Friday, August 11, 2006


This day two months ago, June 11, Kalimullah Hassan wrote in The Sunday Column a piece demonising Dr M. In it, he told readers (me included) the blatant lie about the circumstances leading to a meeting in Tokyo between the PM and Dr Mahathir.

  The Prime Minister ... was told that Dr Mahathir wanted to come and see
him. Abdullah, in the midst of breakfast with aides and officials,
immediately put on his tie and told the ambassador that he would go and
see his ex-boss rather than let Dr Mahathir come down and see him.
Yet, less than two weeks later, Dr Mahathir invited the foreign Press
to his office and lambasted Abdullah and his administration.
He accused the current administration and Abdullah of many things -
stabbing him in the back, ingratitude, and perhaps, the most provocative
suggestion was that while he (Dr Mahathir) had no power to remove
Abdullah, he said "it is for his own party (Umno) to remove him".

Kalimullah hasn't apologised for the piece. The newspaper's group editor-in-chief, Hishamuddin Aun, hasn't apologised, either.

They don't just owe Dr M an apology. They owe me the reader an apology, too.


  1. Anonymous1:39 pm

    The RM700,000.00 you got for spending your time in the NPC is not taken into account?

    Stop the personal vendatta and concentrate on your magazine lah!

  2. Rocky!

    Kalimullah and his master know Malays are Morons why should he apologise. The first things the Israeli Defence Forces taught the soldiers was the Arabs are sub-human incapable of rational thinking, I was told by someone deep in the SDF, the original six Israeli instructors told the soldiers the Malays were also incapable of rational thinking therefore not of the same par in thinking as "superior" people such as Singaporeans. Quote "to kill them is like killing vermin and pest". By the way half of the six original Israeli instructors helping the then fledgeling SDF were infact Americans of Israeli citizens. So Rocky why should Kalimullah apologise. Did you know that certain people working in this country national papers have been given a refresher course by Israeli instructors on how to deal with "sub-human" and "irrational thinking" Malays, no not so much Malaysians (Chinese or Indians and others), I am sorry to say.
    But, my conclusion is if Morons (three quarter of UMNO Supreme Council Members) are running this country then Kalimullah Masherrul Hassan deserve to be given all the accolade for succesfully destroying this country with the help of Morons. I can always go back to Cyprus you know, but the Malays will suffer the same fate as the Singaporean Malays, sub-human and sub-standard sigh! sigh! So sad.

  3. Anonymous3:09 pm

    Seems Mahatir is not popular anyway. Moving from topic, the reply to mathias chang in Malaysia Today is that really Khairy threatening Mahatir?

  4. Anonymous3:11 pm

    Saya pernah solat berimamkan Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Waktu itu dia TPM dan saya kagum. Saya sentiasa kagum orang yang dalam ilmu agamanya sebab saya anggap diri saya jahil.
    Tetapi dengan kelakuan dan tindak tanduk AAB selepas menjadi PM saya curiga semula tentang seorang yang menonjolkan keimanannya untuk tujuan politik.
    Bagaimanakah seorang beriman seperti ABB tidak mengajar pengikut dan pendokong agandanya tentang iman dan budi bahasa?
    Dulu saya tahu walaupun NST akhbar bahasa Inggeris, keislamannya jelas kerana editor waktu itu Islam dan mereka tahu budi pekerti Melayu.
    Ampun cakap, hari ini kuasa di NST bukan lagi Melayu dan Islam. Apakah daripada 60 peratus orang Melayu dan Islam di Malaysia ini AAB tidak dapat cari seorang Melayu dan Islam yang budiman -- yang berbudi dan beriman?
    Rupa-rupanya orang yang menuduh orang lain iblis lupa bahawa iblis merasuk orang yang berkuasa kerana orang yang berkuasa boleh merosakkan lebih ramai orang seperti yang dikehendaki syaitan dan iblis.
    Siapa lebih berkuasa kini? Mahathir yang di"demonize" oleh Kalimullah Hassan dan Brendan Pereira atau AAB yang mereka sanjung?
    Mahathir tiada kuasa lagi. Kalau dia dirasuk syaitan pun dia tidak boleh rosakkan ramai orang lagi. Tetapi AAB berkuasa.
    Apabila orang alim yang berkuasa seperti AAB tidak bercakap yang benar, tidak tahu apa yang benar atau terlupa apa yang benar, maka gembiralah syaitan dan iblis.
    Ambillah iktibar daripada temuramah AAB di TV3 baru-baru ini. Bukan rakyat dan negara yang dipertahan tetapi anak dan menantu. Itupun faktanya banyak yang salah. Menantu tidak berpengaruh? Anak tidak buat bisnis dalam negeri?
    Ingatlah syaitan dan Iblis sentiasa menduga anak Adam yang beriman. ABB sebagai seorang yang beriman, anak dan cucu kepada ulama, beban yang dipikulnya berat. Bahaya permainkan agama dan nama Allah. Masya-Allah.

  5. A Voice. Could I ask you to come back with that comment,please? Without the K word, your message to Pasquale is still loud and clear!! Thanks.

  6. Anonymous7:06 pm

    Wah, Rocky ....RM700,000.00. It's easy to be an "iblis" with that kind of money. Hope you spend it well!

  7. Anonymous7:42 pm

    Dear RB,
    When push has come to shove everyone is for his/her own.
    PLah is showing many symptoms thats need to be analysed.
    1. Three year of tenureship is equivalent to 10 in his mind ..thats disorientation to time and space
    2. Three years ofwitholding the fund and suddenly 20 billion to be spent to built corridoors and planting ciku s ....thats like a long slumber followed by manic spending
    3.My son do minimal business with gov ....denial of facts
    4.Denying insider trading for KJ to buy ECM Libra shares by borrowing from ECM Libra themselves....denial of facts
    4. by telling everyone that he has no clue when the above transaction gone thru and eventually GLC with bigger fund consumed by little snake called ECM Libra during his watch.....Doesnot know head and tail
    5.Faliing asleep during cabinet meeting ..losing interest in everyday affair ie depression
    6.Seing the work of iblis in every negative remarks about the way he handle the country....hallucination

    If some one with similar symptoms the dr would come up with diagnosis MDP which needed consuling and medication.Average Joe with MDP can be detrimental to the family finance and wellbeings but in our case the whole country at risk...

  8. canman.. i wish it was rm700k la bro. i wish it was RM9 million. thx for the advice about spending it well. i have!

    btw, i believe clark cable of pulau duyung is talking about manic depressive psychosis (mdp).

  9. Anonymous11:03 pm

    from jeff ooi .. malaysiakini pun tahu adab kewartawanan .. mintak maaf bila silap.

    August 11, 2006
    Steven: 'Let's be frank'

    In his editorial today, Malaysiakini editor Steven Gan wants to be frank on two counts:

    One, regarding the newsflash about the August 28 pepper spray attack on Mahathir that led to yet another police investigation on Malaysiakini:

    Let’s be frank, we screwed up. Media organisations - sometimes - do make mistakes. Take for example, last year’s nude squat scandal where just about every mainstream media erroneously reported that the victim was a Chinese national.

    What’s important, however, is our readiness to make amends. We immediately owned up to our mistake. We were willing to apologise to the police. However, it appeared they were not interested in our apology. Instead, a probe was launched.

    We can only guess as to why they were so quick on the draw in probing this case. Perhaps it’s payback time.

    If there is one thing that malaysiakini can truly claim credit for in our six years of existence, it is our role in checking the single most powerful organisation in this country - our police force.

    Two, Umno Youth's demand for his resignation over the newsflash and the latest police investigation:

    Umno Youth, which made the police report that led to the infamous raid on malaysiakini three years ago, issued a statement last Friday demanding my resignation for the error.

    While they think they have the powers to sack editors from the mainstream media, let me remind them of this fact - they are not my bosses and I don't take orders from them.

    Indeed, their demand would have more credence had they also asked the police chief to quit for allegedly threatening to let crime rise in their anti-IPCMC campaign. Instead, not a squeak was heard from Umno Youth.

    Worse, they backed the cops in their bid to hold the government - and the rakyat - to ransom.

    Food for thought.

  10. Anonymous4:44 am

    my message to umno youth. worry more about the rising crime in the country. don't try to sidetrack the issue by going after malaysiakini. don't fool the public. we know your game. steven gan is no saint, we all know that, but don't make him the scapegoat.

  11. Anonymous1:13 pm

    hey anonymous.

    what's yr problem with rocky? what's yr name?. Mine is harun. Come meet me. if u are scared to go to the NPC, see me at other clubs where they also serve liquor, where VVIPs go to.
    rocky blogs using his name. you know him. and you will know me too. so, why dont you tell it to his face, you coward.

    they wanted him out. of course they had to pay him. and does he spend all his time at the NPC.

    and vendatta is spelt vendetta, you ball-less moron.

    so why cant rocky get to kalimulah when kalimulah was vengeful to him, you brainless twit.

    Bro, i dont know why you let this machais through.

  12. Anonymous1:17 pm

    be wise, my beloved leader. see the sinister among us.
    those who are disloyal to the country. those who have sold their soul to foreign countries/power. those who will sell off the country.
    these people are mercenaries. they have no qualms about turning their backs for monetary gains.
    they are greedy. and they are so close to the corridors of power.

  13. Anonymous3:12 pm

    Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi tidak menuduh atau melabelkan sesiapa iblis.

    Yang beliau kata, seperti dilaporkan oleh Berita Harian, ialah beliau tidak akan melayan pihak tertentu yang “bersikap seperti iblis” yang berasakan ia lebih pandai daripada orang lain.

    Serentak itu, PM mengingatkan mereka yang tidak senang dengan dasar atau keputusan kerajaan supaya tidak menyalahgunakan amalan demokrasi dengan membuat kacau dan menabur fitnah.

    Beliau berkata, amalan seperti tegur menegur dan memberi pandangan bagi memperbaiki pelaksanaan sesuatu program memang mesti diteruskan kerana cara itu dapat mengukuhkan muafakat dan kerjasama antara pemimpin dan rakyat.

    Katanya: “Tetapi jangan sesekali menggunakan pendekatan yang boleh merosakkan perpaduan... yang akan merosakkan muafakat dan kerjasama. Ini tak boleh dan pantang sekali dilakukan.

    “Tegur boleh tegur (seperti) dalam amalan kita bermuhasabah secara kumpulan, dalam bermesyuarat, itulah cara terbaik kita. Tetapi kata mengata, tabur fitnah, dengki dan sakit hati, sengaja nak buat kacau, ini tak baik dan tak patut dilakukan sesiapa pun.”

    Tambah PM lagi: “Bukan tabiat saya nak membohong atau bercakap tak sepenuhnya, bukan tabiat saya nak kelirukan rakyat. Apa yang saya mahu hanya jelas, jelas dan jelas saja supaya senang difahami rakyat.

    “Malangnya ada pihak cuba mengganggu, macam gangguan iblis, yang mengganggu kita sepanjang masa. Kita kena hadapi suasana ini dengan tenang dengan melaksanakan projek RMK-9 secara berkesan dan menggunakan segala kecekapan yang ada.

    ”Saya tidak akan membuang masa dan menghabiskan tenaga melayan gangguan yang tidak mendatangkan manfaat kerana ia akan hanya merugikan rakyat.”

    PM tak tuduh sesiapa iblis. Dia hanya kata macam iblis. PM mengajak kita bermuhasabah.

    Dalam semangat itu, saya teringat kepada novel satira Sasterawan Negara Datuk Shahnon Ahmad “Shit” (najis, tahi) yang mempersendakan slogan “Malaysia Boleh” era Tun Dr Mahathir.

    Waktu itu, banyaklah pemimpin Umno dan BN yang marah kepada Shahnon yang kebetulan Ahli Parlimen Pas kawasan Sik di Kedah. Mereka marah kerana mereka anggap beliau menyamakan Dr Mahathir dengan tahi atau najis seperti kini mereka marahkan sesiapa juga yang menegur dan mengkritik Abdullah.

    Dr Mahathir tidak peduli sangat kerana dia sudah biasa dengan pelbagai gelaran, label dan sindiran. Beliau pernah dipanggil diktator, autokrat, maha zalim, Firaun dan macan-macam lagi.

    Tapi apabila Tuan Guru Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat mempertahankan Shahnon dengan mengatakan Allah Taala juga mencarut, kita terkejut besar. Apa pun rasionalnya, tiada siapa boleh menerima hujah Nik Abdul Aziz bahawa Allah Taala mencarut. Apatah lagi kerana beliau diterima sebagai seorang ulama terkemuka.

    Tetapi, Nik Abdul Aziz yang memakai topi politik sanggup mengeluarkan kenyataan seperti itu dan mempertahankannya.

    PM tidak menuduh atau melabel sesiapa iblis. Tetapi beliau menyifatkan perbuatan pihak-pihak yang berasa diri mereka lebih pandai daripada orang lain, sebagai “bersikap seperti iblis”.

    Kalau itulah premisnya, maka banyaklah orang yang "bersikap seperti iblis".

    Contohnya, lepasan UM berasa mereka lebih pandai daripada lepasan USM atau UKM. Orang Oxford dan Cambridge rasa mereka lebih pandai daripada orang UM.

    Banyak lagi contoh yang boleh kita sebutkan. Misalnya orang Umno sentiasa berasa mereka lebih pandai daripada orang Pas.

    Pengetahuan Islam saya tak dalam. Tetapi Abdullah cukup dalam pengetahuan Islamnya dan daripada keturunan ulama pula.

    Jadi mungkin beliau lebih arif tentang mengukur dan menilai sifat dan sikap orang lain sehingga meyakinkan beliau bahawa ada di antara kita di bumi Malaysia ini yang “bersikap seperti iblis”.

    Tetapi di dalam kejahilan saya, saya rasa iblis melakukan sesuatu semata-mata untuk keburukan anak Adam, tetapi ada di antara kita anak Adam yang hari ini berbincang dan berbahas melakukannya untuk kebaikan.

    Kita berdoa dan berharap, keinginan kita untuk bersuara secara rasional tidak akan pudar semata-mata kerana ada pihak yang menganggap kita “bersikap seperti iblis.”

    Terima kasih.

  14. Anonymous7:48 pm

    Don't worry about NSTP too much brader. The time will come. It's a question of when?....sooner or later, surely its come. Depa pun tau...itu pasal masing-masing sibuk dok buat business. Anyway, we are waiting your report on editors doing business. Who and what business tu? Conscious lah.

    Gred B

  15. Anonymous10:55 pm


    Why KJ suddenly sold his ECM Libra Avenue shares?
    He sold at a lower price. Did he lose money? Or he got more ECM shares after the merger and so still make profits?
    Why did Kali sell out too?
    Because they had made enough money or because it's too hot? Or because they have a bigger plan?
    If Shahrir's PAC cleared their merger deal when they bought government/public assets cheaply, why did they sell out?
    Do they know something about Bursa Malaysia and the economy that we don't know -- like an eminent collapse or something?
    Is there something amiss about KJ and Kali?
    Is this a way of diverting public attention and avoiding something worse to come?
    Why did they sell out SO SUDDENLY and quietly?
    Bru, please enlighten what Jeff had written and Bernama had reported.
    I smell RAT, a big smelly RAT.

  16. Anonymous12:33 am


    for wanting rocky out -- him having a lot more years of working life -- RM700,000 is peanuts.
    so dont fool yourself, anonymous. for you have already been fooled by the likes of a scum like kalimulah.

    nobody's fool.