Saturday, August 05, 2006


Shalom... Israeli ambassador to Singapore wants a word with Malaysia and Indonesia about the "culture of hatred" against his country in these two nations. He ain't too happy with the OIC meeting in Putrajaya that condemned Israel's attack of Lebanon. The PM chaired that meeting by virtue of Malaysia's position as chairman of OIC.

Has any ambassador from Israel called us names before and ticked us off directly? I can't remember. I thought they used a machai in a neighbouring country for these things.



  1. Oh no... now we have to
    All that cash stashed-up in some Goldstien's bank.
    And are we to once again take the 'elegant silence' stance,bro ?

  2. Anonymous7:39 pm

    mr rocky, syed hamid said malaysia will not dialog with the jewish envoy in spore. mistake. he scared or what? i think syed hamid the kodomo lion should go to singapore and show the envoy his teeth. use that opportunity to tell the jew envoy not to call our stand "absurd". give him a black eye and then call a press conference to condemn the singaporean govt for allowing jew envoy to interfere in our business. we have made a stand, oic has made a stand. i think also it is better to let pm handle this. we dont want syed hamid to blow this like he blew the bridge issue. and the bridge issue was an easy one.

  3. Anonymous8:19 pm

    Bru, as a former NST heck, I am amazed at the transformations happening around me. It used to be that Berita Harian was most strident in the criticism against S'pore and its Jewish ally. Datuk Rejal was a terror. He was the pain in the rear for every S'pore HC in Malaysia.

    Under Hisham Aun, not only NST has gone soft on S'pore and Israel, even BH has adopted the same stance. Instead of damning the Jewish State and its American ally for the killing of innocent people in Palestine and Lebanon, Hisham made a hero out KJ for his daring do.
    Where is KJ now? Defending his marriage to Nori by denying that he married Maya Karin.
    Thank you pegawai akhbar for revealing KJ cell phone number.
    But be mindful. Say the wrong thing in your SMS to KJ, ISA may come calling.
    USA and Israel need this war. US oil reserves, according a recent Economist report, will last just another 15 years. The conquest of the whole of Middle East, Iran and Central Asian Republics is the key to US survival. So why bother about Palestinian, Lebanese and Iraqi lives when the US and Israel future is at stake?

  4. Anonymous8:28 pm

    I would love to see how
    the PM gonna handle this.


  5. Anonymous8:28 pm

    I would love to see how
    the PM gonna handle this.


  6. AAB's explanation of Islam Hadhari to the Isreali regime should do the trick to get the Jews to lay down arms.

    *Hang on, I'm dreaming again!*

  7. Saudara,

    I find 2 absurd statements made by the Israeli envoy.

    Absurd statement No. 1.

    The two Southeast Asian countries with predominantly Muslim populations so far have refused to consider diplomatic relations with Israel, taking a harder line on the Jewish state than some of its Arab neighbors - a stance Ambassador Ilan Ben-Dov called "absurd."

    Why absurd?

    Many of Israel's Arab neighbours are Running Dogs of the U.S and Israel, without whose backing their rulers will find themselves out of power.

    So comparing us with them is an insult.

    Absurd statement No. 2.

    "If you don't listen at least to both sides, that creates even more hatred. We don't expect them to agree, but at least give the opportunity to listen to the other half of this conflict," he said.

    Why absurd.

    We are not a major player in the conflict, the U.S is. The Americans refuse to engage Iran and Syria inspite of offers from both countries. Perhaps the envoy should direct his remarks to the U.S .

    I am in total agreemnet with anonymous (7:39 PM). We should engage this fellow, if not in a formal dialog, at least answering his equally absurb remarks.

    I guess this is a bit too much to ask since our FM is not from the Oxbridge mould.

  8. Bro, don't you think this a great oppurtunity to grab the bull by its horns now that the Isreali in Singapore dares us to meet him of our grouses ?
    What better time to tell Zoinist what we think of them and their atrocities. All this screaming about protests and boycott bullshit would never hurt them if they are not told exactly what we (not all-remember there are some here in Malaysia who have vested interest with Isreal or at least in their banks !)think of them.

    Chairman of OIC won't meet with ambassador of Isreal to Singapore ?Because we don't have diplomatic ties ? PM has to act in his capacity here not as a Malaysian but as OIC Chairman.

    I find that very strange... then why does the media magnifies such hatred and urge us to condemn, protest and boycott them in the first place ? If you see the antics of Kairy at these protest rallies, you will know what I mean.

    Tell me please....and for humanitarian reasons only !

  9. Anonymous4:11 pm

    Budak Boy does not understand that Muslims in the two S.E.Asian countries are Sunni Muslims.Those Arab countries
    or shiekhdoms who are close to America are also Sunni Arab countries.
    The Muslims that are provoking problems are the Shias! Why are we supporting the Shias? Are they not killing the Sunnis in large numbers in Iraq in sectarian voilence?
    Try going to Iran if Budakboys name is Yazid! They would look at him warily as a likely traitor instead of a Muslim brother!

  10. Anonymous5:55 pm


    you are right. I have never known of an Israeli ambassador to so much as to breathe our name.

    now, Malaysia is such a pussycat.
    they are getting the cue from Singapore, of course.

    Malaysia has turned down any dialogue with the Israeli envoy.
    Should we have accepted?

    The point is -- our stand is clear on Israeli aggression in the Mid East. There has been no change in our stand.

    Perhaps, I am wrong. Our stand was clear.It may not be now. So it should be made loud and clear, in case, people have forgotten that we maybe a small country, but our voice is a stinger -- has always been, in protests against injustices and violence across the globe. Remember apartheid? remember Bosnia? and remember Palestine?

  11. Shalom Rocky!

    Here is an excerpt! We have to also boycot Tesco for it belongs to an ardent Zionist Lord Cohen, the name Tesco us an acronym for Tessa Cohen, TesCo get it.

    "Dame Shirley is the daughter of Jack Cohen who built up one of the greatest food retailers in the world. He named it after Dame Shirley's mother, Tessa Cohen - Tesco. In 1991 Dame Shirley owned Tesco shares which were worth nearly £5 million. Recently, the Sunday Times Rich List claimed she 'd been worth about £70 million pounds. She now lives in Israel."

    Some one must tell KJ what are we to do with Tesco, should we shop there or at Giants, or TMC I am afraid these stores also have Jewish connection!

  12. Anonymous (4:11 PM)

    Firstly you insult me by saying I do not understand that we Muslims in Indonesia and Malaysia are Sunnis.

    I can tell you origin of the split and the differences between the 2 to the most minute detail. So please do not make such sweeping statements.

    Secondly you said the Shias are provoking the problem in that region. By this I take it you mean the current crisis was triggered by the kidnaping of the IDF soldiers? Hamas, a Sunni organisation, took 1 soldier and Hizbullah, a Shia organisation, took 2 but Hamas started it.

    Long before the Arabs were referred to as either Shias or Sunnis by the western press, it was the Palestinians, Jordanians, Egyptians, Libyans and Syrians who were fighting the Israelis. They were all Arabs who were fighting against Israeli provocations.

    Gamal Abdul Nasir galvanised Pan Arab unity to the point that Israel would have been wiped out if not for the intervention of the U.S when they conducted that massive shipment of arms.

    The late Al Malik Feisal was willing to use oil as a weapon. For that the Zionists corrupted one of his nephews enough to assassinate him.

    Both are Sunnis who had the courage to fight for what they felt was right.

    Who was the Running Dog of the U.S then? The Shah of Iran, a Shia.

    The scenario has certainly changed.

    The Israeli envoy did not make the distinction between Shias and Sunnis or Lebanon and Palestine and neither did I. What is going in Lebanon and Palestine is a human tragedy.

    Hizbullah is Shia and Hamas is Sunni and both are fighting the Israelis.

    From your comments I take it that if the people in Lebanon are Shias, they are not humans and the Israelis can do as they please. What about the Palestinians? They are mainly Sunnis. Who is to say my comments were not in support of Hamas and the Palestinians who have been fighting the Israelis longer than anyone else?

    Going by the news I get, the Sunnis and Shias are at each others throats in Iraq and it's the same in Pakistan. At the rate they are going, all the Israelis need to do is to wait patiently and the Sunnis and Shias will kill each other. End of problem for the Israelis.

    I maybe missing something here but why Yazid. Does the name somehow represent Sunnis? I have many friends from Malaysia doing business in Iran and the last time I checked they are all well treated there.

    Lastly, I don't know what you are. Anonymous is not a name or an identity.

  13. Anonymous4:53 pm

    great... now the shias and the sunnis are fighting over who started what... clear your minds and think of 3 things...

    1. they are Muslims
    2. they are human beings
    3. majority of those who died are small children and women