Monday, March 16, 2020

In facing Covid-19, the difference between us and them Jews

Here's how the politicians in Israel face up to Covid-19 ...

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March 15: President Reuven Rivlin hosted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Blue and White chair Benny Gantz for an “urgent” three-way summit Sunday evening in an effort to encourage the two men to form an emergency unity government amid the coronavirus outbreak.
The hour-long meeting, held at the President’s Residence in Jerusalem, began with Netanyahu and Gantz each elbow-bumping Rivlin in accordance with instructions to avoid handshaking to stop the spread of the virus.
Signifying his intention to being negotiations immediately, Rivlin also invited the heads of the Likud and Blue and White negotiating teams to be present in the meeting,

Following the meeting, Netanyahu and Gantz released a joint statement saying that they had both “thanked the president of the state for inviting them to the joint meeting” and that “the two agreed that negotiating teams would meet soon.”
In a separate statement, Rivlin’s office said, “The president emphasized that [Gantz and Netanyahu] should continue and intensify direct contacts between them and between the Likud and Blue and White negotiating teams, and welcomed both sides’ willingness to do so. At the end of the meeting, the two sides agreed that the negotiating teams of the two parties will continue the discussions.”
Earlier Sunday, Netanyahu went public with a pair of alternative offers for a unity government with Gantz, urging the de facto opposition chairman to choose either to serve under him in a six-month emergency government or replace him after two years as part of a four-year rotational coalition.
Rivlin, after September’s election, proposed a unity government between the two, with Netanyahu serving as prime minister for some six months before being replaced by Gantz. While both had a stab at forming a government, neither succeeded, leading to the elections in March, the third in under a year.
Rivlin’s proposal this time is based on the previous offer, but gives Netanyahu a full year as prime minister before handing the baton to Gantz, the Kan public broadcaster reported.
Immediately before the Sunday evening meeting, Rivlin announced that he will task Gantz with forming a government after the Blue and White leader received the endorsement of a majority of Knesset members.
His announcement came shortly after Yisrael Beytenu leader Avigdor Liberman joined the Joint List and Labor-Gesher-Meretz parties in endorsing Gantz for prime minister. With the nod given by Liberman during consultations with Rivlin, Gantz picked up 61 of 120 recommendations, compared to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s 58 endorsements.
Netanyahu’s Likud won 36 Knesset seats in the March election compared to Blue and White’s 33, but the Likud leader’s right-wing bloc again failed to muster a parliamentary majority.
Once a close ally of Netanyahu’s Likud, the right-wing Yisrael Beytenu has refused to join a coalition led by Netanyahu, after the previous two rounds of elections. Liberman in April 2019 backed Netanyahu for premier; he refrained from endorsing either candidate after the September vote.
Liberman’s backing for Gantz marked an unlikely alliance between the hawkish ex-defense minister, who has long condemned Arab lawmakers as “terrorist sympathizers,” and the predominantly Arab Joint List, with both aiming to unseat Netanyahu.
As of last week, Gantz’s only realistic path to a coalition appeared to be a center-left minority government backed on the outside by the Joint List, a controversial prospect that before the election the centrist leader vowed he would not pursue. Vocal opposition by rightist members of Blue and White, MKs Zvi Hauser and Yoaz Hendel, along with Labor-Gesher-Meretz’s Orly Levy-Abekasis, who vowed to vote against a minority government, appeared to reduce the likelihood of that scenario.
Opening the consultations, which were being held with limited representation from each party and no press due to limitations on gatherings of over 10 people, Rivlin said that efforts to deal with the outbreak must not come “at the expense of Israeli democracy.”
“We are committed, more than ever, in light of the urgent need for a government, to hold essential democratic processes, even in a time of crisis,” Rivlin declared.
“These are not normal consultations; we need to work to form a government as soon as possible,” he warned.
The number of Israelis diagnosed with COVID-19, the illness caused by the virus, rose to 200 on Sunday morning. The Health Ministry said two of the sick remained in serious condition, with 11 in moderate condition and the rest suffering light symptoms only.

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.... and here is how our politicians choose to do it:

Former PM's son challenges PM for party post that may make him PM

PETALING JAYA: The Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) elections is set to be a mouth-watering affair with Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir challenging Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin for the party president’s post. 
Another relative unknown in the party, Cheras division deputy chief Mohd Faiz Azlee Sham, will also contest the position, it was confirmed yesterday. 
Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, meanwhile, will remain as the party’s chairman at the post was uncontested. 
Bersatu elections committee chairman Tan Sri Syed Hamid Albar said this in a press conference after nomination closed at 3pm today. 
However, he said the party polls, which was supposed to be held on April 18 at the division level, has been postponed until at least June 30, after the Registrar of Societies ordered all party meetings and conventions to be suspended in light of the Covid-19 outbreak. 

Faced with a formidable enemy, the Jews unite, even for a brief moment, so all resources can be used to defeat that national threat. Our politicians and leaders are not Jews but maybe some of them should try to behave like the Jews once in a while. Especially now. Then maybe, in the face of Covid-19, they will start thinking of us instead of their own little egos and endless greed  for power.


  1. Anonymous8:42 am

    Yup, let's destabilise the govt and seek power for 2 weeks while the virus is already spreading in msia.

    great timing


  2. Eh Datuk mana boleh cakap ikut Jew, nanti Melayu marah ;) Kita kena ikut kehendak hati kerana semuanya dari Allah. Sebab tu yang ada buat tak kesah nak pegi check for virus sampailah dah positif. Ada yang kata apa takut pegi berjemaah sebab kita buat ibadat.
    So if that's the mentality, they (and as a nation, all of us) get the leaders we deserve.
    I don't know how but maybe you have enough influence to encourage Malaysians in time of crisis to be united even if the politicians are still groping in the dark. And yes some new ministers like the health minister appear clownish and can't be taken seriously. Adoi!

  3. Anonymous6:26 pm

    Is this before or after an election?

  4. xnakdedak12:27 pm

    Latuk O Latuk,

    You omitted the fact that Mukhriz plus 4 other MBs were NOT INVITED to the meeting even though they cover 50% of the population.

    Your spinning skills dah kena Covid-19 lah hensum!


  5. Think its a good move. After all Mihyuddin's health is a time bomb and can explode anytime. He is unable to handle emergencies. Further its time the young to move in.

    Whether Mukhriz is tailored for the job is unknown but he must be given the chance.