Sunday, September 10, 2006


Utusan Mohon Maaf . Mingguan Malaysia's apology today to the PM over his statement on Friday about his son's company, Scomi Group Bhd, has further confused the issue.

In its report Scomi tiada projek kerajaan (No government projects for Scomi) yesterday, Utusan Malaysia said: Kuala Lumpur 8 Sept. - Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi mengesahkan bahawa Scomi tidak pernah mendapat tawaran projek kerajaan.

Today, in a 12-para apology, the Bahasa Malaysia newspaper rewrote the entire report under a new heading, PM tidak terlibat pemberian projek kepada Scomi (PM not involved in award of projects to Scomi).

The apology means that Scomi had indeed been awarded government projects, contrary to what the PM claimed in his TV3 interview, right?

So, does this mean he owes us an apology?


  1. Rocky!
    You damn right this Prime MInister has to apologise to the country over his major faux pas.
    If he doesnt know that his son was awarded a major contract by the government than the Prime Minister is obviously not in sync with the responsibility of his positionb as a chief executive of a country. Leaders of other countries have stepped down for less mistake!
    Yes! This ship is rudderless!

  2. Anonymous1:06 am

    "It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself." -Thomas Jefferson

  3. Anonymous1:36 am

    Tuan Rocky,
    Macam ni sajalah. Tok sah dok cakap pandai-pandai. Kalu cakap pandai pun, orang yang tak cerdik dia tak faham juga. La ni editor surat khabar pun dah jadi tak cerdik. Saya tak mau tuduh orang bodoh. Jadi saya kata tak cerdik.
    Ni cerita anak Pak Lah tak menega dalam negeri. Anak Pak Lah tak dapat kontrak kerajaan. Pak Lah tak masuk campur urusan peniagaan anak dia. Pak Lah tak bantu memantu dalam politik.
    Kemedian cerita Scomi kata dia ada kontrak dalam negeri. Dia kata apa salah dia menega dalam negeri. Scomi dapat kontrak RM1.5 bilion dari Petronas. Hari ni pulak cerita Utusan minta maaf kat Pak Lah.
    Semua pasai putar belit. TV3 putar belit. RTM putar belit. Straits Times putar belit. Berita Hairan putar belit. Utusan pun dah mula putar belit juga.
    Ni macam budak-budak kecik belajar main wau kemetek. Pasai seronok, pasai nak lawan, pasal nak tunjuk pandai, tali wau bersimpui semua jatuh dalam selut.
    Putar punya putar, Lah Pak Lah pun kena selut sama. Lain kali, kalu Pak Lah tersilap, tulung lah pebetui. Janganlah siar di TV3 atau Utusan dulu. Ni masing-masing nak tunjuk kat Pak Lah dialah paling setia, sampai berita tak betui pun siar juga.
    Pasai tu la ni saya tak baca paper pagi-pagi. Saya baca belah malam lepas dengar orang cerita apa Pak Lah kata dalam paper. TV dah lama tak tengok. Meluat.
    Kalu nak mengampu pun biarlah ada klas sikit. Biar masuk akai. Butar belit boleh, tapi janganlah nampak macam muhong.
    Utusan bukan kena minta maaf kat Pak Lah tapi kat kami yang beli dan baca. Pak Lah dia dapat paper free. Yang keliru dan yang susah kamilah. Pak Lah dia boleh suruh surat khabar dan TV kata itu dan ini, pebetui itu dan ini. Yang jadi bengong kami.
    Jadi mintalah kepada TV3, RTM, Straits Times, Berita Harian dan Utusan janganlah putar belit sangat. Lama-lama orang tak pecaya.

  4. Anonymous1:40 am

    Datuk Khalid, what happened to you man? Don't be like Kali, Brendan and Hisham. You're better. Tell the truth. You can promote and protect Pak Lah only by telling the truth.

  5. Anonymous7:34 am

    Bru, I think Utusan has become the latest victim of its own spin. This is made worse by the fact that Utusan does not understand the intricacies of the economy and business.
    Straight reporting would have helped. But Utusan succumbed to temptation. It spun its reports like the NST.
    But Utusan still has some decency and courage left to say sorry unlike the unethical Kalimullah-controlled NST.
    My advice to Khalid; don't overdo. Don't become like Zam. Don't bring shame to the venatble Utusan. Utusan Melayu/Malaysia had seen PMs came and went. This time around it's no different.

  6. Bro,
    When you are UMNO-PUTERA you are 'beyond' apology.Got immunity-meh !!
    We heard what was said in the interview.Now when they try to justify 'a slip of the tongue' macam macam **** keluarlah !Semuanya- okay !

  7. "slip of the tongue" and "slip of the mind."

    Either our PM is suffering from loss of memory or he just doesnt have the intellectual capability to think.

    And Datuk Khalid, what has happened to you? Apa dah jadi brader?

    My last hope has been the Utusan, but unfortunately and sad to say, it seems that you have now joined the great bandwagon of spinners of Kali-the-ular & Brenden-the- Pariah!

  8. My god !

    When it is all over mass media that Scomi is getting government projects ; yet Abdullah still deny this fact without even blinking his eyes !
    Is just outrageous !

    Abdullah just remind me of the Iraqi Information Minister during the 1990 ' Desert Storm ' and the 2003 ' Operation Iraqi Freedom '.

    When Allied Forces were marching toward Bagdad ; the joker still claimed on television that Iraqi Forces were destroying enemy forces and victory belongs to the Iraqis !
    In 2003 when American tanks were rumbling on the streets of Bagdad, he was still seen on televsion claiming Iraqi victory !

    Is just unbelievable that Abdullah has degraded himself to so so low in just three years .
    Sad, sad , sad , real sad !!!!

    May God save Malaysia !

  9. Anonymous10:37 am

    The PM not only owes the apology for what he said for Scomi but also for Pantai.
    The spin-makers are spinning themselves up into a web, for which they soon cannot extricate themselves from.
    More and more Malaysians are turning to the blogs now for info. Forget the mainstream papers!
    Rocky, may the force be with you!

  10. Liar, liar! With the pathological types, they know not the truth from the untruth.

    Apology is not in their vocabulary, for in their belief, they believe that they are incapable of telling an untruth.

    Anxiously waiting for the next untruth to unfold.

  11. Why bother reading Utusan? read the bloggers or KMU