alright".

    Bro Rocky, isn't this evidence enough to show that the "Don't Know PM" not only does not know what he has been saying and also nyayuk already. He had already reached a stage where power had gone to his head until he does not know what to say that was politically correct. He can only screamed "I am here to stay!!!"

    Please do not blame the Don't Know PM anymore, he was just a facilitator for Kalimmulah,Khairy and the Tingkat 4 boy.

    Bro Rocky, looking at the above example and others non-sense that he had said, 3 times kafir was no big deal and consistent with his mentality.

    Bro Rocky, can we all agree to deal with the "Don't Know PM and his half past six cabinet ministers and MPs during the next general elections. Let sow them what PEOPLE POWER is all about!!!!

  4. Anonymous7:15 pm

    Dear Bayi

    To use the word Kafir for non-muslim was part of Islam Hadhari according to ABB. If the father in law can be so insensitive, what do you expect from the son-in-law and Kalimulah. This also reflect the third class mentality of ABB.

    Trust me there will be more to come because ABB was just a facilitator for Kalimulah, Khariy and the boys from the 4th Floor.

    The boys from the 4th Floor should go further to sue the description of Kapiak Lanat next time isntead of kafir. Kafir is too mild to describe the non-Muslim by Khairy's standard.

    May I ask: Do the Muslims like the non-Muslims to describe them by certain name By using the word KAFIR for non-Muslim by the PM was most unbecoming and very bad for race relation.

    I hope that my Muslim brothers will tell PM to behave himself and stop being emotional in his speech. Plesae be reminded that BN compnent parties like MCA and Gerakan had to face the General Elections!!!

  5. Yes, kafir is offensive to the non-Muslims! He won't like all Muslims labelled as terrorists now would he?!
    .. but why do our Malay leaders continue to play up racial/religious sentiments? Do they really believe this to be the way to avoid dealing with real issues?

    In this country, to tread cautiously on sensitive issues apply only to the Malays/Muslims. This causes such distress among Malaysians of other races/religions that they can't be faulted if their sense of belonging and patriotism wanes. There is plenty of room for all faiths to co-exist peacefully and with MUTUAL RESPECT. After all every religion embraced by our country folks do teach good.

    50 years of living together has only driven the communities apart. Shame on the government for reducing us to this state of discord!

    On Malay economic equity, kudos to Datuk Anwar Ibrahim for suggesting that the NEP be abolished. It is only an impediment to the true potential of Malays. Umnoputeras would have by now already accummulated masses of wealth by exploiting NEP. Please, it's high time to let it go.

    And while I'm on Umnoputeras --- the loud/loose-mouthed Khairy is such an embarassement to Malaysia. The daddy-in-law should tell him that flag-burning is a very uncouth thing to do.

    Hey Rocky - great blogging! Do you sing still?

  6. Anonymous7:38 pm

    Don't bother to read, hear or see news of Umno meeting. Meluat. But not surprising if Hadhari PM called people kafir or infidels. He called Tun M iblis, did he not? So much for his Islam Hadhari. No wonder Islam gets bad rap.

  7. Anonymous7:53 pm

    Dear Meloddrama

    of course, Bro Rocky still singing, darting and drinking his "Mat salleh tea" after 7 pm OK!

    Great blogging - first class I msut say. I like your honest comments. A true Bangsa Malaysia.

  8. Anonymous8:01 pm

    Not that I'm defending what Pak Lah said, but just to offer another perspective: in Northern (i.e. Kedah, Perlis, and possibly Penang) Malay dialect the term kafir (pronounced: ka-pi'ak) is, or at least was when I lived there (in Kedah) in the 80's, commonly used to refer to anyone not Muslim, and not in any manner derogatory.

    Not sure if the same colloquial term is used in Kepala Batas or not, mind you - but in Kedah it's quite common, especially with people of Pak Lah's generation/age.

    Still, it's not a nice thing to call someone, in the context of today. Sorta like the term "nigger" in the US - acceptable in the 70's or earlier, but a BIG no-no now.

  9. Anonymous9:34 pm

    'Kafir' is offensive, even in Arabic. Can't downplay that - except if u want to double-speak to the ignorant kafirs.

    What is pathetic is for a national leader who has received the biggest electoral mandate in history - including from many KAFIRS - to feel that he had become SO DESPERATE and INTELLECTUALLY BANKRUPT that he had to speak offensively in order to show his Muslim credentials.

    That is not just sad for him, but also for UMNO, because it indirectly shows the level of maturity of UMNO members - that they would only listen to you if you talk rough and vulgar. Before this, I thought opnly gangsters' leaders talk like that.

    I won't be surprised if we hear UMNO leaders using 'babi' soon.

  10. Anonymous10:01 pm

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  11. Anonymous10:02 pm

    Most probably Abdullah is very desperate now after Mahathir has been whacking him so hard ; the economy is in such a doldrums and also he (AAB) is unable to deliver his GE 11 promises.

  12. Anonymous10:20 pm

    "Kafir is an Arabic word that means non-Muslim. In the Malaysian context, however, the word conjures such negative, unpleasant and even offensive connotations that it is hardly ever used as a substitute for "bukan Islam", which is Malay for "non Muslim".

    By the quote above, it is said that non muslims are Kafir as they indulge in gambling, they drink and they socialise freely. So when I see a Malay girl surrounded by boys at the staircase near a cybercafe joint smoking and complimenting her 'buah', isn't that being a Kafir? Or what about several Malay office lads surrounding the pc looking up at today's 4D numbers, isn't that being a Kafir.
    Thus my question now is...who is the real Kafir? looks like we're all Kafirs wouldn't you agree...

  13. Anonymous11:08 pm

    Bro, I think what the readers should realise is that when he used the term Kafir, PM was actually speaking off the cuff and was not refering to his speech text. Gives you a real good sense of what his true character is.

  14. Anonymous12:27 am

    Do the "moderate" majority find these remarks even a little offensive? The lack of criticism (other than that posted here) tells me otherwise.

  15. Anonymous1:20 am

    Hi Rocky,

    I've been ejoying reading your blog and today I had to read the "kafir" piece twice to make sure I understood. It saddened me immensely to think that a leader of a country would choose so deliberately to insult 49 percent of his own people. And the manner in which he has done this is irresponsible and dangerous. Racial tension in Malaysia (or in any country where there are multi-racial populations) is always simmering under the surface.

    The word "kafir" has derogatory and negative connotations everywhere in the world even in America. The Afrikaners used it as an insulting term to refer to non-Whites in South Africa and in America to use that term to refer to an African American is deeply offensive. So, yes, the prime minister of Malaysia has just demonstrated to about half of his country what he thinks of them and what value he places on them.In my household we would refer to him as the donkey's behind.

    Non-Muslims have lived in Malaysia for hundreds of years and in the case of Sarawak and Sabah for centuries. They have lived, loved and labored for their country and in times of war they have given up their lives and this man who calls himself the leader of Malaysia has the unmitigated gall to call them kafirs. All the kafirs in Malaysia should stop work in protest for one day -- close the stores, markets, stop all forms of public transportation, not turn up for work in schools, banks, government offices, etc, and see what effect that would have. Just because one has economic power doesn't mean that one has economic power.

    What kind of an idiot says something like that? And even if he was using it as a tactic of diversion -- you know the political tool -- say or do something so outrageous that it diverts attention from the real issue at hand, it is still irresponsible and dangerous. Political leaders all over the world use it all the time. Bush used it when we were still reeling from Sept. 11 and I remember Marcos used to use it all the time ... when things were getting tough for him in the Philippines, he would always revive the Philippines claim to Sabah and get the Filipino people all worked up.

    What are the real issues in Malaysia? I have now lived half my life away from Malaysia but it seems to me that corruption, nepotism, etc., are thriving in Malaysia and that there is nothing in place to check that. Most countries have an effective system of checks and balances and that while corruption occurs in every country in the world, it does not go unchecked. If it does, it will destroy the country ... just take a look around the world.

    I hope you are not the lone voice in the wilderness ...

    I am taking my morbid hat off now. Rocky, kick that man's butt for this kafir.

  16. Anonymous1:20 am

    Bro Rocky

    If some of you think that kafir mena drinking socialising easily, gambling and etc. How about corruption/corrupt practices? How about the ECM Libra & Asset Avenue dirty deal? How about the 30,000 APs given to 2 Khariy connected UMNOputera? How about other forms of corruptions and corrupt practices by those in high places. How PM own sons owning 180 ships within 2-3 he became PM? How about calling other races a name Kafir?

    I am sorry for those who wanted to defend the mother-ducker usign such derogatory language agaisnt another Malaysians, who want to see this country prosper in every sense of the word.

    I just can not believe that a PM of Malaysia calling non-muslims KAFIR!!! What hope do we have for the future of this country? Such comment from a PM had set back our goal for national unity for many many years.

    I know the PM is not an achiever and he is unable to deliver anything for the the people especially my brother and sister Melayu so he uttering such derogatory term like KAFIR to distract attention from his INABILITY.

    My bro and sister Melayu friends, the kurang ajar PM used KAFIR on non-muslims was not your fault. Please do not feel sad or embarass by such comments. I only request my fellow Malaysians to speak up against it so that other leaders will not dare to think about it let alone use such comments.

    ABB is not fit to be a PM of a multi-racial country. He should now seriously think of undurLAH before BN's component parties like MCA, Gerakan and the like will be wiped out in the next General Elections. MCA and Gerakan leaders please take note. Let be known that we did not warn you of the outcome!!!

  17. Anonymous1:27 am

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  18. Anonymous4:22 am

    Smart politicking? Just deny everything, Malaysia is going to dumps? Bribery up? Economy dying... or course not! Want to contradict me.. do you really want to waste your time, because I can pull another Par Value episode on you.
    Like My parents used to tell me, it's better to lose an argument to smart person, than to waste your time talking to idiots. Apparently, the UMNO leaders have heard of this saying. They are betting we don't want to waste our time.

  19. Anonymous4:44 am

    mat-mat, minah-minah, muthu-muthu, minachi-minachi, ahkow-ahkow dan ahmoi-ahmoi ooi.....hangpa ni dok perabih masa dok cakap pasai pak lah buat tu, pak lah buat ni.

    hangpa tak tau ka penyakit dia? masa dia pangge oranng kapiar ka atau iblis ka, dia bukan ingat.. dia lena. yang ni pun satu penyakit. orang putih kata medicai condition.

    dulu dia kata orang yang tunjuk cerdik daripada orang lain tu macam iblis. dia candik dr mahathir. dia buat-buat tak tau memantu dia agi kuat tunjuk pandai. jadi iblis la tu.

    padan la muka Mahathir dengan hangpa semua. Yang dok pi taasub sangat dengan pak lah tu pasai apa? Pasai tok wan dia orang alim?

    kami kamjat-kamjat kepala batas ni tau la cereta depa. kami kaki ghazal parti, kaki musabakah. Ni semua pasai hangpa dok puja tok guru, tok iman dan ustad tak tentu hala.

    Mahathir pun bila dia tengok pak lah tunjuk alim, tapsir Koran, baca hadis, jadi imam, dia ingat boleh pimpin parti dan perentah negara. La ni tengok apa dah jadi?

    Salah-salah gila isin. jangan dok pemain agama, buleh gila. gila biasa tak pa, ni gila isin. gila isin ni tak ada ubat. orang kampung kata gila isin ni cara Tuhan hukum dan tahan orang yang salah guna ayat-ayat Kuran. kalu depa tak gila, depa akan buat kita semua seset.

    dok marah kat pak lah dengan mahathir saja tak jadi. buat macam orang glugor. meluat dengan bn dan umno depa pagkah dap. kalu tak ada pembangkang dah lama negara kita jahaman, depa juai tiga seringgit.

    minta bantu bagi tau apa nama penyakit yang buat orang tiba-tiba tertidur tak kira masa tu.

  20. Anonymous9:11 am

    Kafir = Non Muslim = Bukan Muslim = Bukan Islam. So what's wrong!

  21. Dear Rocky!

    Derogatory terms such as Polack, Pakis, Kafirs (to S. African blacks), Flipo (to Filipinos), Rag head( To Sikh), sand niggers (to American of arabs descent, Melayu malas, keling, China pu@# mak, and many many more deragorary terms are just one of the tools of imperialism and colonialism and of people in power or group in power. Boks have been written on the wisdom of derogatory terms and their raison d'etre. These terms are meant to segregate and subjugate one group from another to divide and rule so to remain in power. In view of Malays converting to other religion, i.e. Christian, subscribing to other political parties, or becoming totally apolitical show that Umno is on the verge of becoming irrelevant. To see people like Pak Lah, "gentle, caring and incoruptible", using the word Kafir three times is to see Malays politics vis-a-vis the moron spectators at its subliminal best. Kafir, in case the morons have not got it, means you better support Umno, i.e. to sustain the sustenance of the Malay elites, or you suffer in the hand of the Chinese and Indian kafirs. So I am not really surprise and has neve been shocked by any Umno convention for I am not a moron, and refuse to be one. For me, personaly, to give my undying support to Pak Lah, a man I once adore as a candidate for a perfect Malay leader, he must make a public notice of his disassociation with Kalimulah Hassan and to give back the dignity to the word "Malay" in the
    Malay Mail, ah yes! He, Pak Lah, may stand a very good chance of winning my adoration and from others. Other than that Dollah Badawi you cannot even speak properly to save your political neck! Please donot pretend to be a prime minister when you are not even aware of how your second finance minister conspiring with another Pathan to squandered the country's largese!

  22. dear all, may I request that we refrain from kafir-mengkafir here. The aim of this thread is to question the PM's wisdom in using the word "kafir" to describe non-Muslim Malaysians in view of the negative meaning of the fact that it could inspire others to add the word to their vocab, which is not what the PM wants, I'm sure. . .

  23. Anonymous10:17 am

    Hi Rocky, MIA, helllooo. From the time(wet behind the ear days)when I first heard the word 'kafir' and not understood the actual meaning and now when I fully understand the meaning and connotations the word carries, i have intensely disliked it. there is absolutely no need for such insensitive/negative labellings of our fellow mankind. I read this report on the PM's speech in the NST today,(16/11)-"And yet he made clear he abhorred the name calling, statements that hurt sensitivities, the corruption and abuse of power and the nit-picking that hindered the country’s progress." (?_?)

    Hats off to you for this posting.


  24. Anonymous10:39 am

    If the PM wants to call me a 'kafir', I am not offended because really, I am a non muslim, so what is the big deal. But for someone who is well versed in Islam and is seeing being pious, can we enhance the NEP policy and help the poor regardless of race, religion and colour of skin. Beneath all this, our blood is still the same, we are all the same human being. Isn't Islam supposed to be fair to all?

  25. ding ding, note your comments. lots of talk about the new woman in his life, but it'll remain just talk until we hear the wedding bells, won't it?

  26. Anonymous11:04 am

    Ding,Ding,Ding and friends,

    What you said if true is scary indeed, on one hand here we have a leader who projects himself as an ulamak and quoting verses in the QURAN in his opening speech to remind his critics to be careful of what they say lest they would go to hell but on the other hand there's something about Sri Perdana which is not so Islamic(boleh membawa syak).Hmmm...

    Anyway Rockybru please becareful our leader who cannot be tested nor criticised in this so called freer democracy has already warned us not to test his patience. Hey, he called the non muslims who also gave him the biggest majority of any PM in history kafirs, So this person scares me man but make no mistake I do not have an iota of respect for him.

  27. Anonymous11:37 am

    Sdr Rocky,

    The PM-controlled NST headlined "When did we become so intolerant ...."

    It quoted the PM as lamenting that some Muslims are condemning joint open houses.

    But how can we blame the Muftis, the ustaz and the lebais is the PM himself used such words as kafir to refer to non-Muslims?

    We are in a dangerous state of affair. The NST lampooned the Prophet (PBUH) and got away with it. The PM saved the NST by saying the case was closed.

    Now the PM himself offended the Malaysian non-Muslims by using the term kafir.

    When I was junior editor in the post-May 13 1969 riot, the word kafir was among the terms we were warned not to use to refer to non-Muslims.

    We were told to use the term "orang bukan Islam".

    With both the NST and the PM not showing deep sensitivity in religious and cultural matters, I don't think we can blame the Mufti and the lebai for being intolerant.

  28. Dear Rocky,


    What is the common roots to all these questions?

    1.Have you ever wonder how AAB manage to have the gumption of saying that he is going to stay longer than one term lately?

    2.Ever wonder why extra many UMNO members paying homage to Pak Din of Johor(as reported by RP in MT)?

    3.Ever wonder why Pak Din even offer more than 2 terms to AAB? and of course Sahidan offering PL lifetime presidency?

    4.Ever wonder how AAB is going to obtain RM500 million to keep UMNO branch satieted and loyal to him?

    The answer (no price for getting it right) is the three "TA"

    Namely waniTA,harTA and TakhTA(power),these are the man greed and desire.

    The second answer can cause a downfall,the first would blind us all(UMNO memebers esp) the first is what everyone is aiming for.
    Please note that the answers never put 'rakyat' into the equation.

    Since RM500 to RM600 million is going to be allocated to "Ketua Bahagian(KB)" as trustee and everyone in UMNO was asked to 'Pandai pandai Bodek(KOWTOW)KB",I sincerely believe that PL in his right frame of mind is going to dig into UMNO fund to ascertain his popularity .


    Being generous man that he is ,I hope he would persuade his son to donate RM500 million to this merry making activites that going to start soon as this blatant use money for power shouldnt burden us ,not in our name anyway.

    Being transparent (in their sort of ways) in doing things,these KB would eventually dispensed all the goodies within a short while with bills to following establishment
    1. Tivoli Entertaiment Centre
    2. NAZA motors
    3. YALA religous Council and Trip Expenses
    4.Habib Jewels
    5.World Class Travel Agency
    6.Bungalow Builders Sdn Bhd.
    7.Mongolian Adventure Incorp.
    8.Poh Kong Jewellery
    9.Toshiba(the house come equipped with lift)
    10.Atlantis Sdn Bhd (swimming pool)

    last but not the least if anything left,
    11. SengHup Road Builder Sdn Bhd for 400m of 'jalan kg'.

    please drop by at my blog.

  29. Anonymous2:00 pm

    35 yrs living in malaysia. And to think that i have givenb a pass on a handful of elections since i was eligible to vote.

    elections came and gone, and i decided to stay at home and sleep, each and everytime.

    resting assured that BN would win, my job is secured, my family is well fed, and my business is doing OK.

    35 yrs, and never even a registered voter. Always thinking that there was no real and reasonable alternative to the BN government.

    PAS? i do not share their ideologies, even though im a muslim.

    DAP ? they never run in my constituency

    KeAdilan? who? what ?

    along came UMNO G.A 2006.
    Now i realise that we got the government we deserve. The sleeping voters like myself allowed this to happen.
    Like a jolt , i understood wht the old Tun meant when he said "this is a 1/2 past 6 govt".

    Tun, i agreed and disagreed with his policies. But gee...WTF happened over the past 3 yrs.
    Downward spiral. Who is running this country?
    I hear this sort of speech over the TV, and i dont think i can stay asleep come the next elections.

    I think i may finally register to vote. So tht next time, when we hear a moronic speech or policy and start staring blankly at each other in disgust, i can shrug and say ..

    "dont blame me, i voted the opposition"

  30. Anonymous2:01 pm

    The PM wants to get support from the Malays hence what better way to get their support by addressing the non muslims as "kafir" in the UMNOGA.

    Ala..bangsa bangsa lain kat negara ni memanglah offended,but do the orang Cina, India dan lain lain have any means of voicing out their unhapiness at the choice of words used by the PM?- NO!.So what to do just get on with life jer ler.After all,the term "kafir" to the muslims just means "orang bukan islam.

    Half of the non Muslims in this country don't even know of the term "kafir".The old chinese uncle selling pork noodles at the market won't even bother about what was said at the UMNOGA.It is only those(the "nons" and the non "nons") that truly understand how deragatory this word is that will be affected by this remark.

    But that again whats there to shout about to hear the PM of a multi ethnic state using such a deragatory term at a NATIONAL level assembly right? It really comes as no suprise-REALLY!

  31. Anonymous2:21 pm

    Found this article from The Age Australia.How bodoh our nation is being potrayed in the eyes of the world-sigh!

    While Malaysia fiddles, its opportunities are running dry
    Michael Backman
    November 15, 2006

    MALAYSIA'S been at it again, arguing about what proportion of the economy each of its two main races — the Malays and the Chinese — owns. It's an argument that's been running for 40 years. That wealth and race are not synonymous is important for national cohesion, but really it's time Malaysia grew up.

    It's a tough world out there and there can be little sympathy for a country that prefers to argue about how to divide wealth rather than get on with the job of creating it.

    The long-held aim is for 30 per cent of corporate equity to be in Malay hands, but the figure that the Government uses to justify handing over huge swathes of public companies to Malays but not to other races is absurd. It bases its figure on equity valued, not at market value, but at par value.

    Many shares have a par value of say $1 but a market value of $12. And so the Government figure (18.9 per cent is the most recent figure) is a gross underestimate. Last month a paper by a researcher at a local think-tank came up with a figure of 45 per cent based on actual stock prices. All hell broke loose. The paper was withdrawn and the researcher resigned in protest. Part of the problem is that he is Chinese.

    "Malaysia boleh!" is Malaysia's national catch cry. It translates to "Malaysia can!" and Malaysia certainly can. Few countries are as good at wasting money. It is richly endowed with natural resources and the national obsession seems to be to extract these, sell them off and then collectively spray the proceeds up against the wall.

    This all happens in the context of Malaysia's grossly inflated sense of its place in the world.

    Most Malaysians are convinced that the eyes of the world are on their country and that their leaders are world figures. This is thanks to Malaysia's tame media and the bravado of former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad. The truth is, few people on the streets of London or New York could point to Malaysia on a map much less name its prime minister or capital city.

    As if to make this point, a recent episode of The Simpsons features a newsreader trying to announce that a tidal wave had hit some place called Kuala Lumpur. He couldn't pronounce the city's name and so made up one, as if no-one cared anyway. But the joke was on the script writers — Kuala Lumpur is inland.

    Petronas, the national oil company is well run, particularly when compared to the disaster that passes for a national oil company in neighbouring Indonesia. But in some respects, this is Malaysia's problem. The very success of Petronas means that it is used to underwrite all manner of excess.

    The KLCC development in central Kuala Lumpur is an example. It includes the Twin Towers, the tallest buildings in the world when they were built, which was their point.

    It certainly wasn't that there was an office shortage in Kuala Lumpur — there wasn't.

    Malaysians are very proud of these towers. Goodness knows why. They had little to do with them. The money for them came out of the ground and the engineering was contracted out to South Korean companies.

    They don't even run the shopping centre that's beneath them. That's handled by Australia's Westfield.

    Next year, a Malaysian astronaut will go into space aboard a Russian rocket — the first Malay in space. And the cost? $RM95 million ($A34.3 million), to be footed by Malaysian taxpayers. The Science and Technology Minister has said that a moon landing in 2020 is the next target, aboard a US flight. There's no indication of what the Americans will charge for this, assuming there's even a chance that they will consider it. But what is Malaysia getting by using the space programs of others as a taxi service? There are no obvious technical benefits, but no doubt Malaysians will be told once again, that they are "boleh". The trouble is, they're not. It's not their space program.

    Back in July, the Government announced that it would spend $RM490 million on a sports complex near the London Olympics site so that Malaysian athletes can train there and "get used to cold weather".

    But the summer Olympics are held in the summer.

    So what is the complex's real purpose? The dozens of goodwill missions by ministers and bureaucrats to London to check on the centre's construction and then on the athletes while they train might provide a clue.

    Bank bale outs, a formula one racing track, an entire new capital city — Petronas has paid for them all. It's been an orgy of nonsense that Malaysia can ill afford.

    Why? Because Malaysia's oil will run out in about 19 years. As it is, Malaysia will become a net oil importer in 2011 — that's just five years


    So it's in this context that the latest debate about race and wealth is so sad.

    It is time to move on, time to prepare the economy for life after oil. But, like Nero fiddling while Rome burned, the Malaysian Government is more interested in stunts like sending a Malaysian into space when Malaysia's inadequate schools could have done with the cash, and arguing about wealth distribution using transparently ridiculous statistics.

    That's not Malaysia "boleh", that's Malaysia "bodoh" (stupid).

  32. Anonymous4:27 pm

    "Don't blame me .. i never voted for BN!"


  33. Anonymous5:23 pm

    After reading that Aussie article..can only say one thing. Malaysia wil be nothing without the 'Kafirs'.

  34. Anonymous5:31 pm

    AAB expanded the word "KAFIRUN" in the context of the Surah Al-Kafirun which he quoted!! Also, he was also refering to the Kafir's occupation of Palestine and Lebanon!!

  35. Anonymous7:19 pm

    The non-Muslims are now branded as kafirs. If the Christians start calling non-Christians heretics, then where will all this lead us? Or is calling non-Muslims part of Islam hadhari?

  36. Anonymous10:49 pm

    fellow bloggers,

    Can anyone enlighten me why is the UMNOputras harping on higher economic share of the country irrespective? I saw the interview the other day, the Wanita ask why women were not having their fair share of business in the country/economy and the famous SIL answered that the 'other races' deprived the master race of their share in the economic wealth.

    My question is that why are they only good at taxing from the 'other races' as main source of income and not sama-sama work out businesses that is able to earn revenue from outside the countries? Oh, maybe that would involve much hard work as the world is beyond their reach? Maybe it is more convenient to take from the guy standing next to you?

    Initially, they were more appreciative but nowadays, the chief pirates do not feel shy anymore. Are these the agenda they are talking about? I do not see any real agenda that is going to groom the younger generation Malays to be world class business person or professionals. But they are only sending the message that "your 'other race' neighbors owe you a living!"

    Do you see other country after asking foreigners to come invest and later ask them to own up as what they earn with their investments belong to the sons of the soil (be it real or celup)?

  37. Anonymous10:44 am

    Hey Kafir Said...
    How true what you say. But be warned.

    "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."

    This phrase would be more truthful if it reads :

    "Hell hath no fury like the Muslims scorned."

    Take a guess why Madonna chose to take a jab at Christianity and not Islam in her most recent show. --- To stay alive of course!!

  38. Anonymous2:16 pm

    the article from the age is enlightening and it's time that malaysians wake up and realise that the enemy is not within the country but very much within their own psyche.

    it's time to unite and focus from being eaten up by the prying China, at least the Chinese will have an edge as we can still compete globally - a hard cold fact.

    but what about the bumis? why not forget about all this nonsense and realise that if everyone keeps fighting, the nation will be weakened.

    time to have a chinese as finance and trade minister again.

    again, stupid proposals by umno to reduce the 'dominance' of industries by non-bumis.

    There is one main reason why we dominate them: we have the skills and knowledge and these are globally in demand.

    That's why we don't waste time crying that we are still lagging behind after all these years.

  39. Anonymous4:16 pm

    From Wikipedia..

    This article is about an Islamic term. For other uses of the word, see Kaffir (disambiguation).

    Kafir (Arabic: كافر kāfir; plural كفّار kuffār) is an Arabic word meaning an unbeliever, a person who hides, denies, or covers the truth. In cultural terms, it is a derogatory term [3] used to describe an unbeliever, non-Muslims, a Muslim of a differing sect, or an apostate from Islam. It is usually translated into English as "infidel" or "unbeliever".

    Debate exists between some Muslim scholars as to whether the term applies to Jews and Christians, as these can also be regarded as Dhimmi, or People of the Book. It has been used historically to identify Hindus, Buddhists, Zoroastrians, and followers of non-denominational religions or local, pagan traditions. Some distinguish between Kafir and non-Muslims, as Kafir is used by the Qur'an for people, who were guilty of rejection or non-acceptance of the truth, even after it has become fully apparent to them, while non-Muslim is primarily a term implying a person, who does not ascribe to the Islamic faith.[1]

  40. Anonymous3:43 pm

    Is kafir just a term? If it is, then it doesn't bother me if i am one. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never harm me. But if the implication of using kafir is that anyone so called should be killed off, then it is worrisome, because this can lead to civil war and the end of the human race.

  41. kafir also means ppl who professed to practice the religion and wishes not to follow its tenets.

    Sometimes u gotta figure out Pak Lah's context as he is from a religious family using some words quite differently than the rest of us.

    Oh well just trying to share u some terminology i picked up whie reading religious texts...

  42. Anonymous9:43 am

    Let see how the jokers going to twist a term that inside the dictionary for years.
    1. Offensive.
    i. A Xhosa.
    ii. often kaffir Used especially in southern Africa as a disparaging term for a Black person.
    2. Kafir A Nuristani.
    3. also kaffir Islam. An infidel.