Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Remember the forgetable statement issued by the government on the scenic bridge ? Yes, the one that gave NST the "scoop" of the year and which Bandit, the acclaimed poster on this blog, agreed was written exactly as Brendan Pereira, the NST's group editor, would have written it?

Pls read it again.


Now read this piece posted by a Jewish propaganda site.


Same tutor?


  1. Anonymous9:48 pm

    Are you implying that Brendan P might be a Jew after all! cos, if you succeed,Umno might decide to install You as the next GEIC! for exposing the "real musuh dalam selimut"! Bravo, rocky!

  2. Anonymous10:16 pm

    Are this ex ST boss is Tjong Yik Min,If true..we Malaysian are really in deep trouble.
    Who recruit both of them at ST?
    How come this guys easily get the job at NST? Who brought him?'Singapore Connection'.

    You can surf at

    In this millenium era, mole and espionage can be done in many variety including getting married and shares gifts..

  3. rocky balboa!

    Thanks for the directions. Singapore Bashing dropped by and gave us that piece earlier ("Sad Times") but I don't mind a second helping.

  4. Anonymous3:29 am

    The dandiprat’s obsessive MYTH–FACT myopia

    BRENDAN Pereira must have quivered with a smirking thrill when he was handed the plum assignment as Singapore’s point man for the Straits Times, a correspondent who would assemble stories for the anal readers of the Republic’s only broadsheet the kind of political romp they can only invent in their dreary, MM-induced wet dream.
    Mainstream Malaysian journalists would envy the free hand the Straits Times are given to scrape dirt out of the vast Malaysian political landscape. Their mainstream Singapore counterparts (not the Internal Security Department spooks hired by the Singapore Press Holdings) would envy the political rock and roll Malaysians wildly dance to that they can never envisage rampaging in Singapore.
    Singaporeans were soon deliriously awed with Brendan’s critically-toned tirade on spicy Malaysian life while the anecdotes peculiar to the Umnoputra landscape flowed with negative colourfulness.
    This was how he would have attracted Kalimullah Hassan as he scouted for Singapore-linked reporters able to do the bidding of the Emperor of the South.
    Hired a month after Kali took over the NSTP in January 2004, Brendan was introduced to Balai Berita in low-keyed fashion as Executive Editor (News) but he soon whipped up the NST newsdesk and immediately stamped his weight on filtering/spinning the news or whatever grapevine, innuendo, half-truths and other malleable information into a coherent structure defined by Kali as the means to impose a halo over Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and the cabal stringing him.
    Brendan was fast earning his epithet as the heir apparent and if that velocity was not fast enough, he made the hyperjump to the No. 1 slot (for as long as Kali calls the shots, Brendan would have reached there in no time) simply by the simple process of elimination of Ahmad A. Talib, Hardev Kaur, Rose Ismail and Salehudin Othman, five more senior editors whose ascension, anointment and eventual departure was laced with tantalising twists and permissive plots.
    Going by that elimination process, you could see how Brendan naturally ascended, first as Deputy Group Editor and then to Group Editor, fortuitously by some accord, but whatever Singapore ST correspondent’s bunker mentality he possessed then is further reinforced – his disdain and disrespect of Dr Mahathir Mohamad was his to flaunt and unleash.
    Even after his elevation to Group Editor, Brendan is perhaps the only editor-in-chief in the world who sits at the newsdesk operating as a news editor, micro-managing to a fault while demeaning and devaluing the proper role of the Group Editorship. Who cares if Brendan is devoid of the vision, journalistic statesmanship or the editorial/managerial skills demanded of a GEship? Kali wanted a hatchet man who will play ball.
    Let’s also put Brendan in the proper context: he is such a tiresomely efficient News Editor that the NST has NO REAL NEED for a Group Editor. That’s one potential career jump for deserving long-time NSTers gone.
    So what’s the dandiprat to do with all that dumb down editorial authority? First, gloss the Prime Minister as an “untouchable sage” with the Pereira brand of editorial lacquer, even if he privately has misgivings about the Premier’s effectiveness. Second, hardened his stance as unrepentant as a Las Vegas hustler in his determined, aim-high assaults against Dr Mahathir.
    With Abdullah needing Kali more than ever and the acquiescing Kali needing the obliging Brendan to direct the programme, the dandiprat GE will continue his remorseless animadvert against Dr Mahathir.
    So all this talk about Brendan resigning because he can’t stand the bad press he backlashes is as exaggerated as the diatribe he cynically and maniacally douses on politicians who can’t and won’t assume impossible bodily positions for the cabal.
    That he had already “packed” but was “persuaded” to a few times may reflect a certain mercenary proclivity by some in the newsroom but I see it more as “tactical craftiness” to lock-in a highly enthusiastic embracement of his Prime Directive – sandblast more of his obdurately obsessive MYTH-FACT pro-Singapore/Israel myopia into the aggravatingly vulnerable pages of the NST.
    Against the backdrop of the brutally disproportionate Israeli assault of Lebanon that the OIC/NAM chairman responded like a milksop, the crooked/scenic bridge declassified disorder Brendan condescendingly conceive and the simmering but growing anger of Umno divisions against the whole sordid shebang, Dr Mahathir, who will return on Saturday, has his do-or-die mission cut out for him.
    From next week, I will expect a more vicious battle of wits and pumped-up oratorical fury against Abdullah’s callow cabal, especially against the Kali-Brendan Sith Lord-Devil’s apprentice spin but Dr Mahathir can be sure that the Umnoputra establishment he once reign with regnant, feudalistic impregnability, at least the ones who aren’t buying into the declassified fiasco, will stand by him against Singapore’s Israeli-inspired body snatching of Malaysian assets, dignity and soul.
    This is our War of the Worlds, a battle we have to fight with equal ferociousness because if we are subverted, the only characteristic left indignantly intact is our outlandishly outdated name but not our proprietary, history and can do ballsiness.

  5. Anonymous8:33 am

    Talk abt lies spinned by the masterspinner Kali. I got this via jeffooi’s blog .


    Broken myth
    Wednesday, July 19th, 2006 | 11:48 pm @ SK

    Next time, if you want to spin a dongeng, make sure you’re playing the same script as your boss, else shame it is!

    Last month, in a desperate attempt to salvage the reputation of Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, plus to seek revenge over former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir’s "Hindu god and Muslim priest" remark, NST’s deputy chairman and editorial adviser Kalimullah Hassan put Mahathir into a very bad limelight.

    The Prime Minister was in Japan shortly after the Malaysiakini article appeared and was told that Dr Mahathir wanted to come and see him.

    Abdullah, in the midst of breakfast with aides and officials, immediately put on his tie and told the ambassador that he would go and see his ex-boss rather than let Dr Mahathir come down and see him.

    However today, speaking to reporters at his office, Pak Lah said he would usually greet Tun, shake hands with him and engage in a conversation when he met the former prime minister on occasions.

    When he was in Tokyo recently, Abdullah said, he was the one who made the effort to meet Dr Mahathir in the latter’s room after knowing that Dr Mahathir also stayed at the same hotel.

    Abdullah said he contacted an officer of Dr Mahathir to enquire whether the former prime minister had the time for them to meet.

    "I did not ask him to come and see me. I went to meet him. As a gesture of friendship, just to exchange greetings," he said.

    So, what Kali is going to say on what Pak Lah has said?

    Let me repeat: Next time, if you want to spin a dongeng, make sure you’re playing the same script as your boss, else shame it is!

  6. Anonymous11:10 am

    From GredB

    Bru, my comment on Brendan P supposes to be posted under this item "FACT.FACT.FACT" not under the most powerfull person. Sorry Rock...


    We blame GEIC for "angguk-angguk, geleng-geleng, tunduk-tunduk" to make BP so powerfull. When we have a very weak GEIC, so.....we deserve to have a very strong GE of NST la... We know that GEIC cakap belakang macam-macam pasal BP, bukan main lagi, kat meeting BH pun bagi hint kat staff BH kononnya BP tu tak guna, tapi bila depan, diam-diam aje...kecut perut. GEIC punya decision pun selalu BP reverse je, just like that, without refering to him again. Nak letak muka kat mana? Resign je lah.

    GredB (due for promotion)

    Posted by Anonymous to rocky's bru at 7/20/2006 11:07:27 AM


  8. Anonymous11:25 am

    FACT - Malaysia bola tak boleh

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  9. Anonymous12:36 pm

    This may not be related to your posting bro, but needed your take on this.
    What is becoming to the profession of journalism? It looks like everyone 'qualifies' to be a journalist despite having no basic skills or knowledge in the department. From NSTP to even MalaysiaKini, they train a couple of young punks for two weeks, and then they are roped in to write about core stuff. What happened to the system of going through from the grassroots, working all the way up? Isn't that how its suppose to be? Knowledge through experiece? It's a pity some people still rely entirely on newspapers- if only they knew!

  10. Anonymous4:01 pm

    In reference to bandit's comments, I must say that while I do enjoy reading them they can be impenetrable sometimes. Some mental agility is occasionally required to decipher his prose.

    I know this is a public blog and I know that Rocky doesn't do any editing on it ... but Rocky, mate, I sometimes wish that you would. The information is sometimes overwhelmed by the verbiage.


  11. Anonymous9:29 am

    Bru, I was told by an ex-UM professor that even the basis of Islam Hadhari was copied from a Judeo-Christian literature published a ling time ago.

    To be fair to Pak Lah "I have no problem with Dr Mahathir", the idea of some form of expression of Islam that was different from that of Pas was mooted by the so-called Umno ulamas and Islamic scholars during Tun M's time.

    But he was not hot on the idea. He was afraid that it might lead to labelling of Islam. So he just played along with this group but not adopting the idea.

    Then came Pak Lah, and like many "hijackers" who hijacked this Mr Nice of Kepala Batas, who may not know kepala ekor, these Umno Ulamas quickly sold the idea to him. He loved it because he needed something different than Mahathir's or Pas' "Islam".

    Of course he pretended that it was his idea and presented it to his liberal-minded Oxbridge/NSTP team, who themselves are hijackers. They quickly hijacked the agenda, gave it their interpretation, hence the Judeo-Christian appearance.

    When Pak Lah peresented it back to the Ulamas, they were utterly confused. It was not what they had in mind. But Pak Lah told them to sell the idea. So now you know why Islam Hadhari is not understood by anybody, including the Umno ulamas, Umno's information bureau, of which Kali and Hisham Aun are "members" and Zam's Penerangan Luar.

    There are too many hijackers in and around Putrajaya these days. So we may yet see double-tracking to Singapore but by another hijacker, one that has successfully hijacked the PM. As a reporter, I know all these characters. They even tried to bride reporters. So fell for it. It's easier today because one editor is also a big time businessman and PM's Oxbridge boys are directors of some of these companies.

    Mahathir created Malaysia Incorporated. But I am afraid the government today looks like a big privatised company, with literally everybody is involved in business. So why condemn Thaksin?