Wednesday, January 22, 2020

DAP a liability?

Damansara, 22 Jan 20: After Pakatan Harapan's 5 successive by-election defeats, suddenly the DAP is to blame. Or at least that's the impression you get after finishing this excellent (though, to some people, not quite typical) Johan Jaafar piece Why DAP is a liability to PH
"Johan wrote that? You sure? He sounds almost like most of us."
"Yeah, it's the Tan Sri. Genuine."
"Well, the DAP should have hired him instead of his son. He's got great suggestions on how DAP can NOT be a liability."
"Still can. Two heads better than one, they say."
In short, you like it or not, Malaysia's latest Tokoh Wartawan Negara, got it right this time: "DAP should do a lot of soul searching from now."

Personally, I'm not so sure about his singling out Gobind Deol Singh, the Communications and Multimedia Minister. The other chap - the former Penang Chief Minister who got his corruption charges dropped in 2018 - he named in his article, yes. but Gobind?

Gobind Singh Deo is trying hard to prove his worth, but sadly he is caught in his own ignorance. Believing that PH government is not controlling the media is naïve. Just look at what happened to the group taking over the licenses of the Utusan group of newspapers and the taking over of Media Prima Bhd by a party close to Parti Bersatu. Is he oblivious to that?
Gobind should spend more time working on abolishing many laws that are stifling press freedom and freedom of speech. It was part of the PH manifesto after all to abolish or repeal such laws. Even his good intention to set up a Media Council is being questioned. Why should it be initiated by the government and not the industry? Why the need for a Media Council now in the world of Internet and social media onslaught?

Johan was earlier quoted as describing Gobind's efforts to help set up the Media Council as "futile".

p.s. My thoughts on the Media Council, as one of the members of the protem commitee set up to oversee its establishment, in my next posting.


  1. waah... Uncle Johan...

  2. Anonymous6:31 pm

    22 Jan ????

    Latuk O Latuk O Latuk O,

    Even for the Laziest Blogger Alive, this is bad la, bro.

    Cuti ke? You Chinese arrrrrr?

    Post maybe on how certain macai will get paid after all the upheaval in Umno.

    Kih kih kih.

    Ahhhhh, and who will be appointed chief ball-carrier in Media Prima if your *cough* friends get back into power and buy it back.

    Interesting times.....

  3. DAP is the most solid party in the country. They fought for the people and stood by the people. They have all races in there in their management of the party. Its clearly Multiracial.

    So all this bullshit about DAP is from these single race goons who rob the country in the name of Islam and manupilate the minds of the weak single race.

    The country leader is on quarrelsome mode bitching about all, as his age creates pain. Giving unwarranted opinions. The Economy is failing. DAP or PH, no one can save us with this attitude.

    The weakness is BERSATU. Have to be removed from the group. If you guys are smart in PAS or UMNO, court DAP instead of hurting them. You cannot kill them.