Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah came closer than any man to unseating Dr M as Umno president and the PM. But that was nearly two decades ago and he has been out and in of Umno since the 1987 election and is generally considered a legend or, in other words, a spent force.

In the Bloomberg interview last night Dr M said Ku Li has still got it in him to succeed Abdullah as PM.


  1. Rocky!

    This is getting too much. Mahathir had to mention Ku Li in the interview just because this old prince from Kelantan had thrown his "political support" against Pak Lah to the former PM.
    Before Ku Li announce his intention to be the next PM of Malaysia( frankly I do not see how), I, and on behalf of honest Malaysian tax payers would like to know from Ku Li whether he had any knowledge or information on who had murdered Bank Bumi auditor Jalil Ibrahim and why, when he was in Hong Kong to gather information on the BMF fiasco, in which Ku Li was then the finance minister.
    There was no proper closure on the death of Jalil Ibrahim whose body was found near Tau Pu Kao in the then British colony. Bank Bumi had dabbled in a property market in Hong Kong and lost. Huge sum of Malaysian ringgits, in the realms of billions, were loaned to shady character without proper collateral, Jalil Ibrahim was murdered when he found out about impropriety or somebody involved, other wise why was he strangled! And the government of the day then, Mahathir was a cabinet minister, so was Razaleigh Hamzah, had not until today gave any satisfactory conclusion to the sad tragedy that led to the death of a father whose soul still lingers in Tau Pu Kao banana grove!

  2. Anonymous3:54 am


    Another Example of Capable Our Unsung Hero,

    Al Fatiha Kepada allahyarham Jalil Ibrahim.

    Yes,my apak did told me the amazing story of Tuan Jalil Ibrahim,he was adopted by his father in law and married off to his daughter.
    Seorang anak yatim piatu yang berjaya.
    Corrupt free and warak orangnya waktu hidup allahyarham.

    I wonder what happen to Lorrien after he was inprison at the famous Holloway Prison?

    Any clue Pasquale?

  3. Anonymous5:32 am

    Between Najib and Ku Li, I'd settle for Anwar Ibrahim.

  4. Anonymous9:52 am

    Me too, DSAI, The Renaissance Man anytime.

  5. Anonymous10:01 am

    Between Najib, Ku Li and Anwar, I'd rather go for Tun Dr M. :-)Alas, he is not interested to hold key post anymore. Najib will be busy taking care of Rosmah than the people while Anwar will continue to feed his clan and ancestors (including his new founded friend, Bush Jr). Ku Li should be alright as he has strong sound of economics and a veteran in politics too. But...

    As for pasquale comments on Ku Li, I'd say: "Take good care of Najib, pasquale."

  6. Anonymous12:35 pm

    Mr Rocky,

    As the Abdullah Administration and its media are in the habit of digging past excesses, I suggest they dig up and get to the bottom of the Jalil Ibrahim murder. Many of the players are still alive and kicking and willing to testify.

    Thank you.

  7. Anonymous9:30 pm

    Hidup Kuli.... Get lost Boss.... (Kuli not Tengku Razakeigh but kuli (not boss)) heh

  8. Anonymous10:38 pm

    I think Datuk Aziz Samsuoin is the best choice. May be Tan Sri Sanusi Junid can fill the gap. We pray to god.

  9. Anonymous2:01 am


    I would go for Husam - hewould be a better choice, if he is out from PAS-lah. hehe.

  10. Kalu tak dan tengok interview Dr M dgn Bloomberg hari tu, ni link dia:


    Kot2 nak lagu raya, ni link dia:


  11. Anonymous9:03 am

    Dari Kuli, Musa, DSAI, Aziz Sam, Dr M lebih baik Samy yang terlalu amat menghiburkan itu.

  12. Anonymous9:45 am

    I agreed with you Pasquale. If there is one unsung Malaysian hero death that needs justice it would be Jalil Ibrahim. His death still troubled me.

  13. Anonymous9:56 am

    ANYBODY SUPPORT DATO' SERI NAZRI AZIZ a.k.a. DNA to replace Pak Lah Kaki Tidor to be our next PM???

    DNA is "jantan".. heheheheheh.. I like his pic as "Johnny Aziz" so CUTE !!!!! HAMPEH PUNYA MANUSIA....

  14. Rocky! Agreed with anonymous!

    Jalil Ibrahim death troubles me until now I have not been able to find my own private closure. The Malay regime must cleansed itself by creating some kind of a recociliatory movement like the one made by the South African ANC led government under Mandela where white supremacists under De Klerk had a mass confession on atrocities committed by the white apartheid regime toward the black, Jews and coloured. It is akin to a Catholic confession where you let out you sin to the sittng priest and ask for forgiveness from God! I think in the case of Memali where death then was unncessary, so was the death of a Malay warrior Jalil Ibrahim, I want to know! Rocky you should have a special page for this so people can tell the world, Malaysia for now, what they feel about the murder of Jalil Ibrahim, may his soul lingering in the banana grove of Tau Po Kau in Hong Kong will soon find peace, just for the record when I was there I did pray in my own way for his soul to find peace! I am all for this ala South African conciliatory mass confession movement to cleanse all of the regime's misdeed!

    Agreed with you Pasquale. If there is one unsung Malaysian hero death that needs justice it would be Jalil Ibrahim. His death still troubled me.

  15. Anonymous2:02 pm

    Clark Gable Of Pulau Duyong signing In with his head fuming:


    It was my belief that an intelligent leader would come out with intelligent answer to any problem come what may.TDM has an analytical mind and came out with his decisions after studying the previous outcome of similar problem ,signs and symptoms of present predicament plus existing study and outcome.
    As much as a doctor would ,his remedy at times seem radical(amputation is radical) but decisions were made and he sticked with it.
    Seven out of ten he got it.

    There are leaders from other professional training eg.,lawyers(Nazri decision making come to mind...are taxi permits permissable or permitable sort of arguement permitted?),Accountant,Art(Anwar...of bahasa baku,bunk dan mampan fame),Engineers,Dentist(Khir Toyo...noticed how meticulous he filled pockets'cavities' and 'crowning' his glory with Selangor maju),Economist(Rafidah planning of HIS,gender modified to denote strength, family economy) and many others whose political decisions mirror their training prior to becoming a politician.

    At the very least for the good or bad ,decisions made has gone through thought process of every one of them(you can clap if you want).That has come to an end ,as a new leader has come up without the need for thought process in his decision making....its at reflex level of sort.The like of you on touching the hot stove you by 'reflex'pulled your hand away..you dont think for split second to consider how hot the stove is that it can burnt your finger...this reflex can also be developed if you trained yourself diligently that it became second nature as exemplify by this particular leader.....he pulled the lever by reflex.

    Through thorough selection procedure UMNO has selected one capable leader than has undegone a training through his work ethic which proved to be very useful in his daily undertakings as a leader.

    Thousand congrats to UMNO selection process in ensuring endless supply of capable leader to fight for the malay ineterest,brute strngth is as much needed as the days of old as it is now mind you .By joining UMNO he had increased the IQ of both UMNO and Puteri UMNO such were the man...go figure.

    This particular leader used to work as a gate keeper of a railway track through port Klang( and i have no qualm with thousands other gatekeeper who earned their honest living).

    He decided to open and close the gate to make sure that the train run on schedule,ensure safety of the public but along the way elevated his existence to such importance to dictate the running of the whole town .Equate the trains to a leaders who corrupt ,running on corrupt schedule,needing least interruption and carrying goods that needed least viewing by general public...the resume of a gate keeper came in handy.The man who does thing by reflex of unquestioned loyalty .

    Muted silence and restrained comment by MB to his MP Dato Zakaria(who literally slap people around) over his obessive istana-building phase of his live and mafia like control MPK ,suddenly sound so loud.

    Khir Toyo has got a former gatekeeper driving runaway train ,the driver who knew where the gates are or to put it in scientific term 'manage to hold scotal and associated protuberance of MB himself within his circle of digital compression' ...The said MP blatant disregard to rule of bylaws of his own MPK,peanut amount paid to obtain formerly allocated sekolah agama land,agreed to the appointment of Sonny Corleone(son) and Maria Corleone(Daughter in Law) to council,and moral issue of building an Istana within his poor folk kingdom( King of Bokassa used to do this)....didnot even raised any eyebrow of UMNO leaders.

    How he got RM5 million to build the house with his ADUN salary after 2 to 3 terms ,must be studied so that a 'Idiot Guide to...' sort of book can be made for future leaders of UMNO so that precious time not wasted to gather their personalwealth ,wife the first,second,third and fourth,siblings,inlaws,cousins and their dead cats wealth, before they can start the act of serving the rakyat in the shortest possible time.Normaly by that the time has come for another election and the vicious cycle continues.

    This man ,had fully utilised his past experience and found it very useful to survive and enriched himself within the sycophantic culture of UMNO.

    He is not alone ...In Kemaman another an UMNO leader is buiding his 'BANGELO' as if there is a contest of sort amongst them.Am sure there are plenty more.

    As a blogger we should contribute pictures of our MP houses so that ,at very least ,we can see where the public money has gone to...the much talk malay wealth that is own by few malays...that we passionately argue about.

  16. Anonymous3:44 pm

    musa hitam

  17. Anonymous3:44 pm

    musa hitam

  18. Anonymous9:57 pm

    Ku Li not expressed his intention and the kapak siam is already flying.

    BMF .... hmmmm

    Who was the Prime Minister then? Who was the Deputy Prime Minister then?
    Who speculated to buy the Bank of America Tower for new High Commissioner's Office?
    Who was Bank Bumiputera's Chairman then?

    Who was Ibrahim Jaafar, the officer who destroyed so many documents and stayed around in Hong Kong at Bank's expense? Who is he related to?

    Who is Lorrainne Esme Osman? Who is Dato Rais Saniman? Who is Dato Mohd Nor, the first that dmitted guilt, sentence at Stanley and now living in London?

    Yes and sure off course, Ku Li was MoF.

    This Jalil Ibrahim ... Who greeted him at the Airport on his arrival to Hong Kong? ... Who takes him around and as Auditor he willing oblige? I know he is no "panglima" as all you newspapermen depicted him as ...

    There is many more than what many know off? I'd rather we bury this awful past ...

    The country strive to prosper and grow while handling this shameful event. Move on, even Bank Bumiputera is no more around... raped by too many hyenas!

    Lets look at today ... an administration who is not providing leadership and direction for the country.

    An administration living with hype and news spinning to hide the reality that the inability of the Prime Minister. With a inteligently challenged PM, many can push him around, right?

    This is an administration that so enamoured with election result and the history book, but forgot to work. Dreaming of beng a society reformer but couldn't even solve simple sugar shortage, manage the inflation from rising, ... lies, lies, and many lies.

    Rather searching for the skeleton of the past, pasquale, live the present and prepare the future. Then we can have "walang problema".

    Wanchai Joe
    @Suzy Wong's Cybercafe

  19. Anonymous11:19 pm

    Knowing Tun, maybe this has an underlying intention, to tell the mass that despite Ku Li's "not really islamic personality", he would be a much better choice, coz, when he chose PL, it was with that in mind, thinking that someone of that personality: "islamic, honest etc, yadda..yadda" would make a good leader, but it is proven that it is not to be, thus I think Tun's comments on Ku Li.

  20. Rocky! To Wanchai Joe!

    It is just that at the back of my mind what if Ku Li knows more than what he readily admit! A suggestion that a man that would be considered by Tun Mahathir that could also succeed as the next PM may have blood in his hands vis-a-vis the BMF fiasco and Jalil Ibrahim, thats all! I want to know we want to know, no such thing as burying the past when we cannot really reconciled with the fact that many powerful people may be involved, including Ku Li!

  21. Rocky;

    How come my comment about me being dissapointed with Tun M supposedly endorsement of Ku Li as being made in a sarcastic manner was being censored? In you blog, am I only allowed to make comments which 100% in support of Tun M?

  22. InMine, I did a search on all comments by "InMine" and found nothing like the comment you mentioned. Even if I had rejected the comment, it should still be in the system. And I would not have rejected a comment just because it speaks against Dr M. I myself disagree with his mention of Ku Li. Yes, Ku Li will make a better PM than Pak Lah, but then I can think of scores of other people who'll make a better PM without trying too hard! Perhaps the comment you thot you sent AKJ did not reach him, either?

  23. rocky;

    maybe. i sent on the same day.