Wednesday, April 22, 2020

No mask, no fly?

#stayin MCO Day 34: Senior Minister Ismail Sabri yesterday said the Government has already distributed face masks to 23.4 million householdsThat's 69% of the total 32.4 million face masks the government is distributing to the whole country to help the people get by during the pandemic. The remaining 9 million face masks will go out this week, he said.

Just checking if you've got yours already...

Because Malaysia Airlines is making wearing/having a mask mandatory for all passengers (except infants), effective tomorrow (23 April). So if you don't have a mask, you don't get to fly. You won't be allowed to check in, let alone board your flight.

MAS won't accept pax sans masks at check-in/boarding

Interestingly,  just last week Ismail Sabri was saying:  Face masks not mandatory, people shouldn't be arrested for not wearing one.

"So, we can't be enforcing this law against anyone who is not wearning a face mask and detain or arrest them and such. This is the same scenario when a shopping centre guard stopped an individual from entering the premises to purchase food because he was not wearing a mask This goes beyond the law and the Act. This goes beyond what is need ed and what is necessary. It is not an offence if you are not wearing the face mask."

Malaysians have been cheated up to RM4.2m in face mask sales fraud


  1. I never received my household share of allocated mask.

  2. Anonymous5:39 am

    Not all need to be legalised
    If this is a requirement, then just follow la...