Monday, September 11, 2006


A cheat and a liar.
Dr M called his successor Abdullah Ahmad Badawi bohong (a liar) and said he was cheated of victory at the Kubang Pasu divisional election on Sunday ("which seemed more like a presidential election").

Delegates who were not bribed were threatened, he told a press conference after addressing a group of supporters at the Perdana Leadership Forum this morning.

2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 11, 14
According to Dr M, delegates were each given a piece of paper that contained these numbers. They were told to vote these candidates. "I was no 1 ... Somehow or rather, the delegates still voted Mukhriz (no 10) so the no 14 did not win".

The envelope containing this piece of paper also contained RM200. "That's the price of maruah orang Melayu," he said.

Dr M said money politics in Umno was not a new phenomenon but he couldn't believe that the government would resort to money politics to defeat him.

The Liar.
"Abdullah buat dakwaan yang berbohong," Dr M said. Instances:

Lie No 1. the crooked bridge - the PM said the rakyat did not want the bridge ["I never heard the rakyat saying no to the bridge"]
Lie No 2. Scomi - the PM said his son's company did not get any government projects [Dr M, who is Petronas adviser, said Scomi was given more than RM1 billion worth of contracts by the national oil corporation alone]
Lie No 3. Scomi again - the PM later said he did not know that his son's company was, indeed, award government projects ["the papers, including (New) Straits Times, reported how Scomi was awarded projects from the government .."]
Lie No 4. Open tenders - the PM said the government was going to award projects through open tenders ["when many projects are given out without tenders being called"]
Lie No 5. Corruption - the PM said he was going to fight corruption ["money politics was used at Kubang Pasu"]

The Abdullah
Dynasty. And Dr M said Abdullah is turning the government into his family's property.
"The BN government has become a government of Abdullah's family members. He can deny it but we know what (his son-in-law) Khairy is doing. How he has empowered friends at Putrajaya's 4th floor and ministries. Some people even asked me if I had to consult with Khairy before doing anything. A Menteri Besar was told to change contractors (for a project). Another Menteri Besar came down to welcome Khairy himself whenever Khairy visits his state. But Abdullah denies this," he said.

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A journalist woke me up with an SMS minutes ago to say that people have started gathering at the Perdana Leadership Foundation in Putrajaya for a show of support for the former PM.


  1. Anonymous10:06 am

    pergi jgn tak pergi,pergi jgn tak pergi,pergi jgn tak pergi

  2. Anonymous10:55 am

    tomorrow i will be there too

  3. sorry bella, it's today not tomorrow. i am here now. the tun is speaking. he just said.. "i care about what the ordinary people think about me.."

  4. Anonymous12:47 pm

    Hi rockybru

    You are at Perdana now??!!

    Please tell the Tun I admire him for doing what I thought he would hesitate to do.

    Tell him that I thank him for allowing people like me to use the internet to disagree with him.

    Tell him my family hentam me in 1998 for taking his "Think out of the box" too far. They said "I flew out of the box and into wilderness."

    My family also said that I took his "Move the cheese" too drastically. They say I "moved the cheese to outer space and lost my connection with reality."

    Please tell the Tun that in the 2004 General Elections, I was no better and no wiser.

  5. could u share another ........

  6. rockybru said...

    sorry bella, it's today not tomorrow. i am here now. the tun is speaking. he just said.. "i care about what the ordinary people think about me.."

    penarik beca tambah sikit ja:

    ...and why should he give a damn to any fat cat?!!

  7. Anonymous1:46 pm hell with abdullah

    ... long live mahathir

  8. Anonymous2:14 pm


    I missed that one coz I was unaware of the gathering...Can we have a report once you are back? I am sure many of us who were not able to be there would appreciate some reports.

    I suggest that someone organise a welcome home event at KLIA once Tun arrived home from his Mideast visit just to make those who think the Tun is already deadmeat shit in their pants.


  9. Anonymous3:01 pm

    Bru, is it true that the Tun called PM liar?
    This is serious.
    Did he say he would continue to fight?
    Did he say Kubang Pasu delegates were given voting guidline on a piece of paper and RM200 each?
    Can't wait to see how then NST, BH and UM spin this one.
    Lying or no lying, I don't think PM makes a lot of sense. Not when newspapers keep reporting diffrent things and apologizing at the same time.
    I think even the papers don't understand what the PM is saying.

  10. tun was right. indeed umno leaders should care about what the ordinary people think about them. they are clearly talking thru their asses most of the time. how could we expect them putting concrete plans and actions for the benefits of rakyat? let us not allow these bunch of so-called leaders to continue screwing up our lives. make sure to exercise our rights to vote in the next general election. show them the meaning of people's power.

  11. Anonymous3:44 pm

    Yes kaliyuga, I was there. Tun was defiant. Vintage Tun. Yes, I lost, he said. But it was a moral victory.
    Dignity2u must hear this. He is very passionate young person. Tun said Umno was so scared of him that it did everything to thwart his attempt.
    He said Umno and the Government must really have something big to hide.
    Tun showed a piece of paper, which he said was a voting guideline indicating who the delegates must vote. It came in an envelope that also contained RM200.
    Yes, Tun said PM lied about the bridge project. He said the people never objected to the bridge as PM had repeatedly claimed. The people were against the offer of sand and airspace.
    He said PM also lied about Scomi and about Pantai Holdings.
    Tun saif PM did not read newspapers, including NST, that reported Scomi's businesses and contracts at home and overseas.
    I noticed that all newspapers and TV stations were there.
    I was told Tun is leaving this evening for Pakistan and a few Central Asian Republics.

  12. Anonymous4:23 pm

    Dipetik dari AgendaDaily

    Dr Mahathir dakwa perwakilan UMNO Kubang Pasu disogok

    TERBARU: Menjelang berlepas untuk lawatan ke luar negara selama 10 hari petang Isnin Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad mengadakan sidang akhbar mengulas kekalahannya dalam pemilihan perwakilan UMNO Bahagian Kubang Pasu ke Perhimpunan Agung UMNO Sabtu.

    Bekas Perdana Menteri itu mendakwa beliau tewas kerana ada para perwakilan dari cawangan-cawangan UMNO bahagian itu telah disogok dengan wang.Katanya beliau tidak mempunyai bukti sahih kecuali satu kertas senarai tujuh nama siapa antara 15 calon bertanding yang hendak dipangkah.Katanya kertas senarai itu diberikan kepadanya oleh salah seorang perwakilan sejurus selepas dia mengundi semasa mesyuarat UMNO bahagian itu di Dewan Wawasan Jitra.Beliau menunjukkan kepada para wartawan kertas senarai itu.Dakwanya kertas itu diberi kepada para perwakilan dalam envelop yang mengandongi wang.Katanya enam dari tujuh yang disenaraikan kecuali anaknya Datuk Mukhriz menang.

    ”Harga kehormatan para perwakilan ialah RM200”,dakwanya lagi.”Saya menerima saya kalah…tetapi saya ingin katakan saya kalah kerana sogokan,”katanya dalam sidang akhbar yang penuh sesak dengan wartawan dalam dan luar negara di pejabatnya di Yayasan Perdana di Putrajaya.Beliau juga mendakwa jentera kerajaan digunakan sepenuhnya untuk menewaskannya.Dr Mahathir juga menghentam bekas Menteri Besar Kedah, Tan Sri Osman Aroff,bekas Setiausaha Politiknya Datuk Saad Man dan bekas seorang lagi bekas pemimpin kanan bahagian itu Datuk Hanafi Ramli kerana turut berkempen agar perwakilan tidak mengundinya.

    Dakwa Dr Mahathir beliau tidak kisah kalah ditangan parti kerana yakin rakyat kebanyakan menyokongnya.Katanya beliau akan terus dedah dan mengkritik apa yang tidak betul.Tegasnya tidak ada apa yang dapat menyekatnya kecuali beliau disumbat ke dalam penjara.Beliau juga berkata setakat ini belum buat keputusan lagi samaada hendak pergi atau tidak ke majlis perasmian Perhimpunan Agung UMNO nanti atas undangan sebagai bekas Perdana Menteri.Katanya ia bergantung kepada keadaan.

  13. Kaliyuga

    Yes, yes, yes, and yes

    How I wish my wife would be more responsive when we were making woppie...

  14. Anonymous5:31 pm

    This is so similar when DSAI was ostracized from the gov.

    Still, TDM has my support for speaking up. The consequence of not doing anything against the rot in the gov is too great for all to ignore.

  15. Anonymous7:44 pm

    Hang Tuah lawan Hang Jebat,
    Hikayat kata seorang menang rakyat dan seorang menang maruah,
    Tahun 2006 perlawanan makin hebat,
    Kita tunggu tengok siapa yang gayat.

    Dulu tak pula disebut sampai setan setan,
    Habis kuat berpegang kepada AlQuran
    Dulu isu kesetiaan kepada Sultan,
    Kini pula siapa setia kepada negara dan siapa kepada kekayaan.

    Tuah & Jebat kisah dah berzaman,
    Melayu sekarang nampaknya adalah jugak sealiran zaman,
    Malang sekali Tuah & Jebat yang kini bertarung di taman,
    Mungkin esok diingati sebagai pembelah dan penghapus keazaman.

    Kalau betul tak Melayu hilang di dunia,
    InsyaAllah kita semua kembalis sehaluan,
    Ayuh kita buka AlQuran yang tersedia,
    Tuhan menjanjikan semua kebahagiaan.

  16. Anonymous7:52 pm

    I couldn't go but I'm all for Tun.

  17. Anonymous9:27 pm

    DrM kumpul pengikut macam DSAI buat semasa di pecat oleh DrM dulu.

    DSAI di tangkap lalu mata lebam umpama Panda di zoo Beijing. DrM mungkin tak akan lebam kerana telah ke luar negara dan Rahim Yes sudah pencen.

    Pengikut DSAI turun ke jalanan untuk menentang DrM. Pengikut DrM lebih canggih keranaa menggunakan internet untuk protes.

    Selepas DSAI di tangkap beliau di tuduh pelbagai tuduhan dan kesnya di ketuai oleh IGP yg baru sekarang.

    Andaikan DrM ditangkap kerana menggugat keselamatan negara. adakah pelbagai tuduhan akan di reka ke atas beliau? Adakah IGP baru sanggup mencari bukti terhadap DrM.

    Atau adakah atas sebab keselamatan DrM boleh di hantar ke Kamunting Resort(ada kawasan perkelahan di Bukit Jana behind Kamunting Resort)??

    Malaysia semakin bercelaru bila dinasaur bertempur dengan gajah.

  18. Anonymous6:26 am

    ayub tulakang said... "DrM kumpul pengikut macam DSAI buat semasa di pecat oleh DrM dulu."

    Tak sama ayub! DSAI incited the ppl against the then government to take care of HIS own back (or backside - as some ppl who cannot get beyond that particular point might insist).

    DrM, otoh, draws supporters because he is looking out for OUR backs -- yours, mine and all Msians -- to stop us from being continually stabbed by the current goverment!

    I think I have to disagree with DrM that Malays easily forget. I think they easily don't get!


  19. Bro,
    At least we now know the price of an UMNO delegate!
    Boleh kurang kah? Bolehhhhh ..this is Bolehland what... Malaysia Boleh !! Hidup Melayu...Shame on those who 'part-took' in the corruption ! Have a nice sleep tonight...!

  20. Anonymous9:24 am

    Bro bru

    Pak Lah berkata Dr Mahathir akan dijemput hadir Perhimpunan Agung UMNO.


    How magnanimous of you, Pak Lah!

    After having given the green light to Umno leaders and using the well-oiled party machinery to whack Tun Dr Mahathir prior to the divisional election, he now says TDM will be invited to the Umno GA in November.

    The invitation seems like a after-thought now that TDM has been defeated in his bid to be a delegate - and no thanks to Pak Lah whose unseen hand has been responsible for denying
    that win to Dr Mahathir.

    I am inviting you but you bloody well shut up. That's the message I read.

    And for that, TDM is supposed to be grateful?


  21. Anonymous10:50 am

    TQ anakhujan batu.

    U r right DrM tak kumpul pengikut tapi pengikut secara tak di rancang mengumpulkan diri utk DrM bcoz they believe DrM is doing the right thing and DrM is looking after OUR back.

    Seingat saya DSAI juga tak kumpul pengikut tapi orang2 atau kumpulan2 yg percaya DSAI di aniayai oleh DrM dgn sendirinya membentuk kumpulan sokongan kpd beliau kerana mereka percaya DSAI tak bersalah dan mereka percaya DSAI akan bongkarkan salahlaku DrM(jika ada) pada waktu itu.
    Tentang kes BACKSIDE DSAI that case is very unclear and not proven.Saya tak berani nak sebut kes itu kerana menuduh liwat tanpa saksi bukan sahaja kesalahan dunia tapi juga kepada seorang Muslim merupakan kesalahan aukhrawi.

    Anyway tq again

  22. Anonymous1:06 pm

    Bravo Tun. Bravo. 3 Cheers.
    Brave man. Salute to you. Tabik hormat.

    Kubang Pasu will be the turning point for the new era of Politics in Malaysia.

    GE is near. Run for your Money...

  23. shanghaistephen, i bumped into an umno veteran yesterday who said dr mahathir is "clueless" when it comes to how money politics really works in umno. the veteran said the RM200 in the envelope is "symbolic". if a candidate is game, he will find out from the envelope sender how much the total payout would be, which certainly won't be RM200.

  24. Anonymous3:13 pm

    I, the people think that the crooked bridge should not be built.

  25. This is what i think.

    TDM should open a New political parti. Call it UMNO terbaru or something. I bet h ecan still take the tunder out of the present UMNO baru.

    I mena come on lah....He is 81 years old. I cant remember any 81 years trying to change the course of our country. He not only should be respected, he must be put so high in the same par the likes of Nelson Mandela or Gandhi.

    Suprised?. After all Mahathir is infact fighing for freedom for all of us...freedom from deamons like AAB,KJ,Scomi,brendan,kali, etc etc...

    But i dont know if the man will come out of UMNO...He is just too into Umno that i think his every cell will die for the party he helmed for so many years.

    Only problem is there are more than 50% rotten pieces of shit floting in Umno.

    hind side, if TDM opens a new parti, i believe the other 50% will jump ship.

    and so will some dick heads as well.


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