Monday, March 16, 2020

Steady, Tuan Ibrahim and Saifuddin Abdullah!

Bangsar, 16 March: Hats off to these two ministers from this so-called "backdoor" government for swiftly coming to the defence of a local news portal journalist who was being heckled by Netizens over a report she did on Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man.  
"I disagree with any personal attacks towards a reporter. Mistakes, misinterpreted information that strayed from the actual context are common," Tuan Ibrahim, the new Environment Minister, said in Stop the attack against journalist. 
"Any threat or attack against a reporter on duty is totally unacceptable," Saifuddin, the new Multimedia and Communications Minister, said in Attack against journalist unacceptable.  
When Pakatan Harapan was the government for a brief spell, Saifuddin was the Foreign Minister while Tuan Ibrahim was in the Opposition. 
Personally, I see the swift and strong response of the two YBs as an early good sign for the future of Malaysian journalists who have been facing tough times during the last couple of years under the previous government as a result of various new hurdles, including newspaper (and news portal) closures, an unprecedented lawsuit (read Reporter faces criminal charges for FB postings), and online censorship.
Saifuddin has been consistent where his position on media freedom is concerned and this should augur well for the on-going initiative by journalists in this country to establish a Malaysian Media Council.

Selangor Sultan: Backdoor govt label inaccurate 

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