Sunday, October 25, 2020

Ke Bawah Duli-Duli Tuanku, condemn us not ...

 Ke Bawah Duli-Duli Tuanku,

Should your Royal Highnesses visit an Emergency upon us,
Pray deliver too a Razak as Hand of the King,
And insist the Tunku and his rivals be gone.

In place of angry old men,
Give us leaders of all ages,
Without grudges and only goodwill,
To learn from the past so not to repeat them.

We the people will walk weary the days ahead,
Shoulders raised and eyes forward,
So long as there is a glimmer of light,
Somewhere beyond the immediate darkness.

Condemn us not to an eternity of power without mercy,
And privilege without accounting,
This land is no more mine to toil,
For my children’s future, fragile yet precious, are in your hands.

Lead us we will follow,
Forsake us and we will walk alone.

Ampun Tuanku.

By Omar Ong
25 Oct 2020

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