Saturday, October 24, 2020

Good try, Prime Minister. Good bye, Prime Minister

Tun M, DSAI turn unlikely allies against "undemocratic", "dictatorial" Muhyiddin over state of emergency plan

Puchong, 24 October: Never thought Mahathir and Anwar would agree on anything ever again after their 22-month tale of betrayal upon betrayal that resulted in Muhyiddin sneaking behind both their backs to become Prime Minister in March. But today in history - the former PM and former future PM held hands once again against the future former PM. 

Anwar set the ball rolling just hours after word had gone out that a Cabinet meeting chaired by Muhyiddin was toying with the idea of imposing a state of emergency on the pretext of fighting the Covid-19. The Prime Minister hadn't even managed to see the Yang DiPertuan Agong to brief the King on the Cabinet's decision when Anwar fired his salvo, calling Muhyiddin's anticipated move "a slippery slope into dictatorship"

Then this morning, we woke up to Dr M's tirade, No justification for emergency, or for more powers, nor giving PM more powers.  

In between and since, there have been calls for Muhyiddin to resign and let the Agong decide and for Cabinet ministers who disagree with Muhyiddin's scheme to quit. There's also a plea to the Agong to be a King and do the right thing for, surely, the last thing we need now is an Emergency.
More will stand up to let Abang Din know they are not amused by his latest antic. By the end of it all, emergency or not, it will tough for the PM to salvage his reputation, and job. For now, though, I bless the day that Tun M and Anwar kiss and make up. (Which, for sure, will never happen, emergency or not).

Muhyiddin's Covid "cure" a slippery slope into dictatorship

KUALA LUMPUR – Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has urged Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin against declaring an emergency out of selfish reasons, saying such a call should be made only when there is a threat to national security.

“Today, we have a government that lacks legitimacy and knows it would fail to demonstrate majority support in Parliament, and is using the Covid-19 crisis as an excuse to justify its abuse of power,” said the PKR president in a statement.

“But when the government is itself the source of that threat, then a state of emergency is nothing more than a descent into dictatorship and authoritarianism.”

By resorting to the use of emergency powers, he said, the Perikatan Nasional administration is showing its incompetence in handling the coronavirus pandemic.

“While the rest of Asia is looking for ways to manage the virus and reopen their economies safely, Malaysia is heading in the opposite direction.

“I am deeply concerned about reports that the government is seeking to implement emergency measures to curb the parliamentary process.”

He said there has yet to be a solid strategy in place, and on the back of growing criticism, the government seems to think that curbing democracy is the best way forward.

“In fact, to overcome Covid-19, what we need is transparency, accountability and firm action by the various ministries.”

Instead of demonstrating strong leadership, said Anwar, PN is resorting to undemocratic means to stay in power. 


Covid-19 has been used to justify Parliament being delayed, shortened and avoid of any debates.

Now it is to justify declaring a state of emergency.  

But the power and authority in today's government have been adequate to deal with the pandemic.

We don't find the kind of objection by the people as seen in the US and Europe. Our people have very largely obeyed the restrictions such as the MCO.

What can emergency do to stop the pandemic more than what we can do now. Nothing.

But an emergency would give extra power to the prime minister. What he has done so far has not mitigated the political, economic and social problems affecting the country.

He has a huge cabinet which has contributed nothing to the well-being of the people and the country.

Most of the things done is about the political situation. This government is not the government elected by the people. It has come to power by undemocratic means. And now it is only concerned about staying in power.

Faced with the possibility of being overthrown, the prime minister wants the powers under a state of emergency. The only benefit would accrue to the prime minister, as Parliament would be paralysed. He would claim that it is the wish of the palace.

Already, the mere rumour of an emergency has resulted in the stock market taking a deep dive.

If emergency is declared then the market will collapse completely. The investors have no faith in the prime minister being able to manage the economy.

He messed up the Covid-19 situation by trying to grab the government of Sabah. The present spike is entirely due to the Sabah elections.

So, the government has been changed. What good has it brought to Sabah.

Countries with more severe Covid-19 problems have not declared emergency for the whole country but only for the affected areas.

That was specific for dealing with the local problem. But none have suspended laws and Parliament as it would if emergency is declared in Malaysia.

There are no riots or violence in Malaysia, no breakdown of laws and order to justify an emergency.

But there is a need for some changes to be made to the government which seized power through undemocratic means.

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