Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Thai PM Thaksin is in control, too.

From New York, where he is attending the UN General Assembly with other world leaders including Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Thaksin declared a state of emergency for Bangkok just before midnight, our time, amid rumours of a coup, according to Bernama.


  1. Anonymous7:58 am

    i am remembering kalimulah's sunday column in which his fishing buddies were lauding thaksin.

    P:S: Bro, i think the mention of kalimulah's column in your blog probably got many people reading his column, including those who hv stopped reading the NST/New Sunday Times.
    Maybe you should stop mentioning his poor excuse of a column.


  2. Anonymous8:02 am

    bro, if you are hinting that there could be a similar thing happpening here, i would hv to tell you, you are wrong. is scary. remember the Reformasi. Who would imagine that THAT could happen here.
    But, i can assure you tht whtever anger Malays/Malaysians have with the government of AAB, we all have learnt a lesson.
    our country is too precious. we know there is always a peacefull and meaningful way out of any quagmire.



    true malaysian

  3. Rocky!

    Takshin Chin-awatra is a prominent member of the Overseas Chinese Club (OCC), like Chuan Leekpai. Other members of OCC are Ling Liong Sik, Robert Kuok, Lim Goh Tong, Vincent Tan, Lee Kuan Yew, Cory Aquino (wife of assasinated Philippine opposition leader Aquino, her maiden name is Cojuangco, in Chinese Ho Hwang Ho), Bob Hassan former Minister under Suharto, Dji Sam Soe, the owner of one of the biggest clove cigarette manufacturers in Indonesia.
    For the uninitiated OCC is an exclusive club of prominent descendent of Overseas Chinese who have successfully integrated or going underground, or still being chauvinistic Chinese (e.g. respectively, Takshin, Cory Aquino, and Lim Kit Siang).
    The main aim of OCC is to subvert or to take over the host country system of politic, economy and social. OCC is like the proverbial Ficus tree (pokok Beringin), the vampire of jungle, that latch on to a tree and eventually taking over.
    Good example of OCC's modus operandi is like Temasik Holdings buying Telecomunication system of Thailand only possible because Takhsin allows it as he was made to believe and eventually subscribed to a bigger picture of Overseas Chinese destiny who will eventually dominate the South-east Asian countries and economies. In THailand, thank to a loyal Siamese soldiers still loyal to the King, may he have a long live!such attempt has been diverted!
    The Ficus tree syndrome is also affecting Malaysia with the acquisition of shares from strategic Malaysian companies by foreign holdings.

    Dont think we can ever have a coup in Malaysia, but we can at least learn from what we know and see. For a start Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi must change, beginning with a special Commission of Inquiry looking into the real activity of Kalimullah Hassan, his trusted adviser, and to reinstate New Straits Times as Umno paper run and operated by Malaysians and not by people with dubious background and connection with Singapore. With this one single act Abdulah can rest assured of his place in the hearts of Malaysians! I hope Nori is reading this and tell his dad!

    Still cheers guys!

  4. anon who mentioned kalimullah's column, funny you mentioned it. forgive me but i must reproduce 3 paras from that article to show you the kind of friends he keeps and what he REALLY thinks of this country (24 years of "this sort of thing"?), under Dr M as well as undre Pak Lah, as if his fortunes had come not from this country but from another!

    He-who-won't-apologise wrote:

    "Now, my friends said, they don’t care whether Thaksin wins or his opponents win.

    "All they want is for the fighting and public washing of dirty linen to end so that they can get on with some semblance of normalcy in their life. That’s all they want.

    "I could commiserate with my Thai friends. After all, Malaysians have had this sort of thing almost at a stretch for almost 24 years. And it’s still going on…"

  5. Anonymous11:16 am

    Haha. Anon! Johnny Aziz! That sounds so funneee. His shoots blanks la between his ears, you gotta fill in the blanks too. Sampah tu!

  6. Rocky!

    Takhsin China-watra will fly to Singapore from New York. The totaly most reliable information I received that "undisclosed destination" is indeed Singapore where he will have a tete-a-tete with his mentor LKY! He feared Tun Dr M, but he totally respects LKY!

  7. Anonymous1:09 pm

    heheh...can't help a little black humour.

    "The Thai army carried out a coup d'etat cos they found the prime minister's reign too Thaxing."

  8. Anonymous2:15 pm

    Oh man, this Kali guy is so, so not in touch. He writes a piece commiserating with the Thais for their political woes and what happens? The army steps in! He was trying to draw analogies to the Malaysian situation but I think he is going to come to a sudden stop at the commiserating game. How embarrassing for him!

  9. Anonymous3:05 pm

    Galadriel wrote:
    " The Thaiarmy carried out a coup d'etat cos they found the prime minister's reign too Thaxing."

    Is that Thaksin doing a Thai Boxing?
    ( sorry for my lawak bodoh)

  10. Anonymous5:59 pm

    Clark Gable of Pulau Duyung signing in:

    Why did Thai army think that their PM were too taxing?
    "Thaksin didnt tax his family ,as it was too thaksing"

    The whole affair started as the people in Bangkok and educated public cant be fooled no more,they cant be bought with 1600Bhats worth of vote(approx equivalence to RM200).
    Thaksin underneath all his patriotic socialist agenda bravado was essentially capitalist to the core.With Singapore's Temasek offer of more than US 1 billion offer to buy his family biz (including national interest,Pantai sale,anyone care to remember)the public took note and protested.When it come to legal tax to pay ,the patriotic leader decided to play smart alex posture in trying not to pay it.So much for the patriotic stand that he took to advance his political carreer.

    Somehow the Thai people manage to spot an awkward spot on the spotty dog faster than Malaysian can see the carcass of an elephant in front of their eyes(Literal transl.of Bangkai Gajah di hadapan mata).
    Being smarter they came in full force and try to deny Thaksin plundering national assets.

    Look at how we deal with Pantai Sale,Our generously enlightened PM went on TV denying it and later admitted his wrong(this flip flop is not the first,remember the bridge,nude squat,traffic fines and many more)and request remedy which cause us (public money ma) more and in the process Khazanah making decision none wiser .Did any mainstream esp.NST scream out loud to air public disagreement.

    All said and done at least the Thai Public can see LKY Incorp.sleigh of hand better than Malaysian do.When this half past six committee does any deal(s) on our behalf,be prepare to lose as they dont put their cards and hand on the table,instead in their pockets counting the coins to bring home.Dont be surprise, soon we will be the biggest vegetable exporter to Japan as per agreed with FTA with Japan.

    So all Cabinet and any other committee of half past six Incorp. the least you could do is to hear the public outcry so that you dont sound too inane and clueless when you go to the meeting.

    If AAB were the surgeon with reputation of flip flopping policy on the operating table,were to operate on me in life and death situation,I would consent him to cut my nail and opt for another surgeon to do the actual op period.
    The world is moving very very fast ,and warming up should've been done before the referre blow the whistle to start the game.

  11. Anonymous11:18 pm

    Bru, a poser.

    Thailand -- PM + his family + business with Singapore = Military Coup.

    Malaysia ---PM + his family + business with Singapore = ????????????????

    Singapore = trouble.

  12. Anonymous9:43 am

    The Keeper of the Book said...
    Bru, a poser.

    Thailand -- PM + his family + business with Singapore = Military Coup.

    Malaysia ---PM + his family + business with Singapore = ????????????????

    Singapore = trouble.


    Protesters target Singapore
    Thousand-strong crowd burns pictures of Prime Minister Lee, wife outside embassy

    Anti-Singapore sentiment boiled over yesterday when about 1,000 protesters against the controversial Temasek-Shin deal burned pictures of Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and his wife during a noisy demonstration at the city-state's downtown embassy.

    Lee's wife Ho Ching manages the Singaporean government's investment arm, Temasek Holdings, which in January bought a 49-per-cent stake in telecom giant Shin Corp from Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra's family.

    Waving placards saying "Thailand not for sale", the protesters urged a boycott of all things Singaporean in answer to Temasek's takeover of Shin Corp. They sang the Thai national anthem before dispersing.

    Posters of Singapore's top couple, defaced with red forked tongues and the message "Criminal Singapore, get out!", were fixed to barricades outside the embassy, in Bangkok's business district.

    The crowd cheered as someone set fire to mock-ups of a black Singapore Airlines jet and a two-metre-tall Merlion, the mythical symbol of the island republic, which were both painted with swastikas. Caricatures of Thaksin and mobile-phone SIM cards of AIS, a flagship business of Shin, were also burned.

    Shouting "Temasek, get out!", the demonstrators demanded that the Singaporean government cancel the acquisition of Shin Corp.

    The Bt73.3-billion share sell-off by Thaksin's family has outraged many Thais because it was tax-free and amounted to surrendering sensitive sectors to foreign investors.

    Some of the banners read: "Thai people won't allow capture by Singapore", "Who are you to control our national assets?" and "Where is the Singapore government's morals?" The protest blocked two lanes of traffic on Sathorn Road, one of the capital's busiest.

    The demonstration was staged by the People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD), which has been holding daily rallies demanding Thaksin's resignation for over two weeks. The organisers have recently taken their campaign to the stock exchange and the Silom Road business district.

    Earlier this month, hundreds of protesters marched on the embassy for the first time to demand the Singaporean government rescind the Shin purchase.

    The mission's officials told the demonstrators then that the Singaporean government had no say over Temasek's transactions even though the holding company is wholly state-owned.

    "If they faced the same situation as we do now, we believe the Singaporeans would also rise up to do what we are doing," Somsak Kosaisuk, one of PAD's five "decision-makers", said yesterday.

    Somsak read out an open letter to the people of Singapore. The statement said the relationship between the two countries had gone well until Temasek bought into Shin Corp and caused widespread concern among Thais.

    Most of Shin's businesses involve national security, such as telecommunications and satellites, read the letter.

    Somsak also accused the Singaporean government of getting involved in a contentious deal with the Thai military in renewing the leases of airbases in Udon Thani and Nakhon Ratchasima.

    Piphob Dhongchai, another PAD leader, said outside the Singaporean mission that the protest was against "foreign investments that are unfair and violate national sovereignty".

    "We ask the Singaporean government to review [the deal] and prevent takeovers of foreign businesses, which is modern colonialism," he said.

    Source: The Nation


  13. The Regent of Perak, Raja Nazrin was quoted by Bernama as saying that

    “...the strengths and weaknesses of a king were dictated by the strengths and weaknesses of those entrusted to become the king's officials and advisers.

    "Those given the trust and responsibility to advise the king must be sincere, knowledgeable and speak the truth however bitter it is, so that the king is not swayed by fantasy, not absorbed by tales," he said.

    Well said, Raja Nazrin.

    Is he trying to send a message to the current leader/leaders?

  14. Anonymous11:37 am

    Waving placards saying "Thailand not for sale", the protesters urged a boycott of all things Singaporean in answer to Temasek's takeover of Shin Corp. They sang the Thai national anthem before dispersing.

    Sdr bru,

    Saya amat bangga dengan rasa cintakan negara rakyat Thai.

  15. Anonymous3:14 pm


    we will not go the thailand way -- a coup de tat. simply because i am confident that the government of Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi will not allow our national assets to be controlled by a foreign power i.e Singapore.

  16. Anonymous3:15 pm

    beware of traitors..


  17. Anonymous4:36 pm

    mutiara said...
    ... am confident that the government of Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi will not allow our national assets to be controlled by a foreign power i.e Singapore.

    Hello mutiara,

    Where u come from sis?

    Yang terjadi pada Pantai Holdings tu apa?

    Hang tidoq ke selama ni, macam Pak Lah juga.

    Please wake up from yr sleep, sis.

    Jangan nanti satu hari u bangun tengok negara telah tergadai fasai u terlalu yakin dengan Perdana Menteri kita yang kini menerajui negara tanpa haluan.

  18. Rocky!

    Here's a poser for the exiled Thailand Muslim leaders especially from PULO who is now having a good time in Sweden, squandering money from middle-eastern governments donors.

    Why don't you monkeys lodge a human rights violations on Takhsin Shinawatra to the World Court for his (Takhsin)roles in the death of 112 (thereabouts) Muslim-Thai in southeren Thailand two years ago. Takhsin should be charged for gross violations of human rights when he ordered his soldiers to pile Thai-Muslims into army trucks where over hundreds died from suffocation. Then after the lodging of the complaint Takhsin can now be arrested place under internatinal police jusrisdiction until proper investigation can be conducted. Chile's Pinochet was also arrested when he stepped foot in England when charges were made by a citizen in Spain over his violations of human rights. Lukman Bin Lima, do this instead of fighting for your cause n Sweden where you are drinking beer and seen with many blonde Swedish women, lodge a report on Takhsin and you will be a hero and then arrest Takhsin before he leaves for Singapore!