Thursday, October 05, 2006


Love Airways. It's not a plane, it's Singapore's first Adult Magazine.
Not exactly Playboy, if Jackson Sawatan is to be believed, but our neighbour has shown it has the scrotal gumption to say yes to a bit of nude photography.
The monthly's first issue hits the newstands on Oct 22, just before the Eid that marks the end of Ramadhan, and will feature Miss Singapore Universe 2005 and Singapore Idol finalist Maia Lee, among others.


  1. Only S$4.50? A little cheap for a so-called porn mag, eh?

  2. Anonymous5:53 am

    i bet ya maybe only got one two nekkid pix, not like a 3-5 full page pictorial playboy kinda thingy..

    i guess we'll read them only for the articles..

  3. Anonymous9:25 am


    Interesting turn of event if you ask me. Do you consider this a positive growth as a more liberal and open society or a degrade in social values?
    One will argue that nudity is a form art and is consider the purest form of humanity. Others it will say that the magazine could corrupts the mind and drag down one's morality. I guess we can only wait and see how this thing pan out. At the end of the day it is none of Malaysia business. Still I am eager to see what come out from this.

  4. Anonymous10:16 am

    Since LKY has become our PM's role model -- in demonizing Tun M that is -- I think KDN will soon issue a permit for the Malaysian playboy. We must compete with Singapore. KJ can become publisher and Nazri Aziz Editor-in-Chief. First interview about the sex life of a Malaysian macho male is with Pak Lah. It'll be conducted by Annuar Zaini. First cover girl? A toss of a coin among Rafidah, Shahrizat and Azalina. MK has to wait.

  5. I hope you can print use this again!

    Rocky! On a very serious note and I shuld really be on the current topic for a posting! But saw pictures of Muslims being treated like animals in the NS today prompted me to re-publish my previous posting in TOM YAM COUP! here it is:

    Here's a poser for any muslim , especially the exiled Thailand Muslim leaders especially from PULO who is now having a good time in Sweden, squandering money from middle-eastern governments donors.
    Why don't you monkeys lodge a human rights violations on Takhsin Shinawatra to the World Court for his (Takhsin)roles in the death of 112 (thereabouts) Muslim-Thai in southeren Thailand two years ago. Takhsin should be charged for gross violations of human rights when he ordered his soldiers to pile Thai-Muslims into army trucks where over hundreds died from suffocation. Then after the lodging of the complaint Takhsin can now be arrested place under internatinal police jusrisdiction until proper investigation can be conducted. Chile's Pinochet was also arrested when he stepped foot in England when charges were made by a citizen in Spain over his violations of human rights. Lukman Bin Lima, do this instead of fighting for your cause n Sweden where you are drinking beer and seen with many blonde Swedish women, lodge a report on Takhsin and you will be a hero and then arrest Takhsin before he leaves for Singapore!

    So PULO and all the so-called rebels in southern Thailand this is your chance to have this former PM to be arrested in London to be charged for human rights violations

    On other matter, can the Malaysian government just deport this former police Cambodian police chief as Singapore did. This former police chief who violated human rights in his country Cambodi,should not have been allowed to stay in this country of ours. Since he has already filed an application of habeas corpus this application can be rescinded, unless the Malaysian system has been bribed by this evil chief of police. How can this man be allowed to use our judicial system for his own evil intention. He must be sent back, as Singapore did to Cambodia, to face the music!

  6. Anonymous12:09 pm

    What's good for Singapore is good for us? There's little likelihood of this adult mag making its way here, even though Pak Lah's court-jesters claim we are more liberal and there's greater press freedom since he took over from the, er, more conservative (?) Tun. (note: makes me laugh imagine them trying to make their boss look impossibly better than Mahathir, even in this department!)

    The more likely scenario is they'd get the Malaysian girls to pose for their nude pages and centrespread. After all, what's good for Malaysia is certainly good for them. Amber Cheah, if I'm not mistaken, was featured in the Indonesian adult mag not too long ago. I don't know if Miss Amber showed all or showed a little, but we can imaging the publicity that gives her and boost to her career.

    Therein lies a concern for conservative Malaysians like me, not just the Malay-Muslims. What if the publishers of the adult mag think it's OK to get a Malay-Muslim Malaysian to pose for them. And Malay-Muslim Indonesians, too.

    Let's hope it won't come to that. But what if ...?

  7. Anonymous3:35 pm

    "first issue hits the newstands on Oct 22, just before the Eid that marks the end of Ramadhan"

    You simply couldn't resist it, could you?!

    Are u hinting that they disrespect Islam or Muslims?

    Did they say that the magazine was to target specifically the Muslim market? To make it in time for Muslims to get a copy before Ramadan? Are they going to encourage Muslims to buy the magazine?

    Why is it that everything has got to do with Islam or Muslims??? Do the rest of the world have to get clearance with Muslims everytime they want to get on with their own lives?

    Grow up, and stop whining. The world does not revolve around you.

  8. To Anonymous! via Rockybru!

    Of course everything in this region has to do with Malays and Muslims because we are the majority, yes why cant the magazine be out after Eid or during Christmas, we are talking aboot the social contract remember! To respect one another, yes S'pore is not part of Malaysia but LKY also subscribe to this social contract one way or another, if you guys had come from a good breed, not from indentured labourers or seasonal workers brought in by the British we would be more civilised and not too ugly and squinty looking like most of you and smelly like coriander like most of you!
    You know what! Many or majority of us are just fed up with non-Malays "menangguk di ayer yang keroh", or osely translated to fish in muddy waters!

  9. Anonymous5:57 pm

    Pasquale, discretion is the better part of volour (defending whatever you are defending). Peace be upon you,son.Zorro.

  10. Anonymous5:58 pm

    Pasquale, discretion is the better part of valour (defending whatever you are defending). Peace be upon you,son.Zorro.

  11. Anonymous10:57 pm

    Pasquale, pls stop posting childish narrow minded remarks. Whats up with u against migrants. Every single comment u leave in every post will will somehow express some detest toward non-malays in malaysia. If u really dug deep u'll realise all of us came from some part of africa, does that mean we're all african? Also having there is nothing wrong having it after ramadan, the world doesn't revolve ard muslims. Also they are launching it in singapore where the majority are chinese, if they wanted to they could launch it during the fasting month, would that be better?