Friday, October 22, 2021

Against Nur Sajat's slurs, silence is NOT an option, JAIS

'SORRY, NO COMMENT': Jais mum on Nur Sajat's allegations. I find Jais' stand  to remain silent totally inappropriate. Nur Sajat, the millionaire publicity junkie and LGBT poster boy now happily exiled in Australia, made some damning accusations against the Selangor authorities in charge of Islamic affairs: Religious officials assaulted, groped me". Playing dumb in this case is dumb. Jais needs to clear its name. Lodge a police report against Nur Sajat and use all means to take her to court. And sue New York Times, too. At the very least, Jais ought to deny the allegations.

Unless, of course, Sajat didn't make up any of it and that the allegations are true. Are those allegations true, then?  

In 2017, I wrote about a court case involving Majilis Agama Islam Selangor and a consortium of banks led by Bank Muamalat. MAIS came down hard on this blog. It lodged a police report against me and went to all the media, including national television, to demand an apology from me while reserving their right to sue defamation. The following year, it was ordered by the High Court to pay the banks RM326.7 million but this was later reversed by the Appeals Court. This month, the Federal Court reaffirmed the decision in favour of MAIS. Read MAIS lega tuntutan hutang Bank Muamalat ditolak.   

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