Wednesday, November 04, 2020

The story of Bukit Kiara: From green lung to federal park to green lung to ...

Bukit Kiara: Popular hiking and cycling haven

Headlines can make your head spin, really.

In December last year, the then FT Minister Khalid Samad announced that

Today Hannah Yeoh, the MP for Segambut, announced that

I know, kan? 

It was back in '94 when residents of Taman Tun Dr Ismail, many of whom have passed on, petitioned the government to gazette Bukit Kiara as a "green lung". Yeoh was just a 15-year old school girl then and Khalid wasn't even an MP when the people took on the Mahathir administration (read Bukit Kiara fiasco: 40-year betrayal of trust). But, really, I don't mind if both Yeoh and Khalid get some credit for the Bukit Kiara victory, as long as it spurs them on to help the people with their next battle: Save Rimba Kiara.

Of course, FT Minister Annuar Musa can save us the trouble and help us  win this war. Gazette it as federal park or gazette the federal park into a green lung for all we care, just keep Rimba Kiara far, far away from those greedy developers and their corrupt collaborators in government.

p.s. Moral of the story? Don't just read the headlines. 

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  1. semua nak take credit for this..

    It's been a green lung for years now. Bu

    But yes... go help us Save Rimba Kiara, YBs.