Thursday, August 10, 2006


CORRUPTION in Abdullah's government? Can Dr M prove it?

The PM has said he will act if you send him the hard evidence. But blogger skthew is still a little skeptical.

Now that Dr M has made the accusation, and made it publicly, he has no choice but to produce the hard evidence. Or face the padah (consequences).

Did Tun say corrupt minister or ministers?


  1. Hiya Rocky...

    I would think that this particular episode is heading for the grand finale now. It's no more a win/win or lose/lose situation, More like winner takes all...

    p/s: and the poor person who's gonna get the first salvo i think will be the person who made the 'manliness proving' challenge to TDM ... very macho now, self appointed adviser to the SIL, in his own words!! .. agak2 aje la... whaddaya think bro???

  2. Anonymous2:40 pm

    I know for sure that one cabinet minister during Mahathir's time was about to fact the music or, to be direct, the judge.
    Mahathir had ok-ed his prosecution. He was among the famous 28 or 38 high-profile corruption cases talked about in the early days of Pak Lah's premiership.
    I think Tun will reveal this case because it seemed that when Pak Lah became PM, the case suddenly went cold and this fellow is back in favour today.
    This is not OSA, but the former minister can sue Dr Mahathir. But that in turn will give Dr Manhathir the chance to reveal everything about this former minister in his defence.

  3. Org cerdik dia tak main serbu dan sodok ja mcm babi hutan. Dia umpan dulu. Di acah2 penumbuk, tapi dia tak tumbuk lagi. "Tapi kalu hang rapat, aku debik hang".

    La ni pun dah jenuh dah Pak Lah, Khairy dan running dogs depa kena penaboh dgn Tun Det. Cuma lagi, tak sabaq nak tunggu bila la nak dapat tengok depa tu menyuloq makan pasiaq!

    Nasib malang sungguh depa, tak jawab dituduh penakut lebih dari pondan Siam. Jawab pulak, menambah lagi peluru Tun Det. La ni Tun Det tak payah pi beli peluru dah, Pak Lah dan Khairy yg tolong bagi supaya depa sendiri yg ditembak mati!

  4. Anonymous4:17 pm

    TDM not gonna waste his time with the small fish le...he's going straight for the big guy...Take out the big guy and all the kuncu-kuncu will be gone also...

  5. Anonymous4:21 pm

    TM not gonna waste time with the small fish le, he's gunning straight for the big guy...

  6. Anonymous5:13 pm

    A: "What corrupt minister? Show me the evidence. If you don't have one, be prepared to face the consequences."

    M: "Kalau kita bagi pun, boleh ka dia ambik tindakan. Bukan kita tak tau, yang tu..., yang tu...., yang tu....memang corrupt."

    A: "Don't beat around the bush! Don't be like George Bush! Show me the evidence. Fast, or I'll take action against you."

    M: "Saya dah cakap, saya ada bukti. Satu persatu nanti saya akan keluarkan. Sabaq la! Pasai apa hang cakap jangan jadi macam George Bush?"

    A: "George Bush likes to beat around the bush. I hate that. It insults my intelligence, eventhough I didn't graduate from Yale, Harvard, Cambridge or Oxford."

    M: "Oh...hang ingat aku jenis tu (beat around the bush). Kalau macam tu, Kali tu sapa? Brendan tu sapa? Depa lagi terer dari George Bush."

    A: "Hey man, listen here. Kali and Brendan are much better than George Bush. That's why I like them. So shut up!"

    M: "hf..hwhe'''gfh3,,,,wghgh,,,,wrhg3hg//////lrjwa^^^^^^gkwrehjkgwherkhgwkehjwhjghjwghkhewkhgkjwhrekgwhjgrhw kah rg rgiwig...."

  7. Anonymous9:17 pm

    Dear Rocky

    TNB blocked their staff after comments made by bankers. It was told by my man.....

  8. Anonymous10:26 pm


    I picked this up from Jeffooi's blog. which he got. Via which reported Pak Lah as saying ada yang bersikap seperti "iblis" yang cuba mengganggu usaha membangunkan negara kerana "iblis" merasakan ia lebih pandai daripada orang lain.

    "Adam dihidupkan dan malaikat menerima Adam untuk menjadi khalifah. Dan yang menentang adalah iblis. Allah telah tunjukkan bahawa Adam itu lebih bijak daripada iblis.

    "Jadi, asas utama Allah memilih Adam sebagai khalifah ialah kerana kepandaiannya," katanya.

    Translation via Malaysiakini:

    Abdullah also said the government depended fully on the civil servants in realising the projects under the Ninth Malaysia Plan.

    However, in implementing the projects, he said, there were certain quarters behaving like "demons" who tried to disrupt development efforts as they felt they were smarter than others.

    "Adam was created and the angels accepted Adam as the Caliph. But it was the demon who opposed it. Allah (God) has shown that Adam was smarter than the demon.

    "As such, the main reason why Allah chose Adam as the Caliph was because of his intelligence," he said.


    Is Pak Lah referring to the Tun as the iblis? And he (Pak Lah) as the khalifah?


  9. between Good and Evil aka Adam vs إبليس..

    AAB has drawn the line now. In the Land of Plenty (Darul Makmur to the rest of you), he has likened the predicament he is in as the fight between good & evil. In the presence of Cain ( or is it Abel? ;))!!!!
    pls refer to :

    As for me, i am sleepless , better than the World Cup season,this, if i may say so.
    On the other hand, i am also very apprehensive as to what may be the concluding act that will follow this major altercation.

    To RMK9 plus the few mega works sweetener, i am inclined to believe that most, if not all of the announced projects and works will come to nought.
    Time to tighten the belt and seatbelts fellas,,, this will be one 'Jahannam' of a ride!!!

    p/s : gotta cut the posting short coz i have got to pray and pray now, more than ever..
    Godbless bro..
    now the realpolitik show begins...

  10. Did anyone here attend the "Abdullah Vs Mahathir: Clash of Personalities or Crisis In Governance" at Quality Hotel, last night?

    Plse update for us here.

  11. Pak Lah bukan sahaja kabur, kelam & kabut, tetapi sudah cakap merepek, meraban dan merapu.

    Beliau berkata pandangan daripada pemikiran yang ramai bagi sesuatu keputusan lebih baik daripada pandangan seorang individu sahaja.

    ["Kadangkala keputusan yang dilakukan secara bersendirian itu mungkin berlaku kesilapan,"]

    Hello, what abt Projek MyIdea? Didn’t you claim it as: "Ini idea saya....bukan idea orang lain!"

    He says he accepts criticism, yet condemns those who are critical of him as iblis?

    [“...ada pihak-pihak tertentu yang bersikap seperti "iblis" yang cuba mengganggu usaha membangunkan negara kerana "iblis" merasakan ia lebih pandai daripada orang

    "Jadi, asas utama Allah memilih Adam sebagai khalifah ialah kerana kepandaiannya," katanya.]

    Is he claiming to be a malaikat & khalifah?

    So takbur, this PM of ours. Angkat, angkat & angkat diri.

  12. Ok I got this - "Abdullah Vs Mahathir: Clash of Personalities or Crisis In Governance - from:

    Posted by t_teja1

    The panel speakers represent 3 perspectives:

    1. Sivarasa Rasiah (so-called "human rights" lawyer Pro Anwar)
    2. Gunasegaran (pro Pak Lah)
    3. Datuk Kadir Jasin (pro Tun M)

    The moderator was James Wong.

    Of the three speakers I must say only Kadir Jasin was worth listening becoz:

    1. Sivarasa obviously was campaigning for Anwar to be PM.
    He came about as just a MARKETING person, regardless if he was an Oxford grad. He manipulated issues and points to suit this and hope ppl will swallow it. He seemed to try to convince to sell it to his Keadilan non-Malays member, Anwar should be the alternativ choice to Pak Lah instead of Najib or other UMNO president.

    These ppl abuse the "HUMAN RIGHTS" AGENDA to no end and with no shame.

    2. Gunasegaran came across as pretty stupid and insipid to me.
    He basically read out his whole speech.. very well scripted in defense of Pak Lah et al. His 22 questions to Dr. M was the modus operandi and this is his only selling points and he limited himself to this script. More like a robot.

    Now both Siva and Guna for me are playing with the non-Malays emotion their own agenda and to market their own wares.

    3. Of all the three speakers, I must say Datuk Kadir Jasin, first time for me to meet him and saw him speak in person (I started reading his blog only a few weeks ago) came out as being the most witty, interesting and intelligent and MOST BERADAB and fair.

    For that I am proud coz he is a Malay, and no matter how ppl acted, we still keep our adab sopan. He answered in fairness with flair, wit and wisdom. Kudos to Datuk Kadir Jasin.

    As an observer, I am quite disgusted many of these supposedly Malaysians who have enjoyed all the facilities & prosperity brought about by Tun during his governance, only want to focus on their own racial bias and colored by their own agenda. Nor are they honest with themselves.

    I also have this gnawing feeling that it is plausible for the Malays in Keadilan being used for the non-muslims & non-Malays own agenda.


    If you guys have any thots on this, please share it here.


  13. Anonymous3:10 pm

    datuk kadir ada kata semalam kalau ikut penjelasan pak lah mengenai bisnes anaknya kamal, penang tu dah bukan dalam malaysia lah! (pak lah kata kamal buat bisnis kat luarnegara ajer .. jadi bila scomi kata dia pun nak dapatkan project monorail di penang, penang tu dah jadi luarnegara lah).

    terer datuk kadir ni. kurus tapi tak takut langsung.

  14. Anonymous3:27 pm

    Saya sayang dan hormat kpd TDM kerana telah banyak membawa pembangunan dan kejayaan kepada negara ini.
    Bila dia dengan sukarela melepaskan jawatannya, segala sumbangannya coba dipadam dan dinafikan.
    Dulu pembangkang memanggilnya Mahafiraun dan Mahazalim tetapi sekarang orang UMNO sendiri mengkhiaskan beliau sebagai beruk dan lebih teruk lagi sebagai iblis.
    Apa dah jadi kepada orang-orang Melayu? Dimana budi bahasa dan nilai budaya kita?

  15. Anonymous10:11 am

    "Adam dihidupkan dan malaikat menerima Adam untuk menjadi khalifah. Dan yang menentang adalah iblis...."

    "Adam dihidupkan dan malaikat menerima Adam untuk menjadi khalifah. Dan yang menentang adalah iblis...."

    uhmm... maybe i missed the memo or something, but

    1. who is AAB to angkat diri or even to hint or equate himself/his fight with anything even approaching Adam. pretty presumptuous if you ask me.

    2. smells a bit like AAB is nudging the battle towards "you are either with us or against us". familiar? maybe some advisers are taking night class at La Casablanca.

  16. Anonymous11:10 pm

    Bru, my sources told me that this guy Tun DR M is about to expose is an ex-minister. It seemed the ACA showed Tun the file. But Tun asked them to bring it to Pak Lah bacause Tun was then about to retire. He wanted Pak Lak to have a go at it. I was further told that file inspired Pak Lah to make war on curruption his mission and his election promise. Among the people he told was Rais, his trusted friend. Late Endon had high regards for Rais. But Rais jumped the gun by announcing that big fishes would be charged. This tipped off the ex-minister and he went crying to Pak Lah. Pak Lah is a nice man and he let the fellow off the hook. Now this ex-minister is politically powerful. I don't think anything is going to happen to him even if Tun M reveals his identity. But Tun M said he's willing to be charged under OSA so that he can tell the story in court. Why should Tun M be worried? He is being sued left right and centre already.