Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Successful and hardworking but ... The remarks made by Lee Kuan Yew (click HERE) are a few days old but they won't go away, I suppose, until I've put them down on the blog.

Or until someone on this side of the cancelled crooked bridge stand up and respond accordingly.

In a nutshell, the former Singapore PM was having fun having a go at Malaysia. He said the Malays in Malaysia are facing problems with the Chinese here (who are being sytematically marginalised) and that Malaysia wants Singapore, "to put it simply, to be like their Chinese -- compliant".

The Scribe left a comment here the other day with regards to LKY's remarks but I suppose no one has felt slighted.


  1. Anonymous11:55 pm

    a very mischievous malicious statement, meant to belittle the malaysian government. and the malays. malaysian chinese should also take umbrage.
    it is not just a sweeping statement. it is untrue and unfounded.
    malaysia has come a long way. we have our problems,as any country does.
    LKY is saying this with impunity. he knows he would not be taken to task.
    expect more of such disparaging statements from singapore.

  2. Anonymous11:56 pm



    Bob Lee

  3. Anonymous12:30 am


    There is a definite co-relation between Kalimullah/Brendan/Rajan Moses/Nadarajah/Joan Lau/Varghese Matthews(former S'pore intelligence officer-cum-third secretary of the S'pore High Commission based in KL)/Michael Vatiokatis (former FEER corespondent and also S'pore tink tank memmer also write for NST/KJ (darling of S'pore cabinet)/and Ravi Vellor (S'pore ST sub-editor who was given a hefty sum to conduct seminar for NST Bureau Chief to be more S'pore friendly) These people mentioned have some kind of a very strong symbiotic relations with this chauvinistic island republic...okay with the recent statement by by Lee Kuan Yew that was reported in the NST stating Malaysian and Indonesian Chinese are "second class" citizen, there is definitely a some kind of a common factor between the people mentioned and S'pore bold attack on Malaysian integrity.
    The fact that such story can come out in Malaysian paper and S'pore agents surrounding Malaysian PM to instruct cabinet ministers not to allow any ministers to react to LKY statement shows this country is losing out big time. How come Hamid Albar and Zainuddin Maidin, or Nazri Aziz did not retort to such billigerent statement made by a former Chinese Prime Minister of S'pore. LKY how do you treat S'pore's Malays huh! Are they allowed for the right to dissent?

  4. LKY tidak segan silu menghina kita because he knows that he can put our "I'm-in-control-Prime Minister" & most of our Cabinet Ministers in his pocket.

    He knows & he reads the situation here too well - that Pak Lah & his half-past Ministers will NOT respond & tak tau HOW to respond selain dari menjaga hati Singapore.

    This seems to be the position we've taken in our relations with our neighbour in the south under the administration of our clueless PM.

    Can you imagine what would have been Dr Mahathir's response to such a statement by LKY?

    But in the first place LKY wouldn't have dared insult us if Tun was still the PM of Malaysia.

    Because with Tun Dr Mahathir, LKY had found his match.

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  6. Anonymous3:23 am

    So the old KY is still alive? Bagus. He's a reminder to our PM and his kakibodeks why Mahathir was a great PM and a great man. KY had been reduced, minimised, diminished to an over-the-hill ex PM when Mahathir was in power. I'm not surprised he's making such statements at a time Mahathir is seen to be at his lowest. But don't expect AAB and his KBs to do anthing. It will still be up to Mahathir to take KY down.

  7. Anonymous6:34 am

    Oh give me a break. Mischeievous, malicious, disparaging? Its opportunistic no doubt but it reflects their sentiment. The truth is any idea that Singapore somehow think of themselves as 'little brother' is delusional.

    Singapore is a country that grows increasingly proud. As their financial and global political clout increases, they will exert themselves with less and less hesitancy. They are limited by size and perhaps forever but to mistake that they have no nationalistic pride and all the swagger that comes with is just foolish.

    This is just a shot back at all those cheap shot at Singapore all this while. LKY has never been beyond getting down and dirty if he has to to win a brawl.

  8. Anonymous7:05 am


    I am hurt and angry not so much as what LKY says is wrong as he is right. I personally do not care much about what LKY says or do but if comparisons are made on 'compliantness, between Malaysian Chinese and Singapore Chinese, this would have been a no brainer. Have you seen an average singaporean lately?! I am also disappointed at what Malaysia has become. Such potential....

  9. Anonymous7:53 am

    The government of AAB is the kind of "friendly" government LKY and his son's administration feel very much at ease with.
    Since Kalimulah took over the NST, he has been promoting, through his trusted lieutenant, Brendan Pereira, the need for Malaysia to be friendly to Singapore. Not because, he is a firm believer in foreign/international diplomacy. He has been pushing Singapore's agenda to have a very tame Malaysia.
    Malaysia is a sitting duck.
    LKY could never take on Mahathir. Abdullah Badawi -- LKY can put him in his pocket anytime, anyday. without even trying.

  10. Anonymous7:55 am

    a weak government under Datuk Seri Abdllah Ahmad Badawi will embolden any pipsqueak foreign government.

  11. Anonymous8:18 am

    Satu kenyataan yang provokatif. Ya memang beliau tahu tidak seorang pun para menteri kita akan menjawab, too scared shit of Singapore.

    Chinese systematically being marginalized?

    For a start, Brenden should invite his political master to visit the NST.

    Let him see how accommodating Pak lah is. Berapa kerat Melayu memegang jawatan tinggi di bilik editorial sekarang? And NST is supposedly an Umno paper. Oh forget abt Hishamuddin Aun, he is just a puppet.

    Now who is being systematically marginalised? Yeah, thanx to the Singapore-trained agent Kali & Brenden.

    Compare NST with the Star, an MCA newspaper. How many Malays are holding top editorial posts there?

    And who does the MCA represent? The Malays?

    What abt the DAP & Gerakan? For all intents & purposes, being a Chinese dominated parties, they represent the interest of the Chinese community.

    Kaum Cina bebas bersuara di negara ini melalui parti-parti politik tersebut untuk meminta "itu" dan "ini" dan ketidakpuasan mereka.

    Tolong jangan labelkan saya sebagai seorang racist kerana membangkit perkara di atas. Ini ada lah satu kebenaran.

    LKY patut bertanya samaada orang2 Melayu di Singapura diberi kebebasan untuk menyuara saperti kaum Cina di sini.

    Orang Melayu di Singapura berdecit pun tak berani.

    Jadi kaum mana yang telah diketepikan secara bersistem & dianaktirikan?

    Kaum cina di sini atau orang Melayu di Singapura?

    Saperti kata anakmalaysia, LKY’s statement is “untrue and unfounded” apart from being ‘very mischievous malicious”.


  12. Anonymous9:35 am

    anti-sin said...

    LKY's a reminder to our PM and his kakibodeks why Mahathir was a great PM and a great man...


    You are right anti-sin.

    This is what all the kakibodek Ministers yang tak ada teloq will get from LKY from now on..hanya PENGHINAAN!

    Where's that so-called "jantan" Johnny Aziz. Kenapa tak jawab. Bila lagi nak tunjuk you're a "jantan" tak malu ke?

    Cakap besaq.

    Ayaa, forget depa tak ada kemal**n!!

  13. Anonymous10:15 am

    As a Malaysian Chinese, I have always view the Singaporean Chinese as a threat economically. The reason is they have a very dynamic leadership and a very efficient government.

    LKY knows very well Pak Lah's administration is 'half past six' so to speak. He knows Pak Lah's way of governing is undynamic and below par compared to TDM's leadership. With Pak Lah's weak leadership, super jumbo size cabinet who is very much involved in infighting among themselves. LKY will have a very enjoyable time to take pot shots at us.

    Like what Pak Lah said, 'that is his view, what can I do?'

  14. Anonymous10:17 am


    yeah.. now's the time for LKY to take really cheap shots at Malaysia, eh? you are right. i'll give you a break. i agree. that was opportunistic. very, undoubtedly. AND to my mind mischievous and malicious.
    and i so agree with you. LKY is NEVER beyond getting down and dirty ....
    couldnt have said it better.

  15. Anonymous10:19 am

    if only i could say the same about malaysia now:
    to borrow anonymous' remarks:
    "Singapore is a country that grows increasingly proud. As their financial and global political clout increases, they will exert themselves with less and less hesitancy..."

    we were there...once.

  16. Jay,

    The fact remains that there is so much more to be tapped from non-Malay Malaysians. Whole new generations of world-beaters are there - some deprived of opportunities because of skin colour.

    Oh! How Great Malaysia's Malaysia could become; could have been.

    To win, you don't hold back your team mates. The point is to beat the other teams and not to fight for the team captain's post.

  17. Itu bukan satu yang memeranjatkan when LKY said that. masa DR M still PM, nak bukak mulut pun tak berani. Takut kena sembur.
    Sekarang, apa nak takut. AAB macam tak de mulut nak jawap balik. Menteri lain sama lebih kurang. Mana the Champion? Tak kan diam je kot? sebelum lantang bersuara. Tak kan takut...

  18. Anonymous10:30 am


    i am curious. Are you Singapore-born? You lived there for a long time, didnt you?
    You must have some views on this.

  19. Anonymous10:32 am

    if you want to know about singapore, lee kuan yew and singapore malays, just ask Tan Sri Samad Ismail or Pak Samad.

  20. Anonymous12:25 pm

    Fullamak...Alangkah istimewanya kedudukan big bro baru di Tenggara Asia.

    Habis yang jantan-jantan atau yang mengaku jantan di keliling Singapura terpukau menjadi betina! Ini belum lagi habis bahang patriotisma sambut "merdeka" 49 tahun.

    Camni kalu, tahun depan kena mintak lampu hijau dululah dari tiga chief: White House, Singapura dan Vatican...he he he

    Agen-agen Singapura pulak terus-menerus bermaharajalela. Maklum sajalah, ada imuniti perdana!

  21. So it finally happened.

    I had a feeling there would be some side effects, causing irreparable damage, when one consumes too much Newater.

    What goes out, gets back in, has got to come out again. Not necessarily through normal channels.

    Thank you, LKY. Your kiasuness knows no bounds.

  22. Anonymous1:07 pm

    Sorry ,my pen name is Clark Gable so it goes...LKY used to go to China and Taiwan to preach and being shown the door.Once in a while ,like a cow that has outgrown his cage,he like to shove his weight around.Temasek (Lee Incorp)precipitate a 'coup de ta in Thailand,their head pinned down after they tried to take over a company in India and humbled with loss of billions in China.
    To Sing.Incorp.SE Asia became too suffocating a cage.

    Malaysian used to be made of better stuff as The Cow dare not do his swaggering act here when TDM was around.The Malysian head has been taken over,line ,hook and sinker.Kalli ,SIL and Brenden were the trusted Triumvirate used to influence the Numbskull.
    Since our kg.(Malysia) is very friendly now ,the Old Cow were invited to do his slaughtering act and humbling ceremony for all the kg.folk to see.Considering that the Cow is Zam new favourite Statesman ,I am not surprised if he is one of the member of welcoming committee together withthe Triumvirate.Way to go Zam ,werent you investigated before for subversive ideology?

    AirAsia having forced gov to build new LCT and upgrading Senai(thru whisper by SIL most probably) now decided to dump Senai without second thought without considering that the plan to developed TPP into transport hub included AirAsia into the master plan .(Alas the public money has no voice to speak of in the first place ,isnt so?)Thus soon the cargo would eventually benefit Singapore port.

    The Cow played chess ,AAB play dam Haji(Checkers),he offered a pawn and Triumvirate polished it to make it look like queen and AAB gleefully took it....Thus the Cow can see that he is winning the game in the next few steps ,thus before he checkmate he likes to gloat with him for a while.All the stooges in the cabinet still pushed and clapped for their Hero (The Numbskull) to continue playing chess game as they thought he is winning too!!!

    The plan grand South Corridoor would soon see pouring of billion of ringgit into it ,and the old cow had already pulled the carpet ,soon he will be coming for the house itself and everyone still clapping."Menang sorak kg tergadai" story continues in modern time.Si Lunchai terjun dgn labu labu nya ,so goes the saying and the cabinet of stooges sonn replied..biarkan biarkan....

  23. The answer is simple...Racial politics.

    Umno politician will not earn votes speaking out on this issue. Its not an issue their constituents will be concerned about.

    Gerakan & MCA politician don't know how to respond.

    So in the end..Semuanya OK!!! diam diam lah.

  24. Where is Pemuda UMNO? Even the orally English Deficient former Ketua Pemuda UMNO, Dato Zahid Hamidi can still go "his Fader his fader".

    What happen to keris wielding English eloquent current Ketua?

    Mamak, Roti Pak Lah satu, ya ... tak payah telor punya!

  25. Anonymous11:27 pm

    sudahlah, kita di malaysia memang dah lemah. espclly org melayu. kerana sabotaj pimpinan yg jaga periuk nasi sendiri. ingin nak tahu juga harta2 dan wang para pemimpin di msia. adakah mereka dah declare dengn jujur. sya perhatikan pemimpin di malaysia dan keluarga mereka terlalu mewah. inilah bahayanya. nak jaga harta tu sanggup buat apa saja. ini yang kita khuatir. buat kerja pun pikir apa yg akan dia dapat dan cekup. akhirnya kerajaan mjadi semakin lemah. mmg tak salah kumpul kekayaan tetapi amanah dan ttgjawab jgn terabai. Saya amat mgagumi Tun Dr. Mahathir, beliau telah buktikan keberanian, ketulusan beliau untuk memulihkankan umno tetapi kaki bodek tetap kaki bodek. Pengecut, bacul patutlah LKY semakin berani memperlekehkan msia. Lihat saja isu keris, kami langsung hilang hormat dgn ketua pemuda umno si bodo hisham. yang peliknya ada hati nak intai jwtn naib presiden. kau hunus keris mcm mana pun cina tak takut. mereka gertak je. sekali gertak...bagai cacing kepanasan ketua pemuda umno. Kita di malaysia tak ada masalah dgn org cina. cuma yang bising2 tu ialah merka yang tlalu tamak je. so far ni. perlakuan hisham ni jadi bahan bukti bahawa betapa baculnya umno sekrg. kesian tun m cuma mampu melihat saja. Mana tak panas org. tua tu.