Friday, September 08, 2006


Zainuddin Maidin, our Info Minister, said the other day Dr M should have emulated Lee Kuan Yew who, after stepping down, made himself Senior Minister and then Mentor Minister to remain powerful in the Singapore government.

If Dr M had, perhaps he would have been made Citicorp Inc's special advisor instead of LKY, eh? (read article here)

If Dr M had wanted to, he would have made himself Senior Mentor Minister to the Malaysian government. But he didn't, and he is the greater man for that. If he'd wanted to, too, Dr M could be special advisor to any international giant. He chose, instead, to be the advisor to Proton and Petronas to help Malaysia's own corporations.

Someone just asked me, by the way, if the appointment of LKY was not unethical and was not a serious conflict of interest.

I'd leave that to Zam to respond on behalf of his "mentor".


  1. Anonymous8:11 pm

    Bapak Rocky, gue ingin beritahu pada Bapak Zam, kami di Indonesia, sewaktu mengalami krisis tempoh hari, amat berharap mendapat pemimpin macam Pak Mahathir. Pada kami, kalau Pak Mahathir yang menguruskan Indonesia ketika itu, kami sudah lama maju. Siapa itu LKY?. Kami di Indonesia tidak mengenalinya langsung.

    Tumpang Kasih di Malaysia

  2. Anonymous9:51 pm

    Zam said that LKY was smarter than TDM. He was right for the wrong reasons given.

    LKY is able to look at issues, provides pros and cons on policies and makes a rational decision. So even though he was not the PM, he could still contribute to Cabinet meetings by giving his views, and decision would be made by the Cabinet.

    In TDM's Cabinet, he needed to just decide, and his chorus line would jump in agreement before he finished talking. He cannot serve as a mentor minister because he could not do what LKY is doing. TDM would want to have the final say if he remains in AAB Cabinet, but how can AAB allow it?

    TDM was not less smart because he did not choose to remain in the Cabinet. He thought he could be the back seat driver, in another coach. Unluckily for him, the steering wheel is too far for his reach.

  3. Anonymous10:16 pm

    Rocky, your link didn't work. Here is the press release from Citigroup Inc:

    Singapore’s Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew Appointed Special Advisor to Citigroup
    Citigroup Inc.
    9/5/2006 4:49:21 PM

    September 05, 2006 - New York – Citigroup Inc. today announced that Singapore’s Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew has agreed to be its Special Advisor. In this role, Minister Mentor Lee will advise Citigroup on its strategic directions and global business. Minister Mentor Lee will provide counsel to Citigroup’s senior management and its Board on international developments that impact on economies and businesses globally.
    Commenting on this appointment, Citigroup’s Chairman and CEO Charles Prince said, “Minister Mentor Lee is a modern-day visionary and a unique statesman who is respected world-wide, and it is a privilege for Citigroup to benefit from his understanding, insights and experience. I am honored that Minister Mentor Lee has chosen to be a special advisor to Citigroup and look forward to having the opportunity to work closely with him as we pursue our international growth strategy.”
    Minister Mentor Lee is widely recognized as the architect of modern Singapore having transformed the island state from a small trading port into a city state that takes its place amongst the developed countries of the world. He led Singapore as its first Prime Minister from 1965 to 1990 developing the nation’s constitutional system, governing institutions and the economic and political strategies that have propelled the nation into the international arena. In 1990, Mr. Lee was appointed Senior Minister and in 2004, he became Minister Mentor to the Singapore government.
    Citigroup has been in Singapore since 1902. The franchise plays a significant role in the financial infrastructure of Singapore and is involved in every business line and client category in financial services. Singapore is a key centre of excellence in Asia and a strategic hub for Citigroup’s regional management, marketing, operations and technology expertise.
    # # #
    Citigroup, the leading global financial services company has some 200 million customer accounts and does business in more than 100 countries, providing consumers, corporations, governments and institutions with a broad range of financial products and services, including consumer banking and credit, corporate and investment banking, securities brokerage, and wealth management. Major brand names under Citigroup’s trademark red umbrella include Citibank, CitiFinancial, Primerica, Smith Barney and Banamex. Additional information may be found at

  4. Anonymous10:20 pm

    if LKY was the PM or party leader here, Zam would not have become a Minister,to enjoy all the trappings to say silly things without any responsibility, cos, the criteria to become a minister in s'pore is way above Zam's attributes or intelligence ! How it is so possible that whenever this man opens his mouth, he spews rubbish!

  5. Anonymous12:54 am

    Zam is full of himself! He's out of depth and, it shows. He's better at writing book, and he did one on Tun M few years back. I don't see why he's suddenly so tipsy with LKY. Has he been influenced by some editors into now believing that LKY is smarter than Tun M. Hello! These two guys have done great stuff for their people and let's not forget that. If the Msian Govt is bright, and have some finesse to go with the big mandate, it would have appointed Tun M as Advisor. After all, the Tun himself appointed others as advisors from time to time.

    So Zam, let's not play foolish games. You are insulting the people and in the process belittling your own ability. Come to think of it, Zam should be made mentor or advisor of some foreign tv and radio stations or newspaper groups! Can't start with the NSTP but maybe good enough for some African conglomerates, with due respect to the African groups!

    When someone pointed out what Zam had said, I was speechless! This kind of statement made by Malaysia's propaganda minister! No wonder we are losing the mind game!

    Anyone know when is the next Cabinet reshuffle?

  6. Anonymous8:56 am

    Bro rocky

    Maybe this is not the proper thread.

    But Just wanna bring this to yr attention.

    In yr writeup SUPER SCOMI, Mon, Sept 04, 200 6 you said...

    ”In the meantime the PM would have gone through the report submitted by Scomi about just how little [or, rather, how much] of its earnings is derived locallyAfter that we'll know who'll be sorry.”

    Did you read Pak Lah’s reply to this in the UM?




    Scomi tiada projek kerajaan -- Saya telah teliti laporan lengkap aktiviti perniagaan syarikat – PM

    Oleh Norizan Abdul Muhid dan Zabry Mohamad

    KUALA LUMPUR 8 Sept. – Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi mengesahkan bahawa Scomi Group Bhd. (Scomi) tidak pernah mendapat tawaran projek kerajaan.
    Menurutnya, beliau telah meneliti laporan lengkap aktiviti perniagaan syarikat berkaitan minyak dan gas itu yang membuktikan kenyataan beliau mengenainya sebelum ini adalah benar.
    Abdullah menegaskan, beliau tidak pernah terlibat secara peribadi dalam membuat sebarang keputusan berhubung pemberian projek konsesi kepada Scomi.
    “Saya sudah menerima laporan lengkap aktiviti perniagaan Scomi dua hari lepas dan menelitinya.
    “Daripada penelitian laporan itu, apa yang saya katakan sebelum ini adalah benar.
    ‘‘Dalam pengetahuan saya, tiada projek diberi kepada Scomi dan saya tidak terlibat secara peribadi dalam memberi keputusan berkaitan pemberian projek konsesi atau berkaitan dengannya,’’ katanya.
    Beliau berkata demikian kepada pemberita selepas merasmikan Pameran Al-Quran di Muzium Kesenian Islam, di sini hari ini.
    Abdullah ditanya perkembangan laporan yang dimintanya dari Scomi berhubung aktiviti perniagaan syarikat itu ekoran timbul dakwaan bahawa beliau tidak memberitahu perkara sebenar mengenainya.
    Pada 2 September lalu, Perdana Menteri memberitahu, beliau menerima sepucuk surat menyatakan beliau tidak memberitahu perkara sebenar mengenai projek yang diperoleh Scomi.
    Surat itu dihantar kepadanya selepas beliau muncul dalam wawancara ‘Bersemuka Bersama Perdana Menteri’ yang disiarkan oleh TV3 pada 7 Ogos lalu.
    Dalam wawancara itu, Abdullah memberitahu bahawa Scomi tidak pernah mendapat tawaran projek kerajaan.
    Mengulas lanjut, Abdullah berkata, bagi membuktikan kebenaran kenyataan terdahulunya berhubung Scomi, beliau telah meminta TV3 menyerahkan rakaman wawancara berkenaan dan membuat transkrip kandungannya.
    “Saya sudah periksa kenyataan yang dibuat dalam wawancara itu dengan meminta filem (rakaman) serta mengolah isi wawancara bagi melihat perbezaan kenyataan yang dibuat mengenai isu tersebut,’’ ujarnya.
    Scomi yang terlibat dalam aktiviti mud engineering menyediakan rumusan bendalir pelincir untuk penggerudian telaga minyak dan rumusan berbeza yang diperlukan bagi telaga minyak lain.
    Ia merupakan antara 10 buah syarikat yang berkecimpung dalam perniagaan mud engineering di dunia dan daripada aspek perolehan, Scomi adalah penjana pendapatan keempat terbesar dalam industri tersebut.
    Kini Scomi beroperasi di 35 buah negara dan 85 peratus daripada perolehannya datang dari luar negara.

  7. Anonymous12:07 pm

    Dear R'Bru ,
    A good symptom of recovery in Psychiactric patient is when he or she has 'insight'.Meaning there are aware of people assessment of him or hers.No insight the chabce of recovery longer.
    Not that am implying anybody shizophernic ,but just stating a fact in long recovery of schizophernic Jerry Seinfeld said,"Not that anothing wrong with that".

  8. Saudara Rocky!

    In the first place Malaysia is a robust multi-racial society where the Prime Minister is not your proverbial despot. Example "Do not chew gum, repeat do not chew gum or we will jail you".
    IN Malaysia we are not threatened by anyone for us to have a fortress as a country. Example "S'pore is one of the most militarilly paranoid country in this region or the world."
    LKY did not asked to be made mentor or advisor for his island republic but pretty much a common knowledge among its robotic Cabinet that he will be one.
    Zam! Malaysia on the other hand believes in tradition (which has been broken lately though) that if you quit thats it! Yes, Mahthir could have been made advisor of many corporations, but being a nationalist he opted to look after the country's assets, which has been bullied by WTO into submission and present leaders are allowing it.
    So Zam, in the first place you weren't that smart enough to be included in the Cabnet, but you are there by virtue of your tireless support for Dr M. I know you and you cannot even engaged in a normal conversation as a person and we do know that you are living your entire persona under the cloak of your ministerial post, strip that you are just another moron that cant even speak Bahasa or English properly. So for you to jump into the bandwagon calling Tun Mahathir not as clever as LKY you are not well versed in our system of leadership.
    Zam! Malaysia is a democratic system while Singapore is very ethno-cetric, I have yet to see more Malays in its cabinet, and high ranking Malays in its armed forces. If you want me to explain to to why this is so then you should really resign.
    Zam you must remember this, Singapore was once part of the Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, and you are really a half-past six material, so go apologise to Tun!

  9. Anonymous4:47 pm

    The reason there are so few female politicians is that it is too much trouble to put makeup on two faces.

  10. Anonymous4:55 pm

    Anyone heard any news about Tun M in Kubang Pasu? Hope Tun wins!


  11. Anonymous4:56 pm

    PM said he and the government did not give special preference to his son Kamaluddin (Scomi). Maybe. But not being arrested under ISA is more than special.
    Australian age reported: The belated arrest of a Sri Lankan businessman at the centre of an international nuclear arms-smuggling scandal is shaping as a serious embarrassment for Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi.

    Buhary Syed Abu Tahir is accused of secretly training Libyan nuclear technicians in Malaysia as well as using a company formerly controlled by Mr Abdullah's multimillionaire son, Kamaluddin, to make components for Libya's clandestine nuclear weapons program.

    Mr Tahir, who is a permanent resident of Malaysia, was arrested while shopping with his family in Kuala Lumpur on Friday. He was ordered to be held for two years under the country's Internal Security Act, which provides for indefinite detention without trial.

    Mr PM, please stop spinning! Not every rakyat is stupid.

  12. Anonymous7:41 am

    Pak Lah says “Scomi tiada projek kerajaan -- Saya telah teliti laporan lengkap aktiviti perniagaan syarikat.”

    I say BULLSHIT, Pak Lah!! You are a liar!

    Didn’t our “I-don’t-know-I’m-not-involved” PM qualify his statement saying "I've asked for a report from Scomi. Let me see. If I was wrong, I don't want to lie. I will apologise to all.".

    Read that “if”... to cover his a*se.

    The report is just an eye-wash and I guess we knew that he wasn’t going to admit that he lied.

    Anyway, who wrote the Report? Scomi? Lol!

    What more can I say?

    Cukuplah dengan your keterbukaan, ketulusan, dan ketanggungjawaban or whatever.

    So just stop yr TEMBERANG!

    We've had enough!!