Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Missing editorials, analyses, commentaries. When it comes to Lee Kuan Yew and Singapore, editors of the mainstream media seem to be more Hishammuddin than Syed Hamid.

The little tidbits they served you today include:

1/ a letter to the editor of the Utusan Malaysia from Rejal Arbee, who was recently sacked as columnist in Berita Harian for his alleged anti-Singapore articles ["Kenapa Kuan Yew edarkan suratnya kepada media?"]
2/ a terse, but secondary and therefore brief, article by Zainul Ariffin, the ex-Business Times editor who in 2004 became the first of many long-serving editors to be marginalised under the Abdullah-backed KaliMullah regime of former Singapore Straits Times (and other foreign) operatives ["A matter of diplomacy-speak"]
3/ a hazy piece by Jackson Sawatan, the Bernama correspondent in Singapore ["The Gumption to say No"]

TheSun, known for some super-strong editorials in the past, ran a jelly-soft editorial on the issue ["Neighbours must always stay friendly"]. It should have stuck to Mahathir-bashing or find a first-year Journalism student from UiTM to write leaders for them.

Where did all the big-hitting ex-Singapore operatives and their machais go?

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