Saturday, May 02, 2020

Zafrul comes through after Bank Negara's blunder, but is he any good as Finance Minister?

#stayathome Day 45, May 2: To say that just anyone would make a decent Minister of Finance after YB Lim Guan Eng would be an insult to Tengku Zafrul Aziz, but his handling of the unprecedented challenges posed by Covid-19 and the Movement Control Order deserves, at the very least, a little tip of the hat.  
Latest, his plea with his former fellow bankers (Zafrul was CIMB group CEO before PM Muhyiddin Yassin plucked him away for his corporate comforts to be the nation's Finance Minister) to forgo accrued interest for the six-month moratorium that the Government had provided for to help manage the wage earners' financial burden caused by the pandemic. 

The Opposition ought to be happy - the Pakatan Harapan secretarial council had asked Zafrul yesterday to order banks not to charge accrued interest during the moratorium. I doubt their own MOF when they were the government would have done it, but that's just my opinion. 
Zafrul will have to come through again and again before we, the ever-hard-to-please Malaysians, would admit he's any good. 
Here's another opportunity to prove his mettle, this time courtesy of Socso:

Unauthorised tweet causes more heartaches

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    Buck stop at FM. BNM is just minion.