Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Anti-Lynas politician to be charged with spreading fake news

updated 30 April:
MCO: High Court replaces single mom's jail sentence with RM1k fine 
Fuziah pleads not guilty - NST

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#stayathome 28 April: This dude Dinesh Nair is right, you know. Justice is not only being done, it's being seen to be done! So many Malaysians were talking about double standards, cocksure the authorities would not take action against a Deputy Minister for defying the Movement Control Order (MCO). Well, what do you know? They've got two for the price of one!


Will he get to keep his job?

She thinks it's political in nature

The case against the Deputy Health Minister was open-and-shut, he paid his fine and will now wait if he gets to keep his job. But Fuziah, the former deputy minister in the PM's department, claims the charges made against her might be political in nature. Admittedly, it would be harder for the prosecution in her case to prove their case. But Fuziah has a history with the making of fantastic allegations, followers of Malaysian politics and, especially, the Lynas issue, will testify.  
But that's besides the point. The point here is, we should celebrate the occasion(s), like Mr Dinesh Nair said. Shall we? 


MP Kuantan minta maaf sebar video palsu (MP Kuantan says sorry for viral fake video)

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