Thursday, October 05, 2006


Growing Support. Mukhriz Mahathir said support for his father has been growing since the ex-PM was robbed of a place at next month's Umno general assembly by money politics allegedly sponsored by the party. Efforts to frustrate Dr M is not just failing but backfiring, Bernama reported him as saying when asked about five branch leaders from Kubang Pasu division who last Friday lodged a complaint with the Umno Disciplinary Board of bribes and other wrongdoings during the Sept 9 divisional election.

p.s. Not sure if the support meant also included blogger the Malay Male who made a rare left into political posting with his rather unusual 20 reasons why Dr M is the Real Malaysian Hero tribute to the man.

Btw, did you realise LKY made more than a dozen references to Dr Mahathir in his "sorry" letter + annex to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi?


  1. Anonymous6:16 am

    Subur subur ni, Laillah

    I thought Amir is a sicko considering the real him but this is damm it...a good one.


    Happy fasting


  2. I've always suspected that Amir's a gem! Selamat berpuasa, haq.

  3. Anonymous6:42 am

    Would you say that LKY is suffering from post-Mahathir Syndrome? Without Mahathir, he's irrelevant. He sticks out like a sore thumb; an old man trying to protect his legacy, fearing that if he retires his own son will do to him what the ungrateful Umno is doing to Mahathir.
    Mahathir is gone. Umno even paid big bucks to frustrate his election to the party AGM. But his ghost lives on in LKY's subconscious. He wakes up at nigtht sweating and shaking. His youthful wet dreams are now replaced by scary dreams of this Malayan ghost.
    Mahathir is a bit like the Malay Hantu Raya. Left without a handler and ostracized, he haunts the subconscios of the weaklings in Umno whose three Qulhuwallahs are no protection because their "niats" are insincere and their recitals are inaccurate.
    Now their fear of the dark is getting worse. The Hantu Raya is prowling the night and the Chinese Deity from across the Causeway is pouring scorn on them.
    Caught in between the Malay Hantu and the Singapore Chinese Deity, they shiver in their pants, sarongs and pyjamas like small boys who have to pee but are afraid to visit the toilet.
    The Chinese Deity is mortally fearful of not having an equal; for without one he's irrelevant. So, while addressing himself to the minnows and greenhorns in Putrajaya, he resurrected the Malay Hantu (as you rightly pointed in your posting) like forlone lover longing for the warm embrace and the passionate kiss of his long lost love.
    A ghost does not die. It lives on in the deep recesses of our minds. He's our subconscious, a hero or not. Long live the hero!

  4. Amir Hafizi may have left turned but what he served up was 'Right On".

  5. Anonymous10:20 am

    Sdr Rocky,

    "A Real Malaysian Hero"

    Izinkan saya perturunkan kata-kata ini untuk membolehkan saya meluahkan perasaan secara lebih berkesan:

    Benih yang baik, jatuh ke laut menjadi pulau.

  6. E.T. Tan e-mailed me a while ago about Pasquale. With permission, our little exchange.

    Pasquale, please take note.

    Dear Rocky,

    I have been following your great blog for quite sometimes now, without leaving a comment as I find signing in with a blog account to troublesome.
    However I am compelled to write in to you as I am very disappointed that one of your very analytical reader/commenter, PASQUALE, has somehow become a RACIST recently. I am very sorry to say that he has lost all my respect, and I feel bad that some good constribution to your blog is now lost.
    Good day.


    Thank you, Tan. May I republish your note on pasquale in my latest blog, using E.T. Tan as sender? It would be good to let others know (your thoughts). As for Pasquale, he's been hardest on the Malays (consistently calling us morons) because, as a Malay, he's largely frustrated with his race, by their lack of progress, their absence of will. He made racial remarks but I won't call him racist, or I wld have to call LKY, Dr M. KJ, and half our Cabinet ministers and parliamentary racists!


    Sure sir, and thank you. You can also mention that after your explanation, I agree that my word RACIST is too strong.

    Best regards to you,

    E. T. Tan

  7. Lambat sikit menyampuk. Ada kerja.

    Tapi...bangga! Bangga! Hins! Hins!

    Thanks and cheers.

  8. Anonymous5:47 pm

    Malayan Pontifficator xxxxx I think you are right, my man. It used to be post-Malaysia syndrome; now Lee Sr is suffering from post-Mahathir syndrome. It's the same sickness that ails PakLah and his Umno + Musa Hitam and DSAI. No cure. A victim tends to foam whenever he or she opens his mouth to demonise the old man.

  9. Kak Teh
    To me, God's biggest test onto a child is anything which relates to the parents. Semoga Kak Teh dan keluarga tabah menghadapi dugaan ini. My prayers for your mom and family.

  10. Anonymous7:08 pm

    Abdullah quashes speculation of early election. Jelaslah Pak Lah dan gengnya nak berkuasa lama dalam Umno tapi takut dicabar, maka ditangguhkanlah pemilihan parti tahun hadapan. How much more cheaper can he be? God saves us. Three more years of directioness, listless leaderdship.Thank you Tun for choosing a brilliant successor.

  11. Kak Teh
    To me, God's biggest test onto a child is anything which relates to the parents. Semoga Kak Teh dan keluarga tabah menghadapi dugaan ini. My prayers for your mom and family.

  12. Btw, did you realise LKY made more than a dozen references to Dr Mahathir in his "sorry" letter + annex to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi?

    "annex" cannot be taken into account, here:

  13. Rocky Bru and ET Tan!

    First of all I am not a moron (read Malay), second Rocky cannot assume just because I can write colloquial Malay qualify me to be a Malay. But yes, I was a Malay-centric for the past many decades now I have given up on them, not only that they are moron, they forget easly (mudah lupa) and spineless to the dot, they have a a Prime Minister who is a Malay, there fore he is now a you know what, and this PM has a whole cabinet ministers to discuss what to do with Singapore agents working closely with the decision makers, and in charge of the premier newspapers. The one that gets me always is on how indecisive they are on what to do with Brendan Pereira and Kalimullah Hassan. Therefore if the entire Malay Cabinet Ministers are afraid to sack these two unpopular suspected-loyalty Indian origin people what can I say, except I am not a Malay! And good luck to all Morons in this country!

  14. Anonymous10:13 pm

    Haha. LKY certainly made his letter public for a reason. And it's definitely not for apologizing!

  15. Anonymous11:52 pm

    It's a coward act when LKY say about the past Malaysian administration.He dare to say when the person is not in his position anymore.By the way this is the style of the Singaporean old man by changing the subject when his country are being criticise for prosecute their opposition at International monetary convention.He use bankruptcy and multimillion dollar suits against anybody who want to voice their opposition to his government because he afraid to give them free speech .This is Singaporean bankrupt idea to govern their country. It's a iron fist democracy.

  16. Anonymous2:48 am

    Asiseeit, you said "Singapore is a constant reminder to Malaysian politicians that Malaysia could have been better run and be a richer country than what it is now." ----------
    We see it differently, my friend. Spore is a constant reminder that the Malays and Bumis could lose Msia to the Chinese if we sleep like we slept while LKY robbed us of our Land. This country is richer than its neighbours except Singapore. But singapore was the most developed city in the Malay archipelago before we lost it.

  17. asiseeit,

    Thank you for the history lesson, albeit, a little revised by your hands.

    Stamford Raffles picked Temasek as a staging point for trade between this region and the British empire.

    Singapore was more than a fishing village by the time LKY got his grubby hands on it. It was already a thriving entre-port and growing bigger. It's central location and deep water ports were more ideal compared to Malacca. Singapore benefited tremendously from this i.e. handling exports and imports for the hinterland.

    LKY, as a chinese, was given the opportunity to set up a political party which he then used to carve up the malay archipelago according to his liking. And TAR allowed this to happen. LKY, apparently, could not agree to the terms of remaining in Malaya and opted for separation. Rather convenient, don't you think, when it was good enough when seeking independence from the Brits. Well, so much for the so-called social contract. Just buy the land, set up a political party and declare sovereignty.

    LKY's Singapore maybe efficient, I grant that. So was the Mafia. But clean? Red Dot Com is run by his family and there is a dynasty there as well. Will you allow TDM to choose his son as heir to the premiership? Is LHL so good that no other Singaporean can become PM within one generation? Ahh but there was GCT, you'd say. Sure lah! Just like we have AAB who will vacate when KJ is ready.

    TDM stepped down and handed the leadership to AAB. For better or worse(now worser), I salute TDM. AAB has had his chance to make Malaysia a better place for ALL of us, especially, with the hugh mandate in 2004. By now, we all know that his elegant smile and style was masking an incompetent no: 1 government servant.

    LKY will probably die in political office because there's one piece of unfinish business from him for Red Dot Com. You see, every morning LKY will wake up seething mad because, at his bedside, a hugh map of RDC still show a sliver of green land belonging KTM(read: Malaysia) running from Woodlands to Tg Pagar, messing up his super-efficient and ultra-clean RDC. He'd phoned LHL requesting updates and LHL answered "I'm trying, Dad. I really am" To which LKY replied "Ok son, it's ok. At least I know you're keeping that seat warm. Now, go fetch my slippers".