Monday, May 10, 2021

Our own fault: this is why factories make up the biggest cluster for Malaysia's Covid-19 infections

700 IPs opened against 11,800employers over Act 446 violations: Saravanan

216 compounds worth RM1.3 m issued

BSC, 10/5/21: Despite the screaming headlines, the situation remains dire. And depressing: the fines issued by Saravanan's ministry work out to a miniscule RM6,250 that each employer has to pay on average for failing to provide the minimum housing and amenities for their workers provided under Act 446. 

Yep, spit in the sea for them. Their failure to provide proper, basic housing facilities for their workers, on the other hand, has far-reaching impact: it gives Malaysia a bad name; it jeopardizes our export potential (US bars rubber gloves from Malaysia); and, worst of all, it helps turn our factories into the country's biggest breeding ground for Covid-19 infections. (According to some reports, factories make up 48 per cent of the existing clusters!) 

Unless we believe that a RM6,250 compound is enough to turn a crook into an exemplary employer, we should give the Human Resources Ministry sharper teeth so it can bite off the heads of those who are making profits at the expanse of workers' welfare and Malaysians' general safety and well-being. 

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