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SIL (son-in-law) says, on the sale of MV Agusta by Proton Holdings for one euro:

"Even KTM Bhd at one time was offered to prospective buyers at RM1. The same when DRB Hicom sold off Air Asia which making losses. So selling off companies at nominal market value is a normal thing." (the Star, 5 Aug "Khairy: Check your facts first").

It's this kind of arguments that scare me. SIL really should check his facts first.

Fact: The government has never sold any Malaysian company for 1 euro or 1 sing dollar because we've never sold out to foreign corporate interests, whether they are Italians or Singaporeans.

Fact: Dr M offered Tony Fernandes the loss-making DRB-Hicom airline in 2001 after studying what Tune Air Sdn Bhd had planned in terms of making Air Asia a raging success. The government under Dr M did not offer to sell the airline to Singapore for S$1 or to the Italians for 1 euro.
[If MV Agusta had been sold to Hong Leong for RM1, it would have been another story. And by God, Hong Leong was very keen!]
[If FAX loses money and Tony sells it to Temasik or Singapore Airlines for 1 Sing dollar tomorrow, will that be considered NORMAL to SIL and to the Abdullah Administration?).

Fact: KTM was offered for RM1 to locals, not foreigners. The government believed that the private sector could turn around the government's loss-making outfit. This was in 1989. There were no takers because too many strings were attached to the offer [unlike the sale of MV Agusta]. Three years later the Dr M administration corporatised the losing entity. KTM Bhd has never looked back since.

Fact: Both Air Asia and KTM Bhd have been successful, and they benefit us Malaysians, the economy, the nation. MV Agusta may turn around in 5 years and make profits while we'll still pay through our noses for the 1 euro fiasco and some Italians laugh all the way to the bank [unless there were Malaysians involved in the 1 euro transaction. Were there?].

By the way, I thought the PM said SIL is not his adviser. Is that still a Fact? If Khairy isn't the adviser, WHY WAS HE TRYING TO EXPLAIN SOMETHING THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD EXPLAIN?

I hope the PM is not going to use the same arguments when he appears on national television to explain the sale of MV Agusta for 1 euro this Monday. If he does, God help us.


  1. Anonymous12:25 am


    I hope you don't think that I'm being contrary for the sake of it, but I don't think the sale of MV Augusta can be compared to either Air Asia or KTM.

    In the case of Air Asia, it was a local company to start with, if I'm not mistaken. While Tune Air did have a unique proposal (for Malaysia), they were hardly original since EasyJet and RyanAir had already applied the same business model prior. At the time, DRB-HICOM were stuck with long term contracts (on leases for the 2 Boeings and I'm not sure what else -- wasn't really paying attention when this was explained to me) which they couldn't easily get out of post '97-'98 crash. Anyhow, it was sold for RM 1 (or RM 10 -- not sure again) with 50% debt taken over by Tune Air. In other words, DRB-HICOM took a 50% write-off. That hurt them.

    In the case of Keretapi Tanah Melayu, it was always govt. owned, no? It wasn't a subsidiary of, say, Syarikat Keretapi Malaysia Bhd. where Keretapi Tanah Melayu was formerly an Italian coach maker. So it was offered for a ringgit to locals and then went through a corporatisation exercise. I don't think it's quite analogous to the acquisition and subsequent disposal of MV Augusta by Proton Holdings Bhd.

    The sale of MV Augusta could have been handled better, maybe. Maybe there should have been more transparency with regards to it. The questions by TDM with regards to the details of the sale is also relevant, I'd say. However, I believe that those questions should be answered in as dry and factual manner as possible. Just as relevant too is the manner in which MV Augusta was bought in the first place.

    I reckon the Proton board felt that they had a good reason to sell MVA, and considering that it was originally bought from the Italians, selling it back to a bunch of Italians is ... well, who cares really. At the risk of repeating myself, maybe the Proton board should have been more transparent, or even the manner of the sale be made more public but it's done.

    One other thing, while I'm not much of a fan of Italy or Singapore, I'm really not sure whether we should be so xenophobic and jingoistic in this day and age (though Israel would require a separate treatment no matter how you look at it). After all, I think that in many ways, Malaysia live in a glass house and we shouldn't be throwing too many stones.

    Take care dude. Don't let your pissed-offness with the SIL cloud your post. When you lead you blog entry with the SIL issues and then say that it scares you, and then you go on in a rather different interpretation of things ... well, that scares me man. I'd like to live under the illusion that you're more or less neutral ever since you were unshackled from "mainstream" media.

    Btw, I don't know the SIL and I don't really care never knowing the dude. I don't know you either, Bro. But I used to read your Rocky's Bru column in the Sunday Mail.

  2. Anonymous1:03 am

    Bru. KJ was speaking in his capacity as the extraordinary adviser to the Government in spite of Prime Minister stating the contrary. He seemed to be saying and knowing more than the PM. He must have some direct roles in these mega deals.
    If Tun M could persuade Swiss Banks to reveal details about Perwaja accounts, I think Pak Lah should have the courage to investigate who is really behind the 1 Euro purchase of MV Agusta.

  3. Anonymous1:16 am

    Totally agree with your blog. Why SIL responded to those sales when he is not in the government or in Proton for that matter? Unless he is still advisor to FIL.

    Also why MV Augusta was not offered to locals?

  4. Anonymous8:23 am


    I do not agree with your view that this posting appears xenophobic.

    A GLC invested in MV Augusta, and our Government orchestrated its sale. And if we accept the argument, and I do, the sale is akin to a ‘closed economy’, then selling something lower than its intrinsic value is a leakage out of Malaysia. This is relevant if, as Rocky implied it does, there were interested Malaysian buyers.

  5. Anonymous8:32 am


    I do believe it was Khairy who first compared the MV Augusta sale with AirAsia and KTM.

    In which case, he needs to take heed of your excellent comments.

  6. Anonymous11:02 am

    Dear Rocky,

    Great article. Our friend gier did not make much sense to me, though. Of course the sale of MV Augusta was pathetic - we are told by the wise, old, men of Proton Board that they engaged some merchant bankers and that those guys told them Augusta was trash, so they swiftly sold it for Euro1 to some entity whose real shareholders have never been revealed. Wasn't it supposed to be done through an open and publicised tender, I am sure Tun Dr M could have given them Eur 1.5, to begin with?

    Anyhow, to me analogy between Augusta, Air Asia and KTM Bhd is very valid. DRB-Hicom took 50% write -off of its debt and that HURT them, writes gier. You want to tell me that write-off of investment of more than RM 500 million have not hurt Proton??? Furthermore, as that investment was financed by European banks (mainly ABN Amro, who has many bones to pick with Malaysian Government), if Proton does not settle it immediately, they will have to pay substantial interest on top of that.

    Rocky, your comment about Khairy answering for the Government was spot on. It just proves what Tun Dr M was saying all the while that it is Mr KJ who runs the government - that is why he is answering (in a terribly stupid way) on behalf of it.

    Anyhow, please keep on writing and exposing truth and disregard those cowards that want to shut you guys down.

  7. Anonymous11:30 am

    Asked to comment on claims he has become a millionaire overnight as he could afford to buy ECM Libra Berhad shares, Khairy said: "I borrowed the money."

    "Everything is loaned, not my own money. Luckily, there are people who want to give loan (to me). I took a loan from them (ECM Libra) who sold their shares to me."

    Most firms are financed with a mixture of debt (usually from financial institution) and equity (issuing shares). If ECM-LIBRA has so much of cash, why should they loan to a person without any collateral and take back the money by issueing shares? What good does this transaction will bring to the entity? This is an open confession by KJ. Security Commission and ACA should investigate this.

  8. Anonymous12:49 pm

    Bru, for those who seek knowledge and truth. Read: dangerous minds that PM, Zam, JJ and FAK (Foo Ah Kiaw)want controlled.

    MV Agusta
    from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    MV Agusta is a motorcycle manufacturer founded in 1945 by Count Domenico Agusta near Milan in Cascina Costa, Italy.

    MV Agusta began as an aircraft manufacturer. They produced their first prototype, ironically called "Vespa," in 1945. After learning of Piaggio's brand new motorscooter of the same name, it was changed to MV 98.

    The company successfully manufactured small-displacement, quintessential Café racer style motorcycles (mostly 125-150cc) through the 1950s and 1960s. In the 60s small motorcycle sales declined, and MV started producing larger displacement cycles in more limited quantities. A 250cc, and later a smart 350cc twin were produced, and a 600cc four-cylinder evolved into a 750cc which is still extremely valuable today. The company stopped producing motorcycles in 1980, but the Agusta company continued on with its successful helicopter business.
    1972 MV Agusta 350
    1972 MV Agusta 350

    Count Agusta was a fanatic for motorcycle racing, and was determined to have the best Grand Prix motorcycle racing team in the world. He achieved this goal by hiring some of the best riders of the time, namely Giacomo Agostini, Phil Read, John Surtees, Carlo Ubbiali, Mike Hailwood, and others, and having the best engineers, most notably Arturo Magni. MV won more world titles in the 50s-70s than any other motorcycle manufacturer in history.

    The MV Agusta name was resurrected in 1997. It was purchased by Cagiva, who manufactured the new MV motorcycles. The new range were four-cylinder 750cc sports machines (the F4 range), which include a series of limited production run models, such as the all black paint work SPR model ("Special Production Racing")which was featured in the movie "I Robot"and in 2004, they introduced their first 1000cc bike. 2004 marked the end of production for the 750 sports machines, with a limited production of 300 SR ("Special Racing") model in the traditional red and silver livery.

    MV Agusta also made a limited number of F4 750cc and F4 1000cc "Ayrton Senna" editions in memory of the late Formula One Champion of the same name, (who was an avid Ducati and MV Agusta collector). 300 models of each were made in the early 2000's. By far the most beautiful of motorcycles every made, the "Senna" edition is also the most prized.

    They also produce a range of 750 and 910 "naked" bikes called the Brutale. Production is somewhat limited, as it is the policy of the company to produce an elite machine similar to Ferrari in motor cars. They do not compete directly with Japanese manufacturers, whose motorcycles typically sell for considerably less than the cost of an MV. Rather they compete with other Italian models such as Ducati sports bikes the 996, 998, 999, and the naked Monster. In recent publications, the MV has been highly praised as one of the best handling motorcycles ever created. Claimed horsepower of the new 1000F4 is 166, although dyno tests suggest it is more in the range of 151-158, in stock performance mode, a condition generally resolved by simple after market adjustments. For 2005, MV introduced the Tamburini 1000, which is named after its creator, Massimo Tamburini, who previously worked for Moto Guzzi, and most recently Ducati. Cycle World magazine named it the best sportbike in the world. Tamburini designed the Ducati 916 sports bike (predecessor of the 748 and 996 series) which marked the return of Ducati as a successful motorcycle manufacturer over the last decade. The MV Augusta F4 refined the innovative design of the 916.

    Heavily indebted, the manufacturer was bought by Malaysian carmaker Proton in December 2004 for 70 million euro. In December 2005 however, Proton decided to cut its ties with Augusta and sold it to a Genoa-based financing company related to Carige for a token euro.

  9. Anonymous1:30 pm

    rocky, thanks a million for this inormative piece. truly the work of a good business journalist (alas, in malaysia nobody appreciates a good journalist any more). now at least the man in the street can hear two sides of this enthralling saga of khairy.

  10. Anonymous6:07 pm

    Gier darling,

    IT was SIL (aka KJ) who wasmaking the comparison on the sale of MV Augusta to that of Air Asia and KTM.

    And Rocky's Bru was in Sunday People, the New Sunday Times pull-out. (not in the Sunday Mail, although he was executive editor for Malay Mail/Sunday Mail).

  11. Anonymous10:39 pm

    Bru, for those interested in knowledge and truth. Such person are dangerous and are being closely monitored by PM, Zam, JJ and FAK.
    The info below serves as a warning to Umno, if there is still such a political party.

    Israel in Singapore

    File this under odd but true: Israel set up Singapore's army. I guess if you are a small state in a bad neighborhood you can't do much better than turning to Israel for help and advice on defending yourself.

    Singapore's founding father and first prime minister, Lee Kuan Yew, asked Israel to help establish his country's army almost immediately after Singapore received independence from Malaysia in August 1965. He had earlier requested help from India and Egypt, but they turned him down.

    The Israeli delegation consisted of six officers who were divided into two teams. One, headed by Elazari, set up the defense and internal security ministries, while the other, headed by Maj. Gen. Yehuda Golan, established the military infrastructure. They followed the model of the IDF, with a standing army and reserves.

    Posted by Andrés Gentry on 2004.07.15 at 03:48 PM in Israel, Singapore | Permalink

  12. Anonymous10:48 pm

    More on Singapore's Jewish connection for Singapore lovers and spies in Malaysia


    Singapore for first time reveals extensive defense ties with Israel

    Tuesday, September 12, 2000

    TOKYO — For the first time, Singapore has detailed its extensive defense relationship with Israel.

    Singapore officials said Israel has launched several projects with their country in research and development. These projects have upgraded anti-tank missiles, simulators and electro-optics technologies.

    The officials broke decades of silence in Singapore's relationship with Israel during an address by Defense Minister Tony Tan. Tan, who is also deputy prime minister, was launching a research and development facility on Wednesday.

    "Our defense industry collaboration with our Israeli counterparts has enabled us to leapfrog into technologies such as electro-optics, training simulators and anti-tank missiles," Tan said. "In anti-tank missile technology for example, we collaborated with Israel to develop state-of-the-art anti-tank guided missile systems. These missile systems allow both fire-and-forget and fire-and-observe modes of operation."

    Tan praised the Israeli improvements to Singapore's weapons. He said the fire-and-forget mode of the guided missile system employs "sophisticated TV guidance technology and significantly increases the range of the missile." He said the missiles are highly accurate and provide Singapore troops with "the best possible all weather, day and night anti-tank protection."

    Israel is a leading defense partner of Singapore, officials said. The Jewish state joins such countries as Australia, France, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States as partners in R&D.

    Israel is one of three countries that have established joint technology funds with Singapore, officials said. The other countries are France and Sweden.

    Tan said he cannot discuss many of the programs Singapore has with Israel and other countries. He said such cooperation with increase over the next few years.

    "Many of these collaborative projects are classified and so I cannot speak about them today," he said. "It is in the nature of defense technology that there will be many secrets. We and our collaborating partners both share and safeguard the technologies that we develop together in order to protect the strategic interests of both parties."

    Tan said Sweden helped Singapore establish research and development in defense against chemical weapons attack. The cooperation with France, he said, has increased significantly over the last few years. Last week, Aerospatiale-Matra Missiles said it won a contract -- part of an estimated a $700 million deal -- with Singapore for the supply of anti-ship missiles in a project that includes research and development.

    "One key technology that we are collaborating with France is in stealth - the art and science of making military platforms less detectable by radars and sonars," Tan said.

    Tuesday, September 12, 2000

    Return toWorld front page
    Your window on the world

  13. Anonymous10:53 pm

    Encik K and mawarmerah,

    You guys are absolutely right. It was the SIL what brought up the comparison first. I was wrong to imply that Rocky was the one who made the analogy to begin with.

    Rocky, I apologise. Don't shoot me. I had just finished watching Akademi Fantasia and my powers of comprehension and understanding were lowered as a result.

    As for the anonymous dude who said that my post was nonsensical, I suppose it was because I never got to the point with regards to DRB's sale of AirAsia -- which is that if they did not sell AirAsia, the hurt would possibly worse than the one-off write down.

  14. Anonymous10:55 pm

    And while our PM Pak Lah and FM Hamid Albab played golf with their buddies in Singapore, their satellites spy on us.

    Israel, Singapore conclude spy satellite deal

    July 6, 2000 6:00 Hrs (IST)

    London: Israel and Singapore have concluded a deal worth more than one billion dollars for the joint development of surveillance satellites, according to the authoritative Jane's Defence weekly specialist publication.

    In its latest edition, published here on Wednesday, Jane's said the accord is thought to have been agreed within the past month and is due to be formally signed shortly.

    Jane's said the deal calls for the joint research and development of a series of reconnaissance satellites, with Israel providing the technology and Singapore the funding.

    For Israel, it would resolve a funding shortage that has plagued its space program for several years, the magazine said, while also reducing dependency on the United States.

    Meanwhile, it would boost Singapore's longstanding interest in developing space- based capabilities as part of a push to improve command, control, communications and intelligence, Jane's added, quoting sources in Tel Aviv, Singapore and Washington.

    Israel Aircraft Industries will be prime contractors for the satellite project, it said, although the company would not comment.

    Israeli defence sources told Jane's that defence ties between Israel and Singapore are already worth more than one billion dollars in outstanding deals.

  15. Anonymous11:38 pm

    extremely well said, AbA (aka birdseye?)

    tapik spring; was going to comment that 'birdseye hit bullseye' re your questions in the PwC thread in JO.

    you should sit next to that fella, Shahrir something..

    cheers, N

  16. ex-bt!
    education, man. keep them scary stuff coming. thanks.

  17. ex bt reporter,

    Just a point of interest and perhaps, to test a theory.

    To best of my knowledge, Singapore donot have an aircraft carrier.

    Strategically, their high-tech airforce jets are sitting ducks if based on the island.

    These aircrafts are vital for Singapore's defense/offense plans, therefore, must be placed elsewhere but still be close enough.

    Where do you think it will be? My guess? - Layang-layang, using launch and landing mechanisms like those on an aircraft carrier. And this location effectively splits our defenses into half.

  18. Anonymous12:39 am

    SIL mentioned about pantai. he asked who sold Pantai to a non Malay. well was the non malay a malaysian. Is there anything wrong there SIL. It seems SIL is saying it is better to sell to a foreigner than a non Malay!!! and your FIL is PM for all Malaysians?

    why is KJ answering on behalf of the govt? his personal issues we can understand. looks like he is the key advisor.

  19. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  20. shar101.

    you are right. spore does not have an aircraft carrier.

    as for layang2, yep, that's still an issue that has not been resolved. the republic did build a launcher there. i remember the furore not too long ago, when singapore sent its patrol vessels to "safeguard" the island after malaysia said it was going to dispute the construction of a military base by singapore on the tiny island. we (the old malay mail) carried some of the stories.

    of course, when in need, the us will make available an aircraft carrier for its ally, singapore. there is always one somewhere in our waters. after all, uss ronald reagan, one of the largest aircraft carriers, docked at port klang early june and we were unaware of it until a peace forum told us later in the month (see my june 23 posting, "killer carrier at port klang").

  21. Anonymous9:18 am

    Bru, ask KJ of his conversation with zillionaire Ong Beng Seng (OBS). KJ's and Pak Lah's good friend TS Francis Yeoh bought Sulaiman Manan's Lot 10.
    One of Mahathir's son sold Pantai to Malaysian Chinese, but Malay doctors have sunstantial shares. When Mirzan sold Perkapalan to Petronas, AI said bailout.
    Tolong Melayu bailout, tolong Francis Yeoh, Vincent Tan, OBS and Temasik good business. Ask KJ who is behind Killinghall, Jojo and Southern Bank-CIMB deal?
    Ask KJ who introduced him to OBS? Ask him about his "involvement" in the movie world, thus the rumours of liaison with MK? What is Kavita Kaur's role here?
    Bru, you want dirt, I give you dirt. I hope Pak Lah as PM and Umno President knows who the real KJ is.
    Why bother ask Umno Youth if he wants to leave because he is a burden and liability to the movement? He was not voted in as naik ketua. Dia tak bertanding pun! He entered via the back door using Abdullah's pass.

    Shar101 and the rest, read this about the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF). No need for aircraft carrier. The US will provide them FOC when the time comes. At the instruction of the Jewish lobby of course. Dream on Umno!


    * Changi Airbase (West)
    o 112 Sqn 4 KC-135R (Aerial Refuelling)
    o 121 Sqn 4 Fokker 50 (Transport), 5 Fokker 50 ME2 (Maritime Patrol)

    * Changi Airbase (East)
    o 145 Sqn 20 F-16D Blk 52+ (Strike)

    * Paya Lebar Airbase
    o 122 Sqn 6 C-130H (Transport)
    o 122 Sqn 4 KC-130B (Transport & Aerial Refuelling)
    o 141 Sqn 6 F-5S (Interceptor), 1 F-5T (Training/Interceptor) -- Decommissioned since Nov 2005, aircraft redistributed to 144 and 149 Sqn.
    o 144 Sqn 15 F-5S (Interceptor), 7 F-5T (Training/Interceptor)
    o 149 Sqn 15 F-5S (Interceptor), 1 F-5T (Training/Interceptor)

    * Sembawang Airbase
    o 127 Sqn 12 CH-47SD (Heavy Lift)
    o 125 Sqn 19 AS 332M Super Puma (Transport & SAR)
    o 124 Sqn 7 AS 550A2 Fennec (Heli Training/Light Attack)
    o 123 Sqn 3 AS 550A2 Fennec, 10 AS 550C2 Fennec (Sqn Disbanded, aircraft in storage)
    o 120 Sqn 4 AH-64D Longbow Apache

    * Tengah Airbase
    o 111 Sqn 4 E-2C Hawkeye (AEW & Control)
    o 140 Sqn 5 F-16C, 4 F-16D Blk 52 (Interceptor)*
    o 143 Sqn 3 F-16C, 11 F-16D Blk 52 (Strike)*
    o 142 Sqn 25 A-4SU (Attack), 5 TA-4SU (Training/Attack) (Sqn Disbanded, aircraft in storage)

    * Air Defence Artillery
    o 3rd SADA ? RBS 70 SAM, IGLA SAM, Giraffe Radar (under Army 3rd Div)
    o 6th SADA ? RBS 70 SAM, IGLA SAM, Giraffe Radar (under Army 6th Div)
    o 9th SADA ? RBS 70 SAM, IGLA SAM, Giraffe Radar (under Army 9th Div)
    o 18th SADA ? Mistral SAM (under Army 21st Div)
    o 160 Sqn ? Oerlikon 35mm AA Guns (airfield defence)
    o 163 Sqn ? I-Hawk SAM (medium altitude air defence)
    o 165 Sqn ? 10 batteries Rapier Blindfire SAM (low altitude air defence)
    o 201 Sqn ? FPS 117 Radar (fighter control, SAM control, surveillance, ASP)
    o 203 Sqn ? LORADS Radar (RASP, SAR, "listening watch" for distress signals)

    * Murai Camp
    o 128 Sqn 40 IAI Searcher (UAV)
    o ? Sqn ? Malat Scout (UAV)
    o ? Sqn ? Chukar III (Target Drone)

    * Excludes those that might have flown back from 428th FS

    Overseas detachments (Training)

    * Pearce Airbase (Australia)
    o 130 Sqn 30 S.211 (Pilot selection and basic training)

    * Oakey Airbase (Australia)
    o 126 Sqn 12 AS 332M/AS 532UL Super Puma/Cougar (Training and support for army exercises)

    * Cazaux Airbase (France)
    o 150 Sqn 18 A-4SU / TA-4SU (Advanced Jet Training)

    * Luke Air Force base(USA)
    o 425 FTS 4 F-16C, 5 F-16D (Peace Carvin II F-16 Training) *

    * Cannon Air Force base(USA)
    o 428 FTS 8 F-16C(Peace Carvin III F-16 Training) (Sqn Deactivated. Aircraft either transfer to 425 FS at Luke AFB or back to Singapore)

    * Grand Prairie Municipal Airport (USA)
    o 149th AVN 6 CH-47SD (Peace Prairie CH-47 Training)

    * Silverbell Army Heliport (USA)
    o E/1-285th AVN 16 AH-64D (Peace Vanguard AH-64D Training)

    * Excludes those that might have flown from 428th FS

    Future plans

    The introduction of a next generation fighter aircraft is also considered. In February 2003, Singapore joined the JSF program's System Design and Development (SDD) Phase, as a Security Co-operation Participant (SCP). The first deliveries of the F-35 are not expected before 2015, but a replacement for some of the Skyhawks is needed by 2007. As a start, some 20 F-16D-52+ have been delivered from 2003 under project Peace Carvin IV.

    The RSAF has embarked on the Next Generation Fighter (NGF) programme to replace the aging A-4SU jets. The original list of competitors was shortlisted to the final two - Dassault Rafale and the F-15SG Strike Eagle. The DSTA (Defense Science & Technology Agency) conducted detailed technical assessment, simulations and other tests to assess the final selection. On 6th September 2005, they announced that the Boeing F-15SG Strike Eagle had won the contract over the Rafale. The initial batch of orders will be between 8 to 12 aircraft with the same number of options. Eventually, as many as 40 to 60 aircraft may be procured in several batches. Depending on the status of the F-35 program, more F-15SGs may be bought and the upper limit, as disclosed by the RSAF, is 80 F-15SG aircraft in total. These will likely be based at the new Changi East Airbase. As part of the weapons package for the first batch of aircraft, the U.S. will sell Singapore 200 AMRAAMs (AIM-120C), 200 AIM-9X Sidewinders, 50 GBU-38 JDAMs, and 30 AGM-154A Joint Stand-off Weapons.

    The RSAF is expected to operate three types of aircraft in the foreseeable future; the F-35s as a Fighter/Attack Role, the F-15SGs as a Air Superiority and the F-16Ds as a Multi-role Fighter. The RSAF also operates Air Defense assets in the form of SAMs and ADA. Some of which are permanently assigned to Army Division units.

    In January 2005, it was announced that 6 Sikorsky S-70B (international derivative of SH-60B Seahawk) naval helicopters will be purchased, complete with anti-surface and anti-submarine sensors, sonars and weapons. These will be operated by RSAF pilots, with the Republic of Singapore Navy operating the sensors and weaponry. They will based onboard the new Formidable class frigate. The first 4 to 8 AH-64D Longbow should also be delivered later in the year, after achieving pilot FOC.

    Air to air missiles in RSAFs inventory include the AIM-9 Sidewinder, AIM-9X Sidewinder, AIM-120C AMRAAM, Derby*, AIM-7 Sparrow, and Python 3/4s missiles.

    PS, now you know when they want Johor Airspace and when some of our gutless readers are mortified of Singapore.

  22. ex bt reporter,

    Holy howitzer! Talk about first strike capabilities. I just hope we are stocking up MANPADS and MRLs i.e. if we bought them in the first place.

    What about the F22 raptor since the JSF F35 is still not in service?


    Thanks for the space on off-topic banter.

  23. Anonymous4:08 pm

    I think comments should be brief and concise. Reading the owner's blog can at times be mind 'blogging',but it is tortuous to read long comment. The tittle of the blog is "Never for one euro, boy"...was there an official white paper by the board of Proton to explain the logic prior to the actual transaction. Many people can afford to pay One Euro.