Saturday, October 07, 2006


An e-mail said to have originated from the office of the CEO of an Islamic insurance giant has advised Muslims against wishing their Hindu friends Happy Deepavali. It's un-Islamic, it seems. The same e-mail also advised Muslims who have ever uttered Happy Deepavali in the past to quickly repent.

Please check out WALSKI69, who's been disturbed since the mail was forwarded to him, to know more.

In the meantime, let me take this opportunity to wish all my Hindu friends and all Malaysians a Happy Deepavali!


  1. What I find most disturbing is the fact that this sort of narrow world-view seems to be taking hold on an increasing number of people... and also, of course, because it is (alledgedly) a corporate directive.

    Thanks for posting this, bro!

  2. Anonymous6:36 pm

    Happy Deepavali Everyone!

    PS [with apologies to Pak Lah and LKY] I am a Malay. Thus I am a Muslim. More so I am a Muslim because I say the Syahadah 5 times a day and often more. I am a Muslim bacause I believe in peace.

    Damned those small-minded people who bring bad rap to religions and beliefs.

    Selamat berbuka.

    Thank You.

  3. Dear All, especially Rocky!

    Agent Provocateur is some one who is sent into a group and among other things will diseminate false information to create mistrust and disarray among the community. This is what the sender of this e-mail is all about is all about (may be from ugly squinty Chinaman from across the Selat, who knows, eh!). I dont ever believe the e-mail is genuine. I dont even care if I go to hell if greeting my friends and our house helper Lalitha, who is a Hindu, a Happy Deepavali is un-Islamic (where the the duck is this country heading for man!). Lalitha looked after my wife when she had major operation, when I had to go to work, to me she is an angel, a precious gem, a definite member of our family. Once our beloved cat was not well Lalitha took off early that day at 3pm and by 5pm our cat is well, that was two years ago. A coincidence perhaps, but the fact that she went home to pray for our beloved ones, and I cannot not ever believe that Nalitha will go to hell when she dies just because she is a Hindu, since my God, our God, is not at all vain and facistic!

    I know I have been calling people Morons lately, but it is out of frustration, but deep inside I do have faith in Malaysians to rise above anything threatening!

    Happy Deepavali(especially to you Lalitha and your family you are getting a bonus) and Happy Hari Raya to all my friends!(yes I do have many friends, some do not know it yet)

  4. Anonymous8:51 pm

    Did this ultra-intelligent person also, in the same way, told his staff not to accept Selamat Hari Raya wishes from non-Muslims?

    Or for that matter not to receive hampers, duti raya or any other form of greeting from non-Muslims for Eid Mubarak.

    He would have been very silly not to do so. He better be consistent and take ownership for the consequences.

  5. Anonymous9:53 pm

    I suppose not everyone is rational, fair, just or simple decent.

    There are bigots and bigots everywhere --- so sad.

    And here is my HAPPY DEEPAVALI greetings to my Hindu friends...

  6. Anonymous10:08 pm

    Please verify the email and do not simply draw a conclusion. Rocky, you don't simply create story just to show that you are not narrow minded muslim. I am too, but please verify the email again.

  7. To Rajen and Selva in S'ban,


    Gotta pass up on the usual lunch gatherings this time for obvious reasons.

    But, if it's dinner, let me know.

    *Now, what was that e-mail thingy again.*

  8. Anonymous1:10 am

    Allah selamatkan kamu Bro dan Pasquale,amin.

    Happy Deevali dear friends and many more sensible Malaysian Indian out there who love peace and harmony.

    Ikan di laut Asam didarat

  9. (to anon who wrote ... "Please verify the email and do not simply draw a conclusion. Rocky, you don't simply create story just to show that you are not narrow minded muslim. I am too, but please verify the email again.)

    I have left out the name of the company; walski69 was suggesting that we do that just in case the e-mail DID NOT orginate from this company.

    the e-mail exists, though (i can fwd you a copy if you give me your address) and you are right, we'll need to verify that (like good reporters always do). hopefully, we'll be able to do that on monday.

    meanwhile, go ahead anon, make your deepavali wishes.

  10. Anonymous2:46 am

    Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "PM NO TO NEW MANDATE":

    Bro Rocky
    Whya are you wasting your time writing about UndurLah. He can't even differentiate between a fresh mandate and bigger mandat!!! Why were his spin doctors Kalimulah and brnadon periera helping UndurLah to screw himself so badly? trust me UndurLah postpone the UMNO election to save himself and to hold to the president - the Generl Elections will not be held until 2008. I hope my UMNO borhters will wake up and put a vote of no conifnece so that UndurLah had to undur at last. This country does not need UndurLah, KJ, Kalimulah and Brnadon Pereira. Brother Rocky why are the Melayu in NST not standing up to scums like Brnadon and Kalimulah. Rocky pleae instigate the Melayu in NST, who are still sleeping, to wake up and not let the scumbags to rule NST.

  11. Anonymous7:24 am

    "Untukmu lah agamamu, dan untukkulah agamaku"

    (Surah al-Kaafiruun 109:6)

  12. Anonymous8:43 am

    Sdr Rocky,

    Kalau benar ada e-mel seperti itu dan dihantarkan pula oleh seorang Islam, saya rasa kita perlu berhati-hati. Fanatisme ada di mana-mana dan dalam bentuk apa sekali pun ia boleh membawa kesan negatif.

    Orang yang berpendirian sedemikian mungkin tidak sedar bahawa mereka sebenarnya melakukan sesuatu yang merugikan. Dalam konteks sekarang kepada Islam.

    Orang Islam yang menolak kewujudan dan hak orang lain adalah orang Islam yang terakhir boleh mempengaruhi orang bukan Islam untuk mengenali dan memahami Islam, apatah lagi memeluk Islam.

    Orang yang seperti ini, sebenarnya adalah orang yang anti-Islam. Mereka mungkin tidak sedar, tetapi perbuatan mereka meminggirkan orang lain atau menyisihkan diri daripada orang bukan Islam tidak akan membantu mewujudkan kefahaman mengenai Islam.

    Selamat berpuasa, selamat menyambut Deepavali dan selamat menyambut Aidil-fitri.

    Terima kasih.

  13. Anonymous2:06 pm

    although the email might or might not be from that person, i do hope that it comes out in the press so at least the religious offices can settle it once and for all - that it is simply not wrong.

    Selamat Hari Raya and Happy Deepavali to all Malaysians.

  14. Anonymous2:08 pm

    Rocky - this is your blog and you can encourage discourse. But this pasquale is consistently racist. Do you tolerate him because you share his views and find them acceptable? If not, please stop this.

    /// This is what the sender of this e-mail is all about is all about (may be from ugly squinty Chinaman from across the Selat, who knows, eh!).///

  15. Anonymous2:22 pm

    With Permission Bro

    Let us share the wisdom as Pak Kadir Mention mention.

    Good Old Imam

    Several years ago an imam moved to my area. He often took the bus from his home to the downtown area. Some weeks after he arrived, he had occasion to ride the same bus. When he sat down, he discovered that the driver had accidentally given him twenty cents too much change.
    As he considered what to do, he thought to himself, you better give the twenty cents back. It would be wrong to keep it. Then he thought, oh forget it, it's only twenty cents..
    Who would worry about this little amount? Anyway, the bus company already gets too much fare; they will never miss it. Accept it as a gift from Almighty Allah and keep quiet.
    When his stop came, the Imam paused momentarily at the door, then he handed the twenty cents back to the driver and said " Here, you gave me too much change." The driver with a smile replied,
    " Aren't you the new Imam in this area? I have been thinking lately about going to worship at your mosque. I just wanted to see what you would do if I gave you too much change."
    When the Imam stepped off the bus, his knees became weak and soft. He had to grab the nearest light pole and held for support, and looked up to the heavens and cried
    "Oh Allah, I almost sold Islam for twenty cents!

    Remember, we may never see the impact our actions have on people. Sometimes we are the only knowledge of Quran someone will read, or the only Islam a non-Muslim will see. What we need to provide, Insha Allah is an example for others to see. Be careful and be honest everyday, because you never know who is watching your actions and judging you.


  16. Anonymous3:19 pm

    has left a new comment on your post "NO MORE HAPPY DEEPAVALI?":

    Now they're telling us what to say and what not to say? I say tuck'em.

  17. Anonymous9:54 pm

    Dear anonymous who said:

    'This country does not need UndurLah, KJ, Kalimulah and Brnadon Pereira. Brother Rocky why are the Melayu in NST not standing up to scums like Brnadon and Kalimulah. Rocky pleae instigate the Melayu in NST, who are still sleeping, to wake up and not let the scumbags to rule NST.'

    My friend: firstly, this is not a 'melayu' issue. Secondly, how dare you accuse us of sleeping. Do you think that we don't want a change? Do you actually believe that we're just sitting there, blind to everything?

    You want us to stand up to Brendan and Kali...What do you expect us to do, kick them out? Go to the rooftop and throw them down? Stage a revolution? Why don't you try doing that in your own company, then tell us if it works. And by the way, their position in NST is not up to us Malays as you've suggested. It's not in our capacity to stop them from ruling NST.

    Strangely enough, there are some of us (Malays and non-Malays alike) who actually believe in the company, despite what it's become. Don't tell me you've never felt that way about anything. Some of us feel we can make a difference, that we can make a change if we stay on. I guess that's why some of us are still there.

    Now whether our faith in the company is a complete waste of time...I have absolutely no idea.

  18. Anonymous10:11 am

    My dear muslim friends \"way to go!\" don\'t let the narrow-minded get to you.

    Selamat berpuasa to all my muslim friends out there, esp. to you Rocky !

    Your Hindu Friend!

  19. Anonymous11:22 am

    Happu Deepavali and Selamat Hari Raya.

  20. Anonymous12:39 pm

    Not sure how accurately the email was translated, but the english transalation says.."all malaysian staff are instructed not to make the greetings..."
    What exactly does this mean or imply? Irrespective of your religion, as a staff you can't wish a fellow malaysian happy deepavali or is that people of other religions are not deemed Malaysians? Food for thought and fanaticsm at it best!

    Happy Deepavali and Selamat Hari Raya to all.

  21. Anonymous10:10 pm

    Now that you've confirmed the business entity concerned, the Chairman Tan Sri better come out with a clarification whether this is company policy or the whims of an executive..and he better do it fast!
    I will pull out of any business with this company if this is not forthcoming! Enough said.

  22. Anonymous11:30 pm

    Anonymous said...

    I think this is about one of my friend's colleague. She told me about it last week. The personnel that was (or maybe is) under investigation is a Melayu (Moron) female, who is known to be overzealous in her beliefs.

    I really hope it is the same person you are referring to, Rocky, and not another Moron who is just as bad... although it is not impossible at all...

  23. Anonymous11:30 pm

    thats the problem in Msia, more and more ppl wanna play god. God pls take them back, we don't need such ppl here.

  24. Anonymous12:25 am

    Perhaps it would have a much stronger effect if this were published by say THE STAR.........

  25. Anonymous10:03 am

    Allow me to highlight some of the muhibbah and religious acceptance among the community that I live in. In an small township which I live in which has more than 70% non muslim, we can hear azan from the mosque clearly everyday and everyone is ok about it. Then we also have annual religious procession a few times a year by the Hindus and the Taoist which passed through in front of several mosques and never were there any quarrel or dispute over the religion practice of each community. Never in their mind that their religious belief will be eroded if being exposed to other religious practice. And I think this is simply unique and wonderful.

    Sadly we see that some regressive thinking has started to creep in. Greetings are being discouraged, kongsi raya events are not encouraged and open houses during major celebration will become rare as the mind of the people being closed down. Instead of progressing further, we are moving backward.

    Can we propagate the beauty of muhibbah for a change?

  26. Anonymous10:28 am

    This is so narrow-minded, I do not believe that we should stop wishing others to be happy on their special occasion. What should we do then? Wish them a "not so happy" so that only we can be "happy" about it? I simply cannot agree with this since I strongly believe that the teachings of any religion emphasize on peace and harmony. Is there any mis-interpretation of the teachings by some narrow-minded persons? Please tell me about it.

    If we are in a more liberalised country, someone would have already taken them to the court for some "enlightenment".

  27. Anonymous10:59 am

    Pasquale - now that Rocky has confirmed that the email was indeed sent by Takaful Malaysia, do you want to do the honourable thing and retract your wild accusation and rabid racist remarks?

    Or will you persist in your conspiracy theories, looking for reds under the beds.

    Rocky - by your reticience, I guess you are encouraging this kind and level of debate.

  28. Anonymous11:09 am

    I'm a kampung born n bred girl. Mine was the only Indian family in a traditional Malay kampung. The local surau is 100 metres from my house. My neighbour my the bilal(muezzin) . His wife is wears a purdah. She speaks five languages and teaches at a secondary school not far from our house. Sometimes, the couple left their toddlers with us if they had an urgent errand to run.

    I grew up in that atmosphere. Come kenduri time, my mom and I used to join my neighbours to cook. When they slaughter cows, they were sensitive enough to come tell us, and we wud usually keep indoors cos cows were sacred to us Hindus, and yet we appreciated the religious significance of Korban. (After all, the Hindu mythology too had its parallel to Abraham's sacrifice in the story of King Harichandran).

    We in turn made sure that our chicken n mutton is slaughtered at the muslim butcher, cos we know our muslim neighbours might come for lunch.

    Why am I saying all this? Because in the 18 years that I lived in that kampung, I wasn't once made to feel I didn't belong. People were kinder.

    I came to KL in 1994, and have seen too many instances of racially divisive speech, actions and deeds. I am sad.

    Maybe abt last week, there was a print ad by Zubedy that extolled the virtues of inter-religious co-existence...saying further that the Jews had actually flourished under Islamic rule. In the light of things happening today...I can't help but wonder....betul ke?

    If we have a corporation doing things like this, knowing it will affect race/religious relations within the company, how long will it be before others follow suit?

    Nevertheless, I appreciate the fact that there is enough people out there who are sensitive enough to each other's cultures and norms. It makes me feel that I still belong to the Malaysia that I love.

    To the folks of my kampung in Jelebu, N.Sembilan, I love u all.
    To the readers of this blog, Selamat Aidil Fitri and Happy Deepavali.

    May the light of knowledge and compassion triumph over the darkness of ignorance.

  29. Anonymous12:11 pm

    What is Malaysia becoming? A fanatic based country, trying to chase off all the non-muslims/malays? And this when the govt is promoting VMY2007. Who are we trying to woo to visit Malaysia? Only Muslims? (I recently noticed a VMY billboard at Man Utd game) very narrow minded and backwards? Sad state of affairs. I feel sooooo sorry for the future generation of this country, especially the non-muslim/malay

    Happu Deepavali and Selamat Hari Raya.

  30. Anonymous12:18 pm

    Saudara Rocky YM,

    Biarlah minda kecil dan tertutup itu kekal di bawah tempurungnya.
    Islam boleh kakal dan maju tanpa manusia jumud seperti itu.
    Dan Islam tidak menjadi agama universal dan agama yang paling pantas berkembang kini kerana manusia-manusia yang kecil mindanya.
    Islam maju kerana umat Islam yang prgressif dan toleransi.

  31. Anonymous1:13 pm

    Hi pasquale

    I sense your frustration, and hope that people will wake up from their moronic slumber.

    The email from the identified insurance company is disturbing. We should get to the bottom of this.

    I have many friends who work in Syarikat Takaful Malaysia Berhad. We are friends because we have many things in common although we are of different race, religion and culture.

    My friends are not the bosses, but they display one striking virtue - their humility. A virtue that is lacking or missing in many of our politicians and "national leaders".

    I heard the insurance company has a new CEO. I really want to hear what he has to say on this new "ruling".

  32. to pasquale said:
    "Pasquale - now that Rocky has confirmed that the email was indeed sent by Takaful Malaysia, do you want to do the honourable thing and retract your wild accusation and rabid racist remarks?

    Or will you persist in your conspiracy theories, looking for reds under the beds.

    Rocky - by your reticience, I guess you are encouraging this kind and level of debate"
    Well Rocky!

    We still are not one hundred percent convinced if indeed the e-mail actually came from this Takaful Insurance as a matter of policy or someone sent the e-mail from within the vicinity of Takaful Insurance (a rogue officer), but I will remain steadfast in my "agent provocateur red under the bed, squinty, ugly Chinaman from the Selat and his minions in this country theory"
    For I don't believe, and Moronic as they can be, the Malay administration frm Takaful are really, really stupid enough to behave that way! Sorry my friend! And Rocky you had better solve this thing once and for all or you might be accused of being a provocateur yourselve! Serious allegations indeed on this e-mail business if it is true and you must find a proper disclosure for this episode!

  33. Anonymous3:24 pm

    I hold the belief that a true Malaysian hero is one that speaks out against the excesses of his/her own community.You fit that description, rocky. You and other Muslim/Malays here who post their revulsion at such thinking.

    May we have more Malaysian heroes from all races.

    Selamat berpuasa.

  34. To "To Pasquale",

    I thought Pasquale's posting (6:55PM) gave us a glimpse of the man's good heart, no?

    And to All,

    I spoke to a gentleman from the Corp Comm of Takaful about an hour ago, who told me I was the "fourth" person from the Press to have called him, and who said the e-mail from the Syariah Dept was an "internal communication" and was "advisory" in nature.

    I was told we could expect further development tonight as the company's CEO has a function and members of the Press are expected to be present.

    We'll have to wait.

  35. Anonymous5:19 pm

    Hi galadriel

    Thanks for sharing your story. It reminds me of my first lesson in inter-religious respect and understanding. The teacher is my mother.

    When I was a kid, I brought home a Malay classmate who lived in the kampung nearby. After having fun on the lawn, we were all sweaty and hungry. My mother wanted to go to the shop and pack some food to treat us to “mee mamak” and “teh tarik”. My friend declined. My mother coaxed him, but he still declined.

    Then my mother seemed to understand my friend’s concern. She said to him “How about roti canai? You can eat straight from the packet – no need to use a plate. How about a bottled drink? You can drink straight from the bottle – no need to use a cup.” My friend nodded shyly.

    Later, we were in the kitchen, eating with our hands, and chatting away happily.

    I learned from my mother to respect my friend. I learned that my friend had learned from his parents not to use crockery in a non-Muslim house. I learned that he must respect his parents and what they had taught him.

    One small lesson, but it brings two young people a lifetime of mental evolution.

  36. Anonymous8:11 pm

    The story sent in by by Haq on the wise old Imam was really touching and almost moved me to tears.

    A simple story though but the moral of it is extraordinary.

    As a middle aged Hindu, i'm touched by the many many Muslims who have so much so decency in them.God Bless Them...

    I grew up in a village where my family was the only Hindus. i worked in the East Coast for 7 years, and i was the only Hindu in my office. Those were the happiest days of my life.We lived like brothers in the true sense of the word.

    It's so sad that things have changed so much these days!

  37. pasquale - read this report in The Star if you are still not convinced.

    In particular, the last paragraph reads: "When contacted for his comments, Fauzi said the e-mail was in response to enquiries from employees and was only meant for internal circulation."

    In not so many words, the person stands by what he wrote in his e-mail, internal circulation disclaimer notwithstanding.

    Bro Rocky - again, thanks for helping get this story the airtime it deserves. This kind of narrow mentality is deplorable, and to me, it's plainly a manifestation of a deep-seated bigotry in some Malaysians. And bigotry, no matter with what kind of window dressing, is something all Malaysians must oppose.

    Peace to all, Happy Deepavali and Selamat Hari Raya!

  38. Anonymous12:37 pm

    If extending greetings to a non muslim, who his celebrtaing his festival is not permitted in Islam, what about doing business with a non muslim! Is that allowed in Takaful Malaysia ? Explaining that it was an internal memo advising takaful staff, is clearly not enough. The CEO of takaful should take action against( terminate ) the officer who hold such views, cos' if does not do that, it shall become the stand of Takaful Insurance Malaysia. Which means non muslim co. & indivuduals doing business with Takaful should reconsider their business relationship with this company.Who knows if in future an officer of the company might just decide not to pay out Insurance claims to a non muslim cos, it might not be permitted in Takaful Malaysia's Islam.

  39. Rocky!

    Okay I have that feeling of a good disclosure on this "hate e-mail episode" being conducted. I apologise to all for not believing that this kind of crap is happening, to "walski69" you note is well noted, my apology. Turned out this "agent provocateur" is from Takaful Malaysia. But,the thing that we must do now is to ask Takaful Malaysia to "force" this Syariah Department chap Fauzi Mustaffar to apologise in public, in the Star and with Rocky Bru blogsite, otherwise sack this moron or we will have no choice but to boycott Takaful Malaysia for givng Islam and Malays bad, bad names! (But, I will not apologise to "ugly, squinty Chinaman from across the Selat".
    To my Malaysians please accept my apology!)

    Happy Deepavali! and Happy Hari Raya!

    P.S. If I have my way I will only allow one national festival and holiday, and that would be only X'mas man, only X'mas!!

  40. Now that there is clarity on this issue i.e. the origin of this e-mail has been established and the person identified, we need to eliminate ambiguity as well.

    The National Fatwa Council and/or Jakim must reprimand Fauzi Mustaffar for applying a 'narrow interpretation of Islam' advisory to the staff of Takaful Malaysia.

    An individual's personal view of Islamic jurisprudence gets that 'holier than thou' moment and confuses people. Yet, I find Datuk Dr Abdullah Md Zin's explanation on this matter incomplete. It did not bring closure because the NFC and/or Jakim have not issued a definitive statement.

    Hence, others with their narrowband mindset will continue 'advising' their less-learned muslim brethren and inevitably, creates more confusion, divisiveness which leads to unwarranted animosity between the races.

    Aspiring apostates are required to attend rehabilitation. Should Fauzi Mustaffar attend a refresher course that's attuned to modern times?

  41. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  42. Anonymous4:25 pm

    there is no other way but to sack the self-appointed imam who denigrated the munificent spirit of islam. by condoning it takaful is agreeing to the monstrous strictures, and takaful should be boycotted by all. all those who have taken insurance should withdraw and cancell their policies with immediate effect to show their repugnance at this abhorring piece of medieval thought.

  43. Anonymous4:28 pm

    the self-appointed imam should be sacked immediately. whether the comments are internal or for general public consumption, the narrow-minded denigrate the munificent spirit of islam, and this has done irreparable harm. takaful should sack him immediately or it would be seen to be supporting the views. in the face of such inaction, the public should boycott takaful by not subscribing to its policies or cancel those existing, to show that the voice of moderation and common sense prevails.

  44. Anonymous4:46 pm

    Hurray for The Star,

    adds another reason for me to buy that MCA controlled newspaper other than the fact that it's thicker (better price on recycle) and the fact that im tired reading news written by spin doctors on that other (singaporean controlled) newspaper.

  45. Anonymous5:16 pm

    Who cares what all these guys say. Screw them.Whether I wish someone or not and how strong is my religious believe is up to me.

    So Happy Deepavali my hindu friends!!! (oops have not converted to Hinduisim yet!!)

  46. Anonymous5:57 pm

    Immediately sack this Bigot Fuazi Muztaffar but before that an apology by Takafool and its CEO for employing this moron is expected publicly !
    Does this idiot Fauzi, know how much of loss his stupid remark had cost this Takafool ??
    Just watch and see if the shares drop because of one moronic act by a bigot. There is NO place in this lovely country for this zealot !Maybe this moron should migrate to Afganistan with his whole department and thier families !Shame on you Takaful Malaysia !!!

    If there are any Hindus employed by racist Takafool Malaysia,my sympathies and "Happy Deepavali", but I doubt it anyway.

    A Malaysian who lives in a plural society.

  47. Anonymous7:22 pm

    Kita semua mest boycott Takaful!
    Don't they know we have multiple races in Malaysia....

  48. Anonymous12:00 am

    I challenge these fiends from Takaful not to observe the coming Deepavali day as a public holiday in their company.

    They should have this day as a normal working day as having Deepavali day as a holiday is also tantamount to celebrate it .

  49. Anonymous12:20 pm

    Those Jahiliahs had their own days of festivities. Hence the proclamation of Islam's own Hari Raya by the Prophet then, so that the Muslims also have their own days of festivities.

    While living together with people of different faiths (in Madinah and in Mecca), did the Prophet and his Companions ever go to their jahiliah counterparts and wish them Happy whatever was it that the jahiliahs were celebrating? Even out of politeness, courtesy, for the sake of racial harmony, and "masyarakat majmuk?"

  50. Anonymous5:05 pm

    found it here - sounds more like a racist remark than spreading what the Prophet preached. ARE WE AT WAR ..for such sinister quotes?

    Random Quotes
    Maksud firman Allah: Hai orang-orang yang beriman, apabila kamu bertemu dengan orang-orang yang kafir yang sedang menyerangmu, maka janganlah kamu membelakangi (mundur). Barangsiapa yang membelakangi (mundur) di waktu itu, kecuali berbelok untuk (siasat) perang atau hendak menggabungkan diri dengan pasukan yang lain, maka sesungguhnya orang itu kembali dengan membawa kemurkaan dari Allah, dan tempatnya ialah neraka Jahannam. Dan amat buruklah tempat kembalinya

    I think someone in Takalful Malaysia (maybe more than one) are just wasting their time FASTING this time around. I'm sure Allah doesn't accept such unholy behaviour and thoughts in a HOLY MONTH.

    I PRAY THAT THEY REPENT ... be a true MUSLIM who respects even the stray dog.


  51. Anonymous2:16 am
    Malaysian National News Agency

    Zainuddin Raps Takaful Officer Over Issue On Deepavali Greeting
    October 13, 2006 20:46 PM
    SUNGAI PETANI, Oct 13 (Bernama) -- Information Minister Datuk Zainuddin Maidin Friday rapped a Takaful Malaysia officer for issuing an e-mail banning the company's staff from wishing Hindus Happy Deepavali.

    He said that as a progressive company in a free economy, such matter should not have arisen, especially in a multiracial society.

    Speaking to reporters after presenting Deepavali contributions to 200 people in his Merbok parliamentary constituency he said an educated man should not have expressed such opinion.

    He was commenting on an e-mail issued by the company's Syariah Department head, Fauzi Mustaffar, to the staff early this month forbidding them to send greetings for festivals like Deepavali, Durga Pooja and Laksmi Pooja and saying that such action could be deemed blasphemous.

    Fauzi's action had drawn criticisms from several parties including Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Dr Abdullah Mohamed Zin and Director-General of the Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia (Ikim) Dr Syed Ali Tawfik Al Attas.

    "In a multiracial society we exchange greetings. This is also done by various religions in the world," Zainuddin said.

    He said narrow-minded people had no place in a multiracial and multireligious society.

    The country's leaders also conveyed greetings and the people in leadership roles and financial circles should understand their policy, he said.

    Zainuddin said conveying greetings would not make a person less Islamic.

    -- BERNAMA

  52. Anonymous2:19 am

    why rap the officer?

    takaful malaysia, the company, and its ceo should be answerable!

    why take to task a petty officer who was just carrying out his duties?

    the syariah department where this "narrow-minded" officer comes from is based in the ceo's office!

    come on YBs, stop bullying the small people.

  53. Anonymous8:01 am

    Hukum merayakan perayaan kaum bukan Islam Tarikh: 4/30/2003 1:59:51 AM

    (Akademi Pengajian Islam)

    SOALAN: Saya mempunyai rakan-rakan sekerja yang terdiri daripada kaum bukan Islam. Kami saling mengucap selamat Hari Raya mengikut agama dan kepercayaan masing-masing apabila tiba waktunya, seperti selamat hari Krismas, selamat hari Deepavali dan lain-lain.

    Soalan saya, sebagai seorang Muslim, bolehkah saya turut mengucapkan selamat menyambut hari-hari kebesaran orang bukan Islam, pada hal kepercayaan mereka adalah salah dan jelas bertentangan dengan akidah Islam. Harap soalan ini mendapat jawapan dan ulasan lanjut. - NOORIDAH, Alor Setar, Kedah.

    JAWAPAN: Mengucap tahniah kepada kaum bukan Islam sempena hari-hari kebesaran agama mereka seperti hari Krismas, Deepavali, Thaipusam dan sebagainya, termasuk antara masalah furu' (cabang) dalam akidah Islam yang diperselisihkan antara ulama pada zaman ini. Perselisihan pendapat antara ulama mengenai hukum itu, pada hemat saya berpunca daripada tasawwur yang kurang jelas terhadap maksud ucapan selamat
    hari-hari kebesaran kaum Islam yang dikemukakan itu. Jika maksud pengucapan itu adalah ikut serta berhari raya, merelai kekufuran kaum bukan Islam dan berkasih sayang dengan mereka atas nama agama, maka sememangnya haram dan sama sekali tidak boleh dilakukan.

    Jika maksud ucapan selamat hari-hari kebesaran kaum bukan Islam itu tidak lebih daripada hanya ikut bercuti pada hari itu, membalas ucapan selamat Hari Raya yang diucapkan terdahulu, atau hanya memperlihatkan rasa senang hati dengan kegembiraan mereka berhari raya, maka saya kira pengucapan
    seumpama ini tidak termasuk dalam hal-hal akidah yang sekali gus menunjukkan rela hati terhadap agama dan kepercayaan mereka.

    Meneliti beberapa fatwa yang dipamerkan melalui laman-laman web, seperti, Islamweb dan lain-lain, saya dapati beberapa ulama terkemuka di dunia Islam kini turut memfatwakan hukum merayakan hari-hari kebesaran kaum-kaum bukan Islam. Antara mereka yang mengeluarkan fatwa dan pendapat ialah:

    1. Muhammad Saleh al-Munajjid, seorang ulama dan ahli majlis fatwa kerajaan Arab Saudi. Beliau berpendapat hukum mengucap tahniah kepada bukan Islam pada hari-hari kebesaran mereka seperti hari Krismas dan sebagainya adalah haram dan bertentangan asas-asas akidah Islam. Alasan beliau ialah:

    Pertama: Hari perayaan agama kaum bukan Islam pada hakikatnya adalah syiar agama mereka. Umat Islam disuruh supaya tidak meniru syiar dan budaya kaum bukan Islam. Dalam sebuah hadis Rasulullah s.a.w. bersabda yang bermaksud:
    Barang siapa meniru syiar sesuatu kaum (bukan Islam), maka ia daripadagolongan mereka - (riwayat Abu Dawud bilangan 4031. Musnad Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, bilangan 5093).

    Kedua: Dalam suatu kaedah, ulama Islam telah mengambil ketetapan iaitu merelai kekufuran adalah kufur. Ikut serta berhari raya dengan kaum bukan Islam, serta mengucap tahniah dan selamat Hari Raya kepada mereka, adalah antara tanda kerelaan hati terhadap kekufuran seseorang. Islam menolak
    sekeras-kerasnya sikap itu.

    Ketiga: Umat Islam dikehendaki bersikap benci terhadap kaum bukan Islam. Mereka wajib mencintai hanya kepada orang mukmin. Sikap ini disebutkan dalam salah satu judul Sahih al-Bukhari iaitu al-Hub fi'llah wa al-bughd fi'llah min al-iman (antara ciri iman ialah cinta dan benci kepada Allah). Inilah
    juga sikap yang wajib diteladani pada nabi Muhammad s.a.w., iaitu berkeras dengan bukan Islam dan berkasih sayang sesama mukmin (surah al-Fatah: ayat 29).

    Sebagai kesimpulan, mengucap tahniah kepada kaum bukan Islam pada hari-hari kebesaran mereka adalah suatu bentuk kasih sayang dan merelai kekufuran mereka. Keadaannya sama dengan merelai berlakunya kejadian-kejadian maksiat dan dosa-dosa seperti zina, minum arak dan sebagainya.

    Saya berminat memberi dua komen kepada pandangan Syeikh al-Munajjid ini, iaitu:

    a. Pendapat beliau tidak membezakan antara jenis kafir, sama ada musyrikatau ahli kitab, kafir yang memusuhi Islam dan yang tidak memusuhinya, sedangkan al-Quran membezakan antara jenis-jenis kafir itu, lalu al-Quran membenarkan umat Islam berbuat baik terhadap kafir yang tidak memusuhi Islam dan memberi sedikit keistimewaan kepada kafir ahli kitab seperti harus kahwin dengan wanita mereka dan makan haiwan sembelihannya.

    Hubungan dua hala

    Khusus bagi kaum kafir yang tidak memusuhi Islam, Allah mengharuskan berbuat baik kepada mereka, iaitu dalam surah al-Mumtahanah, ayat 8 yang bermaksud:
    Allah tidak melarang kamu berbuat baik dan berlaku adil kepada orang-orang yang tidak memerangi kamu dan tidak mengeluarkan kamu dari kampung halaman kamu.

    Tentang ahli kitab pula Allah berfirman dalam surah al-Ma'idah, ayat 5 yang bermaksud: Makanan (sembelihan) orang-orang yang diberi kitab itu adalah halal bagi kamu, dan makanan (sembelihan) kamu adalah halal bagi mereka.

    Ayat ini menunjukkan adanya hubungan dua hala antara kafir ahli kitab dengan umat Islam dan juga dengan kafir yang setia kepada kerajaan Islam.

    b. Fatwa beliau tidak mengecualikan juga hubungan kemanusiaan, sedangkan bidang-bidang kemanusiaan kita tidak dilarang mengadakan hubungan baik. Hubungan yang langsung terputus dengan sendirinya tidak memberi laluan kepada pendakwah untuk menyatakan kebaikan Islam kepada mereka, sedangkan agama ini adalah agama dakwah, agama damai dan selamat. Perang hanya berlaku apabila dakwah ditolak, jalan-jalan damai tidak wujud lagi kepada pendakwah.

    Saya berpendapat, pandangan Syeikh al-Munajjid ini agak sehala dan sedikit keterlaluan, kerana tidak mengecualikan kafir yang tidak memusuhi Islam dan yang setia patuh kepada pemerintahannya. Fatwa beliau juga tidak membezakan antara amalan Hari Raya kaum bukan Islam yang ada hubungan dengan akidah dan yang tiada hubungan dengan akidah.

    Memang jelas haram bagi umat Islam menyertai Hari Raya kaum bukan Islam, seperti memasang lampu warna-warni di keliling rumah, menghias rumah dengan pokok Krismas, menyertai perarakan Hari Deepavali dan lain-lain, kerana amalan ini ada hubungan terus dengan akidah. Tetapi jika mereka menghulur
    makanan pada hari itu dan kita terimanya dengan baik hati, serta mengucapkan terima kasih kerana hadiah yang diberi mereka, saya kira ia tidak ada kena-mengena dengan akidah, bahkan harus kita terima hadiah dan makanan halal yang mereka beri.

    Demikian juga jika pada hari-hari kebesaran itu merupakan hari kelepasan am, semua pejabat dan kakitangan kerajaan diberi cuti, termasuk kakitangan beragama Islam. Saya tidak fikir jika kita bersuka ria kerana bercuti pada hari itu, maka kita boleh dianggap turut membesarkan syiar agama dan budaya kaum bukan Islam.

    2. Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradawi pula berpendapat: Jika kaum bukan Islam memulakan ucapan selamat Hari Raya mereka kepada kita, maka kita juga harus membalas ucapan yang serupa kepada mereka, kerana ini tidak lebih daripada hanya mewujudkan rasa simpati antara satu sama lain. Ia tidak bermakna bahawa kita
    telah merelakan agama dan kepercayaan terhadap Isa Maryam sebagai Tuhan dan lain-lain pemujaan.

    Al-Qaradawi memberi beberapa alasan, antaranya: Islam tidak melarang kita berbuat baik terhadap ahli kitab yang tidak bermusuh dengan kita. Kita harus berbuat baik kepada mereka, sebagaimana mereka berbuat baik kepada kita. Ayat 8 dalam surah al-Mumtahanah yang dikemukakan terdahulu dijadikan hujah.

    Menurut al-Qaradawi lagi, bidang-bidang kerjasama antara Islam dan bukan Islam seperti bidang teknikal, ketukangan dan lain-lain masih terbuka. Bahkan Nabi s.a.w. pernah menggunakan kepakaran seorang Yahudi bernama Abdullah Ibn Urayqit sebagai penunjuk jalan ketika baginda berhijrah ke

    Peranan Abdullah ini sangat besar, ada kemungkinan jika dia berniat jahat pada ketika itu, kesannya boleh menggagalkan strategi hijrah atau jika dia mengambil kesempatan menipu, maka sudah pasti kesannya sangat buruk kepada Islam dan dakwah, namun baginda tetap menggunakan juga khidmat kepakaran Yahudi yang bukan Islam itu.

    Sebagai kesimpulan, Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradawi berpendapat harus bagi kita mengucapkan tahniah dan selamat Hari Raya seperti hari Krismas kepada kaum bukan Islam pada hari-hari kebesaran mereka, kerana Islam tidak menutup hubungan antara dua kaum yang berlainan agama dan kepercayaan ini.

    Pendapat al-Qaradawi ini juga saya kira ada sedikit keterlaluan apabila beliau mengharuskan ucapan tahniah kepada kaum bukan Islam sebagai ucapan balas pada hari Krismas dan sebagainya. Ini kerana ucapan tahniah itu pada hakikatnya doa dan mengharapkan Allah memberi kebaikan kepada mereka,
    sedangkan ulama sepakat menyatakan haram berdoa kepada kaum bukan Islam sekalipun ia hanya kerana membalas ucapan yang mereka mulakan.

    Saya kurang pasti apakah al-Qaradawi mengharuskan juga pengiriman perutusan kad-kad hari Krismas, jika ia hanya kerana membalas kad-kad yang mereka kirimkan, sedangkan dalam kad-kad itu biasanya tertulis kata-kata yang berupa doa selamat, harapan dan cita-cita yang lebih mirip kepada budaya dan syiar agama Kristian.

    Setelah mempertimbangkan antara dua fatwa yang dikeluarkan oleh al-Munajjid dan al-Qaradawi di atas, saya lebih suka memilih jalan yang lebih sederhana, iaitu individu kafir yang dengan terang-terang memusuhi Islam dan umatnya, tidak harus diwujudkan sebarang hubungan pada hari-hari perayaan mereka,
    sekalipun mereka terdiri daripada ahli kitab.

    Sebaliknya kafir yang setia kepada kerajaan Islam, seperti kaum-kaum bukan Islam yang tinggal di Malaysia, jika mereka telah menunjukkan kesetiaan yang baik kepada negara, memberi sumbangan ke arah keharmonian antara kaum serta hormat-menghormati antara kaum, terutamanya dengan masyarakat Islam, maka tiada salahnya kita berkongsi raya dengan mereka dalam hal-hal yang tidak berkaitan akidah dan tidak menyentuh kesucian Islam.

    Bagaimanapun, kita tidak harus memandang kecil isu penerapan budaya dan syiar bukan Islam yang begitu mudah menyerap ke dalam masyarakat kita, terutama melalui media elektronik yang sangat digemari oleh anak-anak kita.


  54. Corporations that offer services to the public ARE responsible and asnwerable for the behaviour of their employees. This is especially the case when the issue being discussed is how employees of the company should behave towards non-Muslim customers.

    More than that, Fauzi was not offering a suggestion, or discussing an issue. He was representing the company's policy on the issue and clarifying it for employees.

    So...either this IS the corporate policy of Takuful in which case they should have the balls to stand up for him OR they should fire him for misrepresenting them. One or the other.

    Since they won't do either because they want people's business but won't categorically state that he was wrong (please see their website for their response), one can only assume they have no respect at all for their non-Muslim clients.

    In the absence of a clarification of their policiy in this matter, a boycott of the company seems very fair to me. Corporations need to be reminded that if they want to do business in a multicultural community, they better find some respect for everyone - or face the economic consequences.

  55. Anonymous2:26 pm

    So takaful has spoken..

    Now, that the damage is done. I hope no one will be hesitant to wish me Merry Christmas as im celebrating Jesus' birth.

    Bless (oops..can i say this?)

  56. Anonymous3:02 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Thanks for this post and now that Takaful had responded in the Star, it's time for me to wish you and all Malaysian Happy Deepavali and Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir & Batin.

  57. PH Chin,

    Thank you for the support. Happy Deepavali and Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir & Batin.

  58. Anonymous1:39 pm

    Sack Fauzi Mustaffar! He must kame a public appology! I warn all the indian do not take takaful insurance. They are racist! Pls indian.. pls unite! Boycot takaful malaysia! boycot racist!

  59. Anonymous7:22 am


    Mufti: OK to wish Happy Deepavali
    Oct 13, 06 6:38pm

    Perak Mufti Harussani Zakaria today clarified that Muslims are permitted to extend greetings to those of other faiths in conjunction with their respective festivities.

    According to him, Muslims are only prohibited from joining in the celebrations as this can be against the tenets of Islam.

    “If it is only wishing Happy Deepavali, it is okay as long as we (Muslims) do not celebrate these festivities.

    “If it is out of respect for your neighbours or visiting their houses (during the festivities), this is also permissible as long as we (Muslims) do not do things which are against the teachings of Islam,” he told malaysiakini.

    Harussani, who is head of the National Mufti Council, was commenting on an internal circular issued by Takaful Malaysia syariah department head Mohd Fauzi Mustaffar advising his staff against extending Deepavali greetings to Hindus.

    Meanwhile, Harussani said Muslims are prohibited from mixing Islamic celebrations with those of other faiths in whatever form.

    “Let them (non-Muslims) celebrate their festivities in their own way without involving us (Muslims),” he said.

    Early this year, the mufti came under fire from various quarters for objecting to joint celebrations, such as kongsiraya.

  60. Anonymous10:29 am

    Hey since the Hindus celebrate divali, why not ask the takaful genius to extend his ban by asking our oilpalm industry to ban sales to india during diwali cause this is when demand really peaks up in india and orders increase tremendously?

  61. Anonymous7:19 pm

    An official apology has come. The organisations that were up in arms against this situation have accepted the apology. (Read the article in Malaysiakini).

    What next?
    Fauzi has apologised. Do we despise him further? And want to be in the same 'insensitive' shoes that he was in before?

    Its time all (Muslims and non-Muslims) wish Fauzi 'Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri'. He deserves this encouragement from all of us. He is one of us and we should be more magnanimous than ever.

    We actually have an opportunity to tell him that we are forgiving people and will give him breathing space. And that we wish him and his family the best blessings from GOD, plus encourage him to be still part of us (the total Malaysian identity).

    Going on attacking him, even after the apology, is not the 'Malaysia Boleh' culture that we want to nurture?

    Come on!!! Send him the greetings and thank him for now being the Malaysian that we look for in all ourselves.

    (Dear Fauzi, thank you for now being part of the true Malaysian that we all aspire to be. God bless you and your family.)


  62. Anonymous3:34 pm

    Q: u know who is the ROOT of this virulent form of anti-diversity thinking in islam?

    A: Ibn Taimiyyah and his disciples.

    for those who has never heard of him, google/wikipedia him, u'll know that among other things, he inspired:
    - the founder of Wahabbism, the Saudi Islam;
    - Sayyid Qutub, pioneer and inspiration of modern day Islamist militancy and terrorism;
    - Osama bin Laden; and
    - Perak Mufti and his fellow ulamas at the meeting of the National Ulama Association earlier this year (June?) which came up with that anti-kongsi-whatever 'fatwa'.

    the magazine Al-Islam, AL ISLAM Ogos 2006 edition (‘Ulama Jangan Merapu , Cemarkan Islam, Kongsi Raya Boleh’) has reprinted 2 resolutions (1, Danger of Liberalism and Pluralism; 2, Hukum on resembling or celebrating the kafirs' festivities) adopted by the meeting, written in BM.

    i'm thinking of translating the whole resolution (or the one below, from perak), but i still haven't got around to do it... hope someone can HELP??

    the mufti of perak is the mastermind behind the whole 2006 resolution. the 2006 resolution is, from my memory, almost identical with the following 2004 fatwa issued by:

    "...Jawatankuasa Syariah Negeri Perak yang telah bersidang bagi kali ke 162 pada 19 Muharram 1425 bersamaan 11 Mac 2004 yang lalu.

    Antara lain keputusan itu menyebut, 'merayakan atau menyerupai perayaan orang kafir adalah haram'."

    the full text of that 2004 'fatwa' can be viewed here:

    (QUICK - they might remove it soon; i notice that's what a lot of islamic websites do. once there's any 'kafir-like sites' linking them, they'll just remove the whole page...)

    i also want to point out that the whole resolution on gongsi-raya (2004 and 2004) is actually applying Ibn Taimiyyah's hateful thinking/interpretation WHOLESALE. this hate-monger was quoted left, right and center, while the other quotations r mostly from his disciples.

    the perak site concluded with:
    "Sheikul Islam, Ibn Taimiyyah berkata, penyerupaan dan peniruan mewarisi kasih sayang dan ketaatan di dalam batin, seperti mana kasih sayang di batin mewariskan penyerupaan luaran."

    if u know usul-al-fiqh, (islamic legal reasoning), u'll know that the hierarchy of 'sources' of islamic law r in the following ORDER:

    1, Quran
    2, Hadeeth (prophet's deeds n sayings)
    3, Ijma (consensus of 'credible' (DEFINITION??? the liberals must be excluded, no doubt) ulamas)
    4, Qiyas (analogy n reasoning by an individual scholar)

    theoretically, 4 cannot contradict with 3, nor 2, let alone 1. the same applies for 3 n 2. 1 is definitely the highest.

    in other words, anything that contradicts 1 is wrong or invalid, n cannot stand.

    Ibn Taimiyyah's reasonings, however good he was (he was famous for being able to recite the Quran at early age, or some mundane/hardly intellectual stuff like that), his opinion is still only that - PERSONAL OPINION, classified under 4. so, technically, his ideas CANNOT n SHOULD NOT bind anybody else, INCLUDING the perak mufti n gang.

    (true, some views r from some of the prophet's companions, but still, even if they r considered 3, they cannot contradict with 1 or 2.)

    but WHY did the perak mufti n gang CHOSE (oh YES, they DO HAVE A CHOICE!!!) to FOLLOW the hate-mongers??? n they also paid NO attention whatsoever to pro-diversity verses in the Quran such as:

    O mankind! Lo! We have created you male and female, and have made you nations and tribes that ye may know one another. Lo! the noblest of you, in the sight of Allah, is the best in conduct. Lo! Allah is Knower, Aware.

    (and see generally the following article)

    to live in a diverse society/world, progressive n moderate muslims should unite and REJECT Ibn Taimiyyah as all imams/ulamas/uztaz who cites or quotes him.

    BUT, the perak mufti n gang (which basically comprises of all the 'top' ulamas in malaysia holding important posts in the religious authorities of all states) would choose to revere him instead. (n also ABIM - an influential muslim youth organisation founded by anwar ibrahim - was THE organisation which requested for an 'opinion/fatwa' from the ulama association in the first place.)

    THAT's worrying. for the sake of national unity, the Council of Rulers should do something about these ulamas appointed by them, n vet whoever they appoint as the state mufti or holders of other important posts. they should BAN Ibn Taimiyyah.

    note: PAS has asked muslims to boycott AL-ISLAM because its editor dared to speak up against the ulamas on the kongsi raya issue.

  63. Anonymous4:27 pm

    I received the following from a Muslim friend, in response to the observation above.

    "A Muslim wishing a Hindu Happy Deepavali does not make one a Hindu.
    Similarly, wishing a Muslim Selamat Hari Raya does not make one a Muslim.

    One is also not required to wish all in all festive season and this does neccessarily caused disunity.

    Similarly wishing all in all festive season does not neccessarily brings about unity.

    The Mufti of Perak is not stupid. His statement must be understood in the proper context.

    The understanding and practice of religion is not meant for the fools.

    Yes, there are certain small ustaz who were reported to have mentioned
    certain things which caused confusion.

    But the ustaz is not a head or a leader of all Muslims. Just a small ustaz.

    The papers make them big! - turning them into one who are going to cause disunity!

    On the contrary a person heading 1.7 billion followers had quoted a stupid statement under the pretension of good scholarship and dialogue - yet there is no courage to admit wrong and asked for forgiveness - how can he?

    He is not allowed to do so!. He is the one who listens to peoples confession and forgives.

    How can he who forgives ask for forgiveness?. This kind of big
    statement from somebody big is one which actually can cause bigger problems, not some statement by some small ustaz.

    That small ustaz is not someone in authority - he is not representing the whole Muslim world.

    The papers are irresponsible for turning a small factual event into something very big!.

    There is no such thing as anti-diversity thinking in Islam. Islam is the one that explained all the diversity in existence and put it into unity.

    The one who is confused is not representing Islam. So too the one who is more confused in associating that statement (anti-diversity thinking in Islam) to Islam.

    I suppose when one is not humble and truthful in his quest for truth, he will be confused by the milestone signages and stopped there, instead of going on to the destination.

    I think it's enough for the moment.


  64. Anonymous6:48 pm


    the observation did NOT associate anti-diversity with Islam.

    but if u equate every criticism of particular muslims/ individual opinions of ulamas with criticism of ISLAM, then u r basically using islam (which most non-muslims respect) as a SHIELD for them.

    i think that u, as a muslim, should think twice before u even try to defend muslims who give islam a BAD NAME - u should have DISTANCED islam from these troublemakers instead.

    about u bringing up the pope - HOW IS THAT RELEVANT?? it does NOT help your defence in anyway, in case u didn't realise. even if the pope was really wrong, it's IRRELEVANT - we r talking about the perak mufti now, to talk about the pope is just trying to DIVERT ATTENTION. public opinion has ALREADY dealt with the peope/crusade/spanish inquisition, NOW it's the trial of the perak mufti. please focus.

    read this:

  65. Anonymous12:23 pm

    "Good Old Imam"

    I have read this story before but it was the "Good Old Christian Priest" with "priest" instead of Imam, "church" instead of mosque and "God/Lord Jesus" instead of Allah.

    What is this now? Plagiarism, ha!

    Dear Blog author, you may not like this and may blog this but I would like to believe that you are a good person and respects any kind of comments.

  66. Anonymous12:43 pm

    I have long felt that Malaysia is not the same Malaysia I was born and raised in. Racism and religiopus fanatics existed even then but I believe the leadrerships were much better until Rock your favourite Tun Dr. Mahathir took over. In fact long before that with his "Malay Dilemma" he already caused enough problems and as PM he made it worse by declaring that Malaysia is muslim country. A permanent dark cloud hangs above us till today. He had always shown a clear dislike for eveything non-Malay and Non-Muslim although he is more Indian than Malay.

    Dear Rocky, help to change things if you sincerely want Malaysia to be a better place. Do not let this country turn into another Afghanistan or Iran or Indonesia or Iraq.