Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Pas de probleme over Timah


PAS DE PROBLEME is an informal expression that can be used to shrug off an apology or a potential problem. It is also the name of a "casual, affordable and highly drinkable" pinot noir sourced from vineyards in the Languedoc region, just minutes away from the Mediterranean Sea. Despite its name, this wine has absolutely nothing to do with PAS, Malaysia's political party that claims to be Islamic. Can't say the same about the on-going controversy over Timah, though. PAS lawmaker Idris Ahmad, who is Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, has wasted no time to distil himself as the toast of PAS and the legions of the PAS-minded in this country. He's still at it: Minister fears provocative Timah whiskey aimed at normalising drinking among Muslims.

The probleme is PAS politicians are not the only ones proving to be holier than they really are. Amir Hafizi, the columnist with The Mole, sees it as politicians trying hard to out-stupid one another. In his latest article Storm in a Timah cup, he observes that "not a single one of these people were up in arms when there is a thing called Kacip Fatimah which I believe drags the name ‘Fatimah’ clearly into the lower trenches".

This (Kacip Fatimiah) is a herb that was often sold as a ‘sex tonic’ of sorts to women, the word ‘kacip’ implying the bestowing of a vice-like grip to the vagina or cervix or whatever it is that has muscles down there. Kacip Fatimah is the counterpart to the Tongkat Ali, with ‘tongkat’ implying the length and hardness of the man’s answer to the vagina. Ali and Fatimah hold significance for Muslims because Ali was the fourth rightly guided caliph and the cousin to Muhammad, while Fatimah, daughter of Muhammad, was his wife.

I don't know what Amir's drinking but he is absolutely right!

Would any Muslim, upon seeing the word ‘Timah’ on the bottle, be instantly reminded of our relatives named Fatimah, like my grandmother? And be compelled to drink it, buoyed by thoughts of Middle-Eastern women – or young boys – serving some sort of halal fermented drinks?

PAS needs to sober up. You can only out-stupid morons and the Malay-Muslims aren't stupid. As it is, anyone working with this so-called Islamic party during the next general election won't be getting my vote. They don't deserve to be in government.

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  1. I am enjoying this. Cak someone write about Omar, Haddad and Hadi.