Saturday, September 09, 2006


Defeat at Kubang Pasu. Former PM and Umno president, Dr Mahathir, has failed in his bid to become a delegate of the Kubang Pasu division.

It's a big loss for the man who has brought Umno where it is today. But I believe the bigger loser is Umno. The party has probably lost its last opportunity to try and bring together Dr M and his hand-picked successor, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Dr M had anticipated a defeat. He told a press conference earlier this week that the Umno leadership was using the party's entire might to ensure that Kubang Pasu delegates would not pick him as a delegate. He also said defeat today will not stop him from criticising Abdullah and from demanding that the PM steps down.


  1. Anonymous7:36 pm

    May be this will do some good for some people. But anyone can sense the flagrant disrespect of the powers that be for an erstwhile outstanding leader with a world-wide following. Yes, he has his blemishes and faults. Doesn't any other leader? He doesn't deserve this and I'm not an uncritical fan of his.

  2. Anonymous8:09 pm

    well said

  3. Anonymous10:13 pm

    It worries and saddens me that Tun M has been cast aside in this manner. With the treatment he has received thus far, one wonders whether the present administration really has something to hide. Tun M may be 81 years old but he is not nyanyok. Far from it. So, could it be that the PM's spin-doctors know that if Tun M speaks up at the Umno assemby, their boss will be placed on the defensive. They certainly can't have him looking more lame than he already is.

  4. Anonymous10:14 pm

    some people may say that tun dr mahathir got his just dessert. some people may say that it is retribution for him. i wonder for what? for all that he did to his enemies? to his detractors? his critics? anwar ibrahim?
    I dont think so. this is not the work of a divine force.
    yes.i know God moves in mysterious ways. not for a minute that i think this is God's work.
    It is the work of of some very scared people. simply that.

  5. Anonymous10:17 pm

    It worries and saddens me that Tun M has been cast aside in this manner. With the treatment he has received thus far, one wonders whether the present administration really has something to hide. Tun M may be 81 years old but he is not nyanyok. Far from it. So, could it be that the PM's spin-doctors know that if Tun M speaks up at the Umno assemby, their boss will be placed on the defensive. They certainly can't have him looking more lame than he already is.

  6. Anonymous10:28 pm

    It is not only a lost t
    o UMNO but to all the simple people like us on the street. It just goes to show that when you are in power ,you can do anything, you can lie thro' your teeth and nobody can question you. Even if the rakyat question, still you can give a stupid answer and leave it at that.I am sad, very sad indeed. We may not see the consequences of the the present mismanagement of the country now , but surely it will surface somehow and i am afraid by then, it will be too late for all of us.....

  7. Anonymous10:39 pm

    Sad isn't it...the majority of his own constituency did not want him to speak. Remind me of the scene where Brutus stabbed Ceaser for the good(downfall) of Rome. Perhaps it should be 'Pearl Harbor' where military leaders in Japan felt confident of victory in the attack, but some had their doubts. Admiral Yamamoto felt that by attacking the US Japan would "awaken a sleeping giant". If this victory is Pearl Harbor, the next general election will be very interesting.

  8. Anonymous10:42 pm

    kubang pasu members had to do what they had to do.
    this is what umno is all about. this is what the malays are all about --
    what was the pantun... the first two lines go like this

    pulau pangkor jauh ke tengah
    gunung daik bercabang tiga

    ...and melayu2 semua,you can complete the last two lines.!!!!

    melayu baru

  9. Anonymous10:49 pm

    well, they do this to the Tun. wonder how Pak Lah will be treated after he retires.
    I already feel sorry for him. A leader who is so weak (never mind about not being smart/clever/brilliant or whtever) that he is so easily manipulated and exploited by others who are not even clever.
    I think Pak Lah has been made to be so detached from evrything and everyone (except for a few "chosen" people.I dont even think he reads the papers.


  10. Anonymous10:54 pm

    Sindiran adalah budaya melayu, kalau payah sangat faham, rosak kita kerana kalau nafsunya asalkan dapat menang sorak hinggakan sanggup kampong di gadai.

  11. Anonymous11:02 pm

    i do not think that tun mahathir's defeat is a bad thing.
    this is a very umno thing. it is not showing disrespect to tun dr mahathir. they are not loving him less. and certainly,it is not because they love pak lah more. it is a message that no matter how much they respect tun dr mahathir, or how fed-up they are with the state of things under Pak Lah, they HAVE to show solidarity and support for the present leadership. that is all. that is the umno way. it is tradition. they cannot afford a split because, truth be told, if there was a real vote on this, pak lah can ONLY depend on the members' love for the party to remain as president. members, i am pretty certain, know if their leader is weak, useless, helpless, or his very existence as a leader can bring down the party, the race and the country. so, umno leaders are really afraid of a split. because that is for real. Tun dr mahathir's "sins" committed while he was in office are so pale compared to the excesses under Pak Lah's regime. and that is for real.


  12. Anonymous11:17 pm

    My bet is still on Mahathir. Look at the history of his career and see how he tackle all the major setbacks he faced. He is focused, quite unlike AAB who may lose in the long run by default. AAB has many points going against him. The people around him are not his best advisors. Neither are those who have campaigned against Mahathir in Kubang Pasu. All these have plenty of self interests above all else.

  13. Anonymous12:52 am

    I grew up adoring Tun, respecting the changes he has done for the nation despite admitting some decisions of his were not wise. And yesterday was yet another unwise move of his. One more wrong step and he would go down our history books as the unpopular premier. Both he and his wife ought to migrate to another country and relax I want Tun to be remembered as a hero..not vice versa.

  14. yes anonymous

    what has been done cannot be undone ...

    the country is already more than 49 years old but yet the system has not change ...

    what does this mean at the end ?

    it means as much as some are not happy with the state of governance, these voices will just become softer and softer ...

    if they can do this to the used to be respected old man, what do u think of the voices of the likes of dissent like you and me ?

    Semuanya OK!

  15. TDM has been the underdog from the start. UMNO has again proven its invincible power.

    I hope TDM would not give up. We now have an untoucable UMNO who can do anything it wants. If a person of TDM's calibre can't even make a dent on the UMNO jaggernaut, who else can?

    Look at the way AAB answers the rakyat on SCOMI.

    Look at how KJ answers the component parties after the fiasco.

    It is definitely UMNO's loss to shut out TDM. I feel sad for TDM the way he is treated after what he has done for his people.

  16. Anonymous1:16 am

    As umno member the Tun is now officially Unwanted. The umno platform is not his anymore. But as a Malaysian he remains an icon. His platform is everything else other than Umno. From now let no one in umno accuse him of betraying the party. The Tun can't turn his back to a party that has turned its back on the people who have turned their backs on him. Hidup Mahathir!

  17. Anonymous3:36 am

    requiem for a heavyweight ...

    welome to the cold harsh world of malaysian politics. dr mahathir knew he had no chance against the powerful machinery of incumbency ... he was in the same position as anwar, the man he knocked out. dr m had no resources ... he had nothing except his counterpunching instincts... but he chose to stand and fight against insurmountable odds. if it had been a boxing match, the referee would have stopped the contest right from the beginning to save him from further punishment. the end is painful ... a powerful uppercut floored the man. a painful and bitter end to the most remarkable politician of all time ... let's remember dr m for the man he was ... not the man who was knocked out cold and contemplating what could have been. dr m, we still remember your contributions... after the dust has settled and everything has come to pass ... we will stll salute you ... as mark antony once said .... here was a man, whence comes another.

  18. Anonymous6:39 am

    I hope TDM reads blogs like this. I'm sure there are many rakyats like me, within the country and abroad, who want him to know that we still support him. That we value him, warts and all, and appreciate him soldiering on, showing us what it means to have the strength of our own convictions.

    Win or lose, the lesson he taught in Kubang Pasu was once again what leading is all about. It is by example and by being unafraid.

    Those who myopically keep harping on TDM's faults when he was PM are those who probably never lead in any meaningful capacity and thus cannot even imagine the challenges involved in leading a nation, let alone a nation with the kind of political and social dynamics Malaysia has.

    Challenges build character, people say. But more than that I think challenges reveal character. There is no starker proof of this than what we are seeing now in our leaders -- past and present, still standing or ousted and prowling like jackals on the sidelines.

    Once again TDM, heartfelt thanks. I grew up in your time and did it make me walk tall!


  19. Anonymous8:52 am

    In my earlier comments, I had said that the Tun would be up against the might of those in power. It was unthinkable that the division which had been solidly behind him would turn its back on him. The division is still behind him if not for the fact that delegates were discouraged, to say it politely, from voting for him. Many said they were threatened and more were intimidated. The Tun remained hugely popular but even this was no match against a machinery oiled by money and muscle. There are many among the delegates who won't sleep easily and may not even be able to stand upright after the meeting.

    Tun's defeat won't break him. The victors can't claim real victory too. While many were shocked at his failure to get a seat, a lot more were shocked at the brutality of the campaign. Certainly, the politics at the Bahagian level has risen to new depths of viciousness. Shameful really.

    Has Tun's image been lowered, as claimed by many? Has his dignity been tarnished?
    Both would have been true if he had done nothing to speak up and try to make others see and hear the issues confronting Umno and the Malays.

    Perjuangan mu belum selesai Tun, namun langkah mu tetap santun.

  20. Anonymous11:19 am

    Do not idolize Tun Dr Mahathir. It is unIslamic. Islam frorbids idolizing of a human being.
    Islam teaches its followers to seek good in a man and not to make him an idol.
    I think the popular fascination with Dr Mahathir is wrong and it is dangerous.
    Our fascination should be for the quality of his leadership; for the things he has and is still doing for the good of us Malays, Malaysians and Muslims around the world.
    A human being dies but his ideas and good deeds live on.
    Let go of Dr Mahathir the man. Let him enjoy his retirement. But if there are good things in the man and in his deeds and his ideas, let us keep those good deeds and good ideas going as our own ideals and as the basis of our own struggle.
    Let us immortalize not Mahathir the flesh and blood, but Mahathir as is represented by his ideas, ideals and good deeds.
    A man does not change the world. His ideals and his ideas do.
    Let us continue to seek out and support men and women of ideas if we care for our country today and in the future.
    God bless!

  21. Anonymous12:05 pm

    When a joker like Zam was elected delegate and Dr Mahathir was not, you know what a joke Umno has become.

  22. Anonymous12:26 pm

    Just a private comment. Passed by the newstand yesterday and saw the front-page headlines on NST(dont buy it anymore). It said PM was right about Scomi.What are the chances that NST will come with headlines 'I was wrong about Pantai'? ;-)

  23. Anonymous12:27 pm

    tun mahathir is enduring. resilient. this is nothing to him. he has been down and out. he has fought battles. look what it ahs taken umno, its machinery, its machai2 to TRY to bring the old man down. the more umno's machais attempt to"kill" Tun, the more pak lah's leadership is exposed.
    this is time for the REAL umno leaders to rise, the true MEN and women of Umno to rise. BANGKIT lah wahai hulubalang2, pendekar2 dan srikandi UMNO. jadi lah pahlawan2 Umno. pulangkan lah kegemilangan Umno.

    For me, Umno is dead. its leaders annihilated by its own folly

  24. Anonymous12:30 pm

    I feel so sad. At the same time I have to salute TDM for the man he is. A man who is willing to take risk and stand for what he believes in no matter what. I wish I could emulate him in so many ways. I doubt he will migrate to another country like someone here suggest. For what? He is a Malaysian true and true. Even when he doesn't agree with the government, he still use Malaysian channel to voice his dissatisfaction. Other leaders would have gone to foreign channels by now.

  25. UMNO has effectively shackled it's members in shutting out TDM.

    Suffice to say, TDM is freed from the need to use UMNO as a platform to speak his mind. In the eyes of other Malaysians, he will now represent a leading voice to expose the failings of the current administration. Not as a 'Mr opposition' but more as a concience for the rakyat.

    UMNO has forsaken one of it's illustrious sons, showing itself as an organisation that is devoid of a rich malay cultural heritage, clinging to 'political' power for recognition. The ugliness of ketuanan melayu applies to it's own as well. Nazri's opinion that TDM will be a 'nobody' if not for UMNO is a fine example of a paranoid, uncouth and mercenaric politician that inhabits the corridors of power within UMNO.

    And they have forgotten that there are more malays outside UMNO than within who can make the difference in the next GE.

  26. Anonymous1:10 pm

    "I argue very well. Ask any of my remaining friends. I can win an argument on any topic, against any opponent. People know this, and steer clear of me at parties. Often, as a sign of their great respect, they don't even invite me." -Dave Barry

  27. Anonymous1:17 pm

    please dont insult Tun Dr Mahathir. It wont be him who will run away (and hide) to another country. When Pak Lah retires, his aides and cronies will run and hide, migrate elsewhere.
    they'd be scared shit.
    pak lah's statement on Scomi?
    it shows that pak lah says what he is told. he does not know what is going on. he does not know anything other than what is told to him by the people around him
    Tun, please forgive Pak lah. he knows not what he is saying or doing.
    Bangsa Melayu -- ampunkan lah Pak Lah kerana mengjahanamkan maruah bangsa kita. Bukan salah dia.
    Rakyat Malaysia -- you know what to do.....

    True Malaysian

  28. Anonymous2:30 pm

    Ding ding,

    Siakap senohong gelama ikan duri
    Cakap bohong itu kerja? (dot dot)

    Umno (United Machai National Organization).

  29. Anonymous3:06 pm

    Hi rockybru

    This is my first comment in your blog. I had wanted to write earlier but in today’s Malaysia, making a decent living is a “long day, short night” affair. Yep, I do envy AAB’s circle, his offspring and his son-in-law. Their destiny lies in “small effort, big profit”.

    Personally, my impression of the showdown at Kubang Pasu is NOT about the Tun winning or losing the votes.

    The Tun is an action-oriented man; a man who is not afraid to make us think out of the box. I feel the Tun wants us to learn something from what he is doing. Perhaps, this:

    • Do not be afraid to stand up and fight for what we believe is right
    • Do not let name, fame, glory and ego stifle our search for the truth
    • Do not be shackled by traditions and practices. If it is time to “move the cheese”, we should move, innovate and change.
    • Do not allow the powerful liars and cheats to shut us up.

  30. Anonymous4:22 pm

    Reposted from

    Is Dr Mahathir still relevant?

    Many (except you-know-who) had wanted Dr Mahathir to win the Kubang Pasu election as a representative delegate to the UMNO general assembly. But was Dr Mahathir such a ‘pejuang nomuro uno bangsa dan negara’ (the nation’s No 1 warrior), as visitor Kubong scoffed at us for even considering that illusion, that we had rooted for him?

    Well, some did so because it’s a Malaysian natural tendency to support the underdog.

    He certainly was one, if we see the staggering resources and efforts (including dirty tricks) to muzzle, interdict and badmouth him, a tridental campaign of suppression of both his views and candidature, a juggernaut anti-Mahathir operations believed to be galvanised by fears of Mr ‘Loose Cannon’ revealing all about seditious, 'sexy' and scandalous business dealings.

    But many including non-UMNO people also supported his candidature because, ironically, Dr Mahathir has breathed, nay, injected ‘openness’, admittedly forcefully, in some government dealings or of those associated with top leaders.

    Wasn’t he a one-man gang of drumbeaters whose cries of "Bagh! Bagh!" (tiger! tiger!) flushed a young tiger cub out into the open about the latter’s mysterious acquisition of the ECM-Libra shares?

    Now, Dr Mahathir wasn’t the first to raise that issue – PAS' Husam Musa did so earlier but then, to what effect? It was only the Grand Ole Man who succeeded in stampeding Hang Putih into some form of ‘confession’ about his amazing 'lucky' karma, and then, a big show of selling off his shares.

    Others like Husam Musa who had also questioned issues of governance were arrogantly ignored. Like Captain James Tiberius Kirk of the USS Enterprise, Dr Mahathir boldly (and successfully) went where no Malaysian had dared to go before. He attacked deep into the heart of UMNO itself.

    We do need him and his voice! What he did in the past is another issue, and shouldn’t be allowed to deny us of his current usefulness. He asked questions that even AAB had difficulty answering and again, like Hang Putih, was compelled to have a public (TV) session to 'explain'. Could a Lim Kit Siang, Nik Aziz, Husam Musa or Karpal Singh achieve that?

    Then, wasn’t Dr Mahathir the only PM, nay, the only Malaysian who dared to confront the sultans where one had thought he was still Malacca's Sultan Mansur Shah with all his absolute monarchist powers in a 20th Century Malaysia?

    Which other Malaysian would dare to curb the sultans' legal immunity after the Douglas Gomez case?

    AAB? Najib? Anwar Ibrahim? Dream on!

    Unfortunately there is no one of his daring and outspokenness, an outspokenness demonstrated not only within Malaysia but as we have noted, even in the international arena. We need that calibre of personality to keep an eye on the current Mat Rempit-ish government!

    That is why we need Dr Mahathir Mohamad, warts and all, more than ever!

  31. Anonymous4:37 pm

    TDM was smart but not wise. He has shown the world how he made use of UMNO to stay in power and to manupulate the country as though this is his own enterprise. In retirement he could make use of the position as Petronas Adviser to use Petronas facilities such as the private jet for holidays, as though they were his own, but with expenses paid by Petronas.

    I do not find his tenure as PM outstanding other than the fact that it was a long 22 years. During that time, he changed the government projects from open tender to negotiated tenders. That system allowed him to create rich cronies. The grateful cronies considered themselves a casier to TDM for the benefits derived from projects, and were only too happy to make TDM's children 'successful' in business.
    Before 1997 crisis TDM's children were like the children of LLS of MCA and Samy Vellu of MIC, who were born with the Midas touch. The 1997 crisis was too hugh for his cronies to handle, and Anwar Ibrahimn paid the price.

    So, how different is creating rich cronies and then have the cronies pass some wealth over to the children, from those approving projects so that the SIL can obtain commissions. These are the same corrupt practice, which differed only in direct and indirect payment. But it was TDM that started the process to facilitate corruption, and he has no moral ground to point fingers at others.

    According to Saleh abbas, Malaysia had the best judiciary system east of India until the 1987 crisis. It is now common knowlege from writing of Datuk George Seah, the supreme court judge who was dismissed for doing his duties, how, and why TDM wanted Saleh removed. It was to ensure that the judgement that UMNO was declared illegal by the High Court judge would not be overturned. TDM wanted the old UMNO dead and cold, and those outside UMNO baru, could not challenge his position as president of the UMNO Baru, and hence his position as prime minister. It is the greatest sin a person can commit to destroy a great judiciary institution which took decades and right persons of towering personality such as Tun Suffian, LP, and Sultan Azlan Shah, LP to build, just so that he could remain in power. It is not surprising now that he was willing to destroy UMNO as an institution just so that he could achieve his desire to install somebody who would take instruction from him.

    The worst damage TDM has done was to change the mindset of the people in the country which enjoyed the strength of diversity to those of narrow minded racist and religious bigotry. In the age of easy communications where tourism is an important industry for many countries including Malaysia where the government is eager to attract tourists for their money, it is unthinkable that the people are conditioned to think and magnify the differences among the citizens. It is not our business to care about the earning ability of the tourists who visit us, and there is no reasons why the government should encourage the sense of jealousy between different races inside the country, as though they were on permanent competition for a prize. This mindset was sadly the creation of TDM. He did it so that he had a basis to be a champion for the Malay race, according to the definition of Malay in the federal constitution.

    The 22 years' nightmare is over. Let us give the person who is sincere in seeing that the country progress to a first world mentality a chance to realise his dreams, though he has many weaknesses, but not wickedness, then to give TDM an opportunity to aggravate the already bad third world mentality in the land. He could have moulded this land to first world mentality, but that never crossed his mind. He had his days, and he can't be made to believe that he is an absolute monarch of this land. Don't forget, TDM even setted limited liability against our Sultans whom we have the greatest respect and to them we pledge loyalty.

  32. To me the Tun's lost at Kubang Pasu is actually a blessing for Tun. Why do I say that? For one, when Tun spoke to NGOs, UMNO complained that Tun was playing into opposition's hand. But when Tun put forward his candidacy to be one of G7 for Kubang Pasu so that he can talk on UMNO platform, he was defeated.

    Since the UMNO has spoken that they do not want Tun to speak on UMNO's platform, therefore Tun should use whatever platform now (opposition's or otherwise).


  33. Anonymous7:07 pm

    Dignity2U, hear, hear! If we simply accept that this is the way life is, then it is this country we love which will be destroyed. Complacency is the biggest danger. We must not do nothing and keep quiet.

  34. Anonymous7:39 pm

    Umno's door is shut close to Tun. The pandora's box he pried open cannot now be sealed. It's free for all from now on.
    Tun is unlikely to keep quiet. Not when Umno and its media tools and its "tembak curi" bloggers will continue to malign him. Tun's supporters will not let them.
    For Tun, he's lost everything by way of his membership of Umno. He's a pariah. The creature that he nurtured for 22 years, is dedicating itself to his destruction.
    The trapped dogs are biting the hands of the man who saved them -- from corruption charges, from misuse and abuse of power, from wrong political moves.
    Tun has nothing to lose. Whatever support he still has is genuine. They are suffering for him.
    But those supporting his hand-biting successor are not all genuine. They may be swimming with this man, but they are not going to sink with him.
    What they are now doing to Tun, they will will do to him. If they dare to erase 22 years of Tun's brilliance, they will dump this dull man at the slightest indication that he is causing their collective downfall.
    If they dare to deny their 22 years of complicity with Tun, they will swear on their ancestors' graves that they have nothing to do with this "family-first" successor of the good Doctor.
    Mark my word. Ceaser had been stabbed in the back. The Romans are about to kill each other. The Emperor better watch his back.
    Long live the Emperor!

  35. Rocky!

    Spoke to a pensioner who was really high up in the intelligence organisation recently, he is of the opinion that this country is now totally "rudderless", he said something has got to give or we will have more "monkeys" telling the Malays such as the "kris" in the middle of the Umno flag is insignifant and has got to go. Seriously, politicaly things have gone totaly awry and haywire for the Umno Malays. THis "monkey of a politician" to quote the pensioner, must also realise that the Democrat and the Republican of the USA are using Donkey and Elephant as symbols of their parties so it is really no big deal. Kris is a symbol of the Malay Kingdom way back from the timer of Kesultanan Melayu Melaka and used by respective Malays Rulers, as the British would with the sword, so why question the original tradition of the Malay dominance. About the only reason why a certain Mentri Besar from a certain big state in Malaysia is against the kris emblem is probably he is of an orang asli stock, no love for the Malays. So crude man shut your gap and try to run your state which is in a mess under your administration! You take the kris from the flag I will publicly renounce my citizenship and move somewhere!And Hishamuddn Hussein if you thrust any kingfu sword anywhere in any of your function I will join the opposition and will swear to destroy you and Umno!

    So enough already Melayu stand up and really really fight for your rights!

  36. Anonymous9:09 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Yes, UMNO, especially AAB, is the loser here! They have every opportunity to shut Dr Mahathir up by letting him to become one of the "perwakilan". Now, "arang sudah patah"!

    We can expect more and more rounds from Dr Mahathir. AAB and SIL has to have real bullets to defend themselves in November!

    Hantu Gigi Jarang

  37. Anonymous10:09 pm

    I'm saddened, but not worried that TDM has lost the contest. This proves to the grassroot that his efforts are being stopped by the higher ups. It might also be a strategy from TDM as a way to show the people, "you see, i just want to be a small G7 and they all dah ketaq...."
    AAB lacks the intelligence to tackle him so he's leaving his actions being dictated by the ever moronic advisors.
    And the comment by Nazri the Jaguh Kampung on TDM had the opportunity to be succesful because he chose UMNO....I am embarassed that he could make this kind of comment and it is so obvious that he is the one who has a problem of over idolizing his "ever lovely and never done anything wrong" Pak Lah....yeah right, Pak Lah also has not done anything right either...
    TDM....speak on, we are listening and more are listening in fact despite efforts to stop you....

  38. Bro,

    Saya kat Kubang Pasu melihat sendiri orang seperti Johari Baharom, Saad Man (Both former Dr. M's Political Secetary) dan Osman Arof berkempen supaya tidak mengundi Dr. M.

    Memalukan. Inilah kali pertama dalam sejarah UMNO kempen pemilihan perwakilan bahagian terpaksa dibuat di Kelab Golf hanya dengan tujuan untuk meminta tidak mengundi orang tertentu.

  39. Anonymous1:03 am


  40. Bro,

    Dont these Umno leaders - especially Osman Aroff, Saad Man, Mahadzir Khaled, Kubang Pasu Division chief Datuk Johari, to name a few - have any conscience at all betraying a leader who has helped them.

    Dont they have any sense of shame?
    Tak rasa malu?

    Can they sleep well after having backstabbed the Tun?

    Sungguh menyedihkan.

    How propehtic for Tun to say that Melayu mudah lupa!

  41. Anonymous10:05 am

    those who betrayed tun will have worst experience later when they have no power. they'll be like a dog without tail.

  42. Anonymous2:27 pm

    Sungguh sedih dan sungguh memalukan, sebagai seorang anak bangsa dan seorang rakyat Malaysia. Melayu mudah lupa!

    Negara yang dicinta di kotak katikan oleh pemimpin yang separuh lelap dan leka. Negarawan ulung yang di cari dan di hormati oleh negara asing kini di ketepikan bak kecubung. Alangkah ruginya negara.

    Nasib dah jadi macam pak pandir menang bersabung tapi kampung tergadai.

    Kalau nasihat negarawan yang tajam akal dan cekap di anggap racun apakan lagi kita yang rakyat biasa pasti dibelasah. Patik sembah, apa perintah patik turut dan pikul dijemala patik.

    Suara kita tidak dihirau atau tak kan kedengaran. Maka tinggalah kita seperti katak dibawah tempurung...semua yang di bawah tempurung sentiasa terlindung.

    Apa pilihan ditangan? Tunggu 5 tahun untuk undi, anda pasti pilihan akan menjadi? Bukankah harta dan wang yang menjadi ukuran kemenangan. Lebih malang kalau nama tiba-tiba hilang dari senarai pengundi. Lebih malang sementara menanti negara ku diperjudi dan digadai. Nasib negarawan bak Hang Nadim, negara cuba diselamat tapi akhirnya dibunuh kerana takut kepada yang cerdik.

    Apa kah suara kita dan suara anak-anak kita akan di dengar oleh pemerintah atau kita hanya rakyat jelata bak yang pekak bertanya-tanya, yang buta teraba-raba, yang tempang berpimimpin manakala orang besar berpesta selama 5 tahun berulang-ulang.

    Bendahara mana yang bijak, Temenggung mana yang akan membela maruah, kalau yang bijak sentiasa disekah? Anak bangsa ku memang sudah lupa.

    Apakah pilihan yang ada? mana nak ku pangkah? Dilemma Melayu Baru.


  43. Whether Tun won or lost in Kubang Pasu, he won.

  44. Anonymous8:59 pm

    The Man Who Sold The World said...
    I grew up adoring Tun…
    Both he and his wife ought to migrate to another country and relax I want Tun to be remembered as a hero..not vice versa.

    You want to remember Tun Dr Mahathir as a hero yet in the same breath your advice is fort the Tun and Tun Dr Siti Asma migrate to another country. What rubbish!!

    Please don’t insult the Tun. TDM is a fighter in very sense of the word, one who is not afraid to speak up for what he believes in. He is not someone who will run away & hide.

    I think among those who will first cabut & hide to another country if anything happened to Pak Lah is that coward, Kalimullah, & all the other Ks.

    Heard that Kalimullah has already bought a house in Australia just in case...

    BTW, wasn’t Pak Lah’s recent visit to Perth was also to see his son’s new house there?

    Semua sudah siap kalau2 Pak Lah telingkup!


  45. Anonymous3:34 pm


    you got that right. the first to cabut are AAB's cronies. i can't even bet on this because everyone is betting on them cabut-ing.