Monday, January 06, 2020

Don't threaten me lah, OK?

TTDI, 6 Jan: Just a short Thank You note to the Minister for Communications and Multimedia for coming out in support of journalists. It's a dying profession but our professionalism ain't dead. Like you said, YB, the duty of journalists is to report the facts so that the information reaches the people. We're not here to please all. 
I hope Gobind's colleagues remember that before they threaten journalists with not doing the job of their own comms people in highlighting the good things they have done as ministers, deputy ministers of MPs and Aduns. Hopefully, they will also remember the Minister's advice before they issue us with their next letter of demand, threatening us with legal action each time we tread on their toes. 

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  1. This country has a law. Each and every professionals are governed by thier code of profession and country rule of law. Yeah everbody can be sued. What you do or say or write will have consequences so expect retribution

  2. journalists getting threats -- occupational hazard .

  3. ARISAZHAR9:02 am

    len kalee LU orang bungkusz!!