Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Abdullah men's attemtps to explain to the grassroots about the spat between the PM and Dr M are getting more challenging, and that's putting it mildly.

At the latest meeting, according to Cuit Sikit!, the Umno Wilayah Persekutuan members turned the tables on five of Abdullah's holiest messengers with questions that they were hard pressed to answer.

Eg: "What is so great about Brendan Pereira and Kalimullah that they are free to split Umno?"

The members asked about the Government's flip-flop on the scenic bridge (one asked of the Attorney-General's actual position on the matter), but they also wanted answers to burning questions about ECM Libra-Avenue Capital's merger and the role played by Abdullah's son-in-law, who is a key shareholder; the Approved Permits issue; and why their quality of life is deteriorating.

At the receiving end were Khalid Nordin, Mustapha Mohamad dan Shahrir Samad and two Umno council members Azim Zabidi and Norza Zakaria.

Earlier this month, Syed Hamid and Zahid Hamidi were said to have been red-faced but in sessions far less hostile than yesterday's.

An observer called this blogger to express his fears that if the trend continues, some irked leaders among the grassroots may be throwing tables at the messengers.


  1. Zafriyahoo from Australia!

    I won't post in this blog your request for interviews with those individuals but if you could send me your email address, I'll get them to respond directly to you.

    And yes, you may interview me as well.

    All the best.

  2. Anonymous1:28 pm

    'Rang kampuang den kato, 'rang buto nak pimpin 'rang pokak. 'Rang buto tanyo man longkang? 'Rang pokak mano dia donga. Nak lagi seronok, ajak samo 'rang bisu dan tuli. Haa, ni lah Amno sakarang. Buta, pokak, bisu, tuli semua ado. Haa, Tok Rais buet apo? Kan waang tu 'rang nagori. Nak soghah nagori ket budak-budak beghiguih tu ka? Rosak nagori kito! Sorak sano, sorak sini, kampung tegadai.

  3. Anonymous1:32 pm

    Tiger Woods

    Okay lah Rocky, the temp. is definitely rising....jerubu pun sudah datang semula. I think we have not seen this level of resentment expressed to UMNO cadres before. Something IS seriously wrong and unless Abdullah takes immediate action, I am quite sure that things WILL get out of control before long.
    Also strange has been a RM15 billion Government initiative announced yesterday without much fanfare but only on the Ministry of Finance's website. Before, an initiative like this would have been relayed to all the Press well before hand so that they can write a wholesome news.
    Why was that? Has the Government lost its confidence in facing the people? Or perhaps is there a RM15 billion initiative at all?
    The announcement came very late during the much so that it seemed the Government itself was not in the mood to announce it. RM15 billion is a lot of money bro, and if I was the one to announce this, I would have called the mother of all press conferences to ensure the news gets the biggest mileage as possible.
    Perhaps one small contractor's comment at a coffeeshop last night summed it all: "Ada ka RM15 billion tu..sedangkan progress payment kerja aku dah empat bulan tak bayar"

  4. Anonymous1:43 pm

    I see no choice but for Abdullah and Najib to swallow their pride and seek a meeting with Mahathir. It's not too late to mend the fence. I don't see winners coming out of this mess. Those ministers and supreme council members deserved to be booed. They gave poor advice to the PM. They should have the courage to break through the barrier that keeps the PM from the people and tell him the real feeling on the ground.

  5. Anonymous2:35 pm

    Bully for the FT Umno.
    We'll see if the PM's boys will carry on meeting Umno branches.
    It is so easy for us to say that the PM must do this and that. He aint hearing. And he sure aint listening. Does he even know what is going on? It is sad that if he knows and doesnt do anything about it. Worse, he doesnt know at all.
    When the rice turns into soggy porridge, then it will be too late.

  6. Anonymous6:51 pm

    Mealy-mouthed by the apologistas who miss the point

    mealy-mouthed (Adjective)
    Avoiding the use of direct and plain language, as from timidity, excessive delicacy, or hypocrisy; inclined to mince words; insincere, devious, or compromising

    -- Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary

    AS we clamber over the acme of the Mahathir–Abdullah dogfight, I’m reminded of the apologists of contrasting persuasions, ideologues and hides that are bred and spawned like your neighbourhood brood bitch. By that “apologista” connotation, these apologists are not exactly acquiring a flattering sobriquet.
    Consider the apologists of these consecutive eras – Chamberlain for Hitler, America for Israel, Anwar Ibrahim for IMF – and now in our time and the near future, the Abdullah administration, the Cabinet ingrates and the Kali-Brendan NSTP-led Malaysian media, for Singapore’s MM, SM and PM.
    At a glance, be incredibly wowed by this motley crew dancing surreally the Malaysian-Singapore apparition of the joget lambak – the angel you are now loathed to trust, the gaggle of “Brutuses” betrayers, the media Sith Lord and his apprentice serving the real Emperors down south, and way deep in the background, Israel, insidiously choreographing the political imbroglio in their favour.
    The revelations, exposés, backgrounders, insights and guidance brandished like a warrior’s scimitar inside the blogs of A. Kadir Jasin, Rocky’s Bru and Jeff Ooi’s Screenshots, and the anti-Establishment websites, have put into perspective Singapore’s invasive methodology and their persistent encroachment into Malaysian sovereignty, economic well-being, corporate integrity, political expression, media independence and social eudemonia.
    Every facet of these intermingling Malaysian foundations has been compromised by Singapore’s imperial hand and yet the retaliatory strike had been “mealy-mouthed” by the apologistas – the callow cabal stringing the Prime Minister and by that virtue, the meek-minded Umnoputra politburo members and the mainstream media, especially the English dailies. The selling of a nation is more horrifying than a Greek tragedy.
    To be fair, not everyone, Umnoputra apparatchik included, is paralysed with fear to battle the callow cabal shielding Singapore’s dominion (see how Universiti Malaya students, the Umno divisions of PJ Selatan and Lembah Pantai instinctive in-your-face retorts) although it was galling that the supine Cabinet and Umnoputra politburo members ingrates can still act as the cabal’s fiercest, if not glib, guard dogs.
    The nation’s cohesive equilibrium has been seesawing unsteadily of late, with the fulcrum tilting towards the cabal’s expediency of moral treachery through political manipulation of the highest order and inept spinning of media reports demonising Dr Mahathir Mohamad while deflecting real attention to Singapore’s sinister perfusation into the Malaysian politico-corporate bloodstream.
    I still cannot recall an article by the English dailies that questioned or had been critical of Singapore’s machinations and shenanigans in their greater Israeli-inspired contagion.
    Even an article that reports on Singapore’s scheming, save for the precious few reported by the Ahirudin Attan-edited, pre-puerile Malay Mail on the Temasek shopping spree of national assets, has been bunko – a wild goose chase would have been an epicurean reality.
    If the newspapers did try, I imagined the writer (Rejal Arbee’s piece was deep sixed by Berita Harian) or editor would have been canned or their article buried deeper than Jimmy Hoffa’s unknown grave, in the labyrinth of the newspapers’ Tera, Atex or Prestige electronic editorial systems. Or simply spiked where the only way to resurrect the article is to dry-gulch the devil sitting on it, if that’s possible in the first place.
    That’s why the pieces exposing Singapore’s scheming could only be reported, documented and articulated by the blogs, but judging by the impact on the Umnoputra politburo and their led-by-the-nose army of deputies, the revelations might as well be collectively put together for the village dunce who thinks Singapore is THE place for free speech and free Press. However, by the performances of the dissident Umno members, the tide is surely changing.
    To put this crisis in perspective, we are not against Singapore for these issues though we may resent them:
    ► Investing and developing businesses in Malaysia,
    ► Publishing negative reports against us, associating our cities and towns with thuggery, thievery and brutishness while their citizens cross over and enjoy our labour and our services at marked-up prices much lower than the average Singapore joint;
    ► Driving in droves with their high-end automobiles, breaking every speeding and traffic rule and dismiss the penalties with snide arrogance;
    ► Providing thousands of jobs for Malaysians in Singapore factories while compelling a sizeable amount of their income into the CPF without any chance of seeing the hard-earned cash until the workers reach statutory retirement age. Even then there is discrimination: Peninsula Malaysians have to wait until 55 while Sabah and Sarawak Malaysians can withdraw their money once they quit (The CPF may be holding at least RM3 billion in Malaysian workers’ cash); and,
    ► Opening their schools to Johor Baru parents who think local education can’t teach their children academic aggression, constant one-upmanship and self-preservation;
    In debunking the Singapore persorption, this is what we are pathologically against while appalled at how the apologists squarely missed the point:
    ► It’s not Singapore buying over national assets, it is that they could buy with impunity while the regulatory authorities slumber or were forced to stand down;
    ► It’s not Temasek’s proxies running Pantai with optimised efficiency and better health care but the fact that they can peek into sensitive health records of Malaysia’s top brains and their families who seek treatment there;
    ► It’s not Singapore having friendly relations with top politicos and their aides but how they manipulated them as pawns in their gameplan; and,
    ► It’s not the reports that the Malaysian media write about Singapore but what they have been ordered NOT to write under the tight control of the Kali-Brendan tag team to protect the more-sinless-than-a-Jesuit priest facade.
    Ultimately, all routes converge to Singapore but more disturbing is the sinister sweet-nothings whispered by Israel into MM, SM and PM as they scheme their way into Southeast Asia and the alternative but cohesive Muslim heartland.
    In this sense, fair-minded and decent Singaporeans are as much a hapless victim of this flagitious conspiracy as like-minded Malaysians are.

  7. Thanks Bro Rocky for highlihted my blog.

  8. AMLG!

    Thank you for the great reporting. An old friend called this morning to tell me that he heard about the meeting. Kebetulan semasa itu saya sedang membaca Cuit Sikit! anda. If I were running a daily newspaper, your piece would have made the front page for tomorrow!

  9. Anonymous12:09 pm

    Bru bro,

    Things are not well on the ground. The Umno members are restless. They are not stupid. The Malays are feudalistic and hierachial. They have too much budi bahasa and put a high value on this. While they may declare support to the PM, they also don't want Tun M to be demonised. I don't see the PM demonising Tun M. But we all know many of his officers are, including the spin doctors from Bangsar. But the point is - while the PM does not demonise Tun M, he doesn't stop these people from doing so! It does look like he's endorsing them. I'm not sure which is more wrong - the guys doing it, or the authority who knows that it's being done and do nothing to stop it.

    That's why the likes of Shahrir Samad, Khalid Nordin and 'Kodomo Lion' Syed Hamid get booed and jeered at these so-called Majlis Penerangan. The members are fed up, that's all. Fed up with this talk-down approach, the kurang sopan attitude of some leaders, the unexplained accumulation of wealth by certain family members, and many more issues. The Umno leaders are losing the respect of their members. If they can boo their leaders, they can do so anywhere.

    Do you know how Umno deals with this? They send out their goons to threaten critics to shut up. Which was what happened to the planned appearence of Tun M in Kelantan about 2 weeks ago. All this talk about openness and liberalism is just that Bro - just talk! Sounds good but means nothing. Hail to the spindoctors as they eat into the very heart of our nation - our sense of budi bahasa and common sense.

  10. Anonymous10:30 am

    Have you read this? Came out in Utusan today. Sorry, but nowadays I beleive the internet more than Utusan. Anyway can you or anybody else enlightened me on the actual happenings?

    "Syed Hamid nafi diejek ahli UMNO
    PUTRAJAYA 20 Julai - Menteri Luar, Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar menafikan beliau ‘diboo’ ahli-ahli UMNO dalam sesi penerangan yang pernah dihadiri bagi menjelaskan mengenai isu-isu semasa termasuk keputusan kerajaan membatalkan projek jambatan bengkok.

    Kata Syed Hamid, pihaknya tidak pasti mengenai perkara itu tetapi selepas memberikan ceramah ada pihak tertentu melaporkan dalam laman web bahawa beliau ‘diboo’ ahli UMNO.

    “Saya tidak pernah kena ‘boo’, saya tak tahu walaupun baru-baru ini saya pergi ke Selangor, ia berjalan baik dan saya berinteraksi dengan baik (tetapi) selepas itu saya lihat dalam Internet kata saya kena ‘boo’.

    “Saya tidak tahu siapa yang menyediakan maklumat sedemikian dan saya tanya kepada semua pegawai kementerian yang hadir adakah saya kena ‘boo’, saya diberikan banyak tepukan tetapi kena ‘boo’ tidak ada,’’ katanya.

    Beliau berkata demikian selepas majlis menyerahkan watikah pelantikan Wakil Tetap Malaysia ke Pertubuhan Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu (PBB) di Vienna, Austria, Ambassador Mohd. Arshad Manzoor Hussain di Wisma Putra di sini hari ini.

    Syed Hamid yang juga Ahli Majlis Tertinggi UMNO mengulas mengenai maklum balas ahli-ahli UMNO berkenaan siri penjelasan yang dilakukan oleh pemimpin kerajaan dan parti berhubung beberapa isu kontroversi seperti keputusan kerajaan membatalkan projek jambatan bengkok"