Thursday, April 30, 2020

Roasted for Air Asia must die remarks (Happy birthday, Tony)

#stayathome April 30: Former civil aviation chief Azharuddin Abdul Rahman has come under fire for remarks he made on Air Asia. In Air Asia won't be missed, Azharuddin suggested that low cost travel would largely be unaffected if Air Asia were to cease operations. In other words, if Air Asia dies, we won't cry. 

MP for Bintulu YB Tiong King Sing, recently appointed Malaysia's envoy to China, isn't impressed. He describes Azharuddin's statement as "sorely lacking in sensitivity"

"If his theory of AirAsia shutting down comes true, does he realise that it would impact the lives of thousands of AirAsia employees, crew and ground staff, not just in mass unemployment?

“How many families would lose their source of income, unable to make ends meet?
"Has he thought about those employees before making his statements? What makes it even more doubtful is whether ‘other airlines’ have inspired such a statement due to their own interests?”

The MP advises Azharuddin to use his expertise to help the country's airlines weather the global crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Or shut up if he doesn't have anything constructive to say. The Government, Tiong says, is committed to helping airlines face the economic fallout.

“(Airlines) have been affected to some degree. Without them, our economic growth would be curtailed too as they provide interconnectivity to encourage business and commerce.

“So, the airlines need the help to overcome the prevent difficulties too."

Read the rest of the story: Insensitive to make light of Asia Asia's possible demise, says Bintulu MP

Air Asia's Tony Fernandes and Azharuddin when he was fab.
Original pic Astro Awani

I have no idea why Azharuddin said what he said. Another Barlotelli seizure, perhaps? [Malaysian aviation chief Azharuddin Abdul Rahman the butt of criticism - South China Morning Post, 16/3/2014]. Some of the baddest Air Asia critics known to me personally have nothing against the airline, actually.  It's Tony Fernandes that's making them feel the way they do ... 

Well, as the song goes, you can't always have what you want, Tony. But here's wishing you a very happy birthday

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