Wednesday, July 19, 2006


In Arabic, aziz means "powerful". But in Malaysia's political landscape, Nik Aziz is only the second most powerful man.

He trails, by miles and miles, the most powerful man in the country, Khairy Jamaluddin, also known as The Son-in-Law.

But the Tok Guru can still brag about being slightly ahead of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, the Prime Minister and The Father-in-Law, or Fail.

Check out KMU's poll on The Most Powerful Men. Cast your vote. Be honest. If you want a one-two finish for The Sin and The Fail, nobody's stopping you.


  1. nik aziz dont have power, but he is indeed very influential. kj is not influential, but he have lotss of pawah!

  2. martini!

    rumours, bro, rumours. of course, we have seen a lot of rumours that turned out to be not mere rumours after all (dr m-anwar spat, dtk ki-siti love story, the 30 sen petrol price increase, etc). but until it turns out to be so, we've got to treat each rumour as just that, bro - a rumour.

  3. Anonymous11:07 am

    We blame GEIC for "angguk-angguk, geleng-geleng, tunduk-tunduk" to make BP so powerfull. When we have a very weak GEIC, so.....we deserve to have a very strong GE of NST la... We know that GEIC cakap belakang macam-macam pasal BP, bukan main lagi, kat meeting BH pun bagi hint kat staff BH kononnya BP tu tak guna, tapi bila depan, diam-diam aje...kecut perut. GEIC punya decision pun selalu BP reverse je, just like that, without refering to him again. Nak letak muka kat mana? Resign je lah.

    GredB (due for promotion)

  4. Anonymous10:18 pm

    blogger aisehman from says...

    July 21, 2006
    The Kid's Gotta Go
    Pak Lah says KJ does not influence his decisions:

    Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said Friday his son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin was not his adviser who influenced him in the country's administration as alleged by certain quarters.
    ... "My son-in-law is not an adviser to me. He has worked for me before. Perhaps as my employee, he would certainly be involved in giving his analysis and opinions on various issues.

    "Now he no longer works for me, he has resigned. He knows people are making a lot of noise. He is no longer involved. So, why are these allegations made?" said Abdullah. [Bernama]

    Aiyo Pak Lah ... that's not the issue.

    Your son-in-law is accused of being a law unto himself.

    He is accused of throwing his weight around and of getting his way.

    He is seen as influencing not your decisions, but Government-related decisions.

    And in that way, he -- and not you -- is said to "run the country", capiche?

    It is one of the most significant contributing factors as to why you are perceived as weak, as people are saying you don't know half the things that Khairy is up to and what he has done.

    And if you do know, then it makes things worse, because that means his actions have your approval, if not your blessings.

    Let me give you some unsolicited advice -- he has to be taken out of circulation.

    I mean, tell him to stick to making money as an "investment banker" (why can't he be more like Kamaluddin?) and give up his political ambitions.

    Ensure that KJ becomes an "ahli biasa saja", and you'll see a lot of ruffled feathers smoothed.

    Tell him to give up his UMNO Youth post.