Friday, November 03, 2006


In short, gag order. People at the NSTP have been alerting me of a GAG order on Brendan P's plagiarism scandal and anything related to the issue, including his resignation and the issue regarding the BBC news report. Notices have been pasted all over the office to warn the staff that the company will take action against anyone who speak about the issue to other media organisations, which may or may not include blogs.


  1. Anonymous8:46 pm

    Hmmm...Kali showing his taring when in fact he is a toothless coward.

  2. Anonymous8:48 pm

    Mr ROCKY,

    Though we may never meet, let me still congratulate you for sticking to your course.

    I am sure you are now the hero of many young journalists. I am sure you will inspire thousands of Malaysians to blog and to become a journalist. By now, you have changed the minds of thousands of others about what the weblog stands for or what it can fight for.

    Keep brewing, Mr ROCKY!

  3. Anonymous9:01 pm


    Notices have been pasted all over the office to warn the staff that the company will take action against anyone who speak about the issue to other media organisations, which may or may not include blogs.

    Why is the NST management scared shit that the staff will talk abt the issue? How can it shut them up?

    Why so paranoid? Takut kerana apa? Kerana salah?

    Malu kut kerana Brendan has been stripped down to his pants?

    But how can it (the managment) stop and prevent them from doing that?

    Bug the office...the phones? Spy on them?

    Really sad that the NST has come down to this.

    Reflects the kind of mentality the management has.

  4. Anonymous9:18 pm

    wouldn't these people get into trouble if they are found out? hope you don't get them into trouble bru

  5. Anonymous9:43 pm

    In short, Kali is muzzling his own journalists!

  6. Anonymous10:39 pm

    Good job Bro! Somebody put a comment that you are a pain to Kali's and Brendan's back side. Indeed you are and every single move that they made is being closely watched by you. Brendan made one wrong move and whamm!! you and jeff ooi striped him naked with his plagiarism scandal. You put smiles to many of our faces with Brendan being forced to resign (irrespective of what NST effort to spin the issue).The same can't be said to Kali. The mere mentioned of your name would make this guy go nuts and the gag order issued by him to the NST staffs is the sign that you are seriously getting on his nerve. Well done bro. I can't thank you enough for your relentless effort to save NST and our country from the evil hands of Kalimullah.

  7. Anonymous11:17 pm

    NST wants to sue BBC because, amongst others, Jonathan Kent allegedly used lies as the basis of his story on Pereira and never bothered contacting them for feedbacks on the P issue.

    Datuk Syed Faisal Albar should take a really good look in the mirror.

    A CEO who takes such a pathetic approach in dealing with a crisis should himself be kicked out, right out from the window of his corner room.

  8. Just wondering, bru.

    Was there any development and/or reponse from Mitch Albom?

    It could be connected to this situation in NST.

  9. Anonymous11:55 pm

    wah, harold

    trying hard to frighten people from commenting in bru's blog, huh?
    not-so-clever tactic-lah because people are cleverer than you.

    tactic like half-blind employs -- won't work, babe. won't work.

    rocket man

  10. Anonymous12:01 am

    Bro Rocky,

    The gag order in nst is consistent with ABB's concept of transparency and democracy. This is what transparency is all about with ABB's administration. So please do not be surprised by such small thing like gag order in nst.

    THere was even bigger gag order to all press on what Tun M said. So what is the different. So please, Rocky don't insult Malysians' intelligence by complaining that there was a gag order in nst on Brendan, the famous plagiarist and fraud. Kali was just following ABB's style of government.

    Anyway, congratulation once again, Rocky. I am like like thousand and thousand of Malaysians following your blog and please don't tell us that you are surprised by the gag order. This is very normal and in conformity with ABB, the Mr Clean, who allowed Khairy and Ular-Mullah to rape our nation wealth. Keep it Rocky, we all love you.

  11. Anonymous12:02 am

    So much for the great freedom and openess that Mr Pereira so shamelessly preached when he arrived at the NST after spending years as LKY's hatchet man in silencing the Singapore oppositions.

    Mr Pereira was so convinced by the sound of his own words as he spewed venom and poured his scorn on the Old Man Mahathir that he forgot that in the Kalli Era, NST was destined to be the place of great destruction.

    It started with lord kalli's (note the lower case) appointment of the Grope Editor followed by the elevation of the self-rightious Mr Pereira and the clueless GEIC Hishamuddin Aun.

    Let me put this to you Mr Sayed Faysal and Mr Hisham Aun -- you cannot cover an elephant carcass with the centrespread of thrashy tabloid that NST has become under Kalli and Mr Pereira.

    Plagiarism is the biggest smelly carcass that a writer can ever produce. And in the case of Mr Pereira it was pre-meditated.

    He deliberately broke the rule of professionalism and morality when he ignored the simple rule of attributing the quotes to their original sources.

    If Mr Pereira had not been deliberate, he would have simply said "with apologies to so-and-so" and nobody would accused him of plagiarism.

    But Mr Pereira, in his burning desire to demonize Old Man Mahathir and to please his Master, Mr Abdullah Badawi, had become blind to simple journalistic rule. He was doomed, and the bloggers, many of whom were some of the finest ex-NST journalists, were just too happy to do Mr Pereira justice.

    Of course we cannot expect Mr Sayed Fayzal to understand this. He is not a journalist and he is a minnow in the murderous journalistic cesspool that lord kalli has turned the NST into.

    You people on the 5th floor can try to save this plagiarist Mr Pereira by putting up waning notices, but you can't stop us from posting our thoughts on the blogs. Ha ha.. you guys are screwed good this time with the courtesy of lord kalli and Mr Pereira.

    Mr Pereira will soon be gone as poster Sajak Kelabu Jalan Liku puts it so eloquently, but the once venerable NST is tattered and torn. What an irony. Only weeks ago Mr Pereira was bragging about the phone call from the Big Man of Putrajaya asking him to stay put. But now Mr Pereira is kaput and lord kalli is ominously silent.

  12. Anonymous12:16 am

    just when you think it cannot get more stupid, any worse, and wham, kalimullah wants to shut the NST reporters up.
    except for lee siew lian, wan hamidi, joan lau and kamrul idris,to name a few of only a few, you can bet that the rest of editorial department are just laughing (and sniggering) at this. no no. they must be crying, in shame, in disgust and in despair.
    as for syed faisal, the man has no inkling of what he has been saying and issuing. he is a blind and deaf servant of kalimullah. incredibly weak. disappointed so many NST journalists who thought he was nice, and therefore should be strong, brave. no no no. being nice is just that. nice. it does not (necessarily)come with strong qualities. i don't know why they should be surprised that syed faisal has turned out to be a the man he is -- an absolute weakling. some say he is plain stupid.some say he is a willing fall guy. for whatever he is, in my view, he has lost all my respect. sheesh! allowing yourself to be used and abused by the likes of kalimullah!
    gagging NST journalists must be the pits of the pits in all this. Right now, any decent journalist in NST must be wishing for the swift exit of Kalimullah.
    enough is enough, they must be saying.
    plagiarism is a subject journalists openly discuss without fear or is a good subject to discuss.
    how terrible it is to have someone like kalimullah to set the rules and call the shots. to shut you up.

  13. Anonymous12:16 am

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  14. Anonymous12:26 am

    even in their attempt to "tutup malu", in face of such embarrassment and disgrace, kali and machais had to use the PM's name. and throw in a bit of demonising old man Mahathir as well, what the heck!
    aren't they a pathetic pack of cowards.

  15. Anonymous1:00 am

    Journo said: "Right now, any decent journalist in NST must be wishing for the swift exit of Kalimullah."
    You shouldn't be so sure of yourself. You write like you know every good and decent journalist in NST.
    That is most ignorant and arrogant of you, especially when your own comments fall far, far below journalistic standards.

  16. Anonymous3:41 am

    i am 11 year old...harold, u and half blind are the same people eh?

  17. Anonymous6:38 am

    Wonder what this is?

    Comment Deleted
    This post has been removed by the blog administrator.

    12:16 AM

  18. Anonymous8:25 am


    please-lah. you expect us to believe umno would do something about the rot in NST. About Brendan P? About Kalimullah. Umno ministers know about kalimullah and his slave and what they have been and are doing to NST.
    You think they have the balls to stand up to Khairy who is running the country and Umno for Pak Lah?
    If Umno had wanted to do something, they would and could have ALREADY done something. aorry,
    I can't and won't buy it-lah.

    laila majnun

  19. Anonymous9:01 am

    The gag order is a disgrace and it is mind boggling to comprehend how this CEO allowed himself to be viewed as the foolest man in the world by doing all the wrong things just to satisfy Kalimullah. It is now proven that Kali is doing what he preaches his master, Pak Lah, to do..nobody can say or comment on any decision made by the management. Sounds very familiar isn't it?

  20. Anonymous9:34 am

    I have posted my comments at aisehman's blog and will not repeat them here, except for the last para:

    "The real tragedy is NST didn't have the guts to admit that one of theirs had committed the writers' sin"

  21. Anonymous10:19 am

    I think the gag order is not so much about restricting the rights to free speech... I think it's because this matter might go to court.

    It is common practice that once a lawsuit is taken against a paper, then everyone - from the reporter, right up the chain of custody (of the article) - is not allowed to discuss the matter with anyone other than the legal department.

    In this instance, because the issue is so huge and well-gossiped, the management may have felt that it needed to issue a blanket ban to protect its legal defence.

    At least, I hope this is the reason...

  22. Anonymous11:46 am

    The gag order is enough to make anyone puke. The honorable thing for the NST to do is to come clean and apologise for the misdeed of their GE and say outright that he was directed to leave his post. This would show that paper has principles and would not allow its integrity to be compromised.Brendan himself should come forward,explain himself and then apologise to the readers. He should also apologise to all NST journalists who have served and are serving under him for degrading their profession and tarnishing their image. Forever now, these journos will be tainted by the scandal conceived by Brendan when he screwed the truth between the sheets. I too await his apology.

  23. Anonymous11:58 am

    Sdr Rocky,

    Gone were the days when GEICs and GEs took charge and took responsibility for a situation like this.

    Those were the days when GEICs and GEs ruled supreme. Execs like Syed Faizal would not be speaking on behalf of the editorial department. They would be playing golf and having a good time.

    When the chip fell, the GEICs and GEs took the blame. Shiv took the blame for the 1987 crisis. He was relieved of his post in the following year.

    In 2000 AKJ took the blame for BN's poor performance in the 1999 general elections and for allegedly harboring Anwar'sympathizers in NSTP and TV3. He left soon after.

    Nordin, Munir, Ahmad Sebi and Ahmad Narzri either left, removed or were kicked upstairs for one mistake or another.

    But the editorial department was always in charge of itself. Under Dollah Kok Lanas and Kalli, weak editors were promoted. So when they have a situation like the one they are now facing, they are too weak to act and to keep the image of the paper intact.

    Unfortunately, Syed Faizal is not a senior newspaper exec either. A shameful situation for a very old newspaper company. They price they have to pay for dumbing down the NSTP.

    Those of us who were there then can only be nostalgic. Balai Berita is probably no better than Balai Polis or Balai Penghulu now. Thanks to the penghulu-type who are now running it.

  24. Bro,
    to harold,I beleive in freedom of speech but please don't write in this blog.You make me puke !
    I not surprised by this gag order,and fortunately for Faisal, I am not NSTP employ, otherwise I would challenge this "Feisal's Law" and see what action be taken against me. Then the bloggers will drag him too thru mud as can be seen by the outcome of BP saga ! What kind of legal department does NSTP have.Must be UMNO based lawyers too. Are you sure they know how to advice the management correctly ? That's why all this bullshit is coming out of management by such pathetic legal advisors !
    This is worst then a 'police' state, mah

  25. Did you guyz know there is actually a Plagiario-O-meter(sic) to gauge/analyse plagiarists?


    *courtesy of bibliobibuli a.k.a. Mz Sharon Bakar. (I trust attribution protocol has been served. Everybody seems to be rather finicky on this tiny detail lately).

    Dang! The damn thing is even colour coded ala Homeland Security which seemingly 'borrowed/stole' the idea from the literari people.

    Go Google it, good people and especially you, Pujangga, since you're gathering 'intelligence' on BP's handiwork.

    No. BP's name is not there. Speaking of whom, has anybody noticed his name is variously spelt as brendan, brandan, brandon, branden, etc all over the blogs? Very soon, we'll be saying how we 'miss' what's his name again.

    P.S. Look for the small print, though.

    **Perfect weekend, folks. Smile when you see the parking sign everywhere you drive**

  26. Anonymous12:52 pm

    why so defensive? i an not halfblind, i am not trying to stop u from commenting anywhere, i just hope you don't expose yourself to a situation where you may be liable for getting sued. just because i am not on your side does not mean that i am out to sabotage you. is that so difficult to understand? maybe you have been exposed to the rat race for too long. but if my comments are not welcomed here, i hereby take my leave. good luck and best wishes.

  27. Error. Error. Error.

    I meant to type 'no parking sign'.

    P.S. shanghaistephen, half blind is a.k.a. J**lo. He has a blogger i.d. but chose a 'p'seudonym instead to troll over here. I think Rocky already knows this, hence, my 'p'artial disclosure.

    I'm definitely done with my Ps.

  28. Anonymous2:22 pm

    I don't know Kalimullah and Brendan Pereira personally but I think under the two, the NST has improved (compared to when it was run by the likes of Kadir Jasin and Kok Nanas.

    At least, there's some readable stuff in there ... there's some attempt to come up with some exclusive stuff, there are one or two columns which I enjoy (your readers don't have to agree with me) and the sports pages are, in my opinion (again, your readers are entitled to their own opinions), better than The Star's and the Sun's, which has nothing but stuff you get on the Net.

    There was no attempt after attempt to change masthead and revamp like what Kalli's and Pereira's predecessors did. The style is simple and unclustered, which is about the only thing the READER is bothered about (notice where the condemnations are mainly coming from? Journos and ex-journos ... not the ordinary READER).

    I try and read the NST, Star and Sun everyday since I'm retired and have time on my hands, and I find the standard of journalism in NST comparable with that in Star (Sun is old news except for Citizen Nades).

    NST may, in the opinion of journos and ex-journos, publish 'slanted' stories but don't you think some of the stories in Star are also 'slanted'and written in a way its 'masters' demand - like stories concerning MCA, BN and Nanyang? Are some of your readers criticising NST because they have some grudge to bear? I notice many started hitting out even before the so-called plagiarism incident.

    Concerning the so-called NST 'gag order', the full text of which was posted by 'Pujangga' on this blog, after reading it, I thought the 'order' only referred to the incident concerning BBC because of the possibility of a legal suit. I couldn't find the part about NST staffers being banned from discussing Mr Pereira elsewhere, say with their friends, other than discussing it publicily or speaking to the press, local or foreign, which is, in my opinion, a reasonable request considering the people concerned are EMPLOYEES of NST.)

    Having said that, Rocky, I still find some of your other blog subjects entertaining and an eye-opener. I hope to read more of those stuff.

    All the best!

  29. Anonymous3:41 am

    ya lar ...NST are so much improved, and the size of it also getting smaller as with the number of readers, and the spin is much more better than last time,..